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Google AdWords Search Marketing PPC Pay Per Clic Campaign Malta

You need to place your company in the right place at the right time with Google AdWords, Search Marketing, PPC – Pay Per Clic Campaign

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2018, January.
Online sales reach 150 billion* euros a month, worldwide. And people do more than 100 billion** Google searches each month to find information, products or services.

All businesses have a lot of chances to find new customers. You need to place your company in the right place at the right time.

SEM takes care of generating traffic to a website through search engines. And Google is the search engine used by more than 90% of users in Europe. 

A company needs to appear in Google search results. So, Google AdWords is the most qualified platform to find potential customers.

Evonbiz is a Google Partner and works with your company to study an advertising campaign for Search Engine Marketing

You will invest in Google only when people will look for your products or services. Based on the budget that you invest, your ads will appear on Google and its advertising networks.

An expert Google AdWords Qualified Individual will suggest the best strategy.

We develop text, image, dynamic, and phone call ads, and we choose keywords related to your business. We can change your budget when you need, and we will tell you what the costs per click are. You will know the level of competition for each keyword.

Evonbiz will show your ads using the best target language, geographical area, and device, age, and gender, hours and day of the week.

With the cost per click, you will only pay when people click on your ads. An SEM campaign with Google AdWords allows us to have complete control of your investment!

We use every €/$/£ of your budget to bring in new customers. You will have a clear idea of what your targets are, and we will reach them in the best way.


Carey Dibbert