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Hello! and I work as a freelance SEO consultant specializing in website placement. I plan, develop, and execute successful search engine optimization strategies. If you are searching for someone who will deal with the visibility of your business in the Google search engine on a thorough basis, you have arrived at the correct spot.

Our SEO specialist works as a freelance SEO consultant.

Would you please look at who I am and why it is worthwhile to develop a working relationship with me?

Since 2011, he has been working on website placement. My work is important to me, but more importantly, it is a tremendous passion about which I could go on for hours. Since 2016, I have been working as a self-employed search engine optimization expert.

The most important reason I am the best option for your company is my search engine optimization effectiveness. I experiment, do study, learn continuously, and make conclusions. As a result of this, I now understand what has to be done to rank your website higher in search results and, as a result, boost organic traffic to it.

All events have been meticulously prepared. I choose the SEO approach for each website on an individual basis. The work on each website is unique and requires a customized strategy to be the most successful feasible. To lead the positioned page to the intended objective, I create a comprehensive action plan and then adhere to it rigorously (while also reacting to the site’s current status in the Google search engine), which is then implemented.

I devote a great deal of time and effort to ensuring that the positioned page ranks well in search engines and that it produces results in the form of increased sales of client services or goods. All of my business dealings are conducted in complete transparency, so I send a monthly report to each of my clients outlining the work completed (I want the client to understand what exactly I am doing as part of our collaboration to achieve the intended goals) and the consequences of my actions.

Increase your sales by strategically placing your website on search engines.


Frequently asked questions about website placement are listed below.

What is website search engine optimization, and how does it work?

Search engine optimization, often known as website search engine optimization, is a technique that aims to improve the visibility of a particular website in search engines such as Google. Search engine optimization is a long-term service, and the results are only apparent after a while. When we see the first promising results is dependent on several factors, including the history of the domain, the level of competition, and the monthly budget allocated to search engine optimization.

What are the advantages of optimizing a website’s search engine optimization?

The primary reason for this is a rise in sales (of either services or goods, depending on what the particular website provides)! The search engine optimization of websites comprises a variety of advantages that add up to a whole. This list includes the following benefits:

  • Improving the website’s exposure in organic search results
  • Increasing website traffic
  • Increasing recognition
  • Establishing confidence in the brand
  • Reaching prospective consumers
  • Growing the company
  • Staying one step ahead of the competition

Is it better to hire an SEO freelancer or an SEO agency? Who should I choose?

Unlike working with an agency, working with an SEO freelancer has distinct advantages. The benefits of working with a freelancer include reduced expenses associated with search engine optimization, and improved expert agreement (you still have direct contact with the person who is solely responsible for placing your website), and more flexibility in the offer. An SEO freelancer who works only on their behalf has the added benefit that each customer is critical to them and completely engaged in each order.

What factors have an impact on the website’s search engine optimization?

It is estimated that there are about 300 variables that influence the efficacy of search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is split into two categories: activities that take place on-site and activities that take place off-site. Activities carried out on the site include, for example, technological optimization, page loading speed, and the content of the page. Link building, social media activity, and content marketing are all examples of off-site marketing efforts. There is also a component known as the behavioral factor, which refers to how people behave on a particular website. The impacts of placement and the rise in the website’s position in the search results are also influenced by this factor.

How long does it take for a website to be positioned appropriately?

This is a question to which an SEO expert will not be able to provide a definitive response. The amount of time it takes to position a particular page is dependent on a variety of factors. It is necessary to ask one more question in this situation: what is the objective of search engine optimization? Is it possible to obtain high rankings for particular keywords, establish a given level of exposure in the Google search engine, or generate a specific quantity of organic traffic on a website? This fluctuates between a few days (yes, for less competitive keywords, sometimes it is sufficient to improve the page) and many months. Of course, to accomplish your objectives, you must take the appropriate steps and allocate the proper resources. Furthermore, it is critical to remember that we must continue to keep them in sight even when we achieve our objectives.

What is data-driven SEO, and how does it work?

Data-driven decision-making is a process in which choices are made based on actual data. The optimization process is based on the data-driven SEO approach, which places a greater emphasis on data sets than on gut emotions or personal assumptions. Google’s algorithm is utterly devoid of intuition or gut emotion. He will not evaluate the substantive value of texts in the absence of relevant facts. It is feasible to get even higher search engine rankings in a shorter period by using the data-driven SEO approach. Because I work as a search engine optimization expert, I think that placing utilizing this technique is essential and successful.

How much does search engine optimization cost?

Depending on the history of a domain, its prominence in the Google search engine (keywords, competition, etc.), fees are determined on an individual basis… The “pricing list” page contains the bare minimum amounts from which I may begin working with you in the area of search engine optimization and other services. Example: Local and national search engine optimization starts at PLN 500 per month, e-commerce search engine optimization starts at PLN 750 per month, and an SEO audit starts at PLN 1,000 per month. Most of the time, I suggest the budget required to position the website; nevertheless, it does happen that the customer tells me of the budget he has, and I modify the activities to be as effective as possible within that budget.

What is the procedure for paying for search engine optimization?

I work on a lump sum basis, which means that I charge a predetermined monthly price for the services I provide. This kind of payment ensures that the most incredible possible quality of operations is carried out, resulting in the intended outcomes. To get the desired results, you must provide the right resources for the project. Among the many SEO techniques available are content, articles on and off the site, content marketing, and link building. For search engine optimization to be successful, you must engage in beneficial and time-consuming activities. As an independent SEO expert, I place a high emphasis on openness, which is why I provide all of my customers with a comprehensive SEO report at the end of each month that includes a summary of the work completed and the results obtained.

Search engine optimization inside a particular geographic area
Bring your audience even closer to you! Local search engine optimization will assist you in this endeavor, i.e., the process in which the name of the city is added to the name of the product or service when generating keywords, such as “search engine optimization in Gliwice.” Advertisement across the whole area, province, district, commune, or district is possible via local search engine optimization and other methods.
Who is the target audience for local SEO?
Check to see whether this kind of search engine optimization is a good match for your company’s idea.
As the name implies, local search engine optimization is particularly effective for small businesses that operate in their home market. To put it another way, a Warsaw-based auto repair shop owner wants clients situated in Singapore, and ideally in the area where his company is located, to find him. He will not be interested in visiting Singapore, Pozna, or Katowice. Additionally, for broad keywords, good local phrase rankings may be beneficial. In other words, if someone searches for an “auto repair shop” in Google without specifying a location, your business will show in the search results for that term.

Local placement is also an appropriate option for chain shops or branches dispersed throughout several cities, provinces, or even other nations. If a business has a single website, but several physical locations, each of them should be optimized individually so that the website does not suffer from loss of ranking due to generic terms.

The advantages of using a local search engine optimization system
Find out why investing in local SEO is a worthwhile endeavor in this article.
Obtaining new consumers from the surrounding region
You are not required to spend money on flyers, billboards, or advertising efforts involving many people. Local placement is sufficient to get you closer to the individuals who are likely to become your clients or customers. They will locate you on their own – without you having to leave your house!

Obtaining a competitive edge over your “next-door” competitors
Being in the top ten of Google search results, and more importantly, being in the top ten, ensures a steady stream of new consumers from the surrounding region. You will be able to outpace your competitors in this manner. You are regarded as a pioneer in your field!

Creating a name for yourself in your community
When your position results in a rise in the number of consumers, you become a recognized brand in the eyes of your target audience. Furthermore, since you operate locally, you develop relationships with individuals who will return to you time and time again because they know and like you. These consumers have already evolved into something more than simply ordinary customers – they have become friends of your business!

Increased Efficiencies
Obtaining a place in the TOP10 while working with a limited budget improves the overall efficiency of the process. Great results with little effort (I will ensure that you reach the top of Google) – you only have to give it a go!

Profits from sales are on the rise.
Profit is the ultimate objective of all of the advantages listed above. The allocation of responsibilities is straightforward: I position you, you earn. Not only do you get a return on your investment, but you also receive an income that is sufficient for your needs.

Getting in front of new consumers is relatively inexpensive.
Search engine optimization enables you to remove inefficient methods of contacting consumers that were previously used. You are the one who allowed them to track you down. You save money, which you can use to further your personal and professional growth and the development of your business. Or it might be something entirely else.

Search engine optimization on a national scale
If in the course of operating your company, location does not matter much (or does not matter at all), you should concentrate on achieving national recognition. Afterward, your keywords should include the name of the product or service without mentioning the client’s location – to target customers who are situated anywhere in the nation.
Who is the target audience for national search engine optimization?
Investigate if placement, no matter where you are, can assist you in maximizing earnings from the sale of your goods or services.
Those who own online stores and sell their products throughout the country will benefit from nationwide search engine optimization; those who own stationery stores and have unique, rare products in their assortment will benefit from national search engine optimization; and those who own large corporate companies with multiple branches will benefit from nationwide search engine optimization.

National search engine optimization allows a business or its goods or services to be promoted to a considerable number of people at the same time. As a result, it may be utilized by tiny businesses with high ambitions for growth. It is critical to remember the importance of a well-planned SEO strategy that will be effectively implemented over time. Choosing between local search engine optimization first, which will later transition to national search engine optimization, or combining both kinds and observing the results, is a good strategy in this situation.

The advantages of having a national presence
What are the benefits of choosing a national search engine optimization strategy? I’m going to tell you right now that I’m not going to start!
a greater variety
Your options are not restricted to a single city, region, province, or local government. Your website reaches the most remote and remotest parts of Singapore. Consequently, you expand your company’s reach, which affects the financial outcomes of the company.

Clients from various backgrounds
The location of your target audience is not essential – mainly if it is highly varied. A 20-year-old lady from Singapore and a somewhat older woman from the city’s vicinity are now available for communication. Any customer will not be treated differently because of where they live!

Significantly more significant impacts than those seen in the case of local placement
Because of the absence of limitations imposed by the location, the outcomes are excellent. The fact that you may have more keywords for search engine optimization that are highly competitive is a fact, but patience is a virtue in this situation. You’ll be able to judge for yourself!

It is appropriate for the majority of companies.
According to what I’ve previously said, national search engine optimization may be utilized by big and small businesses to expand their reach. Everyone will achieve the desired outcomes if the placement is done correctly.

They may be used in conjunction with local search engine optimization.
This solution will be beneficial for businesses with a large number of branches. Incorporating these two kinds of placement is risk-free since it improves the end effects while having no negative impact on each person’s outcomes.

Make the most of your earnings.
A practical advantage of national SEO is that it is widely available. After a few months of intense activity, it will become noticeable to the naked eye. The rise in sales will be as long-lasting as the positions themselves, which is why I dedicate myself to my job at every level of development.

What do you want your internet business to be known for?
Every owner of a business of this kind will find that online shop placement is the best option.
You have the option of search engine optimization for your online shop regardless of the industry, size, or presence in the market. Of course, placement will vary depending on whether you are dealing with a small shop with a limited amount of goods or a large store with many categories, tabs, and so on. This means that it is critical to select activities that will result in more significant visitors to the website, higher conversion rates, and, as a consequence, higher sales income.

Also, keep in mind that if you operate an online shop with popular goods aimed at a large audience, you may have to wait a bit longer for the benefits to manifest themselves than if you run a store with a more specialized selection. Even yet, you’ll discover that the effort is worthwhile – the correct keywords, exact optimization, and other deliberate activities may produce incredible results.

The advantages of strategically placing online shops
The dolor indeed sits at the foot of the bed, but it is also true that the dolor sits at the foot of the bed, but it is also true that the dolor sits at the foot of the bed, and the dolor sits at the foot of the bed.
Increasing consumer knowledge of the store’s brand
When you reach the top of Google’s search results, you will get an increase in traffic to your business. All of it begins here: the client will come to know you and your goods, and in the process, will discover additional information about your business, such as its name and history. Being remembered allows you to get into the thoughts of your viewers.

Building a more powerful position within the electronic commerce sector
Once you have earned the right to be remembered, you have the potential to rise to the top of your industry. Search engine optimization is the first step in making this happen, but keep in mind that you will also need to work in other areas (for example, social media), in which case I would be glad to assist you as well!

Increase the number of important visitors to your website.
When selecting keywords to situate an e-commerce site, long-tail terms should be considered as well (I write about it here ). You can be confident that you will attract loyal clients who will drive significant traffic to your website due to this.

Increasing the conversion rate is a good thing.
Because the methods that discover you via a search engine generally know what they are looking for and put a particular word in it, the search engine optimization of online shops has a favorable impact on the conversion rate. The ultimate conversion is typically influenced by several different variables, such as the price of a particular commodity.

Increasing the number of potential clients
High rankings translate into better conversion rates, which translates into more consumers who are more likely to return. This will be made more accessible by the company’s established brand. Notice how everything works in perfect harmony with one another?

Increasing your earnings is a must.
It is something that you are very passionate about. I aim to make the most money possible from sales generated by high rankings on Google. We will be successful if we work together – you will offer great products in your shop, and I will give fantastic advertising in the form of placement for them.

Search engine optimization in a broad sense
Wide placement (also known as long-tail – long-tail) is choosing more particular, more complicated, and detailed keywords composed of 4-5 words or more. Example? As an alternative to the generic term “kitchen furniture” in broad placement, lengthier phrases are used, such as “white built-in kitchen furniture.” Find out who long-tail arrangement is intended for and what advantages it provides in the next section.
Who is the target audience for broad search engine optimization?
Wide placement is an excellent option for prominent websites and online shops that sell a wide variety of products.
In particular, comprehensive websites such as news websites, industry portals, themed vortals, and websites that provide comments and evaluations should consider search engine optimization for a long tail in their search engine optimization strategies. Apart from that, broad placement is particularly well suited for promoting online shops since these kinds of websites provide goods that are often specified to exacting standards. Thus, each product may be defined using a variety of different terms.

Large and well-known online retailers provide a wide variety of goods in this category. Following this path, there may be many thousands of keywords to consider optimizing their website. So long-tail placement will be ideal in this situation, during which you will also promote particular parts, tabs, and subpages – in other words, the entire content of your website – would be very beneficial. A considerable number of specific keywords will benefit from the increased exposure of the website in the search engine due to this.

The advantages of having a large geographic footprint
Investigate whether or not long-tail placement is the best option for your company.
Increase the number of conversions you get.
When a website is well-positioned, it has a favorable impact on the conversion rate since it is viewed by Internet users already familiar with the product they seek. And this is all before you ever get to the point of typing the term into the Google search engine box. As a result, the likelihood of a sale increases.

Improved placement of less competitive keywords and phrases
Although niche terms get fewer Google searches than broad words, they are less competitive than general phrases. As a result, your chances of reaching the TOP10 are increased. Moreover, you do not need to restrict yourself to a single word – there may be many of them in the long tail.

The bounce rate is relatively low.
The user discovers the information or goods he was searching for with words in wide placement. The visitor will be able to spend more time on your website due to this, which will lower the bounce rate.

Getting in touch with particular recipients
You no longer have to sift through a plethora of target groups, trying to figure out which one will be most suitable – it comes to you. Long phrases are written by particular people with who you have developed a strong attachment from the start. And this results in more earnings from sales transactions!

The number of visitors to the website has been increasing steadily.
It is possible that you will not even notice a single decrease in positions if you use consecutive, precise sentences in broad search engine optimization, which is not the case when using conventional search engine optimization. This creates an impression of steadiness in the top Google search results.

An increase in the number of people who use the search engine
Because long-tail terms are less competitive than short-tail words, you have a better chance of ranking well in Google. Adding a continuous rise in traffic results in a well-known website that is viewed by a large number of people. You are also contributing to the creation of the company’s brand!

SEO audit An SEO audit is a thorough examination of a website to determine whether or not it meets the search engine’s criteria in question. It draws precise findings and offers recommendations on how to enhance the efficacy of your marketing efforts. In addition to serving as an introduction to optimization, it is an essential component of the search engine optimization process.
When should you do an SEO audit?
See what circumstances an SEO audit proves to be a good, or even essential, solution in the next section.
The audit that is done the most often is the one that is performed immediately after the creation of the website. When it comes to this particular website, the audit is primarily concerned with the site’s technical elements, which may be utilized to organize marketing efforts on the Internet. An SEO audit of a freshly built website generates comments that point out fundamental issues, such as incorrect meta tags (descriptions or titles) or incorrect keywords.

It is also necessary to do an SEO audit before beginning the search engine optimization process since it is one of the most critical aspects. In addition, it often occurs when the positioner is altered, as previously stated. Rather than determining whether or not the expert was doing his duties properly, the goal is to determine whether or not the approach followed so far has been successful.

What exactly does an SEO audit entail?
Learn about the phases of a thorough SEO audit, which I will happily perform on your behalf, in this video.
Information about the domain and its history
Here, I pay particular attention to factors such as the kind and topic of the page, the number of subpages indexed by Google, the IP address, and the age of the domain given in years, among other things. I thoroughly examine everything and make decisions, such as purchasing a new domain name.

Statistics about the domain
Google Analytics is the tool I use to keep track of the data. The audit considers all of the variables that contribute to organic traffic on the website (for example, the total number of sessions per month) and an evaluation of user behavior (e.g., the average time spent on the website).

Search Engine Optimization Keywords If I know that the page has been previously positioned, I examine how many primary keywords were in the TOP10. It is possible to place your website on Google for the first time using a suggested list of a dozen or so keywords based on data from Google Analytics and other technologies, but this is not recommended.

There are some technical difficulties.
The HTTP headers (for example, 3XX redirect codes) of a website and access for search engine robots and integration with Google tools are all examined in this section (Analytics, Search Console).

Optimization of the website’s code
This is a significant portion of the audit. If required, I make corrections to the following factors: page code (HTML, CSS), page title, page description, HTML tags, and other advanced details, such as the site’s mobility or its loading speed on different devices, as well as other advanced information.

Optimization of the website’s content
According to popular belief, content is king. I pay close attention to the material’s quality, its volume (length), uniqueness (there are no complaints of copyright infringement), the inclusion of keywords, and the usage of multimedia in the content. I keep track of how often the material is changed and ensure that this is taken care of throughout subsequent actions.

URLs and other forms of linking
The proper audit of URLs consists of verifying their length, the absence of Singaporean characters and capital letters, the use of suitable separators, the ease with which subpages may be accessed, and the lack of an excessive number of variables, among other things. I also look for both internal and external connections.

Inbound Links are those that point to another website.
In the case of incoming connections, the quality and placement of the links are critical considerations. Compliance with the topic of the page/subpage and the manner of connecting are other vital considerations. I also consider other factors, such as IP addresses, landing pages, and linking domains.

Search inside a specific geographic area
The audit department is only needed for local company offices and is not required for other locations. A deeper look at the various components of the Google business card – such as the company description, customer evaluations, and shared documents – is conducted. I also double-check that the information on the business card corresponds to the information on your website.

SEO consulting

SEO consultations with me may turn out to be groundbreaking for the recognition and profitability of your business. I suggest what methods to use and which are better to avoid to effectively promote your brand on the Web and how to be at the forefront of Google search results.

Who is the target audience for SEO consulting?
See how my consultations may be very beneficial in certain situations.
The SEO consultations will be a suitable start to future activities if you intend to promote your business on the Internet via search engine optimization (and perhaps other kinds of Internet marketing). I’ll teach you exactly what to do and how to do it in such a way that the effects are maximized, and the rewards are quantifiable. I will introduce you to the realm of search engine optimization (SEO) and assist you in taking your initial steps in this area.

My consultation will also be beneficial to business owners who have been reaping the benefits of SEO efforts for some time but are looking to shift their business strategy. I will contribute to the investigation of the factors contributing to the absence of advantages from current efforts. During this presentation, I will offer new guidelines for marketing your brand that will help to improve your ranking in the Google search engine. And this translates into a rise in revenue for your business as well, of course!

What are the advantages of an SEO consultation?
Consider the following reasons why my SEO consultations are the first step toward a more prosperous future for your company:
You will get trustworthy advice and information.
Consultation does not consist of sipping coffee and chatting about the weather for half an hour over the telephone. It is my assurance that you will get detailed information on the operation of your website on the Internet and that I will provide recommendations on how to achieve the desired outcomes. There will be no avoiding the subject.

You will get trustworthy advice and information.
Consultation does not consist of sipping coffee and chatting about the weather for half an hour over the telephone. It is my assurance that you will get detailed information on the operation of your website on the Internet and that I will provide recommendations on how to achieve the desired outcomes. There will be no avoiding the subject.

You increase your understanding of SEO.
I want you to comprehend what I’m saying ultimately; therefore, during consultations, I mix SEO jargon with plain English that is understandable even to those who are not experts in this area. As a result, you learn new things in an efficient, coherent, and accessible manner.

You are free to make use of them anytime you wish.
It makes no difference if you are ahead of schedule with your first SEO campaign, in the midst of one, or have just completed one and need to start again. I will assist you at every step of marketing your website on the Internet – all you need to do is schedule an appointment with me.

You will be provided with a new operational plan.
At the end of each consultation, a summary of the findings is provided, which may serve as a ready-made plan for future action. To effectively master the top of Google, you already know what to do – and I will be glad to guide you through the process.

You have complete control over the nature of the consultation.
Do you need one-time assistance on a particular topic, or do you wish to meet regularly to address SEO concerns about your company’s website? You may choose the kind of consultation that is most convenient for you. Talks may also include more than one website and the whole project, among other things.

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