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In June, there were a few industry revelations! Google experts have debunked common SEO myths. There are also a lot of news related to analytical tools … Check what exactly surprised us last month 🙂

New forms of advertising on Google Maps

New ad formats for local businesses will appear on Google Maps. The so-called Automatic ad suggestion is where an ad is served based on the searcher’s location. When a user is nearby and searches for a related product or service on Google Maps, the ad will automatically suggest that person who searches for the advertiser’s location near you.

Blog entries and subpages  

When indexing and rating content, Google does not distinguish between blog posts and web pages. A “post” can rank as well as a “page.” John Mueller discussed this at his weekly SEO meeting on June 4.

A new carousel on Google

Google is testing a new search results carousel titled “Trending Searches.” The image carousel shows you which searches related to your original query are gaining popularity.

Extension for WooCommerce from Google

WooCommerce has launched an extension that now allows you to submit your products to Google easily. With this integration, WooCommerce sellers can now sync their store with Google to display products, paid ads, and track performance for free.

Google is committed to protecting victims of online harassment

According to a New York Times report, Google plans to change its algorithm to degrade websites that make unverified or defamatory claims about others.

A new analytical tool from Google 

Google introduces Search Console Insights, which is intended to combine data from Search Console and Google Analytics. The information available here is intended to help website owners better understand what content is most often visited by users and how they find it.

Scale of low-quality ads 

Almost half of all Google advertising traffic comes from misleading/false or satirical pages or so-called click baits.

A study by researchers at the University of Michigan School of Information shows that big players like Google, while earning little revenue from these ads, is still “responsible for delivering a significant proportion of their advertising on low-quality sites.”

Creative ad creation tool

Google has announced the launch of a new creative ad authoring tool called “Ads Creative Studio.” The tool will include:
➡ Director Mix (for creating large-scale video assets not previously available to all advertisers).
➡ Tools for creating dynamic display and HTML5 ads
➡ Audio Mixer and Dynamic Audio tools
projektów Design Library

We are waiting for the official premiere! 🙂

New e-commerce features on Facebook

Facebook introduces 4 new features for online stores! They will allow you to reach more customers and increase sales! Talking about:

  • Moving products from the store to more places (on Facebook and Instagram)
  • Customer feedback on Instagram
  • Personalized advertisements for stores
  • Extended AR application

Seller ratings in search results

Google also introduces seller ratings to organic search results. Until now, this feature was only included in Google paid results. Star ratings are based on your site’s Google Merchant Center rating.

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