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Running a company blog

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Why is it worthwhile to maintain a blog?

Our blog not only enables us to establish ourselves as industry experts, but it may also serve as a source of very low-cost traffic for us. This is particularly crucial in offer sites, which have a minimal potential for search engine exposure, to begin with. It’s important to understand that Google is a search engine for content. We must thus supply it with the appropriate quantity and quality of text descriptions if we are to generate traffic via it.

Our website may benefit from each item published on a corporate blog since it will drive more visitors to our site. This traffic has the potential to be converted into consumers. Keep in mind that even if we fix the user’s issue and he does not take advantage of our offer, there is a high possibility that he will become one of our customers in the future or will refer us to his colleagues.

The image of a professional

Expert content is not only a source of traffic, but it also helps to establish a brand identity. When we respond to customer requirements with suitable content, we not only earn their respect and compassion, but we also acquire their authority, which means that in the future, when they are searching for particular services, they will most likely choose the customer’s offer rather than the competition’s offer.


Almost every marketing effort has a single objective in mind: to bring in new consumers. While maintaining a blog may help you achieve your dream, you should consider the long term. People who initially contact our business via a blog are more likely to become clients over some time. The fact that we have a blog also lends credibility to our company’s offer in the eyes of those who found us via search engines. This is an unmistakable indication that the business is still alive and actively exchanging information.

What are the ramifications of our efforts?

We are well aware that the success of any marketing action should be backed by real-world examples, which we have discussed before. More than 140 shares of a single article on Facebook and visibility in the Google search engine have been more than 1,500 additional keywords on Wykop. Pl’s main page. All of this after just a few months of working together!

The blog’s launch and optimization are underway.

The overwhelming majority of websites already have a blog module as part of their overall design. However, if your website builder does not have this feature, you may still create a blog using WordPress software to publish your content. It is a very simple to operate CMS that accounts for more than half of the CMS market.

Launching a blog entails the installation and setup of the WordPress platform on the client’s server and creating a blog template.

A premium template for the WordPress platform was chosen, and its borders were adjusted.

– the execution of search engine optimization strategies based on a study of the industry

BLOG PLATFORM OPTIMIZATION PAGE OPTIMIZATION Optimization of the source code for a blog platform built on the WordPress platform (also known as an SEO audit).


– the development of comprehensive optimization recommendations; and

Who should be in charge of the blog?

It is important to remember that a true expert in any field can only be found in someone who has chosen to concentrate in that field and is committed to continually improving their abilities. However, we are well aware that there is not always time and desire to engage in creative labor, which is unquestionably required for maintaining a blog. To address this issue, we have created an offer in which our content experts will produce blog posts as part of a larger project. How does it function?

Investigation of Keywords

A thorough investigation of the popularity of a particular subject should be conducted before drafting an article. Then, using specialist tools, you should create a list of keywords that visitors will use while searching for a particular subject. Only after that will our expert be able to begin gathering resources to produce excellent content.


On the other hand, writing an article is not enough; it is also essential to optimize it correctly. When it comes to producing content, we pay close attention to the title, headers, and keyword saturation, to name a few considerations. Ultimately, we want to create the most incredible possible synergy between user pleasure and the information gathered by the Google search engine.

Interesting content

Maintaining a blog is not just to make the material we produce attractive but also to keep people engaged with the site. A user’s remark on the website, a mention on social media, or simply like the company’s Facebook page are all examples of participation. Everything has an impact on the company’s image.


– the creation of four articles and the publishing of those pieces on the blog

– looking for themed images that are available under a creative commons license and integrating them into submissions

Articles with an average length of more than 3000 characters in the content are guaranteed to be published.

– the optimization of content for search engines. – the optimization of articles for social media.

PRO PACK consists of the production of six articles and the publishing of those pieces on the blog.

– looking for themed images that are available under a creative commons license and integrating them into submissions

Articles with an average length of more than 3000 characters in the content are guaranteed to be published.

– the optimization of content for search engines. – the optimization of articles for social media.

Putting the blog at the right place

In an age of intense competition and ever-increasing marketing expenditures, just maintaining a blog may not be sufficient. We suggest that you incorporate the blog search engine optimization service in your marketing plan due to this. Working on your Google search engine visibility is not a luxury – it is a must!

Investigation of Keywords

In the same way that comprehensive keyword analysis is required when producing material for a blog, thorough keyword analysis is needed when establishing direct search engine optimization – both in terms of keywords whose positions may be improved and looking for entirely new regions with potential.


It is equally essential to optimize your website’s technical aspects, in addition to changing the content on the page itself. The elimination of duplicate material, the improvement of internal linking, and the removal of mistakes in the source code are only a few factors that influence the visibility of a website in the Google search engine.

Link building is essential.

The last and perhaps most essential component of blog search engine optimization is the acquisition of high-quality links. This is the most costly and time-consuming aspect of placement, and it requires patience as well. However, search engine optimization provides extremely gratifying results in the form of increased traffic; however, patience is needed, which you should be aware of when choosing a search engine optimization service.

Above is a snapshot of a program that monitors the position of websites in the Google search engine for many distinct keywords, as seen in the image above. Using this information, it is possible to calculate how many terms the verified domain appears for in the top ten and top three results for each search phrase. As we can see in the image above, the domain’s visibility virtually did not grow throughout the first half of 2016. It almost decreased. Only after beginning the search engine optimization process will there be a steady increase in visibility, and therefore, the number of visitors to the client’s blog.

We create and execute a marketing plan targeted at increasing visitors to a blog, also known as search engine optimization.

Publishing expert and sponsored papers of high quality are one of the goals of the organization.

Search engine optimization is supported via the usage of internal infrastructure.

– blog visibility statistics that are more sophisticated,

– monthly updates on the actions that have taken place.

The results of the POSITIONING AUDIT include:

  • A comprehensive website visibility analysis.
  • An evaluation of growth potential.
  • An assessment of visibility trends.
  • An assessment of traffic quality using Google Analytics.

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