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Social Network Advertising. About the effectiveness of Social Media advertising

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Social Media interactivity makes them an important element of a comprehensive marketing campaign, where users are passive recipients of messages. They co-create social networking sites, and their activity allows you to use Social Network Advertising.

Social media advertising or social media targeting are ads displayed to users on social media platforms. Social networks use information about the user to display highly relevant advertisements based on interactions within a specific platform.

When the target group is consistent with the demographics of social platform users, i.e., when there are potential customers of the company in a given social media, advertising using this medium can provide a huge increase in conversion and sales with lower acquisition costs.

Place of social media in marketing

To promote and create a brand image, social networking sites are an essential tool in PR activities. Each campaign conducted on Social Media must consider user engagement, which is achieved through buzz marketing activities or contests with prizes.

To attract users, it is necessary to assess their preferences and expectations towards the brand, its products, and its services. Therefore, all promotional activities are preceded by a thorough analysis of their behavior, the results of which allow the use of appropriate and, most importantly, effective marketing methods, as well as an appropriate form of communication.

Since social networking sites allow you to keep in touch with users, this should be an important aspect of any campaign.

Advertising in social media

The effectiveness of advertising in social media is highly rated mainly due to the access to very detailed advertising targeting options – including the analysis of user activity. Based on user profiles, posts and materials posted there, views expressed, and belonging to specific groups, ad targeting is exact.

By using data on user behavior, you can target your ads very precisely to specific target groups. In this way, the selected group will receive a specific advertisement in line with the preferences of its users. Based on user activity, defining a potential target group and preparing a suitable form of advertising for it is possible.

Advertising goes hand in hand with communication

Most brands publish content on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram every day. Some of these posts will have a resonance with your followers; others don’t. Please keep track of which of them are clicked, liked, shared, and commented on. These highly effective messages are the best candidates for social media advertising. When entering a completely new social media with communication and advertising, it is worth starting with small amounts and using the experiences from previously used platforms as a starting point – although each social media has its own rules and principles.

Undoubtedly, one should remember that organic communication should be consistent with paid advertising. A complete social media marketing approach combines the power of organic (natural) presence with advertising. As organic reach diminishes across social media platforms, it is becoming more and more important to invest in paid community opportunities to reach a wider audience.

Unfortunately, influencing solely through organic reach is more a dream than a reality at this stage in the evolution of social media. On Facebook, organic posts only reach around 2% of followers, and the number is steadily declining.

The modern marketing approach combines organic and paid in a way that ensures a synergy effect.

Social media and search engines

The main difference between the two marketing channels is the user’s intentions. It is quite simple and logical. Social media serves as a tool to connect with friends worldwide, interact with others, and share part of your life. Search engines, on the other hand, aim to answer the question posed by the user.

Understanding the tasks performed by social media and search engines gives you an overview of the types of advertisements they operate on. A search engine result will most likely suggest a user who wants to buy shoes, and an advertisement displayed this way. However, what if the search engine provides more than one result and an ad? This is where advertising and awareness building in the social media space comes to the rescue. What does it all mean? The best e-commerce strategy is to combine both of these media. It looks like advertising in the search engine is a short-term but cyclical effect, i.e., shoe advertising works when someone is actually looking for these shoes. Advertising on social media is a long-term process. It is mainly about building a community, loyal customers associated with the brand who, when faced with the choice of shoes presented by the search engine, will subconsciously pay attention to ours.

Despite the contrasts in both the function, appearance, and ad hoc goal of advertising, both online platforms have one common result: our company’s success. Therefore, the differences were presented not to show the superiority of one of the media over the other, but to show how, thanks to these discrepancies, advertising in social media and search engines combines into one coherent advertising on the Internet.

Use of social media in Poland

First, a few numbers will help illustrate the extent to which social media affects our lives. According to the data, as many as 81% of the society (over 30 million people) use social media in our country. On the other hand, 19 million active users are using social media. The average amount of time spent on social media per day is 2 hours, and on the web, it is generally around 6 hours. Additionally, one Internet user in International SEO Agency has about 8 profiles on various portals.

Moving on to the platforms most often and most often chosen by Poles, YouTube, which the most people use, should be distinguished first of all. The following sites ranked Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. On the other hand, the number of people using WhatsApp, Twitter, or Snapchat is much smaller, which does not mean that these numbers are not impressive. In fact, 4 million Snapchat users do quite poorly compared to 16 million people using Facebook, but regardless of the comparison, it’s still 4 million people (for example, there are 1.7 million in search engine usage, 80 percent of Internet visitors arrive at the landing page.
In Singapore).

Advertising on Facebook

The social network with the largest number of active users is Facebook, which offers great opportunities in Social Network Advertising. The advantage of advertising on this website is the possibility of using various criteria for precise targeting to ensure that a specific message reaches the target group closely interested in it. Ads are adjusted based on data resulting from user activity, which includes posting entries, shared materials, preferred pages, age, and even place of residence.

Ads displayed on Facebook send users to subpages of the website itself and other websites.

Advertisements promoting fanpage are usually targeted at users to some extent related to them, but they may also appear to their friends. In this case, the displayed name of a friend interested in the advertised product or service is an additional incentive to click. This is a kind of recommendation that can increase your chances of getting another fan. It is also possible to buy a paid advertisement in the form of a banner, while Facebook allows you to combine text and banner ads, which increases the message’s strength.

There are two billing models for Facebook advertising, where the cost is calculated per click ( CPC ) or impression ( CPM ). In addition, the budget for a given advertising campaign can be changed as needed.

Advertising on LinkedIn

To better navigate advertising on LinkedIn, first, you need to understand the purpose and functions of this website. The users of this platform are often there to find a team member/job, conduct commercial activities, analyze the market or obtain an opinion. In total, there are about 3.7 million registered users on LinkedIn in International SEO Agency. In addition, it is worth bearing in mind that these are rather people over 18 years of age. Such basic information enables the appropriate selection of the ad format adequate to the platform and its users. It is an ideal place for advertising in the areas of HR and B2B. An additional advantage of the promotion on this platform is the incredible precision of targeting ads. In addition to matching your ad as on other websites, due to basic characteristics such as age, gender, or place of residence, LinkedIn offers wider categories to choose from, for example, position, level of education, or level of work experience. We also have a relatively large number of different ad formats to choose from, making it possible to more precisely match the ad to the recipient we want to reach the most.

Advertising on TikTok

It is certainly one of the most popular platforms among young people in recent times. Generally, both in International SEO Agency and in the world, Generation Z is the main user of TikTok. Therefore, it is crucial in advertising on this portal to get to know the target audience, i.e., people born after 1995. These are mainly young people who look at the world from a different perspective than, for example, LinkedIn users.

It seems, however, that in International SEO Agency, TikTok is just gaining momentum, which can certainly be counted among the positive side of the promotion. First of all, because there is probably no competition there yet, so our company may be the first in this industry that will start appearing on TikTok, and when the competition is just starting to crawl in the advertising space on this platform, our promotional activities will be fully conscious, and thus – effective.

Another attractive aspect of this website is the ad formats that are hard to miss or overlook. From the point of view of the recipient for whom TikTok is a tool for watching short movies, an advertisement that will also be a few seconds long movie will not be perceived as an intrusive promotion because it will fit into the background of the entire TikTok convention. In addition, the platform also offers the possibility of using filters, special effects, or personalized stickers for marketing purposes, which allow you to interact with the recipient and give them the feeling of being part of the advertisement.

Advertising on Twitter

Twitter has definitely fewer functions than Facebook or Instagram. The idea behind this platform is to share short entries up to 280 characters with others. Due to the restraint in both the length of posts and the use of photos or images, Twitter has a limited user group.

According to the data, people who prefer this portal are educated people between the ages of 25 and 34, living in larger cities. This image can tell us that these are probably people who value minimalism, who prefer a transparent message to colorful and flashy platforms.

In terms of ad formats, Twitter offers the ones that best match the website’s appearance. In addition to a tweet, i.e., a short entry, recipients can also find cards promoting and referring to our website or chatbox and the so-called branded emoji. However, it is difficult to determine which of these formats will be the most appropriate because each company should approach this issue individually.

It is worth adding that Twitter has one of the lowest CPC rates and is a rather unpopular place to promote brands, which gives an advantage over the competition and a relatively low cost of advertising. In fact, what more could you ask for?

Advertising on Pinterest

Pinterest is a platform that focuses mainly on the graphic message. So-called “pins” are pictures, photos, or gifs that the user can pin to their board at their discretion. The portal is primarily used to search for inspiration, most often in beauty, fashion, health, interior design, and diet. Additional inspirations that basically cover all of the aforementioned are gift/purchase ideas. Sounds like a perfect place for e-marketing activities. According to the data, up to 90% of Pinterest users make a purchase decision here.

The website offers only four ad formats, but considering their effectiveness, it is more than enough. Also, a big plus is a fact that Pinterest doesn’t have a large number of advertisers. Low competitiveness means that our advertising has a better chance of attracting users’ attention. Speaking of users, it’s worth knowing that most users on this platform are women. Therefore, it will be rather harder to advertise a brand whose customers are mainly men. However, this should not discourage us because the times and needs of customers change at a dizzying pace, and today you can see how the phenomenon of the universality of interests appears.

Advertising on Snapchat

Although it is said that Snapchat’s popularity has already reached its peak and is now gradually declining, the platform still boasts a group of four million users. The interest in Snapchat is not as great as it was a few years ago, among other things, due to the competitive Instagram, which, apart from the existing functions, has recently introduced those that were previously only offered by Snapchat. Nevertheless, advertising on this site is definitely not just a loss.

First of all, it is worth examining the statistical Snapchat users who are (57% women) relatively young (over 13, up to around 25) who are rather closely related to the online world. Considering who can be the main recipient of the ad, the platform may not work well for some companies. This shows how important it is to analyze a given social networking site user before investing in advertising.

Snapchat presents two types of campaigns in its marketing offer: Instant Create (quick, less time-consuming advertising creation) and Advanced Create (a more advanced form of advertising). Both have different goals; the IC has five, of which site visits or promoting local places can be distinguished, while AC has three, such as awareness-building. It all boils down to the fact that, just like choosing a marketing channel, the type of advertising should be supported by the individual analysis of each company.

Advertising on Instagram

Until recently, Instagram as a platform for sharing photos and short videos with friends. As the user base grew, the portal did not stay idle, and additional features began to be introduced. Today, Instagram users can add a series of photos in one post, videos that last a dozen or so minutes, shared in the IGTV tab, or Instagram Stories, i.e., materials available only for 24 hours from the moment of insertion. Such a dynamic development of Instagram certainly encourages not only users but also advertisers. The website offers the possibility of creating a company or professional account, thanks to which you can start promoting your brand.

When it comes to Instagram’s user profile, there’s definitely more variety this time around. It is most popular among young people, mainly women, which is not an oracle. Instagram users, like Facebook, are also people over 50 who do not have accounts on other social networks. What does this mean in the subject of e-marketing? The fact that Instagram may be the only social media channel thanks to which we can reach these people. If you think that this is not a potential customer of your business, remember that such people also make purchases, for example, gifts for their children or grandchildren. They may already be the target consumer.

The formats and types of advertising on Instagram basically do not differ from the normal functions of the website. Namely, the advertisement can be displayed in the form of a photo, video, or Instagram Story. The advantage of this action is that the ads fit visually into the entire Instagram feed, so the advertising material does not look “detached” from the platform but rather part of it. Thanks to this, the user is not distracted by the use of the website, and in addition, there is less chance that he will ignore the advertisement.

The administrator of the personal data you provide is SEO / SEM / Marketing Agency Sp. z o. o. Providing personal data is voluntary, but failure to do so will make it impossible to provide services to you. Find out more about the rules for processing your personal data and your rights in the Privacy Policy.

Social media is also a conversation

One thing is for sure, and social media is certainly the best way to communicate with your audience. It is about the interaction that the user can take, such as leaving a reaction or comment under the ad or passing it on to his friends. This kind of two-way interaction ensures a greater closeness of the user to the brand. He does not perceive it as something strange, distant. He even has the impression that in our advertisement, we are addressing him specifically, not a group of people; he feels important in the eyes of the brand, and thanks to this, our brand gains in his eyes. Therefore, it is worth encouraging users to react to your promotion, whether by asking a question in the advertisement or organizing a mini-competition—every manifestation of direct communication with a potential client counts. Social media is not advertising on TV or radio, where we cannot determine how it was received in real-time. Promotion in social media offers a great opportunity, which is to establish a conversation with Internet users. A great example of such behavior is Netflix, which integrates with its recipients on social media, often in a fun way, thanks to which it gains the sympathy of the people it reaches.

Today, almost all of us have an account on one of the social networks, so their operation is not entirely unknown to us. Therefore, we are aware of how much standard advertising on TV or newspaper differs from that in social media. Social media is used not only for communication between friends but also for conversations between the company and the client, and it is worth remembering.


  • The interactivity of social media gives you the opportunity to interact with the recipient.
  • Social networks with high efficiency allow for e-marketing activities related to, for example, creating a brand image.
  • In Poland, YouTube is the most popular website, followed by Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and Twitter.
  • Facebook is the platform most used for promotion due to its popularity and diversity of users.
  • LinkedIn is a website mainly for employees, employers or jobseekers, hence the target audience is very limited.
  • TikTok is an e-marketing tool that mainly reaches young people.
  • The Twitter audience is primarily millennials (Generation Y) with higher education and living in larger cities.
  • Both content and advertising on Pinterest are in the form of a graphic message and are most often about inspiration.
  • The basis of a successful advertising campaign is precise targeting, which is to guarantee that the advertisement will reach strictly defined recipients in line with our target group.
  • It is worth bearing in mind that social media is not only a one-way message, but a two-way communication between the brand and the customer.


Social media play a vital role and have become an integral part of our lives. Certainly, hardly anyone can imagine what life would be like now if all social networking sites suddenly stopped working. It is the perfect foundation on which to start your e-marketing activities.

Knowing the behavior, interests, and features of the users of a given portal, we can create a more adequate and relevant advertisement than, for example, on television, where we cannot predict who will see it. So it seems that social media as an advertising tool has far more advantages than disadvantages.

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