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Website optimization for SEO

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Website optimization for SEO

website optimization

Do you run a local business, or maybe you have established your own online store?

You have published new subpages wrote interesting offers, added a photo gallery with the highest quality graphics, uploaded new products to the store, and… nothing. Total emptiness, no customers … And it’s been six months already … You think you’ve wasted your money down the drain.

If you think so, we have good news for you. Everything else is fixable. The problem is probably the lack of website optimization in terms of SEO, which is a prerequisite for the effective Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. of keywords in the Google search engine.

What is website optimization?

Optimization consists in making appropriate structural changes to the website, eliminating errors, or modifying the code on the positioned website. There is a reason why website optimization is called on-site activities.

To carry out such activities, it is advisable to prepare a professional SEO audit, which experienced specialists will perform. A well-performed website audit specifies errors and imperfections of the website and defines ways to fix them. It is a good idea to read Google’s recommendations for website optimizationlink ].

The implementation of the guidelines contained in the SEO audit and the correct optimization of the website leads to increasing the website’s visibility, which is accompanied by an increase in the position of keywords and entries from the Google search engine.

Google recommendation for website optimization for SEO –  https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/7451184.

Website optimization, and no increases in visibility rates

Good website optimization should bring clear increases in the most important visibility indicators.

About 3 months after implementing the optimization, you should notice:

  • Increase in the number of new keywords that have started to be visible in the Google search engine
  • Increase in views of the entire website
  • Increase in clicks, i.e. entries from the Google search engine
  • Increase in the position of key phrases

You can observe the above visibility indicators in the free Google Search Console tool.


Optimization of the website subject to a penalty by Google may not bring the desired increases in visibility, traffic, and the number of customers. For this purpose, a website audit is prepared to set the direction of optimization activities. If a Google filter covers the domain,d go to website optimization.

Page elements to be optimized

Optimizing the website helps web crawlers better understand the website’s content, which contributes to the increase of the most important visibility indicators.

Starting optimization can be compared to an apartment where you want to carry out a major renovation. 

A website is flat, while optimization is a renovation.

Website code optimization

The starting point from which to start optimization is the structure of the website code, i.e., how the website was built.

Important questions when checking your website code:

  • Is the website built on outdated tables?
  • Does the site use iframes and flash elements that search engine robots don’t understand?
  • Is the website coded according to the W3C standard?
  • Does the website have a mobile version, RWD?
  • Does the website contain a lot of CSS and JS files?
  • Does the code size exceed the content of the content?
  • Are there any hidden texts on the website?
  • Does the website load quickly?
  • Do life-size graphics load on the website?
  • Were the ALT attributes added to the graphics correctly, or are they empty?
  • Is the content of the website identical for human and Googlebot?
  • Does the website contain a noindex meta tag blocking access for search engine robots?
  • Does the website logo link to the home page?
  • Has the menu been built using HTML lists?
  • Has the website used JavaScript code instead of links built in HTML?
  • Have microformats been implemented in the website code?
  • Were the title tags, H1 headers, and meta description built correctly?
  • Does the page contain a properly built canonical or is it missing in the head section of the page?
  • Does the page link to pages that are returning the 404 error code?
  • Do the links contain title attributes?
  • Are non-SEO power links marked as “nofollow”?
  • Are there any outgoing “dofollow” links in the footer?
  • Does the website code contain duplicate homepage and subpages?
  • Does the site include breadcrumb, a navigation link locator?
  • Does the website contain links to social media profiles?
  • Were 301 redirects performed correctly?
  • Is compression enabled in the .htaccess file?

Correctly implementing source code optimization will help increase the website’s page loading and indexing. Indexing robots will be able to interpret the website content faster and better, which should positively impact the website’s visibility in the Google search engine.

Content optimization

A website that exhausts a given topic as much as possible has a good chance in the fight for the highest positions in the Google search engine. The content of the website cannot be a copy of the content of another internet domain. The Panda algorithm fights against low-quality pages by shifting duplicates to distant positions in the search engine. The content should be original, unique, and attractive. It is good if the content engages the reader to the extent that he shares it on social media.

When building your website content, remember to saturate the website with key phrases. Try to put the most important words as high as possible in the page code, but do not force the phrases through them. A better solution would be to include synonyms of the word and inflection by case. Remember that you create content for a human, not a robot.

Use HTML tags to optimize your content:

  • Paragraphs
  • Unordered and ordered lists
  • Headlines
  • Bold
  • Graphics

Don’t hide texts on the page, especially for mobile devices. Follow the guidelines of Google – mobile-first!

Keyword optimization

experienced seo specialist

Before you start optimizing key phrases, you should carefully examine the structure of the website and existing subpages. Do the pages contain duplicates? What are the structure of the articles and their content?

It happens that the website lacks the main and most important subpages of the offer. In this case, the only right solution is to build new subpages and optimize them for specific groups of keywords.

Selecting the right words from the best SEO tools defines the website Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Strategy.

An experienced SEO specialist is a specialist who will find the right keywords specific to the client’s business. When choosing keywords, you should pay attention to the age of the domain, which may suggest to the specialist what degree of word difficulty should be positioned in the first place.

Don’t forget about long-tail phrases from the so-called long tail. Long-tail keywords are made up of several phrases, so their competitiveness is usually lower than single-word words.

Keywords should be optimized in:

  • Title, h1 and meta description while maintaining the appropriate length and saturation of phrases
  • Texts on the home page and subpages

Graphics optimization

Optimizing your photos and graphics is especially important because, as a website owner, you can get traffic from the image search engine. Content indexing robots have problems interpreting the content of images, so they should be helped.

How to optimize graphics to load the website quickly?

  • Upload natural image sizes
  • You can combine CSS-style graphics into one graphic, reducing the number of HTTP requests to the server
  • Use CSS to reduce the amount of unnecessary graphics, backgrounds and gradients.
  • Apply compression of image files
  • Experiment with the quality of the graphics as a slight loss of quality may reduce the file size.

How to optimize graphics for indexing robots?

  • The file name should be short and contain a concise keyword, e.g. briquetting-profilis-home-polautomat.jpg
  • Each word should be separated by “-” (hyphen)
  • Add an ALT attribute for the image and be sure to include the keyword
  • Create thematic content around the graphic that refers to the ALT attribute of the image

How to optimize graphics for people?

  • Add an overprint on the graphic with the name of the website
  • Create images that stand out in terms of color in the image search engine, which can increase their click-through rate

Internal link optimization

internal links

Correct optimization of links inside the website will help people learn about the website’s structure and content described by keywords.

Internal links should usually be in text form. Linking related pages with the use of appropriate anchors is a success. Do not link to blank pages, much less to pages returning a 404 error code.

Good optimization of internal links and the position of keywords can positively translate into a longer period of user stay on the website.

Specialists say that the more pages a potential customer visits on a given website, the more likely toner of that page.

The most common mistakes made during website optimization?

A common mistake is over-optimization of the site, the phenomenon of keyword stuffing, and the use of non-grammatical variations of phrases in texts.

Choosing the wrong keywords determines the failure of a positioned page.

A wrong website structure is decisive for failure, even if good words for Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. have been found. At best, it will be a partial success that does not exploit the potential of good site design.

A common mistake is the lack of a mobile version of the website, which limits building traffic from mobile devices.

We encountered a situation where a few-year-old internet domain had a meta tag index blocking access for indexing robots.

It is the details that determine the success or failure of a positioned website.

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SEO audits

site audit

Getting the first positions in Google opens wide the gates of your company’s success. More traffic on the website is a profit for small and large enterprises on many levels.

The highest positions in the search engine allow you to build the image and recognition of the company, increase the number of customers on local websites or multiply the sale of products in the online store.

What needs to be done to increase positions, traffic, and profits? How to optimize websites to get more traffic from Google? For this purpose, an SEO audit of the website is performed on the website.

What is an SEO audit and what does it consist of?

If you are the owner of a website or online store, you can outsource an SEO audit to an SEO company—Google search engine Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Specialists test and analyze your website in terms of guidelines that are key in website optimization.

An SEO audit is a report that presents the strengths and weaknesses of a website. The website audit also evaluates the website in terms of the user. Specialists check whether the website is practical, clear, and readable (so-called web usability). Does it have valuable content?


If the website is useful to people, it will also be appreciated in the ranking by Google. A well-optimized website with rich content has a good chance of achieving high positions in the search results ranking.

At the beginning of the report, an experienced SEO specialist lists the most important problems that make it difficult to achieve high positions in the search engine and provides ready-made solutions on a plate.

In some cases, it is enough to eliminate the most important errors on the website, which allows you to significantly increase the website’s visibility in organic results and save money.

In some cases, when creating reports, the phenomenon of spamming the page is detected, which may lead to manual penalties from Google or lower the position of phrases in the ranking of search results.

The purpose of many audits is to save a business from bankruptcy.

Perhaps your website is positioned in another SEO agency. A good website analysis allows you to identify and evaluate the current activities of the SEO company.

Website SEO analysis concerns, among others:

  • The structure of the website code and technology in which it was made
  • Construction of the website.
  • Analyzes of keywords and phrases of the competition.
  • Up-to-date website optimization.
  • Graphics analysis.
  • Performance and website speed analysis.
  • Check for duplicate pages or content.
  • Inbound and outbound links.
  • Social Media
  • Site maps.
  • Robots.txt file.
  • Errors and redirects.
  • Adapting the website to mobile devices.

Do you want to audit the website yourself?

Use paid and fully professional SEO tools that create a primer for a professional positioner.

Free and paid online tools for creating SEO audits:

And many other tools you can read about on the Projekt Marketing Agency’s blog.

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