SEO consultation


Step 1

Could you read about our company?

Do your research and decide if spending time talking to me would benefit both of us. Review our case studies, professional background, and personal style. Chad and I have shot hundreds of videos over the last 10 years.

Step 2

Book A Consultation on our Calendar

As you can imagine, we talk to many, many people – every day. Our calendar is very tight, but there is usually a slot available. Pick a time that works for you and plan to video chat via Google Hangouts during our appointment. We believe that face-to-face contact is the best way to form relationships.

Step 3

We Video Chat About SEO

We will have a casual discussion about what you are trying to do with SEO during our appointment. If you want, we can look at your website and tell you what we see. We are also happy to look at your backlink profile and rankings. We can pull up ahrefs and SEMRush together and discuss the data. Most of all, we would like to know how you think our team of SEO and SEM experts can help you? What are your current challenges? What have you tried? What are your goals?



Talking to people about your SEO strategy is the place to start.
Book a time today for a friendly conversation about SEO.
You’ve read a thousand times that great marketing is formed around relationships.


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