How To Build Keyword Lists For Your Website – SPPC SEO Tutorial #5

How To Build Keyword Lists For Your Website - SPPC SEO Tutorial #5

Discover an easy method to build keyword lists for your website. In this video, I will show you exactly how I build massive SEO keyword lists in 10 minutes or less using the Google Keyword Planner, UberSuggest, Microsoft Excel, and Google Sheets. Keyword lists can be very useful as you start to create content and optimize your content for search engines. After all, people are going to type in keywords to find your products and/or services. You need to make sure you provide a great resource to people for every different keyword that they enter so you can continue to rank high and improve your rankings over time.

This is part 5 of my SEO Tutorial for beginners. You can find the playlist and some of the other videos below. While building a keyword list is also a way to do keyword research, it is slightly different than my keyword research video where I focus on topics and sub-topics and grouping together similar keywords, which is a best practice when you want to rank high.

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Video Description:

My keyword lists tutorial is created for beginners and offers you completely free methods to build a huge keyword list that you can use to rank higher in organic search engines. SEO is extremely complex, but optimizing your content for keywords will help you increase search engine traffic. It all starts with keywords because search engines like Google process billions of searches every single day, and you want to be front and center when people are looking for solutions based on your products and services.


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