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Practical tips on how to create an effective content marketing

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With the help of well-prepared content marketing, you can build a credible brand image and gain a community of loyal customers. The content management strategy is a completely new but effective form of establishing relationships with consumers.

It turns out that traditional advertising messages are no longer effective, and the latest marketing trends include highly substantive, valuable, and interesting content that most often tells true stories, contains useful advice, and is based on reliable data. The behavior of Internet users confirms that only such content is searched for, read, and, importantly, recommended. Users only value brands that deliver high-quality content that responds to their expectations. So how to prepare content that will interest and engage the audience?

Specify a persona

Who is the so-called persona? It is a model of an ideal client, a representative of a specific target group for which content marketing will be prepared. To define such a representative, it is necessary to consider age, social group, interests, needs, problems, etc. The person is specified by characterizing many target group members because it will be possible to understand the recipients’ expectations fully. It may happen that there will be more target groups, then there will be more people.

A persona should combine the features of as many members of the target group as possible. By creating content marketing based on people’s preferences, you can be sure that the distributed content will reach the right recipients and be found by them. The chances of their involvement will also increase and, as a result, creating a group of loyal recipients (consumers). Without clearly defined personas, unfortunately, but the effort to create content will be in vain.

The creation of the so-called ” persona buyer ” will not only help in the process of creating content but also facilitate the choice of the way of communication. The attention of young people will most likely be drawn to internet memes in social media, i.e., less traditional and more creative and modern methods. In terms of B2B, these will be reports or specialist articles, i.e., a professional and expert approach. On the other hand, the elderly may be interested in not too long articles or short videos, something light and transparent.

Knowing who the content will be addressed to is the foundation for the appropriate selection of the message channel and creating the content itself. By creating a potential customer model, we can better understand him and get to know his needs, and thus – find the perfect way to meet these needs. In addition, content marketing is a kind of communication with the client, and knowing who we are talking to, we can predict what the reaction will be and how our message will be received.

Treat content marketing as an investment

The strategy implemented with content marketing is long-term, but its effects must last a long time. Success is not immediate, and it is built gradually. Therefore content management is an activity that requires consistency. It must therefore be remembered that each prepared content disseminated on the Internet (published on a blog or distributed through other channels) is an investment that brings you closer to success.

Although a content marketing strategy usually has to be implemented for several months, achieving success takes much longer.

Initially, the results may not be spectacular. However, do not be discouraged; this form of marketing definitely requires patience, but not only that. Good preparation, approach, and ongoing analysis of the effects are also important.

Creating and then passing on to the recipients interesting and, above all, valuable content should not be a spontaneous action but a refined and thoughtful one.

Thinking of a content marketing campaign as an investment is the most appropriate approach. Usually, we want to see the effects of our actions as soon as possible, and we want them to be the best. However, if we do not see the desired results for too long, we start looking for other solutions and abandon the existing ones. For this reason, it is worth realizing that a content marketing campaign is a long-term process that consists of many factors. Why an investment? Because the time, resources, and effort devoted to well-conducted content marketing will pay off in the near or slightly distant future, in the form of success, increased traffic, sales, or brand recognition.

Get your entire team involved

To achieve success, it is essential to involve the entire team in creating and promoting content marketing. Undoubtedly, this is a huge challenge, but only well-organized activities will ensure the expected success. Managing content marketing requires preparing appropriate content, selecting the right distribution channels, and proper promotion. That is why cooperation of all team members is necessary, often also employees of the entire organization.

It is probably not very encouraging. Is it worth putting on content marketing and put so much effort into it? After all, there are so many other forms of marketing that are not that demanding and bring results much faster. The answer to the question is the well-known statement Content is King. Without valuable content, virtually no type of advertising will be successful. The most important thing is what we want to convey and how and to whom we communicate it.

It is also worth adding that the entire team’s involvement does not have to mean that literally, everyone will only deal with activities related to content marketing. A good division of tasks and organization will allow for a much more efficient implementation of content marketing, and thus a faster return to other tasks. In addition, getting the whole team together allows you to create sub-teams that can handle different types of content. One group may deal with written text, another with the graphic message, and another with interactive content. Each of the sub-groups may deal with a different communication channel.

Prepare a variety of content

Content marketing is often associated only with text, while it is just one type of content. It is worth using all possible forms of content marketing, such as video or audio recordings, especially since a differentiated strategy is much more effective. This way, it will be possible to verify which form or forms of content marketing are most appropriate for the information provided and which are best accepted by the recipients. This will make it easier to create the right content that will have an appropriate impact on the audience.

This issue is closely related to the creation of the persona described earlier. The form of content will depend on the target audience, common features of the representatives of a given group, interests, and views. However, sometimes it happens that we create several personas, and thus we have to use various forms of content marketing.

There are three basic types of content in content marketing:

  • written materials, i.e. blogs, articles, portal entries, product descriptions
  • graphic materials, all kinds of photos, images, videos or gifs
  • interactive material such as quizzes or polls

In principle, you can try the trial and error method here. A poorly chosen, ineffective type of content can be converted into a different type. For example, if we know that our created persona will best perceive the graphic message, but we see that the photos do their job, we can try it with a gif or a video.

The content itself is divided into two categories, functional and converting content. In a sense, functional is the main content, i.e., materials placed, for example, on an online store blog. On the other hand, the converting content is a complement to the functional one. This could be a product description, ratings, reviews, etc. Converting content is primarily intended to increase profits.

It is worth remembering that content marketing is not only the Internet. Valuable content can also be delivered utilizing leaflets, folders, or trade press. Therefore, it is important to ensure the quality of the content provided with all the tools we use.

Remember about quality, not just quantity

The most important principle in content marketing is the “quality” of the created content, which should provide recipients with valuable information and make them believe that it was worth reading the material. It would also be good to read the next ones. Thus, it is not quantity that is important but, above all, quality.

It is essential to consistently and regularly provide valuable content, with the frequency usually determined by the subject matter of content marketing. As a rule, you should post two or three blog posts a week (they don’t have to be extensive). It may seem like a lot, but it allows you to quickly build a solid base with valuable content in the initial phase.

Here one should act in part against the principle of “the more, the better.” Google fights against spam very fiercely and values ​​high-quality content as well. Consequently, writing too many texts on the same topic or uploading a huge number of photos on similar topics can seriously harm us. Additionally, recipients may find our content boring if they are provided with similar content repeatedly. It is worth differentiating what we want to convey, but the diversity should also not be exaggerated, as it may introduce chaos and a lack of order in our message.

Therefore, the key to success is finding the golden mean, thanks to which our content will not be monotonous or chaotic. The same applies to the frequency of added content, but only by observing and analyzing recipients’ reactions will we be able to determine where the golden mean lies.

Definition and determination of the quality of Content will be perfect “donated” by Google EAT :

  • E ( Expertise ) – an expert in a given field certainly has a better and more accurate knowledge of a given topic, so e.g. articles on our website, whose authors will be experts, will present us more professionally
  • A ( Authoritativeness ) – as in the case of an expert, content from the authority of a given industry will be more convincing
  • T ( Trustworthiness ) – an SSL certificate confirming the credibility and security of the domain will make site visitors more likely to trust the content appearing on the site

Take care of the promotion of your content

Managing content marketing does not end with the preparation and distribution of content. Promotion is also essential to encourage recipients to read this content. Unfortunately, this stage is neglected, while promotion requires almost as much time as creating valuable content marketing. Promotion is critical to the effectiveness of Content Marketing and success.

The statement that good content defends itself is therefore wrong. Even the best quality content that no one will know about will not achieve anything. Only the combination of creating and promoting will bring the expected results. The most important thing is to let your customers find you and help them a bit. Therefore, a good strategy will be to “hook” viral marketing, i.e., publishing content on various channels, such as on a website, social media, and thematic groups. This will attract people who only follow the brand on one of the media and prevent content from being overlooked.

An additional advantage will be informing users about new content via, for example, a newsletter. This will make it possible to speed up access to news about new material in an easy and relatively cheap way. In addition, it will enable building a community of loyal recipients who will actually follow and check what new we want to convey to them.

Among the benefits of properly prepared content marketing, we can mention greater ranges; thanks to the introduction of various channels of communication and a variety of content, we gain the opportunity to reach a wider audience, increase customer involvement if the recipient stays on our website for a longer time, there is a high probability that they will spend less time (or not at all) to the competition side. In addition, thanks to content marketing, we can gain more loyal customers and thus more sales, resulting from habit and attachment to the brand. Content marketing is also an ideal networking opportunity, so much loved by the customer interaction.

Change and improve

A valuable skill is to modify the content in many different ways to use it to gain as much benefit as possible freely. Thus, one article covering a given issue in depth can be the basis for a series of smaller ones, an article can also be prepared based on an e-book, a series of linked articles can become an e-book. In comparison, a professional presentation is an excellent material for several smaller ones, etc.

It is important to skillfully transform the finished material into content that is currently in demand.

It is also essential to characterize the brand because it will allow you to create appropriate content for it, which will also respond to potential recipients’ expectations. Although the content marketing strategy may differ depending on the specificity of the brand for which it is prepared, it always requires considering the basic principles.

It is worth discovering new possibilities that can bring surprising results. It would be best to introduce new activities when we publish materials, and the statistics are still standing. The perspective is of great importance here. Usually, marketers look at it from their own perspective when creating content, not as if they were its recipients. This often results in uninteresting, rigid content, in which an excess of information sometimes obscures the right target. Therefore, to get started with content marketing, you should first ask questions and look for information. All this is to know what the recipient expects.

Have a strategy

The starting point should be to develop a strategy with clearly defined goals – for example:

  • building and strengthening the brand image,
  • disseminating information about the brand on the Internet and increasing website traffic,
  • acquiring new customers and increasing conversions.

It is imperative not only to provide users with the information they are looking for but also to manage the content to find it themselves.

When creating a plan, after setting the goal you want to achieve, it is worth appointing a person or company responsible for creating content marketing. Here you can choose from such opportunities as an agency/specialist, outsourcing, or your own marketing creation. In making a decision, it will be helpful to understand the competition and analyze which option we will be able to create best and convey valuable content for and from our brand.

Another important point in the plan is to define customer needs. Getting to know the problems and dilemmas of the recipients will allow finding a precise solution. It is also important to know how the users who want to reach are looking for information. In other words, the more we know and the better we prepare ourselves, the better our chances of success in content marketing.

It is believed that the most common cause of problems with content marketing is a poorly chosen strategy or the lack of it. This is the truest and obvious statement at the same time. Planning on an ongoing basis, and at best in advance, determining the methods of formatting and reformatting, promotion and analysis of effectiveness will monitor the effectiveness of the campaign and avoid mistakes that can expose us to failure.


  • Content marketing , i.e. content marketing, is now the basis of an online marketing strategy . It involves creating valuable content and then distributing it through various channels so that it reaches the largest target audience.
  • Content can be based not only on written text, but also on graphic and interactive material.
  • It is very important not only to provide users with the information they are looking for, but also to manage the content in such a way that users can find it themselves.
  • In order to prepare and deliver the content, it is necessary to know who it is to reach. a persona (or several persona ) that reflect the group of potential recipients.
  • With the help of well-prepared content marketing, you can build a credible brand image and gain a community of loyal customers.
  • The content management strategy is a completely new but effective form of establishing relationships with consumers.


Content marketing consists of diverse forms of communication, such as text, visual, multimedia, and these forms are often combined within one message. Such a diverse marketing technique interests and engages the user, gaining his trust in the brand. Due to the regular delivery of valuable content marketing through various channels, 68% of users are already looking for content published by the brand they are interested in, of which 60% make a purchase decision on this basis, and 54% pass on the information obtained further. Thus, it is an effective form of wide-ranging promotion that allows you to build lasting relationships between the client and the company.

The brand’s provision of valuable materials in expert articles, blog tips, videos and presentations, and even e-books is positively received by users. That is why content marketing is such an important method used by marketers. Importantly, the essence of this type of marketing is not to provide the recipient with any content but valuable content that is actually of good quality. For this reason, content marketing is not only important but also extremely effective and beneficial if approached correctly.

Content marketing has existed in the marketing space for a long time, but only giving it an appropriate name showed how important the content is. Until recently, the content was just a clutch, and the most important thing was the way of communicating and reaching the audience and quickly visible results. Changing the attitude towards content and adopting it as the foundation of marketing activities is a breakthrough in marketing activities. The delivered content is valuable and translates into real results.

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