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How to pick a marketing agency for your GameFi company – Lunar Strategy

Gaming marketing agencies are gaining more power than in the early years. If you own a GameFi company, small or big, you have to be attentive about your marketing strategies.

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If you are a small business you need more perspective into digital marketing. The bigger companies already have their consultants, and they are getting the best benefits from their services.

When you have a small to medium-sized retail organization, you have to take calculated steps. If you fail to strategize your plans, it can cost you more than you can think.

So, you need to hire a gaming agency to help you proceed towards your goals. Let’s check out how you are going to hire the best company.

, How to pick a marketing agency for your GameFi company – Lunar Strategy, SEO
GameFi Marketing Agency

The company understands the market of games

A gaming agency must understand the market standards and the recent norms. When you are looking for a capable gamefi agency, they must have better knowledge about the gaming industry and its market value.

Once you are satisfied with their information about the same you can further check other things like their working procedure and so on.

Determine your needs

There are different types of gameFi companies out there, and you have to find the one that suits your needs. If you are looking for content creation or SEO work, you have to search for an agency that has the best reputation in these fields.

You can sit with your team to decide on the things you need from a digital marketing company.

Market research

You need to know the market well before you hire a gaming agency. The need you have for your organization, the requirements, and other things.

Once you have settled these things and made a list, you can look for a good service provider. You have to keep your mind not to trust the one size fits all term. Some companies will try to convince you about the same, but you must go to the companies that offer you a solution that is suitable for your company.

Passion for gaming

Just any marketing agency gamefi will not work for your company. If an organization offers you a team of people who only have simple gaming knowledge and nothing more than they will fail to understand the objectives of your company.

The team must be into games and have the passion for it, and only then they can make your efforts successful.

Know their strong points

Whichever works you decide on you have to check the strong points of the digital marketing agency. If they are good in content creation, blogging and PRs, you have to take advantage of that.

This will help you build a strong customer base depending on your good content. You can also go for a company that provides other services as well.

Track record with the gaming platform

If they are a reputed company, they must have some proof of their recent work. You can look for the things they have finished some time ago. If you are unable to find that online, ask them directly. If the company is customer-oriented they will be happy to share their working history with you.

If they have worked with a renowned organization, and other small companies, you have to know their success rate. This will give you an overview of their capability.

The companies you have shortlisted must have track records in the fields of gaming. If they are just based on the overview of video games, then they will be unable to provide you satisfactory services. They must have knowledge of what instigates players to involve in the game and the things they crave for.

Ask your questions

While you are deciding on a gaming agency, you must have some questions of yours. You have to ask them about the skills and performance of their employees, and the things they can offer.

You have to make sure that the company can provide you with the work just as you have asked them. So many times companies go for tasks that go beyond the budget you have. So it’s best to talk about money before you hire them.

Active online presence

Find a company that has an active online presence. If they do not express much interest in the same, you must look for other companies. They might want to convince you by saying that they are much more practical than staying online.

But your first bell should ring on the matter that digital marketing is online, so they must have to be active there. Choose a gaming organization wisely, only that way you will get the worth for your money.

Goals to be achieved

You must have some goals to achieve for your organization and when you are opting for marketing in a gaming platform, your objectives will increase.

So, you have to check the company you are hiring is competent enough to achieve the same. You have to convey the list of things you want for your company and if they are a reputed company they will make it happen.

Outsourced or in-house

Having an in-house gaming professional is good but it will cost you more than you have imagined. You have to keep a salaried worker and that might not be in your budget when you are a small business. So the best thing you can do is to outsource a gaming company.

This service will be affordable, and you will get every possible service you need for your business. They are professional and when you hire them you will know that your money will be worth spending.

Feedback from previous clients

Before you hire a company for GameFi you must check their client testimonials. This will give you an overview of their work.

You can always check the online reviews of the company. If you see a list of negative feedback you must look for another company.

Check your budget

The cost of digital marketing varies on the types of work you need from them. However, different companies have varied standards in the case of rates.

You have to find an organization that follows the market standards and can respect the budget you have. For this, you can research the cost on the internet or ask your business friends and colleagues.

When you are about to hire a gaming organization, you must ask relevant questions regarding their services and the things they can offer to fulfill your objectives.


Carey Dibbert