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What will you get with Semahead?

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Use the potential of digital marketing 360

For over 10 years, we have been dealing with increasing the effectiveness of the online promotion.

We have a wide portfolio, including several hundred satisfied customers for whom we have carried out effective digital marketing 360. Join this group.

Based on the analysis of the website and its competition, we create a list of carefully selected keywords related to important categories and products on the website, which are the basis for building visibility and generating traffic on the website. We do not limit our activities to Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. A selected group of phrases – we follow a broad Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Strategy and take into account precise long-tail phrases that ensure the highest number of conversions. Long-tail Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. It helps to reach users who are most interested in the offer of our website.  SEO audit

Based on a detailed analysis, we prepare an SEO audit indicating which areas and elements of the website require optimization. In addition to explaining the detected elements for improvement in the document, there are ways to solve them and guidelines to facilitate website optimization. Analysis for mobile SEO

After the mobile-first indexing introduced by Google, it is the mobile version of the website that has a decisive influence on its evaluation by Google. We analyze the website in terms of mobile SEO and recommend changes, the implementation of which will allow you to get an intuitive and fast-acting website, which in turn will increase the traffic generated by users of smartphones and tablets.  Content Marketing

We support your content marketing strategy, which aims to increase the visibility of your website for search queries and reach more users. We prepare a schedule that includes supplementing and expanding the descriptions on the website. We prepare guidelines for the content on the subpages of categories, manufacturers, and products and verify the texts already written in compliance with Google’s recommendations. We recommend adding new content, for example, in a blog, and we provide guidelines that will help implement additional elements from the technical side. 

We have our own Content Marketing department, which allows us to create quality texts for your website and blog. User Experience Analysis

We test the website in terms of UX and point to elements that may translate into negative perceptions by users. Providing recipients with a well-designed website increases the time spent on the website. It improves its effectiveness, bringing tangible results, for example, in larger orders placed. Off-site activities

We obtain links from valuable and thematically related websites. We also conduct a thorough analysis of competitors’ links to find attractive sites for link building. We create a linking strategy for the entire year based on the analysis of current links and seasonality in SEO, and on this basis, we build a strong profile of links leading to the website. SEO support and consulting

We guarantee constant care of a dedicated specialist who provides substantive support in website adaptation to SEO requirements throughout the entire period of cooperation. We are available at every stage of your website’s existence, regardless of whether you intend to make changes to it or plan to build it from scratch. 


Professionally carried out website optimization and a properly tailored link building strategy ensure long-term effects in high positions for key phrases and organic traffic.

Currently, website Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. is a comprehensive service that requires an individual approach and a precise action strategy. Check why you should entrust your website SEO to us.


Increase invisibility

Improving the website’s visibility, i.e., increasing the number of key phrases on which the website is displayed, means reaching a wider audience. Thanks to SEO optimization, the website will achieve higher positions for the queries entered by search engine users, which will improve the CTR click-through rate, which proves the interest in the website content.

Brand recognition

The website’s presence in the Google index strengthens brand awareness among potential customers using the search engine. Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. The company’s website helps the brand name achieve high positions in organic results, increasing its recognition.

More organic traffic

Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. The page on Google and other search engines allows for a significant increase in visits by people interested in your services or product. Thanks to us, you will gain new users and gain valuable traffic on the website.

Development of your business

We do not limit our activities to Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. On phrases. In cooperation, we are constantly looking for opportunities to develop your website and propose solutions that will allow you to use its potential fully.

Increase in revenues

Qualitative traffic obtained thanks to SEO translates into measurable effects like increased revenues or the number of leads obtained. We take into account various factors that affect the number of conversions and maximize your profits.

Expert comment

Website positioning is a comprehensive service including, among others a strategy for expanding the content on the website, increasing its visibility in search results and technical SEO responsible for the optimization of the website architecture and its efficient indexation by search engine robots. Website optimization along with link building activities allows for long-term effects in the form of high positions and valuable organic traffic. Order us to SEO your website, increase the revenue it generates and become more recognizable on the Internet.


1.Comprehensive SEO analysis

Precise selection of key phrases to the website offer, content enrichment, technical optimization, constant analysis of competitors’ activities, and creative development projects – at each stage of cooperation, we propose solutions that will allow you to use your website’s potential 2 fully. Link building

We will provide your website with natural, high-quality links from Bauer Group websites, including one of the largest information portals in International SEO Company / SEM & marketing expert, visited by millions of users every day. We know that an important element of the linking strategy is the diversification of links leading to the website. Therefore our off-site activities are supported by our backup with valuable and thematic content.3.SEO data-driven

We carry out our activities in a data-driven model, using real data obtained from tools such as Ahrefs, Screaming Frog, SiteBulb, or Surfer SEO or information obtained based on server log analysis. We create SEO guidelines based on the actual condition of the website.4.SEO and UX

We focus on acquiring traffic, maintaining it, and adjusting the website’s value to the recipient’s expectations, which is an important factor in improving the effective website Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Increasing the intuitiveness and usability of the website influences the optimization of the conversion path, which means a greater number of leads or orders.5.Transparency of activities

Every month you receive from us a comprehensive SEO report on the activities carried out, containing all the most important information about your website in organic results. Summary of traffic and conversions, traffic quality, current phrase positions, description of our activities, and examples of links we obtained in a given month. We also provide access to tools that allow you to verify the effects of our work.


  • I recommend Semahead as a trustworthy partner in online marketing activities.The Semahead agency provides us with services in the field of PPC, SEO, Content Marketing, web analytics and Social Media. We are full of appreciation for the professional approach of specialists, which is manifested in the knowledge of the market and great commitment to building the image of the Black Red White brand on the Internet. 


Find the answers to the most common questions about the Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency website.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the optimization of websites for search engines. It is the process of improving the website that leads to achieving the highest possible position on the SERP page with search results. After the user enters a query into the search engine window, he will receive a list of pages that Google deems most consistent with his intentions. The more optimized your site is, the more likely it will be in the top performer’s group. Being on the first page of Google increases the chance that the user will find our site ahead of competitors’ websites.

Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. A website is a set of activities to ensure its highest position in the search engine ranking. These include link building, website usability improvement, content marketing, and, above all, SEO optimization. Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. is an effective advertisement that allows you to reach many users and potential customers.

Effective SEO is a long process of adapting to changes in search algorithms and constantly developing your website. The speed of achieved results depends on many factors, such as the party’s situation or the competitiveness of a given industry. However, SEO optimization of the website following good practices recommended by Google results in permanent increases in the search engine.

The absence of a page in the search results for user queries may depend on many factors, such as optimization errors, changes in Google algorithms, low-quality links, or a change in URL addressing. Already at the offer level, we examine the current situation of your website and draw conclusions that help at a later stage of website Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Our activities align with Google’s guidelines and do not expose the website to penalties imposed by the search engine.

Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Costs depend on the size and type of website. Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. An online store requires more investment than working on a small offer page. The competitiveness of a given industry is also important, which determines how quickly it will be possible to achieve the assumed business goals. Depending on these factors, we offer flexible billing methods based on the increase in revenues obtained through cooperation with us, increase in traffic that we generate, leads obtained on the website or SEO subscription in the form of a fixed monthly fee.

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A revolution in SEO – choosing an agency

The website Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Market at Google has recently undergone a real revolution. You can see a lot of positive changes towards increasing clarity in the activities of SEO agencies. Today, business owners and managers are more aware that there are often empty promises behind the slogans of SEO agencies. Therefore, good SEO agencies have gone to make the client feel safe.How to choose SEO agencies How to choose SEO agencies

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The website Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Market at Google has recently undergone a real revolution. You can see a lot of positive changes towards increasing clarity in the activities of SEO agencies. Today, business owners and managers are more aware that there are often empty promises behind the slogans of SEO agencies. Therefore, good SEO agencies have gone to make the client feel safe.How to choose SEO agencies How to choose SEO agencies

A good example is Wild Moose, an internet marketing agency that has positioned websites on Google for 17 years. As one of the first SEO agencies, it focused on a revolutionary approach to the client. “Introducing a contract that can be terminated at any time and reporting online activities was something that allowed us to set a new quality in customer service and we can see that more and more companies are moving in this direction, which makes us happy” – emphasizes SEO specialist Adam Grabowski.

End of long-term contracts!

Cooperation with an SEO agency should be long-term, but not because of the contract, but because of the positive cooperation that gives the expected results. Companies that offer a fixed-term contract (for example, one or two years) should be thanked immediately. Why? This solution is intended to tie the client to the agency, regardless of the actual work and achieved results.

A good SEO agency is not afraid of short-term contracts because it knows that the reported activities on an ongoing basis and the visible progress of the results in the position monitors will confirm the work done and the results achieved. Seeing them, the client will have no doubts about the reliability of a given company and thus – will not want to give up its services.

If you want to know about SEO costs, read this article >>

How to monitor the agency’s activities?

Transparency of activities is the basis of good relations between the client and the SEO agency. Reporting all activities in real mode allows the client to have constant access to information and the agency time to act without pressure.

Reporting should include:

  • the scope of the website optimization;
  • changes to the content of the website;
  • information about obtained external links.

Some agencies send such reports regularly, for example, every quarter. However, you have to consider that SEO requires regular action – when you receive a report now and then, you cannot be sure that all the work has not been done in two days. Therefore, it is good to find an agency that allows real-time (online) reporting, and then you will be able to observe changes taking place on the website.

An additional tool that the agency should make available to the client is the so-called position monitor. With its help, you can actually check and measure your progress. There are several solutions of this type on the market. It is important that the monitor can measure the website’s position for selected phrases every day. It has an archive that will show the distribution of positions for a given phrase over time, which will allow us to assess the effectiveness of SEO agencies’ activities.

SEO specialist experience

Even the most professional tools and the most attractive layout of reports will not replace the experience of an SEO specialist. Why is SEO experience so important? According to Adam Grabowski, an SEO specialist from Wild Moose, only knowledge about the operation of the Google algorithm allows you to perform effective website Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. It should be remembered that the algorithms of search engines are not public, so only a dozen or so years of experience allows us to understand what activities have a positive impact on the position of websites in search results.

If you want to find out what is included in a good SEO audit, read this article >>

Flexible approach to key phrases

The selection of effective key phrases is essential. They must respond to actual inquiries from potential customers because the site’s visibility for keywords that no one searches for will not give you any traffic.

A good SEO agency periodically audits key phrases on which the website is displayed in the search results in the search engine. This information will be obtained by an SEO specialist from Google Search Console. You can see phrases not included at the beginning of Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Increasing their position will result in quality traffic on the client’s website. New phrases with potential should be included in further SEO activities. Therefore contracts that limit the number of phrases Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. are not beneficial for the client. As Adam Grabowski from Wild Moose recalls: “We introduced the so-called unlimited number of phrases limited only by the industry and geographic area of ​​operations. Thanks to this, we can add phrases during Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. that is beneficial for the customer, and the subscription is constant. We know that SEO is not only about positions and traffic, but also about profits, and this can be obtained,

Content is king, meaning valuable content marketing.

Valuable content is an element that today is appreciated not only by users but also by Google robots. Regularly increasing the volume of high-quality text on a page is very valuable and well-rated by algorithms. Not only does the content itself matters, but it is also important to properly optimize, use internal linking and elements to improve readability. An additional advantage will be specialized industry blogs or guides, which also have value for good PR and building a professional image of the business in customers’ eyes. Content increases the site’s reputation, attracts new visitors to the site, helps in the implementation of various campaigns, and responds to the readers’ needs. However, the question arises: where to get this good quality content? At Wild Moose, a whole team of proven copywriters works on the content and articles. Thanks to this, the texts are unique and tailored to a specific client.

If you need SEO on fair terms, the Wild Moose agency invites you to cooperate. Marketing. Pl and enjoy the unique SEO offer on the market.


Do you want to increase the sales results in your e-store? Start with visibility on Google.

High positions in search results are our specialty.

Foreign positioning

Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. The website on foreign markets (Germany, France, Great Britain, etc.) requires developing an individual, precise strategy for each country we want to promote ourselves. This is due to economic and cultural differences and Google’s approach to the local SEO market.

Check how cooperation with us will help you expand your business abroad.

What’s in the offer?

  • Comprehensive SEO analysis on foreign markets
  • Foreign link building
  • Choosing a domain and optimizing language versions
  • Analysis of the visibility and organic traffic of the website on foreign markets

Benefits of SEO

Visibility on foreign markets

Using activities such as SEO optimization of the website and link building, we strengthen the visibility of your website in other language versions of the search engine. As a result, the website will be displayed in response to inquiries entered by foreign users interested in products or services offered by your business. 

Acquiring foreign clients

thanks to the foreign Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency., free search results are one of the most effective and cheapest sources of acquiring new users service; you can reach potential customers from the markets you are interested in. 

Brand recognition on foreign markets

We help in promoting your brand abroad. Thanks to our activities, we constantly increase brand recognition in foreign markets and build new users’ trust in the website. 

Development of your website

We care about the growth of your business and show you the possibilities of its development. We check in which markets your products and services are the most popular among search engine users. We conduct competition analyses and identify your website’s strengths and weaknesses, the repair of which will allow you to gain a competitive advantage over other websites in the industry in a given country. 

Expert comment

Foreign positioning is subject to the same rules as SEO activities carried out for Polish domains. However, it requires knowledge of the specificity of the market on which we want to promote the website and paying attention to the competitiveness of our industry or the search engine that is popular in a given country. The service entrusted to specialists experienced in conducting SEO activities abroad is a less expensive and often more effective solution than outsourcing the positioning of a foreign agency. If you plan to expand your business to other countries, foreign SEO should become an indispensable element of your business promotion strategy.

What will you get?

What exactly will you get as part of our offer? Comprehensive SEO analysis on foreign markets

Before taking actions related to foreign SEO, we conduct a thorough market analysis. We take into account various factors that can have a direct impact on the success of your business. We examine the functioning of SEO in a given country, industry, competition, cultural winnings, and other elements that translate into the website’s results to get the best results for your website. Foreign link building

A thorough analysis of a given market allows us to prepare an appropriate link-building strategy. We make sure that the added links are of high quality and varied. We analyze the competition, and on this basis, we find valuable places for link building. We also support our activities related to foreign Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. by linking thematically related pages from the websites of the Bauer Group. Choosing a domain and optimizing language versions

If you expand your business to a foreign market, we will help you prepare a strategy for entering additional markets. We will suggest how to implement it – on a separate domain, in a subdomain or a directory, and what domain – national (for example .de, .co, Uk ) or functional (for example .com or .net) will work best in a given country. We will ensure their proper configuration and implementation of Ireland attributes if the website has several language versions. The recipients will be directed directly to the website variant in their language.  Analysis of the visibility and organic traffic of the website on foreign markets

Our SEO activities are based on data (SEO data-driven), using tools such as  Surfer  SEO,  Ahrefs, or  Screaming Frog. To analyze the visibility and organic traffic on foreign markets, we use,  among others,  Searchmetrics and  Similiarweb, which provide us with a complete set of information to make the best decisions from the SEO perspective and your business.  

SEO migrations of websites and online stores

Each site migration caused by switching to a different website engine or changing the domain requires appropriate SEO support to avoid losing the previously developed effects in search engine visibility and organic traffic.

A well-performed domain or engine change should lead to increases in the website. It is important to ensure that its transfer is carried out professionally and safely for this to happen. Check how we can help you in the process of migrating your website!

What’s in the offer?

  • Site migration
  • Rebranding and domain change
  • Moving a WordPress site
  • Migration of the e-commerce platform


Maintenance and subsequent increase in organic traffic

The duration of the entire process largely determines the success of SEO migration. The faster it is carried out, and the fewer errors appear during it, the smaller will be the inevitable fluctuations in the position of key phrases after the page is moved. To improve the migration of the website, we develop an action plan and create a  checklist of elements that should be checked after implementation.  We also examine the seasonality in a given industry and advise the optimal time to change the CMS or domain in a period of less interest of users in the website offers.  In this way, we minimize the risk of errors that could negatively affect traffic and generated revenues. 

Correct indexing of the new page

The first step after implementing a new website is to analyze it in detail. Based on data from Google Analytics and Google  Search Console, we prepare a list of addresses that generate the most traffic and revenue and to which the largest number of links leads – we crawl the most important pages for the website first and immediately spot any problems. Then we perform a comprehensive crawl of the website and look for errors such as subpages returning the 4040 response code or un redirected internal links from the old version of the site. We help update the   XML sitemap and submit a new page in  Search Console, thus accelerating re-indexing the website in the search engine. 

Correct counting of organic traffic

We check the implementation of the tracking codes in the new website version so that the traffic data is counted correctly after the website is overloaded. 

Domain history analysis

Thanks to our analysis of the domain’s history to which you intend to transfer your website, you will avoid complications related to the old content of a given site that may harm the current results. 

Expert comment

The key to correct website migration is to create a plan for its implementation, including pre-implementation texts, because the correctness and comprehensiveness of this plan will determine the fate of the organic results of the domain. There are many types of migrations, and these are some of the most popular: HTTPS implementation, linking multiple pages, changing the domain or addresses used, as well as website redesign. During the process, we take into account not only the SEO aspects, but also UX, content and analytical aspects to ensure you and your users go through the changes smoothly.

What will you get?

Website migration is a complex process consisting of the current website analysis, website transfer, and verification of the correct implementation of its new version. These activities include the Preparation of a redirect map.

Creating a list of redirects, i.e., all addresses of the current website that will change during the migration and the subpages in the new version to which they should be redirected. Having a redirect plan in advance is a prerequisite for moving your site safely. Transfer of valuable content

We make sure that valuable content such as descriptions of categories, products, or blog entries has been transferred to the new version of the website. Customized help in crossing of Content to the architecture of the information on the new site. Transfer or preparation of new meta tags

We show how to move the tags, title, and meta des c ription of the previous site version or prepare new ones if the page’s content has changed. We also take care of the correct migration of other invisible elements, such as alternative descriptions of graphics.  Sitemap update

After the page is migrated, you must regenerate your sitemap to include information about the URLs and images from the new version of your site. Act shall give effect sitemap in Google  Search Console, which will facilitate the understanding of robots revised site structure and speed up the process of przeindeksowania.  Verification of the development version of the website

The method of implementing a new website recommended by us is introducing audit changes to the developer version blocked before indexation, which allows us to avoid generating errors in a working website and prevents the loss of the results achieved so far. We verify the changes made to the website and consult the developers on its final form, thanks to which any problems are solved in the test version and have no negative impact on SEO activities. Error monitoring on the new one

After implementing a new website, we submit it for indexation in  Search Console and monitor the progress of this process. We detect any errors that appear on the new page ongoing and send recommendations on fixing them.  

The party’s situation and competition analysis:

The first step in a website audit is SEO analysis of the website’s current situation. The most important tools that give insight into website statistics are Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Using Google Analytics, we analyze website traffic and user engagement, while Search Console provides information on its indexing status. In Senuto, we select the largest competitors competing with the website for visibility for the most important keywords.

Selection of key phrases

To choose the most appropriate keywords for the website, we use the Google Keyword Planner. The tool provides data on the search potential of keywords and their seasonality.

Website structure analysis

To examine the website’s structure and navigation, we use advanced website crawlers that collect detailed data about all relevant parameters. We rely, among others, on data from the most popular SEO crawler – Screaming Frog and Sitebulb, which is an alternative to it.

Google Tools

We check whether the website meets the standards set by Google, using the tools recommended by them. We measure the performance and speed of the website in PageSpeed ​​Insights, using the mobile optimization test to verify whether the website is adapted to display on smartphones and tablets. We use the Structured Data Testing Tool to test the correct implementation of the structured data responsible for the page’s appearance in search results.

Link profile analysis

We perform off-page SEO analysis and check the quality of domains linking to the page using Majestic and Ahrefs – the most popular inbound link assessment tools. We use the Cluster tool to audit and select links that do not work in her favor.

Comprehensive SEO analysis, which is a website audit, in addition to guidelines on the technical aspects of the website, also includes optimization recommendations for the content posted on the website, thanks to which the audit file is a significant help for editors and people responsible for the content service.

In addition to SEO recommendations, the audit includes comments related to the functionality of the website. On their basis, it is possible to improve the key elements of the website that affect the user’s experience and keep them on the website.

A website audit is a holistic view of the website; therefore, apart from identifying the errors themselves, it helps select those areas of the website, the potential of which has not been fully used. The website development proposals presented in the audit show the most beneficial possibilities of its expansion from the marketing and business point of view.

2. Comprehensive SEO analysis, which is a website audit, in addition to guidelines on the technical aspects of the website, also includes optimization recommendations for the content on the website, thanks to which the audit file is a significant help for editors and people responsible for the content of the website.

In addition to SEO recommendations, the audit includes comments related to the functionality of the website. On their basis, it is possible to improve the key elements of the website that affect the user’s experience and keep them on the website.

3. Comprehensive SEO analysis, which is a website audit, in addition to guidelines on the technical aspects of the website, also includes optimization recommendations for the content on the website, thanks to which the audit file is a significant help for editors and people responsible for the content of the website…….

Website SEO audit

SEO audit is a service whose purpose is to optimize a website using the search engine algorithm. It consists of conducting a detailed SEO analysis of the website regarding its compliance with Google’s recommendations and accessibility for users.

We guarantee that our SEO analysis is not only a document but also a high-level service that will provide valuable conclusions for your marketing activities.

What’s in the offer?

  • We will check over 100 of the most important factors
  • We will analyze the websites of your biggest competitors
  • We will take care of off-site activities – we will audit the link profile
  • We guarantee support in implementation


We indicate the most modern solutions.

We will prepare an SEO audit of the website not only by indicating its errors but, first of all, by informing you how to improve them. We rely on the current guidelines from Google – being up to date with trends, we only use proven methods. An audit is primarily a proposal for the development of your business from a business perspective.

We will improve the usability of the site.

In the website audit, we go beyond the standards and indicate good practices regarding the usability of websites (UX). We improve the user experience in contact with your website to be more willing to place orders and come back to it more often.

We increase organic traffic.

We prepare a website audit in such a way that it works for the benefit of your website all the time – increasing its visibility for the most important key phrases. Thanks to greater visibility, we make it easier for users to reach the website, and by increasing organic traffic – we also improve the recognition of your brand.

We increase revenues

We analyze those elements that positively affect sales. Thanks to their improvement, we provide the website with greater and better-converting traffic – which will translate directly into leads or profits!

We support implementation

We will be in constant contact with the developer implementing the changes. We will create an implementation schedule and check the implementation correctness. If necessary, we recommend alternative solutions to suit the capabilities of your website.

Expert comment

SEO audit is a key element at the start of a website positioning project. Finding your site’s strengths and weaknesses, combined with competitive analysis, allows you to list guidelines for increasing your visibility in search results. The result of an SEO audit is the schedule of optimization and remedial actions for the coming months, which, if properly implemented, will allow for effective brand strengthening in organic results. In addition to technical elements, the SEO audit should pay attention to the link profile and UX aspects that will complement the document and allow you to plan your brand promotion strategy in the search engine for the coming months.

What will you get?

What exactly will you find in an SEO audit? What elements will we analyze?

  • Current traffic and visibility
  • Page titles and descriptions
  • Site navigation and usability (UX)
  • Structured data
  • Graphics
  • Mobile version
  • Key phrases
  • Page indexing
  • URL address
  • Content
  • Page loading speed
  • User safety
  • Link profile analysis
  • Proposals for expanding the website in terms of business

Case study

You don’t have to take our word for it. Check how we increase the effectiveness of our clients’ advertising activities daily.


1.Access to tools

To perform a comprehensive website audit, we will need access to tools that collect information about your website – Google Analytics and Google Search Console.2.Competition analysis

We will ask you to select a few of the most important competitors. We will choose the rest ourselves.3.Selecting key phrases

We will match key phrases appropriate for your website, add them to the program monitoring their daily positions in the search engine, and grant you access to it.4.Preparation of the document

We will create a comprehensive audit that will take about a month, dividing the process into two stages. 5.Creation of the implementation schedule

After the SEO audit is completed, we will prioritize the necessary changes on a scale of 0 to 10 and prepare a work schedule on this basis.6.Two-track verification

To avoid mistakes, we will first check the implementation on the test version. Only after its approval will we recommend implementing the audit on the current version of your website.

Online shop Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency.
Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. An online store increases organic traffic to the website, which in turn increases conversion and income.

The International user Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London or USA e-commerce industry is continuously expanding, as is the number of online businesses. The industry’s high competitiveness necessitates measures that guarantee website exposure in search engines and assist reach prospective consumers.

Finding clients

Free search results are a lucrative source of traffic for many businesses. Consumers now utilize search engines before making purchases, thanks to technological advancements. Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. And optimization of the online shop allows you to reach a large number of prospective consumers.

e-commerce market success

Visibility in search engines leads to website visitors. The more consumers know about it, the better. E-commerce SEO aims to continuously improve and enhance the website to promote the store’s goods and categories and provide it a competitive edge over other websites vying for customer attention.

Conversions and revenue growth

Increasing organic traffic on the website, coupled with actions targeted at enhancing usability and navigation, leads to higher conversions and profits from the SEO channel of the online shop.

Effects over time

Optimizing your online shop for SEO enables you to get long-term benefits. Unlike other types of internet marketing, SEO actions improve your website’s rating in Google, and the benefits endure long after the campaign is over. E-commerce Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. is a long-term strategy that leads to complete e-store growth and profit maximization. While SEO is a long-term commitment, its return on investment is typically the greatest of all online marketing strategies.

When designing e-commerce sites, we consider:

Analyzing an online store’s SEO

We examine all website subpages’ technical SEO and content quality (home, category, manufacturer, product, and blog posts). Check internal links and site structure. All SEO efforts benefit from category tree optimization, which increases website exposure in search results and drives important visitors. We have created an SEO audit of the online shop, in which we explain how to address the issues that arise.

Category and product page suggestions

We create suggestions for website subpages that generate the most traffic and income. We design titles, headers, and content standards. We suggest adding features that make search results more appealing to consumers, such as ratings or reviews, to improve product view placement.

Shopper UI

We analyze your website’s usability and suggest improvements to encourage prospective consumers to take advantage of your store’s offer. UX research enables you to identify and correct problems in the buying journey of prospective customers, increasing conversion and revenue.

Link building plan

The seasonality of the website’s most significant product categories and brands is used to connect e-commerce—a high-quality domain link in an article on the referenced product category.

A/R tracking

Once a month, you will get a report on our efforts, including traffic, keyword rankings, and income from organic search results. The file also contains samples of links placed to your website and a record of our activities.

We are a full-service agency.
The Semahead signet represents values encoded in the genotype of the whole agency and each department. A triangle represents the triad of these values.

This symbol is represented by each of our competencies, which together form the 360° offer. The synergy of these ideals guides each Semahead expert’s everyday work.

Knowledge, strategy, and technology are the three pillars that keep our campaigns at the forefront of International user Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London or USA performance marketing.

Three pillars


In the era of dynamic development of digital marketing, it is not enough to work properly.

Competencies must be integrated into the continuous development of the organization, and the use of knowledge is an indispensable part of the agency’s work. That is why at Semahead, we constantly train – ourselves and our clients because we understand that our knowledge gives us an advantage over the competition.

Innovative training
in digital marketing

The most up-to-date blog
of marketing experts in International SEO Company / SEM & marketing expert

Our experts are speakers
at leading industry conferences

We conduct academic classes
at a universitySTRATEGY

The path to achieving goals is taking concentrated actions that cannot be determined solely by ambition.

At Semahead, ambition always goes hand in hand with strategy. We plan to follow the developed methodology, thanks to which we are sure of the assumptions made later.

We create strategies
using the SOSTAC model

We design innovations
using design thinking

We construct dedicated sales funnels
based on the P-RACE methodology

We build engaging brands
and product campaigns technology

The factor that accelerates progress are tools, and the ability to attribute them – a necessary element in the fight for victory.

Equipped with knowledge, we build a strategy to implement it using the best available technology for ourselves and our projects.

We automate
digital marketing processes

We scan attribution paths
in all channels

We monitor the media
using leading systems

We have a proven
and effective technological base

We analyze

Current activities should always be monitored from different perspectives. In working with data, intuition and subjective evaluation of the whole are not enough.

Tough decisions must be made based on hard facts and figures. That is why the analysis process is integrated into the work of all teams at Semahead.

Our blog

The most up-to-date blog of marketing experts in International SEO Company / SEM & marketing expert. Always be up to date.

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