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4 steps to increase website conversion

Are you wondering why the users visiting your website do not buy the viewed products or fill out the contact form? Low conversion may be associated with various problems – from the functionality of the website, through uncertainty as to the quality of the product, to simple technical errors, e.g. an error in the form that prevents the ordering. In this article, you’ll learn what the causes of low conversion may be, as well as how to increase it.

What to do to increase your conversion rate?

Conversion rate is an indicator that shows the% of interactions on your website that converted, that is, where your goal was achieved. For online stores, the goal will most often be to make a purchase by the user, while for service websites – to use the service. A low conversion rate is not necessarily the result of a lack of traffic on the website. It happens that users enter a website, but eventually leave it without achieving our goal. How to make traffic translate into conversion? We have distinguished 4 main areas of activity that can really influence consumers’ purchasing decisions.

1. Take care of UX

User experience – user experience is an aspect that has a huge impact on the user’s behavior on the website. We wrote about UX in the context of positioning in the article: What is UX and what activities does it include?

It is worth noting that whether we keep the consumer on the website may be influenced by details – e.g. the choice of colors or the way the CTA is designed. Adapting the website, both visually and technically, to the user’s requirements can contribute to an increase in conversion. A functional website will also be appreciated by Google algorithms. The latest updates, such as Core Web Vitals, highlight the direction in which Google is heading, putting functionality and usability first.

Functional view in mobile and desktop

More and more people use mobile devices, so when designing a website, it is worth making sure that it is functional in use, regardless of the size of the screen. According to the Gemius research from 2020 *, as many as 73% of Internet users make online purchases, of which only half use a desktop computer for this purpose. As many as 80% of users use a laptop, 69% use a smartphone and 24% a tablet.

Responsiveness of the website, i.e. adjusting the layout of the website to the devices on which it is displayed, is no longer a nod to those who choose mobile instead of desktop, but a mandatory point.

Exclusion of intrusive ads

Pop-ups are an element that can effectively deter potential customers. Nuisance notifications or a hard-to-close window can make the user simply leave the page. It is worth excluding intrusive advertisements of this type, and if we want a message about e.g. an overpriced group of products, an attractive discount or the possibility of subscribing to the newsletter to be displayed after entering the website, make sure that the window does not block the possibility of interacting on the website. Is a pop up always a bad idea? Absolutely not – the key will be to choose the right moment, e.g. a pop up displayed to a user who is about to leave the website is a chance to save the customer, not the risk of losing conversion.

Clear structure of the store

The clear structure of the website makes it easier to navigate through it. Users appreciate the intuitive navigation, the ability to quickly go back to the previous step, the superior category, and quickly find the product they are interested in. Consider whether the products in your online store are correctly assigned to the categories and are there too few or too many of these categories? Is filtering sufficient? An example that facilitates navigation is breadcrumbs , i.e. a breadcrumb menu that shows where on the page or stage of the purchasing process the user is.

High-quality content

The content on the website is a virtual seller. It is worth remembering about this when creating content. Unique, interesting product or category descriptions that answer the consumer’s questions may influence the purchasing decision. To build the position of an expert in the eyes of the user, it is also worth considering running a company blog.

How to write? Preferably short sentences and language adapted to the recipient. It is worth not only describing the features of the products, but also indicating specific benefits resulting from the purchase of a given product or group of products. When creating or optimizing descriptions on a website, it is also worth applying SEO principles. Thanks to this, we will provide not only valuable content to the user, but also we can influence the visibility of the domain in the organic search results. And this action can also translate into increased conversion.

Consumer path analysis

Analyzing consumer behavior on the website is a good step towards increasing conversions. Seemingly trivial errors or shortcomings can significantly affect users’ decisions.

One of the tools that should be used to analyze user behavior on the website is Hotjar. It allows you to track exactly what the potential customer is doing on the website: where he is clicking, what he is watching and how much time he spends on a specific subpage. This knowledge will be invaluable when optimizing the subpage to the user’s needs: it may turn out that the buttons in the mobile version are too small, the delivery forms are unclear, the summary of products in the basket is missing or one of the forms simply does not work.

The analysis allows you to catch errors and implement actions aimed at their improvement, so it is worth returning to it periodically.

2. Adjust the offer to the customer’s needs

Online shopping is perceived by buyers as convenient and gives more possibilities than in brick-and-mortar stores. It is worth taking advantage of their potential and adjusting the offer to the needs of customers. In this context, it will be a good idea to analyze the price of products, cost, time and form of delivery, as well as the method of presenting the offer.

The price of the products

Nobody wants to overpay – so do your online store customers. In order to maintain their interest, it is worth adjusting the product prices to the current market price, so as not to fall behind the competition. Some buyers look for a specific product or model by comparing prices in different stores. Your offer does not have to be the cheapest on the market, but it should be comparable to others. A good price combined with an attractive delivery can affect your conversion rate.

Cost and time of delivery

The Gemius study from 2020 showed that among the problems encountered with this form of shopping, internauts mention, among others, long waiting for delivery (37%) and high delivery costs (30%). What to do to adapt to their expectations? The answer is simple: improve delivery quality. Free shipping is a factor that often influences consumers’ purchasing decisions. According to the survey, the most preferred forms of delivery are delivery by courier to home or work (indicated by as many as 74% of respondents) and delivery to a parcel machine (68%) – using this knowledge and implementing solutions convenient for consumers may have a positive impact on their purchasing decisions.

Users also appreciate simple and quick transactions. The less complicated this process is, the better. According to the survey, among the preferred forms of payment, Internet users indicated PayU (53%) and Przelewy24 (32%).
Supplementing the purchase form with popular payment and delivery methods can make users purchase more often, and therefore increase the conversion rate. To analyze the purchasing process, it is worth using not only GA, but also the aforementioned Hotjar tool – tracing consumer behavior at the basket and payment stage will help to find possible errors and thus indicate specific areas that should be improved.

The method of presenting the offer

The price of the product and the form of delivery may determine the purchase decision, but these are not the only aspects that should be taken into account. Equally important, if not more important, is the way the product or service is presented . Elements worth paying attention to in this context are:

  • understandable name of the product / service;
  • unique, high-quality description;
  • good quality photos;
  • indication of technical parameters, if any;
  • assigning the product to the appropriate parent category.


A good seller in a stationary store will advise and indicate similar products that potentially meet the consumer’s expectations. We can use the same action in online sales. A skilful presentation of similar products or services is a step that will be appreciated by many Internet users.

Do you run an online shoe store? You can recommend to a customer viewing leather shoes, for example, specifics for their maintenance and cleaning, or insoles. Thus, you increase the chances of purchasing these products, even if the user originally only wanted to buy leather shoes. The indication of related products complementing the offer is cross-selling.


When presenting your offer, you can also indicate other products from the same category – e.g. shoes of the same color or products of the same manufacturer. Presenting similar offers, but from a higher price range, is up-selling. Example? A user entered the site with the intention of purchasing a cheap 15 ”laptop. Apart from the selected model, however, there are also related offers, ie other 15 ”laptops with better parameters and a higher price range. Thanks to this presentation of the offer, the chance to buy a more expensive product is greater – we have a chance to convince the consumer to buy.

3. Optimize the domain technically

A long page loading time, an unintuitive store structure, too large graphics that jump when reading the content or mismatch with mobile devices are some of the technical problems that may affect the abandonment of the cart or a short visit to the website. Although UX and CRO have different assumptions, because in the first case we want to create the best conditions for a potential customer, and in the second we want to convert, these activities can complement each other. For example, improving the page loading speed has an impact on the user’s behavior – he does not leave the page, appreciates high-quality content, clicks on the CTA and makes a decision that ends with a conversion. His decision was influenced both by optimization in the UX and CRO areas. 

4. Invest in SEO / ADS

Investing in internet marketing is a way to get traffic that can translate into conversion. Why? Because it allows you to better match the advertisement to the target group – due to, for example, age, interests or location. The more potentially interested users who see it, the more likely they are to use it – now or in the future. Reaching a narrower, but more accurately defined group of recipients increases the chances of conversion, unlike mass advertising.

Google Ads ads can deliver the effect immediately, but only for a defined duration and on keywords that the campaign applies to. It is a good idea for advertising new or particularly popular products, e.g. seasonal products. 

In order to work out long-term results, it is worth using SEO. Search engine optimization is an activity aimed at increasing the visibility of the domain in Google’s organic results. SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA is a process whose effects must be waited for much longer than in the case of Ads, but the results achieved are definitely more durable. If you want to find out how SEO activities can affect your position on Google, you can read our clients’ story .


The conversion rate is an indicator that is worth observing not only for the purposes of business analysis in terms of ROI, but also the possibility of catching possible errors – both technical and resulting from a mismatch of the offer. Obviously, the tips presented by us in the article do not exhaust the range of possible actions aimed at increasing the conversion rate. However, they are a good starting point – if you want to increase conversion on your website or store, check if you can improve the areas indicated by us. Remember also about periodic analysis – use tools such as Google Analytics or Hotjar, track consumer behavior and needs, and take care of the technical optimization of the domain so that it meets the expectations of new and existing customers as much as possible.

35 Ecommerce Statistics You Need To Know

Katarzyna Nowak

E-commerce is an increasingly popular sales channel. Its development was additionally accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic. You can take advantage of this trend and set up your online store or expand an existing one. To prepare for the investment, it is worth knowing a handful of statistics on e-commerce regarding advertising methods and the effectiveness of marketing activities, buyer behavior or the impact of Covid-19 on e-commerce. Get to know the e-commerce industry inside out and develop your online business!

Why is it worth investing in e-commerce? Basic e-commerce statistics

E-commerce is a sales channel where transactions are carried out via the Internet. For at least several years, e-commerce has been growing in strength, which is also confirmed by online sales statistics in Poland.

1. According to the “E-commerce in Poland 2020” survey, already 73% of Poles have ever made an online purchase .

2. According to the data of the Shoper platform, all stores operating on this platform in 2020 increased their sales value by as much as 122% compared to 2019.

3. According to the information of the National Bank of Poland, the value of transactions made with payment cards from January to September 2020 amounted to PLN 13.9 billion (3.7 billion more than in the same period of 2019).

4. It is estimated that by 2040 95% of purchases will be made online.

5.  The e-commerce industry is growing by 23% year on year, yet 46% of companies do not have their own website.

6.  One of the main reasons people shop online is because they are available all the time.

How to promote e-commerce? Statistics on SEO effectiveness in e-commerce

Are you considering an investment in online store SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA ? Learn about e-commerce statistics in SEO and check why e-commerce positioning pays off. 

7.  Only 25% of users end up on the second page of search results . Effective e-commerce positioning will allow you to reach the first page, which is where your potential customers are.

8.70 % of user clicks go to organic search results . This means that most of your potential customers are looking for products in organic results.

9. Where to buy searches have increased by 200% from 2017 . This is proof that users are really looking for products on the Internet, and you can benefit from it by investing in SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA

10. 81% of users seeking information on the Internet before making a purchase . Therefore, you should put valuable content on your e-commerce site that will encourage the user to take advantage of your offer.

11. In 2020, 35% of product searches started on Google . This means that the user entered a specific product name or model and then made a purchase. If you are in high positions in the search results and you create an attractive offer (in terms of price, delivery methods and costs, product availability, etc.), you have a chance to attract a customer from the search engine.

How to advertise e-commerce? Google Ads advertising statistics for online stores

One of the effective forms of store advertising are Google Ads campaigns. How to prepare a campaign, what to do to promote products in e-commerce? Let’s see what tips statistics, trends and research tell us.

12. Are you creating an ad in Google Ads? Take care of its content . According to a study conducted by the Clutch platform , users click on ads because: they answer a question (33%), mention a well-known brand (26%), are higher than other websites (20%), have an attractive title , description or photo (20%).

13. In the case of ads for sales keywords, 65% of user clicks go to Google Ads . This means that you should advertise products primarily with phrases containing the product name or model . Such a phrase suggests that the user probably wants to buy a specific product.

14.  Take care of the ad relevance – adjust its content to the user’s query. Why is it worth it? Because 33% of users click on an ad because it matches the search query.

15. Want to generate traffic and income from Google Ads advertising? Direct your ad to mobile devices – 52% of clicks on your ads come from mobile devices . However, remember to check if the results for your campaign are similar. You can find more about optimizing Google Ads campaigns in our step-by-step guide to creating a Google Ads campaign. Also, check how to increase your e-shop income thanks to product advertising.

How to encourage users to buy? Ecommerce conversion rate statistics

If you want your online store to generate profit, you should invest not only in advertising but also in conversion optimization. It includes a number of activities aimed at encouraging the user to place an order. What activities are worth implementing on the basis of e-commerce statistics?

16. Take care of the page loading speed – Conversion rates drop by 7% for each additional second of loading the site .

17. Make your site work on mobile devices – 40% of visitors to a mobile site will leave the site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

18. Create an attractive delivery offer, take care of the store’s appearance and favorable prices – all these elements are important for Polish users, as shown in the ” E-commerce in Poland 2020 ” report by Gemius.

19. Create engaging videos and embed them on your website – Research has shown that videos on your landing pages can improve conversion by as much as 15% . In the online store, short films presenting the appearance, functions and capabilities of the product will work best.

20. Make sure that customer reviews are placed on your product page – as many as 79% of users believe that the content generated by customers and users influences their purchasing decisions.

21. Take care of the reputation of your e-commerce – for 48% of Polish users, opinions about your store are also important.

Would you like to know more about online shop conversion optimization?

Don’t forget about mobile devices – m-commerce statistics

M-commerce is an e-commerce branch where the transaction is finalized using mobile devices. Its popularity is due to the dominance of smartphones – currently, users browse the Internet mainly using mobile phones. They also make purchases through them. You can take advantage of this trend by tailoring your e-commerce site to the needs of mobile devices and their users. What do Internet sales statistics and research say about m-commerce?

22.69 % of Poles shop online via a smartphone. Although the laptop is still the most popular (80%), mobile devices are gaining more and more popularity every year. Therefore, your website should be responsive . Then it displays correctly on devices with different screens.

23. The young generation (15-24 years old) mainly uses mobile devices – in this age group as many as 92% of respondents used to shop with a smartphone.

24. As many as 45% of users encountered a problem with filling in the form when shopping online . Therefore, make sure that your form is short, contains questions about relevant information and is adapted to the screen of mobile devices .

25. Google research has shown that negative user experience with your store reduces the chances of purchasing again – by as much as 62% . Therefore, you should take care of the User Experience of your e-commerce website on mobile devices . It is important, among others navigation, menu structure, as well as the possibility of making payments by phone. You should also remember about efficient customer service, which may have an impact on the user’s experience while interacting with the website. You can read more about UX in the article “ UX in SEO. What is it and what activities does it cover? “.

E-commerce statistics on user purchasing behavior

One of the challenges e-commerce website owners face is reducing the number of abandoned carts. What are they? This is a situation in which the user, despite adding a product to the cart, did not order the selected product. What can you do to reduce the number of abandoned carts? Let’s see what tips research and statistics on user behavior on e-commerce websites give us.

26. Keep shipping costs as low as possible – 49% of users will abandon the basket if the additional costs (delivery, taxes) are too high.

27. Offer the widest possible catalog of payment methods – as many as 70% of users choose fast transfer, 47% cash on delivery, 46% traditional transfer, and 45% cash on delivery.

The percentage of users choosing individual payment methods in Poland in 2020, source: https://eizba.pl/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Raport-e-commerce-2020.pdf, p. 119

28 Ensure fast shipment of goods – 19% of users may choose to cancel a transaction if the waiting time is too long .

29. Allow shopping without registration – 23% of users will immediately abandon their cart if they need to create an account to complete the transaction.

30. Consider implementing pop-ups that appear when the user wants to leave the site – according to OptinMonster, the pop-up ad allows you to recover over 50% of abandoned carts (you can offer a discount in the pop-up window).

31. Simplify the checkout process – If checkout involves multiple steps and is complicated, up to 21% of buyers may choose not to checkout.

Social media and e-commerce – a handful of interesting statistics

Success in e-commerce may be influenced not only by an attractive offer, positioning or Google Ads advertising. Activity in social media is equally important. Why should you run your corporate social media channels? Because:

32. According to BigCommerce research, online stores that are active in social media record 32% more sales than those that are not on Facebook or Instagram.

33.75 % of users visited the storefront after seeing an Instagram ad .

How did Covid-19 affect Polish e-commerce?

The coronavirus pandemic limited traditional handling, but at the same time caused the e-commerce industry to grow rapidly. Many online stores have seen a large increase in interest in their products, which has also translated into an increase in income. You can find the exact figures in our report “The 14 Online Industries That Profited During the Pandemic “.

What impact did Covid-19 have on the entire e-commerce industry in Poland and what is the result of it? Let’s check it out!

Closed shopping malls and stationary large-format stores caused by the coronavirus pandemic had a significant impact on users’ shopping behavior. Not only in International SEO Company / SEM & marketing expert, but there was also rapid and rapid digitization, which would normally take several years.

34. In the past, pandemic 2020, as many as 73% of Poles shopped online – this is 11 percentage points more than in 2019. Experts forecast that this trend will continue and the value of the e-commerce market will grow in the near future.

35. In 2021, the value of Polish e-commerce will exceed PLN 100 billion.

For more information on Covid-19 in the context of internet marketing, see the following articles:

  • 7 experts predict the future after the pandemic.
  • 7 reasons not to suspend SEO due to the coronavirus,
  • When to lower and when to increase the budget during a pandemic? Check out our tips!


E-commerce is not slowing down and is still developing. The above-mentioned online sales statistics confirm this trend, which means that it is still worth setting up your own online store. Remember, however, that just having an e-commerce site does not guarantee success. To get customers, you should:

  • take care of an attractive offer,
  • stand out on the market,
  • create a website that will be visually attractive and intuitive to use,
  • think about creating a unique product,
  • invest in online marketing to build awareness and visibility of e-commerce on the Internet – the available options include store positioning, Google Ads product advertising, Facebook Ads advertising and much more,
  • facilitate the customer’s path to purchase by optimizing conversions.

How to create a product page that generates conversions? 10 essential elements

The product page is the last element of the sales funnel on the Internet, in which the user decides to add a product to the cart or to cancel the purchase. What to do to encourage the user to complete the transaction? You need to give your customer more and optimize your product page for conversion . Get to know the 10 important elements of the product card that you should take care of.

1. Put information relevant to the user on the product card

Remember that a user who buys a product online cannot watch it live. Therefore, to facilitate his path to purchase, you should describe the item you are selling in detail. Each product must have its own, unique description that dispels the user’s doubts, such as:

  • Will the product fit it?
  • How long will the equipment work without charging?
  • Will the selected product work with the equipment it already has?
  • How will the product make his life easier, how will it help?
  • Will the buyer be able to assemble the purchased product (e.g. a piece of furniture) on his own?

To answer these questions, create a product description that includes, inter alia,

  • product parameters and technical data,
  • exact dimensions of products (in the clothing industry, it can be a size table in the form of a pop-up window)
  • assembly instructions,
  • information on securing the shipment, if the product may be exposed to damage in transit,
  • information on the possibility and form of product return.

When optimizing your product page, remember to adjust the content and description language to your target audience . Are you creating a description for a phone case with funny graphics? Apply youth language. Are you preparing a description of a construction machine? Don’t forget about important technical data that your contractors are surely looking for.

2. Take care of a clear appearance of the product page

Do you want to optimize your product page? The e-commerce product fiche should contain only the information necessary for the user to make a purchase decision. Avoid:

  • too many interactive materials,
  • elements that may distract you, such as links to blog articles. If the user goes to the blog, they may not come back to the product page and you will lose the customer.

The appearance and graphic layout of the product page should be transparent . Provide any important information (size, color, price, material, etc.) next to the product. Make sure that the elements of the product card are in places where the user expects them. Example? The button for adding a product to the cart is usually located on the right side of the product – place it here.

3. Optimize your product page for performance

An efficient product page is a page that:

  • loads quickly,
  • is responsive – it allows you to browse the product and make a purchase on desktop and mobile devices,
  • uses the https protocol and provides encryption of user data.
    One of the elements of optimization of conversion in the store is work on the efficiency and speed of the website.

How to optimize the product page in terms of speed and performance?

  • Use PageSpeed Insights or GT Metrix . Thanks to them, you will check the current speed of your website and find out what you can do better.
  • Check if your website is adapted to mobile devices in the Mobile Friendly Test tool . If not, take care to implement the mobile or responsive version. If you choose a responsive site, its appearance and layout will automatically adapt to the screen size of your device.
  • Take care of the implementation of an SSL certificate that ensures safe electronic payments (by card, quick transfers or BLIK transfers).
  • Reduce the size of image files .
  • Limit JavaScript code length and remove unused scripts.

You can check the page speed in GT Metrix and PageSpeed Insights

You can check the adaptation of an e-commerce website to mobile devices in the Mobile Friendly Test tool available in Google Search Console

4. Add an effective call to action

How to optimize your product page? Through the CTA. A call to action is a return to the user that encourages him to perform a specific, desired action. In the case of e-commerce, this is usually the purchase of a product or adding it to a shopping cart. On the product page, you should place a clear button with the slogan “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now”. This way you encourage the user to make the transaction and at the same time make it easier for him. Call to action should be visible and stand out from other content . To do this, take care of the colors and contrast on the page. The “Add to Cart” button is often orange in color. Why? Because it symbolizes warmth, joy and builds a positive attitude of the user.

5. Take care of User Experience in the online store

User Experience is one of the elements of SXO, i.e. positioning combined with optimization of conversion and user experience. We wrote more about this in the article “ UX in positioning. What is it and what activities does it cover? “. take care of User Experience in the online shop?

  • Plan clear menu and intuitive navigation.
  • Take care of implementing an internal search engine and filtering products.
  • Optimize your e-commerce site for mobile devices.
  • Use internal linking – for example, to similar or related products.

6. Optimize your product card through photos

Pictures of the product are an essential element of the sales page You should optimize them to support user conversion . What product photos should I put on my website?

  • in high definition.
  • presenting the product on a white background,
  • contextual photos that present the product in a specific situation or place, e.g. a food processor in use, furniture in the room, etc.,
  • presenting products from different perspectives.

Remember to provide the user with a zoom function for photos. In this way, you can compensate him for the lack of real familiarization with the goods. It’s also a good idea to encourage customers to upload their own product photos and post them on your product page in the review panel. It is also worth considering preparing 360 ° photos that allow you to see the product from all sides – just like in a stationary store.

Pictures of the product presenting it from different perspectives

7. Place a product review on your product page

Research shows that customer reviews can increase your conversion rate by up to 270% . Therefore, you should post product reviews on your product page. How to get feedback in e-commerce and optimize your product page?

  • Request feedback via email after the product has been delivered to the buyer.
  • Offer a discount on subsequent purchases in exchange for sharing your opinion.
  • Suggest a loyalty system – e.g. awarding points for product reviews that can then be used to pay for purchases.

E-commerce platforms contain special modules or plugins that make it easier to obtain customer opinions about the purchased products. These tools:

  • automate the process of obtaining opinions by sending e-mails to customers,
  • contain review forms, which makes it easier for the user to write it,
  • they enable automatic dispatch of a discount code to customers who have shared their opinion.

What tools should you use to obtain feedback?

  • Customer Reviews for WooCommerce,
  • Shoplo Reviews app,
  • the module Reviews about orders and goods on the IdoSell platform, available as standard, which allows customers to add reviews with a photo of the product,
  • Product reviews module on the Sote platform, which allows you to add and approve reviews.

Check how to get customer opinions and why it is worth it.

8. Build customer trust on the product page

Customer trust can affect the number of conversions in your online store. How can you build them on the product card? Provide information on the product page regarding:

  • shop regulations,
  • possible shipping and payment methods,
  • delivery costs,
  • possible purchase without registering and creating an account,
  • the possibilities and forms of returning the goods.

Many online stores offer the possibility of direct online or telephone contact with an employee. This can be an effective way to optimize online store conversions and increase trust in your store.

9. Optimize your product page through cross-selling and up-selling

Cross-selling and up-selling are online sales strategies that will allow you to optimize your conversion rate and possibly increase your income. Both allow you to increase the value of your shopping cart. What are they about?

  • Cross-selling offers the user products related to the one who is already watching or who has added to the cart, e.g. a case for the phone being viewed.
  • Up-selling consists in offering the user similar products to the one who is viewing / adding to the cart. These products have the same application, but are more expensive in exchange for greater functionality, quality, etc., the offer may be, for example, You can have a faster model for only PLN 500 more.

How to implement cross-selling and up-selling on the product page? Below the main content of your product page, put a section titled “Related Products”, “Others Also Bought” or “This You May Like”. Perhaps the user will click on one of the offers and decide to buy a more expensive or a second compatible product. This strategy is successfully used by Allegro – under the content of the offer, you will find a message about other seller’s items that may be of interest to you. It also happens that you can buy two related products in a package – at an attractive, lower price.

10. Use the page of unavailable / discontinued product to optimize your conversion

Effective ecommerce conversion optimization also includes working on a discontinued or temporarily unavailable product page . If you want to keep the customer’s interest, don’t leave a 404 page blank. You can use it to increase sales and get new conversions. How to do it?

  • include links on page 404 to important product categories in your store:
  • use a 404 page pop-up window when the user wants to exit it. The window should contain information that may be of interest to the user, e.g. a discount code.

Remember to take care of:

  • informing the user what he can do to find an interesting product, e.g. use an internal search engine,
  • intuitive navigation,
  • distinguishing contact details.

You can afford a bit of humor on a page with a 404 error if it corresponds to your brand image. This is the convention used by Amazon:

404 error page on visni.com

An example of a 404 page with links to key product categories as well as an internal search engine


A product page can turn a user into your customer . To achieve this goal, you need to optimize it in such a way as not only to encourage the closing of the transaction, but also to facilitate it. Remember to take care not only of information and content, but also of the website’s performance, its appearance, layout and usability. Check the effectiveness of the recommended methods in practice in your own online store.

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We develop brand graphics, generate compelling content, boost reach and improve conversions.  We are representatives of the Interactive Agency and Internet Software House – SEOspecialist.net, which has significant expertise in search engine optimization.  We mix e-marketing expertise with technical capabilities.

We are capable of handling even the most complex tasks. We are experts in website search engine optimization, social media marketing, and usability improvement. Contact us now for more information.  We provide complete e-commerce assistance.

We choose the most appropriate solutions and provide guidance, expertise, and experience continuously.

SEO/SEM Agency, Marketing company, search engine optimization. Get Better at SEO & Marketing
SEO/SEM Agency, Marketing company, search engine optimization.

Are you searching for your company marketing solutions?

Our specialists will develop the finest plan and assist you to boost sales.

Have a look below what our SEO company can do for your business!

#1 Marketing and SEO Company
| Best SEO Agency for International Business

Get top Search rankings with Google 

You’ll get suggestions, SEO services on the most effective way to improve Google and Bing index situations on your site, such as Facebook and Yahoo.

Business SEO for Yahoo, Bing & Google

We will assist you with search engine optimization and search engine marketing. We are here to assist you with Search Engine Marketing/Search Engine Optimization (SEM/SEO) and Search Engine Marketing for Amazon, Duckduckgo, Google PPC, and AOL!

Accessibility for Internet users

You’ll discover with our SEO business if your site functions properly on mobile devices and whether it’s optimized for Youtube, Baidu, and Msn!

Searching for the finest SEO experts in Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, and other international locations is easier with our Affordable seo. We have the finest Wikipedia SEO, Instagram, and Baidu website optimization experts globally. We are advertising and Marketing professionals offering quality SEO services in Dubai, Singapore, and London for our Middle Eastern, Asian, and European businesses.

To others may complete your company’s website composition and update from Dubai or Singapore | The best SEO agency and SEO specialist in your nation can assist you. Optimization for web files is a collection of methods to give a certain site the best possible position in the results of standard web crawlers for specific expressions and articulations, as determined by search engine optimization strategies. The organizing cycle is a part of web development that is well known and understood.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, Marketing, SEO in Dubai, Singapore, and Hong Kong.
Search engine optimization, Marketing, SEO in Dubai, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Are you searching for a trustworthy Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert? International SEO Agency SEO by Digital marketing Experts Inc. is the #1 recommended search engine marketing expert globally. We provide professional search engine optimization services for Dubai Search Engine Optimization, Singapore Search Engine Improvement, Hong Kong Search Engine Optimization, International SEO Specialists for Regional SEO, and Global SEO Agency Link building.

Marketing and Social Media

We are Providing the best SEO for PPC and SEM.

We provide SEO for Google, Bing, Yahoo and Baidu!

Check also other seo techniques:

Our other SEO companies

SEO Dubai

SEO Dubai – Are you looking for a United Arab Emirates SEO firm and consultant that can provide a complete package of SEO services? Our company provides SEM/ SEO in Dubai offers everything you need.

SEO Hong Kong

SEO Hong KongHong Kong’s Top SEO Agency that we created. Find out which Seo professionals in Hong Kong are ideal. We created the rankings depending on several metrics, including the firm’s on-page, off-page, and technical SEO knowledge. We also provide SEO in Singapore.

SEO/SEM in SEO Specialist provides a range of digital marketing services, including search engine optimization and content writing. Their team of experts is located in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA

Seo Specialist
Website optimization for SEO

Visit our store: You can order an SEO service from our company online, and we will start working on your website much faster. Visit our SEO shop Fill out the formand get a free quote! GET A FREE QUOTE…

Seo Specialist

Visit our store: You can order an SEO service from our company online, and we will start working on your website much faster. Visit our SEO shop Fill out the formand get a free quote! GET A FREE QUOTE…

Seo Specialist
A positioner, or who is an SEO specialist?

Visit our store: You can order an SEO service from our company online, and we will start working on your website much faster. Visit our SEO shop Fill out the formand get a free quote! GET A FREE QUOTE…

Seo Specialist
What will you get with Semahead?

Visit our store: You can order an SEO service from our company online, and we will start working on your website much faster. Visit our SEO shop Fill out the formand get a free quote! GET A FREE QUOTE…

Seo Specialist
Mumbai, India Facebook Advertising Company

Visit our store: You can order an SEO service from our company online, and we will start working on your website much faster. Visit our SEO shop Fill out the formand get a free quote! GET A FREE QUOTE…

Seo Specialist
SEO in Bahrain

Visit our store: You can order an SEO service from our company online, and we will start working on your website much faster. Visit our SEO shop Fill out the formand get a free quote! GET A FREE QUOTE…

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