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What does this freelancer look like for SEO?

Seo Specialist

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Stay ahead of the competition on Google with SEO!

What does this freelancer look like for SEO? Development of the website. Websites design, coding, and construction.

Here you build all sorts of websites with love and joy, blogs, websites, online shops, and what a loving client dreams of!

If you need a new site and do not want to commit the work to an agency for different reasons – a freelancer is the best option. Professional on time and at a reasonable price.

Website design and creation
What do you receive with the website built in the package?
Besides the apparent, such as the joy of working with this Freelancer, fulfillment, status among your Golf club colleagues, you may also rely on:

Modern CMS (Content Management System), suited to current standards, assistance with the domain, hosting, and “getting started with the subject.” It usually is the same page template for WordPress (modified for mobile devices with a reasonable page performance) or a unique scratch version (neither the neighbor nor anyone else will have one)
Graphs, incorporating pictures of stock (purchased legally, included in the price of the website)
Basic SEO optimization for existing needs of search engines (for a good start in Google)
Support for future website upgrades, modifications, etc. (to be agreed upon individually)
Suppose you don’t know what the website should look like or shouldn’t, write to it. In that case, he’s going to assist, advise, offer – you will undoubtedly discover an insight into and have a look. The Google Index will be added to your company’s, wife’s, or golf club’s new website, tidy and technically correct!

This Freelancer will turn even your most insane dreams into an up-to-date, CMS-equipped, and responsive product, now called a website, without blinding your eyes.
Each of my pages is built on a modern, accessible, and transparent CMS management system: WordPress or another – specified by you, which allows you to have complete control and the opportunity to make content changes yourself.

I build trendy, fascinating, and contemporary websites
Have you noticed and want to follow a website? You’re welcome. You’re welcome.
Or maybe you have no clue at all and are searching for someone to lead you through this “dark valley” – even better. The Freelancer helps, advises, proposes, draws, and codes your new website. So you’re working with this brilliant kid!

This Freelancer’s websites are always contemporary, clean, and customer-friendly even if 1001 adjustments are required.

Maintenance of websites. Care and management – 24/7. I work so you may sleep comfortably.

Thanks to your collaboration with me, you are overwhelmed by all server failures, possible security issues, software upgrades, plugins, and CMS engines.

I respond fast, automate procedures, backup constantly.

Server management and website maintenance
Server and website administration
By contacting me to build a website or SEO, you can also offer “insurance” in any technical difficulties. Do extremist Islamists hack your website? You don’t even know and sell your domain power pills? That is what I’m concerned about! I’m here to remove these assaults and any other technological issues.

It’s a challenging and sometimes exciting job to care for a server or website. Regular backups, suitable plugins that reduce the danger of hacking, and difficulty cracking passwords are the key to success.

If you want to purchase a quiet mind, keep this (very essential) item in your mind – I will be glad to assist, take responsibility for a fully working website, clean server, backups, and minor administrative adjustments.

Don’t take the opportunity – outdated software, obsolete plugins, and weak passwords are the primary sources of hacker assaults, hacks, and spam!
What is the care of this Freelancer’s websites?
Like my own, I care about the websites of my customers.
I’m looking after upgrading CMS, software, and plugins.
I eliminate failures and make sure your website is available uninterruptedly.
I respond quickly – via phone and e-mail practically non-stop.
And if repair is needed, I do it in hours of low usage, reducing waste.
You no longer have to worry about the technical status of your website. After-sales support for each of our projects is an essential component.

Contact me if you have more than one website and want anybody to take care of this aspect of your company. We are certainly going to achieve an agreement.

SEO Technical website audits
SEO audits – professional, highly comprehensive, and trustworthy documentation about your visibility, competition, technical conditions, and any deficiencies in your domain contents concerning the expectations of the Google search engine. Full of suggestions and improvements suggested.

I have a long history of developing sophisticated SEO analyses and audits. I’ve been pleased to audit, among others: one of Singapore’s leading mobile telephony service providers, three foreign banks, a global manufacturer of electronics and appliances, three huge internet pharmacies, one of Singapore’s largest cable television and online operators, and dozens of companies that have decided to change their internet destiny.

SEO audit – Professional visibility assessment of technical and digital sites
Overview, competition and technical audit SEO
A careful, comprehensive, and comprehensive SEO audit may both be readable, clear, and understandable for the ordinary internet user and website owner. For the marketing department, it will be a mine of information and response to troubling concerns about the present and possible future scenario that can be changed when the audit recommendations are adopted.

On request, I will do such a website assessment for SEO.
Were you aware that the first, crucial, and essential element of successful actions in the field of integrated internet marketing are the so-called SEO optimization?
Your website is straight back from the beginning without fixing fundamental mistakes and qualitative adjustments to Google’s criteria.
You need first to identify what and where to improve to work on it. This is the purpose of an SEO audit.

  • When screening your website, I will examine all of your website’s key “hard” and “soft” characteristics – the most significant factors that influence visibility on Google have been listed below.
  • I will explain what, where, and how you can improve, especially how you should still find a solution since knowledge alone is not enough.
  • SEO audit, that is, many tens of pages of findings, data and suggestions
  • Advanced research is given in the form of a paper which typically takes caloric information from 60 to 80 pages.
  • Unlike so many similar services on the market, each SEO audit carried out by me also includes clear and straightforward guidance on what, where, and how to improve – I will identify the issue and how to correct it. Alternatively, I can accomplish this for you – under the SEO technical optimization area, you can learn more.

In addition, I will compare your website with the contest, evaluate your existing online presence (for which sentences in SERP your website appears and what traffic is expected of organic results), analyze your link profile, and the UX and usability of the website. Everything has graphs, displays, and ready-to-replace code components.

SEO website technical optimization
According to the search engine requirements (SEO), technical optimization of code and website settings, i.e., compliance with the current recommendations on Google’s webmasters.

I do not only optimize your homepage to appear excellent for the auditing tool (things like that can only be found in agencies).

I’m dealing with big, medium, and small e-commerce and websites. I like to “rummage” myself in the code, but if there are restrictions on this for your business, I will be glad to create a technical specification from SEO that I will support.

Freelancer – SEO Specialist in Optimization
One thing is a Website accessible to users – a helpful website and correctly designed (i.e., optimized) for a search engine is another!

I am specialized in both SEO audits (diagnoses and advice) and the subsequent execution of the required process modifications known as technical optimization.

Google examines a lot of critical technical factors when indexing your website. This is one of the so-called “ranking criteria,” many of which are directly linked to your website’s technical condition. Most of them are invisible to regular users, but I know how and where to search for them and look after their SEO optimization.

I will examine if your website contains methods hostile to the search engine, whether it does not break its keyword stuffing regulations, clothing, or duplicate contents – and will check and enhance everything to help you index your site better and start better than your competitors.

I bet on page speed – mobile and desktop loading speed are highly essential nowadays. I’m going to assist you in increasing the parameters!

  • What do I enhance in the SEO optimization procedure, among others?
  • Meta data-title and description – web site-wide supplement
  • Directs and valid canonical directions (www, no www, index.php, index.html, etc.)
  • Sitemap.xml and robots.txt – control and potential creation/amélioration
  • Test page speed + optimization possible
  • Check the website responsiveness
  • Google Search Console + Google Analytics URL Checker – Friendly Search Engine + Optimization
  • Eliminating hostile SEO techniques: flash, frames, cloaking, stuffing keywords, etc.
  • Unrelated links blocking outbound (rel = “nofollow”)
  • ALT image properties
  • Added microformats (structured data according to Schema.org)
  • Remove potential duplicates of the material of the website
  • 404 error page validation
  • Breadcrumbs and internal connection (link juice)

Page SEO search engine optimization

Freelancer’s websites are arguably the best option for the template, which is unfortunately costly and restricted by strict restrictions, which is more prevalent insignificant marketing firms.

This Freelancer SEO offers a distinct strategy and beliefs compared to other businesses on the market. There are no initiatives too big, no jobs too challenging. He has been working with SEO for many years, and his strengths are carefulness, dependability, and enjoyment of the technical optimization of Google’s websites.

If you are searching for an independent – SEOwca – ask him a question that is not binding. It costs nothing!

Freelancer from Singapore Positioning pages / SEO

So one they’ll discover you, and two – they’re going to click! What about your site? What about you?

Take care of your SEO – nowadays is just as essential as having an email address, telephone, or website.

Following the first SEO assessment and the execution of expert technical optimization, I plan a wide variety of actions in the link-building field for you. Then I may execute this to enhance your search engine visibility.

My Google placement and technical SEO expertise are excellent. I have worked with most branches and situations – and I have had a lot of success and pleased clients.

If you are searching for a freelancer who dependably, carefully, and individually addresses your search engine marketing, read what I have to offer and email me an unbinding inquiry.

Search engine optimization website – Freelancer, Singapore SEO

More than 86 percent of Singaporean internet users are looking for Google. Pl information. More than 92 percent never browse beyond one visible search results page.

Where is your site? Where is your location?

Integrated web marketing – Singapore freelancer

It’s integrated online marketing!

Yes, all of us speak about this SEO or Positioning Service, but what you need is an integrated marketing, known as inbound marketing, everything done on the site (optimization, copywriting), and domain ( content marketing, link building ).

All those experts who ensure the position of USD 500 once or USD 300 a month (yeah, that’s a phony) are not involved since I know that only long-term, consistent, and quality measures make sense and provide results.

My SEO is 100% open, conforms with Google rules, and utilizes well-recognized techniques and standards around the globe.

I know it well. I know what the link profile, content marketing, social signals, word of mouth marketing, and the organic channel share are about, is about building a helpful and diverse network. I report every activity in detail, so you have control over your domain and brand.

Not only is valuable SEO a high position for a few chosen phrases.

It increases the overall visibility of Google and its organic traffic.

How does your website traffic look like?

What does this freelancer look like for SEO?

I’m not only focusing on a few “fat” words’ placements. I am expanding the total amount of TOP3 and TOP10 keywords, and those people who looked for and discovered what was required will be visited on your site – not random internet users who clicked on the first link.

At a look, my position:

Professional keyword investigation and needs analysis

I am writing or hiring competent authors.

I am optimizing and enhancing the coding of your website, and I make sure there is fresh material Extended (blog, guide, news)

I utilize analytical tools that are already available

I only get links from domains with high confidence flow or domain rank criteria.

All connections are topical and not altered.

I cooperate, I do not advise, I don’t have any problem saying what I do. Why I report transparently, and I confirm on many levels that everything that I create is yours and is durable, so long as the Internet remains durable – after our cooperation is over, there will be no effects of the ‘disconnected plug.’

What am I not doing, and what are you not going to experience for me?

I don’t promise “TOP X” rank for “Y.”

I don’t take into consideration the terms; I don’t appreciate them.

I do not use SWL, blast, or any other Spam, as I do not utilize a valuable background in big agencies.

I don’t go missing without a message for two weeks; I don’t escape accountability; I’m not scared I don’t subject your website to a Google manual penalty.

I don’t work on the legalities; I don’t utilize automated solutions


Because I, too, am fed up with “positioners” who ruin the industry image, mislead consumers, and unfair competition. I appreciate long-term customer connections and, above all, the excellent, dependable work that satisfies both parties.

If, however, you decide on a bid solely for them with a position guarantee and settlement, be prepared to penalize your website with the Google algorithm because of the necessity to employ illegal search engine optimization methods to give you short-term assurance. Good luck, good luck

Remember: Item guaranteed Means guaranteed weather, certified green traffic lights alone, and a guaranteed pension for you.

Linkbuilding and content marketing. Content marketing nowadays is the absolute number one for two simple reasons in integrated marketing: the first is that we do something nice for the user. The second point Is we do something nice for the search engine, which is beneficial for us.

Content marketing is now one of the most prominent link-building approaches, creating a quality, diverse, and natural domain link profile. In turn, this increases their visibility in organic results by improving their quality characteristics.

Also, I am glad to assist you in this field as a freelancer.

Marketing of content, i.e., the acquisition of links with quality content.
Good content marketing is now the most dependable, most utilized, and stable way of advertising a particular product, service, brand, or business – with the opportunity of generating more visitors and a helpful backlink.

As a freelancer, I produce and publish content marketing pieces that I write to myself or with the assistance of copywriters (some subjects are beyond me;) and then post themed, useful website pages, which also connect to the relevant part of your website.

I always pick theme sites that pay attention to the criteria Trust Flow and Domain Rank to be reasonable.

Content marketing texts are impartial, not promoting your enterprise or services directly but simply linking you as an example, a sponsor, or as a statement/quote from an expert (to be agreed).

I provide “basic” pieces of content marketing, i.e., ordinary links, and “premium” articles, which include PR components, create value traffic, and are utilized well in social media (e.g., an article on wp. pl, money. pl or in the Republic of Singapore).

Link building – precious backlinks of high grade
Unnatural connections from low-parameters and low-authority websites may be detrimental. The excellent, thematically relevant, and based on trustworthy Internet sites with a positive history – on the contrary – contributes to developing a domain ranking in Google.

The connecting profile of your site is always about half the fight to be seen in the search engine.

As an independent and SEO expert, I will assist you in establishing meaningful, ongoing, cyclical connections that enhance your domain’s characteristics. Many websites have helped to attain success in SERP through many years of expertise and know-how.

I only get links manually – I don’t use sales machines, I don’t want SPAM. I’m going to assist you in getting rid of these undesirable backlinks after your domain is gone.

I evaluate, advise and assist in constructing profiles using natural and established techniques – avoiding catalogs, cheap whispers, and every kind of ‘art for art.’

Elimination of Google Sanctions
Approximately 800. There have been so many hand penalties for me and my team at prominent SEO firms.

But one thing may be stated openly: I have experience cleaning up link profiles, detoxification, the declared abandonment of tools and appeals – i.e., removing Google filters. I don’t know whether it makes me a leader.

The greatest lesson I ever did for anybody else is to clean up after Penguin 2.1. With complete success.

Have you got a filter or think Google has enforced a penalty? Could you write to me? Could you write to me?

Remove the Google Filter and Remove Domains
Did your SWL positioner go too far? Or maybe you didn’t simply realize what you were entering into, the placement payable for the outcome alone, the phrase assessment, and the position guarantee?

A manual penalty for a Google website, its many parts or specific keywords, may be imposed on Google, also known as Manual Actions or a Google Filter.
This results from activities that do not conform to the quality standards for Google Search Quality Team and may pertain to various elements (not only links).

The filter is obtained for an unnatural link profile, for poor value copied and synonymized material, unintentional involvement in a spamming process, or other legal and security problems – such as hacking, hacking, or other unspecified assaults.

I’m cleaning the connection profiles and getting rid of spam.
Analysis of the link profile, disclaimer links, cancellations, and more.
You will find out about any penalty on your website through your Google Search Console (if you use it). Your site will very quickly vanish, dropping well beyond the SERP’s initial viewable side.
The sanctioned website is challenging to locate. Therefore it does not achieve its aim.

In contrast to a prohibition, the filter may be withdrawn.
This procedure takes about 2-4 weeks nowadays.

The penalties for violation of safety regulations (the impact of hacking or spam) and unnatural inbound links, i.e., the effect of poor placement, are most often applied. This is because the domain’s link profile is analyzed and cleaned, the links are deleted or disavowed by specialist tools, and Google asks for re-examination.

So if, then:

You saw a dramatic decrease in Google
Your traffic has fallen
The number of users and clients has fallen
You don’t know what’s happening. Your positioner doesn’t respond by telephone.
Contact me – I will carry out a free analysis and remove any concerns for you.

SEO training and consultation
My Google search engine journey started in 2007 and continues without any promise of change.

SEO, also known as placement, is my teaser and passion. I spend long hours working on different problems in Google’s globe, enhancing many customers’ visibility online, or learning about the industry’s typical news and news.

I am a practicing practitioner, but I have one characteristic that makes my training fascinating and stays in mind for a long time.
SEO training is professional and user-friendly
I was fortunate to study from the finest – both domestically and overseas. My everyday job and the range of situations nevertheless taught me the most.

Consequently, the overwhelming bulk of my know-how comes from (but also failing) successful, foreign sources (who frequently surpass us in some respects) and a consistent, long-term, empirical and palpable acquaintance with the Google search engine.

SEO is a subject they don’t teach in school and, when you read it, a book purchased in a shop is generally out of date.

The information gained is ready to share, and the ease of connections, eloquence, and capacity for knowledge transfer makes my SEO training entertaining and practical and offers unique solutions for the requirements of your company or website.

For novices who are beginning their journey with integrated online marketing, I can provide SEO training, where I will teach the fundamentals of the internet, websites, and, of course, Google’s search engine. The so-called good practices, “white” and “black” SEOs, copywriting (i.e., creating user and search engine content), links, and essential audits are also covered. Following such training, you or your staff will traverse the network resources more comfortably, and you will, above all, know what and how to assist your site and domain without provoking the wrath of Google.
For those who are not shocked by the facts above – a higher initiation level. During advanced SEO training, you will learn how to design a content marketing strategy, care for the naturalness and worth of a link profile, and acquire and retrieve quality connections to your website. We will also address technological problems related to the sophisticated technical optimization of search engine needs websites. This course is also a source of manual penalties (Google filters) and intelligent, long-term solutions.

Whatever you like – be it from SEO copywriting, SEO audits, optimization of websites in integrated web marketing, current search engine needs, and any other subject. This scope covers general guidance, consultation, and any assistance that I can provide.
In Singapore, I typically do SEO training in New York and London.

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SEO – Marketing – AdWords

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SEO Services – Boost Your Site Performance

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SEO, PPC, SEM for International Business

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Search engine optimization, Marketing, SEO in Dubai, UAE, Pland, Singapore and
Search engine optimization, Marketing, SEO in Dubai, UAE

International SEO – site streamlining – Positioning in Google and Bing

Do you want to be found on search engines? If yes, then you need to get organic traffic. But what is organic traffic? Organic refers to the natural way of getting an audience. There are two types of digital marketing: online marketing and offline marketing. Online marketing is a form of digital advertising that uses search engines, social media, email, and other websites to drive traffic to your website. This type of advertising has been proven to work. Offline Marketing is a form of digital advertising that uses traditional print ads or radio spots. In today’s world, everything is online, so if you want your business to succeed online, then you have no choice but to use SEO services for your company name and logo to be highly visible on the Search engines.

Website optimization - Positioning in Google and Bing
Website optimization – Positioning in Google and Bing

A well-worded website can get you a lot of traffic from Google and Facebook. It is essential to get your site optimized for these two search engines to ensure that many people see your site as possible. Even if you target the 5 billion monthly active users on Facebook, your site will be seen only if you compare it with the other millions of sites on Facebook. So, you must keep your site updated with the latest information and features to grab their attention and compel them to visit your website. If you need some assistance in getting your website up-to-date, then we at Usability and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help you out.

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