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Social selling – everything you need to know to use the potential of the media

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The more you engage in substantive discussions about your industry in the selected social media, the more effectively you will reach a larger audience with what you have to convey to others.

In the past, a few meetings were enough to establish a business relationship, culminating in the presentation of the offer and sales. A potential customer made a purchase decision faster. However, the relationship was limited mainly to professional mattersToday, on social media, it’s not as easy as it sounds.It requires a good plan, setting goals, commitment, the regular creation of excellent content that will attract recipients’ attention and will be useful for them. Breaking through information noise organically with good content is quite a challenge. However, if you develop excellent content and communication strategy, you will certainly be able to do it. You will certainly use social selling to benefit yourself and your business, because thanks to well-thought-out and strategic actions, it will be easier for your customers to remember. Just remember that this is a process that requires commitment, patience, and regularity .

What is social selling?

Social selling is a well-thought-out action strategy that involves establishing valuable and engaging relationships with current and potential customers through social media.

This method of acquiring customers requires your commitment but also means that you do not have to waste it on ineffective activities, e.g., preliminary telephone calls that last too long, i.e., often ineffective cold calling or sending blind offers hoping that someone will be interested in what you want them to. Propose. 

Being present on social media according to your values ​​and strategy and skillful social selling will certainly benefit you.

Where to start social selling activities?

  1. Build a personal brand on solid values – the first step is to build a personal brand that is best built on solid values. Think about what you value in business. What values ​​are most important to you? It is a tedious process, but it is very important to do it professionally from the beginning. Think about how you want your company to be presented on social media and think about which specific clients you want to reach and with what people you want to cooperate in your business. What channels will you choose to reach other people with your content and communication? In which social media your brand should be present and how will you communicate it?
  2. Define precisely the target group you want to reach and for whom you want to create content – the second important step that will be of benefit to you in good social selling is determining who you want to reach. From a marketing point of view, it is really very important, because it will make it easier for you to create content targeted at people from specific industries, so it is worth determining it in advance. So think who you want to work with and design exactly the content that will solve the problems of customers from your target group. First, of course, you need to check on the web what your potential customers are talking about and what discussions they are willing to participate in. The combination of a content marketing strategy with good social selling activities works perfectly well!
  3. Act in accordance with your strategy, not just your intuition – a properly thought-out social selling strategy is mainly to build your professional image in a given industry, reach customers with whom you want to maintain good relations and at the same time expand your network of contacts. So it has nothing to do with imposing yourself on what you propose, sending intrusive private messages to sell your services or products. Your brand goals must always result from a well-thought-out strategy, otherwise social selling does not make sense!
  4. Take care of valuable relationships on the web – this is the basis of successful social selling on social media. Establishing valuable relationships using social media is easy today, but it requires your commitment, precise determination of the audience you want to reach and a well-thought-out strategy (including a content plan). With the help of well-planned content, you can not only organically interest potential customers in what you have to convey, but also increase the so-called Social selling index on Linkedin, which can be used as an indicator of the engagement of your posts.
  5. Be a helpful brand that solves customer problems – such a strategy is really very profitable in business. The more you offer help to your audience, the more sympathy and gratitude you get. Whenever you notice that your potential client has a doubt or a problem – find a solution, but think exactly how you can propose it to him.
  6. Magnetizing and thoughtful content designed according to the strategy – a magnet attracting customers to the brand and the necessary foundation for social selling activities. Are you wondering why creating content on social media is so important? This is the basis for others to notice you, interact with your brand and, based on publications, they can more easily associate you with a given industry, specific services or beliefs. Such a strategy may in some way make it easier for you to reach the people you want to reach with your offer, and the more valuable your message on the web and properly communicated – the easier it will be for potential customers to remember. Due to the way the published materials are presented, their quality and value, you have a chance to present yourself at the best possible side. Do not waste it! So the more you contribute,

Without content and content distribution, it is impossible to reach others effectively. For this reason, it is worth doing everything to constantly involve others in substantive discussions that may translate into interest in your brand and what you offer, but naturally and organically. However, for this to be so, know that social selling activities require the preparation of an appropriate content strategy, thoughtful and engaging content that will encourage and motivate others to participate in the discussion.

What social selling activities should be applied to benefit the brand?

So much is said about social selling activities, but you still don’t know what’s going on? Check what you can do for your business:

  • join industry groups on LinkedIn and Facebook and regularly contribute, help others and share valuable information and advice;
  • regularly publish useful materials for your potential customers that solve their problems and make them naturally interested in your brand. If you want to save more time – automate some of your advertising activities, but never forget about direct engagement with your audience!
  • be there where your target group customers are present and think about what they may need, what problems they have and how you can reach them with your online presence;
  • share valuable content from your company blog. Tell interesting and inspiring stories, publish materials that will help your clients dispel doubts, make the right decisions, i.e. those that will be helpful for them!

What not to do in social selling and what is it definitely not?

The sole purpose of social selling is never direct selling, and it is not spamming offers in private messages, so whenever you plan to use it wisely and for the benefit of your business – remember about it. Good relations are the most important in social selling, so it does not always have to result in increased interest in services or purchasing a specific product.

It is worth remembering that social selling is not social media marketing. Due to similar actions, it is often confused with it, but this is not the same. Social media marketing requires the creation of messages targeted at a precisely defined group of recipients. On the other hand, social selling is activities in which communication is directed to a wider audience – with the message, and you can reach both the people you want to work with and people from their network of contacts, which increases the reach of published materials. 

The advantage of social selling, e.g., on LinkedIn, is that you can establish a closer, direct relationship with another website user. Such relationships are the most important in social selling.

What else not to do? Be sure not to speak badly about your competitors if you have never used their services or products. Such actions are never fair and can harm your brand.

What are the most common mistakes in social selling?

  1. Mistake 1 – Brand focus only on results and sales. It is a mistake to think that social selling is sending messages advertising your offer over and over again and hoping that your brand will be noticed in this way. It is much better to focus on the activities that are intended to benefit her, creating relationships with others, expressing yourself in a substantive way under the posts of people with whom you want to establish a relationship. Then it is much easier to reach the right customers with your offer, who, due to what you do for them, may become interested in your company on their own.
  2. Mistake 2 – operating in the dark with no specific organizational goals set. Another mistake is the lack of strategic goals and acting in the dark. You need to know what you want to achieve as a brand, how to use the potential of social media and social selling activities. Remember that good social selling activities require a well-thought-out strategy that takes into account what you want to achieve in your business.
  3. Error 3 – lack of regularity of actions and involvement of the owner and employees of the company in social selling activities. The insufficient involvement of the company’s owner in social selling activities may result in their ineffectiveness. The same mistake is the lack of support from employees from various departments of the company (e.g. commercial, marketing or HR) when distributing the created content for the purposes of the social selling strategy. It is worth working on this to see the effects of your actions and motivate the team to engage in discussions and content promotion as well.
  4. Mistake 4 – you use automation more often instead of focusing on direct relationships with customers. At some stage, the use of automation can save you time. However, do not let your company run out of space for direct contact with customers. Automating your marketing activities should never replace closer communication with your audience. So take care of this issue to avoid mistakes that can cost your business a lot. If you already have established relationships with others – just take care of them as best you can.
  5. Mistake 5 – Focus only on promotion, not on offering the best value to customers. Selling in social selling is of course possible, but it should not obscure what is most important to you, i.e. giving your customers the greatest possible value. You can, of course, place it in such a way as to create the effect that the customer will become interested in what you propose, but a much better strategy is to constantly give value and actually be interested in what your customers need at the moment. Meeting these expectations, vigilance, business intuition combined with well-run social selling activities will ensure great results.

Social selling for your brand – why is it profitable?

Are you wondering if social selling is something for you that can benefit your brand, and why do it at all? The use of well-thought-out social selling activities in social media will allow you to reach your customers more effectively. If you combine it with regularity in publishing well-prepared content that will attract others, it will definitely result in natural customer interest, which may translate into increased sales in your company.

According to SalesForLife, as many as 61% of business owners who use regular social selling activities to benefit their own businesses record a significant increase in sales for this reason. 

As many as 98% of customers plan to implement social selling activities in their companies and conduct them regularly to gain more customers, create excellent relationships with them, and increase their own brand recognition among recipients. So there is no doubt that social selling is effective!

For this to happen, a good solution is to delegate these activities to an experienced trader and marketer, who will also engage other employees to distribute the created content and provide your company with appropriate promotion

It is a well-developed communication and content strategy that will allow you to reach potential customers with your message, build lasting and valuable relationships that will result in customers’ trust in your brand and loyalty.

What are the benefits of using social selling?

Are you wondering what you can get from regularly publishing materials on social media, e.g., on LinkedIn? One of the most important benefits of social selling on this website is the so-called Inbound sales – receiving inquiries from people who came to you after reading an interesting text or are interested in your company’s offer, and that’s what they want to work on on with.

Well-implemented social selling activities have the following benefits:

  • building a personal brand that may become recognizable in the industry over time;
  • greater authenticity from the audience’s perspective;
  • increasing interest in a natural way in what you do, which will motivate customers to send inquiries of their own accord;
  • increase in sales in companies from various industries thanks to, among others, the quality of publications and good distribution of content in social media, also with the involvement of employees;
  • greater productivity and commitment of salespeople in B2B companies to establish relationships with potential customers to turn these activities into sales opportunities.

First of all, the main benefit of such activities is that you can establish business relationships more easily thanks to this approach. In addition, well-managed communication and social selling activities increase brand trust and credibility. In combination with a good content marketing plan, they make your brand unique and recognizable. There is no simpler recipe for building a brand and effectively reaching customers at the same time.  

Just remember never to do it in a pushy way by constantly sending private messages with your offer to people who may not necessarily be interested in what you offer.

What is SSI and how to increase it?

The SSI index in LinkedIn is nothing more than a tool that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your materials. The more you get involved in your brand’s social selling activities, the easier you reach potential customers and the better your chances of increasing the indicator. 

For example, you can create your own valuable content and share useful materials. Comment, engage, and encourage others to discuss. Your activity in line with the brand strategy, regularity of publications, and commitment is significant for social selling activities to make sense. Therefore, you must not forget to visit other profiles, make new friends, and at the same time take care of relationships with people who already belong to your network of contacts.

What to do to increase the Social Selling Index SSI on LinkedIn, and what exactly is it?

The SSI social selling index measures the quality of your publications and engagement on LinkedIn. It’s worth remembering that this is just a point of reference to ensure that how you operate is good. You should not treat this indicator as an oracle or analyze the results in sales because it will not be reliable. 

You can earn 100 points if you complete all the required information in your profile, regularly start publishing good content, engage in discussions with other medium users, and establish new relationships with the rest of the audience.

Jim Rohn – an American writer, once said that “we are the sum of the 5 people we spend the most time with”. This saying fits very well with social selling. Why? Because social selling is the process of building relationships with people who may become interested in what you do as a result of these activities. 

The more you engage in discussions on other people’s posts, build valuable relationships with people through social media, the more people you attract to your profile and brand. 

If what you create is of value to others, your followers and fans will also be interested in it. A content marketing strategy is necessary for this to happen, i.e., well-designed content and interesting graphics that trigger a specific reaction and achieve a specific goal. 

The way your brand communicates is also significant. From word to word, it is effortless to create an engaging and mutually beneficial relationship. This increases the metric, which is a mathematical way of counting your engagement on LinkedIn.


In the past, for a purchase decision to be positive, it was enough to demand service or product, select a supplier and finalize the purchase. Today, customers expect a good relationship, openness from sellers, an authentic approach, and interest in their problems. They make such a decision and that a given product or brand is the only right choice for the consumer. Building an excellent personal or corporate brand is just the beginning. There are a lot of tasks and challenges ahead of you, but it’s all worth it. So let’s decide to find out that social selling is very effective and that your brand will gain many benefits.

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