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SEO agency or freelancer – who to choose for website search engine optimization?

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When searching for an SEO agency to position your website, you may find yourself with a headache due to the many options available. Independent contractors, in addition to agencies, provide their services. To obtain the best possible rankings in the Google search engine, who should you choose?

Is it true that all agencies are the same?

Without a doubt, this is not the case! For example, there are many types of marketing agencies, for instance, according to the number of customers or workers, the sort of services provided, the type of activity, or the search engine optimization approach used.

What characteristics can we ascribe to the various agencies now accessible on the market?

When it comes to a large agency, it is most often characterized by a large sales team primarily concerned with attracting as many customers as possible. Their contribution is relegated to the backdrop. The most important thing to remember is that the number of gains outnumbers the number of resignations. Similarly, aggressive marketing tactics may be seen in the most extensive telecommunications networks characterized by generous incentives for new subscribers and unfavorable contract extensions.

Positioners at big corporations are often responsible for 70-80 customers. He is performing even the most basic study of website traffic or visibility requires at least two to three hours each month. For example, consider the following scenario: If a guardian wanted to deal with each of the 80 customers, he would have to spend more than 160 hours, which is equivalent to his full-time workweek. In addition, where is the best location to conduct audits, communicate with customers, acquire links, create content, or take a break from work, such as for a meal?

Companies with a broad range of services – when we visit the websites of many marketing firms, we find a lengthy list of up to 30 various services they provide, such as search engine optimization, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, building landing pages, banners, logos, and e-mail marketing, to name a few examples.

Unfortunately, this does not often demonstrate their extensive knowledge and abilities. Such agencies are primarily concerned with obtaining clients. At the same time, the jobs themselves are already carried out by other businesses or freelancers, who are often chosen by chance, for example, via job portals such as offers or use. It goes without saying that when service providers do not operate under their brand, they are less concerned with the quality of the service and any potential consumer feedback.

Companies that provide free periods should be avoided since SEO operations are not free; most of your money will be spent on sponsored entries, content development, and back-office growth. None of the agencies will play the role of Santa Claus for you, bringing presents to you. Some of the most productive work is done during the first few free months, which should be the busiest months of the year. As a result, you remain at a standstill and suffer increasing losses in comparison to your competitors.

SEO companies that provide cheap rates Most SEO operations are reimbursed, as previously said; in addition, there are costs for keeping workers, offices, licenses, and management personnel in the case of a corporation. Because of this, offers from big corporations in the range of USD 500 to USD 1000 will not result in any practical actions or search engine optimization impacts.

Packages with low prices that effectively get the job done may only be lucrative for freelancers who work from home at no additional expense.

These are businesses with no more salesmen than the absolute number of workers in their organization. Small and medium-sized agencies often have a team of no more than a dozen or several dozen workers who are in close touch with one another daily, which facilitates the sharing of knowledge and experiences. As a result, you can be confident that the information you offer to the representative from the customer support department will be passed on to your caregiver as soon as possible. In addition, you almost always have the option of communicating directly with the positioner, which makes it easier to collaborate.

Another benefit is that positioners operate in a smaller group, which allows them to share ideas and observations more efficiently and spend more time on actual tasks if they only have around 20 customers rather than 80.

Not every small and medium-sized agency, of course, will be a suitable fit for your needs. Consider if it is a good option if it has any of the bad characteristics mentioned above or does not provide information about its activities on your behalf.

Advantages of working with an SEO firm

Work of many individuals: In agencies, your company’s operations are often overseen by a group of people. He is the primary keeper of the whole SEO strategy, including copywriters, link-building specialists, programmers, department directors, and other management personnel. This helps avoid numerous errors, provides a new perspective on your project, and ensures that work continues in the case of a potential sickness or indisposition of one of the team members.

Professionals – to get employment with an agency, you will often be required to go through a multi-stage recruiting process. Employing just the finest of the best is a must at the business, and rookie crew members may rely on the assistance of their more experienced counterparts.

Tools: The job of the positioner is unquestionably made more accessible by using extra tools, most of which are paid. It is possible to benefit from the bought packages if you need assistance with competition analysis and keyword research, link building, or technical analysis of your website. To enhance the quality of our work, our business invests several hundred thousand zlotys each year on new tools. This is an expense that no freelancer can afford. In addition, workers are encouraged to engage in paid conferences or courses to continue their professional growth and information gain.

Own technological infrastructure – reputable SEO companies have their technical infrastructure from which they may acquire essential connections for their customers. This dramatically improves the placement of sites, particularly when it comes to highly competitive phrases and keywords. The majority of the time, link building for freelancers entails obtaining connections from free websites that your rivals also have access to.

Of course, not all organizations that provide their back-end have valuable resources for obtaining connections to their websites. Often, these are untrustworthy websites or pages that include links to all of a particular agency’s customers.

With the acquisition technique and then an advanced method of analyzing and researching domains, we at NONPROFIT are confident that we will not only cause any harm to the positioned website but also transfer a significant amount of power to the environment, increasing position.

Headquarters and organizational structure – The majority of agencies have a physical location where the business is headquartered and a well-defined organizational structure (president, department managers, employees). You may be sure that the company is committed to long-term growth and will not abruptly vanish from the market due to this.

drawbacks of using an SEO agency

Operating according to a template: Many individuals criticize agencies for working according to a template and not adjusting their services to the needs of their customers. To some extent, this is correct, but if the strategies created by the agency have a good effect on the positioned pages, why not put them into practice? Apart from that, you have given a clear picture of the agency’s work, point by point, from the moment you signed the contract.

Contact with a specialist is limited since many agencies only let clients communicate with customer care or sales representatives, making it impossible to develop a plan with someone responsible for search engine optimization. A wide berth should be given to such businesses, as a general rule.

There is no work on the site since certain organizations do not provide specifics regarding their collaboration. Therefore we are unsure of what they should accomplish for us. Frequently, you will find yourself with no job or with just a tiny amount of time dedicated to the website.

Only contracts that clearly define the agency’s responsibilities, including the specialist’s monthly working hours, should be signed. This time should be dedicated to searching engine optimization efforts, according to the contract. When you sign one of our contracts, your budget is split into various categories, such as content development, linking, and expert hours.

Let’s move on to SEO freelancers that provide their services. The majority of them have previously worked for or are now employed by an agency, and they also manage their customers after hours.

Advantages of working as a freelancer

Price: One undeniable benefit of using the services of a freelancer is the lower cost of their services. A person who works from home saves money on hiring office space and a variety of other expenses.

Due to limited income, a self-employed individual cannot do tasks and pay for equipment that is necessary for the job, which may harm tasks such as competitor analysis and keyword research.

When working with a freelancer, we pick the person who will take care of our project and are sure that we will be pleased with their work. A chosen individual carries out the duties. When we sign the contract with the agency, we have no idea who our tutors will be; they are assigned only after the necessary paperwork has been completed.

However, if we are searching for a placement specialist, it is clear that we do not possess the necessary abilities to evaluate the actual expertise and understanding of the freelancer. On the other hand, employees of the agency are chosen by experts in charge of the SEO department, who are assisted in their selection by the HR department.

Greater accessibility – a freelancer often has flexible working hours and is available to assist us virtually 24 hours a day, not only from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., as is the case with a team member. However, keep in mind that some self-employed individuals also work for agencies, and as a result, they may only be accessible to you in the evenings. They may be exhausted from their previous job in the business.

Disadvantages of working as a freelancer. Every aspect of our project is dependent on one individual; in the case of potential sickness, indisposition, or vacation, no one else can step in to complete the task; as a result, our project will come to a complete standstill.

Lack of supervision and collaboration with others: Because the freelancer works on their behalf, their work does not pass via the hands of more experienced positioners or managers. Managers and CEOs, on the other hand, do not inspire him to work. He also has the disadvantage of being able to depend only on his projects and not share his expertise with others, as is the case with agencies.

One of the most significant disadvantages of working as a freelancer is a lack of technical knowledge. A self-employed individual will not be able to provide the same level of technical support as an agency. It does not have websites for collecting links, does not collaborate with many copywriters and proofreaders, and does not have access to technologies that would make work easier for everyone involved.

We will be unable to assess the expertise of a freelancer if we are unfamiliar with the concept of search engine optimization. Impossible to evaluate

In light of the considerations we’ve made about the benefits and drawbacks of SEO firms and freelancers, it is evident that for medium and big projects, the only viable option will be a search engine optimization business. A freelancer may spend more time with us and perform work that is not directly connected to SEO if they take on smaller projects. However, such actions will not necessarily assist us in achieving our goal, which is to place our website in search engines.

Suppose you are looking for an SEO agency that will match your project’s search engine optimization strategy. In that case, that will sign contracts on clear and transparent terms. That will allow you to communicate directly with an experienced supervisor; please get in touch with us to discuss the specifics of our working relationship.

A self-employed individual will not be able to provide the same level of technical support as an agency. It does not have websites from which to acquire connections, does not collaborate with a large number of copywriters and proofreaders, and does not have access to technologies that would make work more accessible.” – I respectfully disagree, and strongly disagree: I have excellent kopeks who have been carefully chosen according to the topic and industry, a large base of kopeks (all of them are proofreaders), and a large base of link builders who have been built up over time. After that, please clarify what “many” implies, since a lot is already two parts, in my opinion.

A competent freelancer employs subcontractors and collaborates with reputable link building to achieve success. The current style of working in SEO necessitates the skilled management and delegation of duties by freelancers – this is referred to as a “boutique agency,” and it is successful.

‘It’s impossible to assess since we aren’t acquainted with the location; thus, we won’t be able to evaluate the freelancing experience.’ The same problem applies to agencies: if the customer does not understand SEO, it makes no difference whether he hires a freelancer or works with an agency; he will not check the work done.

The essay takes a strong stance against the freelancer and paints the agency in a negative light. In my view, the answer is yes.

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