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Why would you waste time, money and nerves building a website all by yourself?

We have been creating websites since 2010. Over the years, we have memorized the arguments of people who believe that they can prepare an interesting, well-functioning website by themselves. Many customers, business partners, even friends avoid paying for something that they can do themselves. What arguments do they use most often?

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  • Why hire people to build a website if I am a specialist in my field? Nobody can describe a product or service better than the brand owner!
  • I will meet a few contractors, talk to them, get inspiration, find a computer science student and put a cheap website.
  • All so-called “specialists” are untimely and unreliable. I’m just going to waste my time unnecessarily.
  • Building a website cannot cost more than PLN 2,000. It is impossible!
  • I know my clients and I know what they need. I will do everything better myself, I will create content that will give me a lot of turnover.
  • I do not need an extensive website – just a few photos and a brief presentation of the offer.

We hear this type of opinion very often. Many people say that with a budget of PLN 2,000, they are able to build a new pillar that will systematically acquire customers for them – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

They believe that they can do everything on their own, and even if they lack knowledge, they can always educate themselves.

So now a few words from us. Why is cooperation with a creative agency the best solution? Let the following arguments speak for themselves.

1. Hire specialists to create a website and you will gain time

The idea of ​​how simple a website is to build usually does not clash with reality. While it may seem as if everything takes a “moment,” you’ll soon find out otherwise. Time flies, the site is down and you are losing customers.

You need to ask yourself an important question: How much is my man-hour? And then more: What do I prefer to do – carry out another order, prepare an offer for a client, do my job or maybe spend time on a computer, learn the basics of creating a website and look for ways to start acquiring customers?

Exactly. The answer seems obvious. Building a website does not have to be cumbersome. It is enough to entrust this task to professionals who have been dealing with it for years.

Just like you are a specialist in your field, we also know what we do. That is why we are able to prepare a website for you, thanks to which you will improve your image and reach new customers.

2. Time for newer technology – stay ahead of the competition

Do you know how your website should be built? Can be treated like a car. Even if you get used to it and it seems to be a good “here and now”, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t think about something much more accessible. And above all, a newer one, based on more effective solutions.

Importantly, you must not forget about other people using your car. It is similar with the website. The entrepreneurs cooperating with us often propose solutions that are functional ONLY for them.

The website users, on the other hand, get lost and are unable to use its full potential. Effect? A conversion that is far from expected.

Do you know how to build a new website to make it work for you? Do you know what technology it should be built on? For which resolutions, screens and browsers does it need to be appropriate? There are many more similar dilemmas.

3. Benefits of a responsive website

Every good, modern website should be responsive, adapted to mobile devices. All this so that, also using the telephone, the user can easily read the information on it.

For this reason, it must be made in accordance with RWD (Responsive Web Design) techniques. If you are unfamiliar with this concept, you already know why a creative agency is the optimal choice. You absolutely must ensure that:

  • the website automatically adjusted to any screen size of a computer, tablet or smartphone,
  • its layout changed depending on the resolution,
  • the user could use it in the same way on a computer as on a mobile device.

It is not only a matter of nice appearance and comfortable “clicking”. Responsiveness is the basic condition for SEO optimization.

4. Easier access to the company – all customers will find you without any problems

Do you already plan to install an interactive access map to your company? If not, then you may be losing a customer who won’t be able to get directions quickly and will go to the competition.

It is worth implementing a Google map on your website, which will allow you to zoom in on the image and find directions to a given place.

Especially when the company has various facilities – branches, shops, warehouses, offices etc. An interactive map is a great help for customers, contractors and suppliers.

5. Professional content, thanks to which the website will gain in the eyes of users, Google robots and customers looking for products or services

Entrepreneurs have many problems with writing texts for their own website. For a professional agency, it is simply another task that they approach using the knowledge and experience of their employees.

Thanks to this, you save time, and the texts themselves are written well. In line with SEO rules and the requirements of Google algorithms. If you don’t think you can handle it all by yourself, check if you have the answers to the following questions.

  • Do you know what to write about and what questions should your website answer?
  • Do you know the optimal chronology of the publication of texts?
  • Do you know how many characters blog articles should contain and how much content must be on the next subpages?
  • Do you know the keywords that should be used on the website and what their saturation should be in the texts?
  • Do you have knowledge of how Google evaluates the attractiveness of published texts?
  • Can you avoid channeling content and copying it from others?
  • Do you know which language to use to make your content understandable by the average user?

We would probably find a few other questions that we need to know the answer to. However, it is important for us to make it clear that even if we do not know your industry, we know perfectly well what to do to make Google robots love your website. Thanks to this, it will be displayed much higher in the search results.

6. Original materials for the website

A professional creative agency proposes materials for the website itself. Most often these are good quality photos and videos that can be used on individual subpages. There will also be photo sessions in company rooms, as well as photos of products. This is one of the things that effective internet marketing is all about.

Are there such materials on your website? Or maybe you say that they are unnecessary and it is enough to write a wall of text that will definitely encourage customers to cooperate? Such sites do not sell. They annoy more than help.

7. Simple, intuitive website operation

You absolutely need to realize one simple fact – You don’t create websites only for yourself. Your satisfaction is not the key here. The reception of the website among live users, as well as Google robots, is much more important. And that’s what you need to focus on

So do you do everything to make your website easy to use, contain interactive elements, facilitate the use of contact details and allow you to quickly reach key subpages? Do you know in what resolution to publish photos so that they meet the size requirements and do not affect the loading of the page?

What about SEO optimization and positioning? After all, these are two key issues that affect your website’s position in the search engine. If you don’t know how to deal with it all, the only sensible solution will be to work with a creative agency to do it for you.

8. Cooperation with a professional company = high positions in Google

Although it may seem to you that creating a website does the trick and that you do not need to take any action other than the occasional update of texts, we are in a hurry to inform you – you’re wrong. This is just the beginning of a long process related to internet marketing.

A website will start to earn and attract customers only when it becomes visible on the web. When it can be easily reached through the Google search engine. This, in turn, requires focusing on its proper optimization, positioning and activities performed “outside” (m.in. Google Ads).

This is not a task at all that you can do alone, in the breaks between one client and the next. It is a long process that requires the cooperation of a whole team of specialists. So if you don’t want to waste hours and nerves every day correcting your mistakes, you have to trust the professionals.

9. The development of the website is a multi-year plan

If you realize how important a good, modern website is, that’s great. You are well on your way to making better use of the Internet’s potential. This is not the end, however. Worth asking – what does your idea for its expansion look like? Do you know where any new tabs will appear and what their function will be?

Do you have a competition analysis behind you, thanks to which you can tell what is on their pages, what are their advantages and disadvantages? You won’t get away from it. Well, unless the page is just an ugly advertising column, something you don’t intend to come back to. However, if these are your plans, you might as well give it up. You’re just gonna waste your time.

10. When you act alone, you waste time, money and potential that should be used differently

Each hour you spend building a website is an hour you could spend doing what you do best. For the development of new products, services, customer service, preparation of orders, cooperation with contractors, handling important official matters. In short – for running a business.

So you lose double in this respect. Not only do you give up the opportunity to develop your business, but you also significantly risk making mistakes, which will make all your efforts ineffective. Building a website, as well as maintaining it, is an activity that cannot be done “by the way”. In order for the whole thing to bring the expected effect, it is necessary to devote appropriate resources, a lot of time and people who know what to do. There is no other way out.

With all this in mind, we appeal to you – don’t waste your business time on something that poses a high risk of failure. Do not look for savings that will turn out to be only apparent and do not limit yourself to the professional knowledge of people who have been doing what they know very well for many years.

Any attempt to prepare a website on your own is doomed to failure. Not only because it requires a lot of work and commitment, but also because of evaluating it. Not by a friend, colleague or employee, but by critical customers and the extremely precise Google algorithm that does not forgive mistakes.

As a creative agency, we are glad that there are still entrepreneurs who want to entrust the construction of a website to a professional company that knows how to earn money with it. We want to do this for you too.


Carey Dibbert