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Stay ahead of the competition on Google with SEO!


Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Your company on the Internet is a must, but high positions in the Google search engine and more traffic on the site do not guarantee customers yet! SEO is a process much more complicated than building a nice-looking website on a free template. Lack of SEO knowledge in local and national businesses causes companies to lose customers from this cheapest traffic source every day.

The lack of website Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. This means that the above-mentioned website or store automatically cuts itself off from the possibility of building traffic that converts customers well. Would you like to waste unused potential on your website?

However, do you need SEO experts to help you build visibility in free search results, sell your products, services, or offers?

Why is positioning not working?

The vast majority of entrepreneurs believe that the high visibility in search results guarantees customers and the company’s development. So what if the page reaches top positions in Google but won’t sell? High keyword positions give the possibility of long-term customer acquisition from the Internet, provided that the website has been properly created following applicable standards.

  1. You need to target keywords that are high in TOP3 at every step of the shopping path, which will lead to sales.
  2. From the level of search results, you need to make your website stand out and show that your offer is better than the competition.
  3. The search result should lead to the right page that meets your business goal.
  4. The page on which the potential customer lands must be optimized and help to take the appropriate action leading to the sale.
  5. The entire website must be fast, mobile and user-readable to be promoted higher in the results by the Google algorithm.

This approach to website Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. is focused on long-term customers. We specialize in this, helping smaller and larger entrepreneurs increase customers thanks to free Google search results.

What does the cooperation with Projekt Marketing look like?

We are an experienced agency with transparent activities. We are not afraid to talk about Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Because these are not secret works. Thanks to this, you will see the price of website Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. And how much it costs to implement a specific action in a monthly subscription.

1. SEO consulting and website visibility analysis on Google

The consultation will help you set business goals for your SEO campaign. To position yourself effectively, we need to analyze the current organic visibility of the website on Google, get to know your business better, the products offered, and initially get to know the biggest competition. During the conversation, you will learn the answer to every question about the SEO service, concepts, and definitions related to it. We share our Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Advice on our Projekt Marketing channel, which is already followed by over 1000 subscribers from all over International SEO Company / SEM & marketing expert.

2. Analysis of the competition in terms of SEO activities

Searching for keywords that will generate customers at every stage of the shopping path requires time, availability, and the ability to use SEO tools for competitor analysis. IN MOST CASES, the SEO strategy and campaign goals are built for the competition’s queries in the search results.

By analyzing the biggest competitors, we can:

  • Discover all the keywords that your competitors rank for.
  • Get to know all ideas for building organic traffic (topics for guides, entries, rankings, reviews or projects).
  • Identify the strongest SEO key links at the stage of building authority and position in Google.

Based on the keywords found and the marketing activities of the competition, a detailed scope of work will be created, the implementation of which will result in better visibility of the website in free search results. These SEO activities will be safe and effective at the same time.

3. Develop an SEO strategy

An SEO strategy is a plan to create a website that will build better and better visibility on Google in the long term. The strategy is based on the client’s business goals and competitors’ activities, leading to effective implementation.

SEO strategy includes:

4. SEO audit

Performing a comprehensive audit will allow you to track all optimization problems of the website in terms of SEO. The audit responds to problems with the structure of the website, meta time, key subpages on the website or problems with indexing. You will receive ready-made and precise instructions that will allow you to solve all the most important problems with the website. The website will finally gain visibility in search results and more traffic to the website that converts customers.

5. Texts and strong links

When the website has the appropriate structure, we proceed to the most important Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency stages. Related to the creation and optimization of content, as well as acquiring links. At this stage, the SEO specialist works cyclically, implementing a monthly subscription to website Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency.

6. Monthly report

At the end of each month, you receive a report containing the current TOP10 keyword positions and the obtained links to the website in a given calendar month. The report analysis after the third month of cooperation will allow us to assess the trend of the website visibility in the search results.

SEO campaign. Price list

Basic SEO 1500 USD gross, monthly

For businesses looking to increase their visibility in Google’s organic results.

  • Analysis of competitors’ activities
  • Implementation of the SEO strategy
  • PLN 500 – content creation
  • PLN 400 – getting links
  • PLN 400 – website optimization
  • Google Maps optimization
  • Monthly report on the effects of work
  • Direct contact with the positioner
  • 100% transparency
  • SEO technical support
  • Conversion optimization

Ask for details Optimal SEO USD 3,000 gross, monthly

For businesses looking to increase sales with Free Google Results.

  • Analysis of competitors’ activities
  • Implementation of the SEO strategy
  • 1000 PLN – content creation
  • PLN 900 – getting links
  • PLN 800 – website optimization
  • Google Maps optimization
  • Monthly report on the effects of work
  • Direct contact with the positioner
  • 100% transparency
  • SEO technical support
  • Basic conversion optimization

Ask for details professional SEO USD 5,000 gross, monthly

For companies that want to increase sales in Google results quickly.

  • Analysis of competitors’ activities
  • Implementation of the SEO strategy
  • 1500 PLN – content creation
  • 1800 PLN – getting links
  • PLN 1300 – website optimization
  • Google Maps optimization
  • Monthly report on the effects of work
  • Direct contact with the positioner
  • 100% transparency
  • SEO technical support
  • Advanced conversion optimization

Ask for details

Note: This detailed guide to the Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. The offer is long. Make sure you have enough time to read it now, or you can always bookmark it and read it later!

Are you looking for website positioning offers? Hook on customers!

Before we discuss the concept of SEO and the definition of Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency,- many of you will not even be interested in these issues and find out what it is all about and where to start this process, you will only hurry to look for an offer for cheap Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. of your company website / online store.

Do you decide on the cheapest SEO services? Check the risks and dangers. You will also learn what black SEO is. When looking for a Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Company to cooperate with, you should bear in mind that cheap Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. It does not mean doing SEO at a cost. Unfortunately, many customers have a tight budget and look for companies at cost, preferably for nothing. Where’s the golden mean to make search engine keyword marketing effective and drive customers to your business?

Surely you have already heard that search engine Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. It can be the cheapest source of traffic and an effective way of acquiring customers. The high positions of the website in Google translate into traffic and sales. Still, only and exclusively, it is the result of a well-developed strategy and professionally carried out works on the website and outside the positioned website under the watchful eye of an SEO specialist.

The times of great Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. are gone forever when high positions in Google were quickly achieved:

  • average looking pages;
  • cheap link spam;
  • SEO texts with key phrases crammed and duplicated forcibly;
  • Black Hat SEO activities related to breaking Google’s webmaster guidelines.

Back in the day, websites could be average made and positioned cheaply because the Google algorithm was poor quality.

Today, building organic traffic from search engines through Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Activities require an SEO specialist to do much more costly activities that give results and allow you to leapfrog the competition, often cutting marketing budgets or ceasing the website Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency…

In this offer, you will learn everything you need to position the website yourself or commission SEO campaigns for Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Companies or freelancers.

How does Google work?


The definition of Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. And SEO will be easier to understand when you understand how Google – the largest search engine in the world – works.

It is crucial to understand the basic mechanism of search engines that the vast majority of keywords typed into the search box do not function in real-time.

When entering a keyword into the search box, Google has a pre-arranged order of websites displayed in the search results. Website Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. It usually works so that you will see your competition in the TOP10 before starting the SEO service.

The regularly updated and constantly improved Google algorithm requires a new website to wait for a higher position and build trust in Google. This is the first answer to why organic Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. And waiting for results take several months from starting SEO activities.

What to do for the website to be on Google and start positioning?

Only when the page appears in Google search results can it start Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. On the Internet. This is the absolute foundation of SEO. So what must be met for a page to be included in the list of organic search results, i.e., popular SERPs (Search Engine Results Page)?

1. The page must be added to Google – this is the basic condition because it is impossible to position the page in the search engine when Google does not see it in its index. Web robots (Google bots, spiders) regularly look for new pages to be added to the index of the Google search engine. Until the spider checks your website, the website will never appear on the search results list and will not be able to position itself. Adding a website to Google’s results is the foundation, technical SEO foundation that starts keyword marketing.

2. The page cannot be blocked for web robots – there are instructions to block the page from being indexed on Google, which prevent the page from appearing in the search results index. I mean index instructions added to the header of a website or disallowed instructions added to the robots.txt file. These can be useful when creating a new page, too, for example, block test pages – which is, of course, the right thing to do. However, there are cases where the developer forgets to remove the code that blocks Google from indexing the page after building the page. As a result, the page will never be included in the Google index, will not appear in search results, and not position itself.

3. A web crawler has to know the website’s subject and the information architecture on the website – poorly planned website structure, embedding key subpages too deep in the website may cause the pages to be orphaned. This may mean that the Google crawler will never reach such subpages, and hence – they will probably never find their way to Google search results. It is impossible to position the page when Google does not understand the navigation and cannot reach the pages of products, offers, and services embedded in the website. What’s more … It is likely that users will also have trouble reaching these pages. As a result, conversion, sale, or achievement of business goals will be impossible.

4. The website cannot be banned – a ban from Google completely removes all subpages from Google search results. This severe punishment for gross violation of Google’s webmaster guidelines completely prevents web Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. All the results of the banned page were removed from the Google index. First, you need to get a ban or a penalty from Google imposed on the website, and only then position the website.

5. The page must have authority – Google must know that the page meets the expectations of users entering keywords into the search engine. The authority and level of trust for a given page determine the order of search results. The first positions in Google are often websites with a long online existence, highly developed, optimized for SEO, and well-linked. Wikipedia is a well-known example of such a website.

First of all, to improve the website’s position on Google, you should ensure that:

  • robots crawled all relevant pages and added them to Google search results
  • robots learned the subject and content of the website
  • robots have learned to navigate the site

It is the basis of website optimization in terms of SEO, related primarily to technical activities carried out on the website.

Developing authority in the search engine’s eyes, i.e., the high value of the page in Google is a significantly demanding, costly, and prolonged operation. This means a long period of website Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. You have to wait for the effects and effectiveness. Google’s organic search results are free. However, more investment must be recognized as more trusted than competitors’ sites and ranked higher.

Therefore, Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. (SEO) is not a cheap service, but it generates most of the cheapest possible traffic to your website in the long run.

Positioning definitions

There are at least two definitions of this concept. What’s more … Very often Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. And SEO is considered to be an identical concept, which is not true.

What is SEO?

Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. of websites is about increasing the position of a website in Google’s organic search results through activities related to technical SEO and UX, preparation and implementation of useful content on the website (content marketing), and promotion of the website in Google by acquiring strong SEO links (link building).

The purpose of Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency.: making search engines promote a given website in the 1st position in Google Organic, defined as TOP 1. We convinced Google that the given website address is the best answer to an Internet user’s query entered in the search engine field by obtaining tops.

For some time, above position 1, we can see Direct Answer results, i.e., responses from the most authoritative websites, but served to users from the Google search engine level. We are talking about position zero here.

What is positioning in marketing?

Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. in marketing is focused on shaping the brand’s image and the company in customers’ minds. The goal is to select the appropriate target group of customers, to create a way of communication and conviction to use the services.

Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. A page on Google is a narrower concept while Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. in marketing is a much wider issue.

The most important concepts of search engine marketing: PPC, SEO and SEM

Discussing the concepts should begin with the search engine. Google shows the paid results from Google AdWords at the top, and below them are 10 free natural results from Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Please note that free search is not free Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency.

A real-life example.

You are an internet user. In the Google search window, you enter the password: business idea.

If the password you entered is competitive, then in the search results, you will see offers resulting from the  PPC (Pay Per Click) service. Advertisers, through the Google AdWords tool, pay for the first positions in the Google search engine. PPC advertising is paid, each click costs money, and traffic on the website is one-time.

Beneath Google AdWords ads (today Google ADS) are 10 free organic results with links to various websites. Traffic from organic results is obtainable through SEO (search engine optimization).

However, it is worth mentioning that SEO and Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. are not identical concepts.

Overseas, you can read hypotheses that Google will reduce the number of organic results in the future, thanks to which they can increase revenues from Google AdWords, said PPC advertising.

A mathematical formula can define the concept of SEM:

SEM = SEO + PPC, i.e. comprehensive search engine marketing.

Positioning of websites – is it worth it? 18 reasons it pays off!

Is it worth investing in website Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency.? Are you wondering if this service pays off? Check the reasons that prove the rightness of using SEO services.

1. Google is a monopolist at every stage of the shopping path

In International SEO Company / SEM & marketing expert, the Google search engine is a monopolist. 91% of Poles use Google search results to decide to purchase a product or choosing an offer or service. We enter various queries in the search box, which depend on the stage of the purchasing process we are at. For example, these may be inquiries related to advice, reviews, or detailed information about a given product.

A search engine user looking for a specific product or detailed information about it expects a search result to bring him closer to making a purchase decision. If a user misses your website from Google’s results, they will most likely become a competitor’s customer.

The lower the visibility of your website or store in free Google search results, the fewer customers will learn about your product. The consequence will be fewer customers and worse sales. Therefore, business does not generate growth and does not develop.

Online Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Provides access to a huge market of potential customers. Therefore, the above-mentioned website must reach the customer at every stage of the purchasing path.

2. Your competition is already benefiting from SEO

If you see your competition in organic search results, this should be the best answer to whether it is worth investing in SEO. Nowadays, even medium and smaller companies can compete for the first results in the Google search engine. To not be overtaken, it is worth focusing on website Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. As soon as possible. It is also worth mentioning that the algorithms promote older domains that are systematically expanded and positioned. Domain age can play a big role, especially when promoting challenging key phrases.

3. Lots of new visits to the site

For most companies, the biggest advantage of Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. It is, of course, that it allows you to increase organic traffic on the website significantly. From a practical point of view, this means that you can count on more potential customers. Thanks to high positions in Google search results, you can increase the sale of your goods and services. According to many experienced analysts and internet marketing specialists, more and more users will use the Internet every year, so it is worth using this effective tool to promote your business.

4. Get low-cost traffic and customers to the right place

Nowadays, geolocation plays a huge role, which is why more and more companies position their goods and services on Google Maps. Local SEO is a great choice for medium and smaller companies starting their business and focusing primarily on local customers. It should also be remembered that many companies on the market offer their services only in a selected area. Thanks to the local Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. in the selected city, it will be possible to reach new customers without the need to spend a fortune without any major problems. To be successful in the local market, it is worth focusing primarily on optimizing local phrases.

5. Maintaining constant free traffic for a longer period of time

It is worth mentioning the website Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Brings satisfactory results, mainly in the long term. At the very beginning, organic Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Requires appropriate campaign optimization, but after a few months, you can reap great benefits for many months or even years.

When marketing budgets are exhausted, or there is a crisis in the company, organic traffic will guarantee stability. This move will not be turned off when there is not enough money for further Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency.

6. Natural results better than sponsored ones

Of course, the effects of Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. in search results require more time but remember that they are more durable than AdWords campaigns, completely dependent on the budget and paid clicks. It is also worth mentioning that Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Pages for phrases that generate customers, in the long run, generate greater savings. From a practical point of view, this means that with a much smaller budget, you can generate more traffic to your website and attract more leads. AdWords is a great tool, especially for those who start a new website and look for seasonal or immediate advertising. The natural results from Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency., in turn, are aimed at those who want to jump to high positions in Google and stay on them for a longer period of time.

7. Dynamization of profits every month

Thanks to Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency., you can successfully develop your business and compete with even the largest competitors in the search results, who may already have settled on their laurels. As it is commonly known, there are no borders on the Internet, which is why we get practically unlimited development possibilities. You can only focus on local Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. In the next steps, you can gain customers from all over the province, country, and even worldwide. One of the biggest advantages of website Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency is optimizing costs of reaching potential customers.

8. Measurability of effects and maximization of profits

Entrepreneurs who want to bet on Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. They can, of course, use free analytical tools (Google Analitycs or Google Search Console), thanks to which they can measure the effectiveness of their activities. At any time, you can check which phrases generate the most traffic and which you have to give up in favor of new keywords. Thanks to decent analysis, you can maximize your profits and get more customers.

9. Unlimited range of advertising

For many companies, a huge advantage of Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. is its enormous reach in search results. Modern internet advertising is distinguished by the lack of geographic and time barriers. Individual companies can search for customers and direct their products to them all over the world. Thanks to Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. More precisely, thanks to the global nature of online advertising, companies can decide where they want to promote themselves.

10. Reach your customers with lots of different keywords

The effectiveness of website Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. It largely depends on the selection of appropriate keywords. Nowadays, it is worth focusing on the most competitive keywords that generate the most traffic on the website. Brand phrases, self-help phrases, and long-tail phrases (long tail for wide Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency.) are also noteworthy. Keyword search tools or SEO specialists can always help you choose the best keywords.

11. Content marketing that generates customers on a regular basis

When Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Websites are worth focusing primarily on expanding and optimizing content, which is why content marketing plays a significant role. Thanks to interesting content, you can attract the attention of a selected group of customers for a long time. Well-planned content marketing also allows you to constantly build the commitment and loyalty of a selected group of customers. Many people are visual learners, so it is worth focusing on graphic content. Interesting and well-optimized infographics, charts, gifs, and videos will allow you to gain many new customers.

12. Building the image of an expert

When Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency., it is also worth focusing on running your own blog, which can significantly support SEO activities. Thanks to your own blog, you can gradually build the image of an expert. Thanks to this, you can gain users’ trust and thus encourage them to use our services. Video recording and Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. in the YouTube search engine is a more ambitious challenge.

13. Source supporting customer acquisition from other traffic sources

High positions in search results are not the only source of customers that can be obtained thanks to Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. The more traffic sources are launched simultaneously, they support each other, and thus the probability of acquiring a new customer increases. Thus, Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. They can support each other when acquiring customers from Google ADS advertising, remarketing, or Facebook advertising.

14. Building business relationships

It should also not be forgotten that internet marketing can be used to maintain positive relationships with your customers. Thanks to Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency., you can get to know the real preferences of customers very precisely. This means that you can prepare your website better and provide products and services for real demand. In many industries, trends change quickly, so it is worth building positive business relationships with your customers and business partners. Effective and well-planned web analytics should always be one of the key parts of website Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Activities.

15. Increasing brand visibility and awareness

Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. is an excellent proposition for those who want to improve their brand’s image and increase visibility and recognition. Without a positive image, it is challenging to be successful in virtually every industry. People use the services of companies they know and trust. Anyone who thinks about promoting their company in the long term should build brand awareness as soon as possible. Even if a given user does not click the link leading to our website, he will still see him in high positions in the Google search engine. If customers start to associate our brand more and more, they will count on more interest on their part.

16. Better website quality, readability and speed

Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Forces the implementation of comprehensive website optimization, which improves the website’s quality, speed, and readability. Our website should contain only high-quality content that is readable and valuable for users and Google robots. Recently, there has been a big boom in responsive websites, so it is worth making sure that all users of mobile devices can use our websites without any problems. Pages that open on modern smartphones should not only be readable, but most importantly, they should load quickly. Slow and unintuitive websites, unfortunately, scare off customers. The responsiveness and speed of loading the website have an increasing impact on the positions in the Google search engine and the comfort of using the website by potential customers.

17. Differentiation of advertising exposure in the search engine

Organic results are very high in the Google search engine and are second only to sponsored links (AdWords). Thanks to a good exposure, you can count on many views. With some local phrases, you can also expect our website to be displayed on Google maps, more visible to users, and often at the top.

18. Increasing the profits from running monetization systems on the site

You can find many websites on the Internet that allow you to redeem your pages. Until a few years ago, you could earn money mainly thanks to the AdSense service. Nowadays, website owners have much more room to show off. Individual affiliate programs have their advantages and disadvantages, so it is worth reading them carefully so that you can choose the best one.

Learn the search trend for the phrase page Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Google is still trendy! Note that the popularity of this keyword remains high. People are looking for SEO services and offer because they know the effectiveness and efficiency of well-done SEO.

The numbers show how often the term was searched for the highest point on the graph in a given time and region. The value of 100 means the highest popularity of the password. A value of 50 means that the popularity of the password was twice as low. On the other hand, 0 indicates that the popularity of the password was less than 1% of the highest value.

Positioning the website yourself – is it worth it? 13 reasons that it does not always pay off?

Independent Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. of a website in Google, contrary to appearances, is not such a simple task as it might seem at first glance. Nowadays, Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. by yourself requires specialist knowledge and a lot of experience and the time entrepreneurs almost always lack. The following reasons should not discourage you from Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Your website yourself, but you should learn about the risks and threats. Without knowing the risk in Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency., it is better to outsource SEO activities to a good SEO company.

1. Frequent changes to the Google algorithm

A few years ago, the mechanism of the Google algorithm, which was responsible for displaying organic results, was simple, thanks to which everyone could independently position their websites at a very cheap cost. However, this algorithm has evolved a lot, so you must follow all the changes to maintain high positions in the search results. Experienced SEO agencies are up to date with the latest changes in algorithms, thanks to which they can choose optimal Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Strategies. Unfortunately, catching a filter or a ban on the page is straightforward if you do not follow the latest Google guidelines. This applies in particular to acquiring links, where the link-building strategy has changed significantly in recent years.

2. Lack of specialized SEO programs and tools

Of course, when Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Websites, not only specialist knowledge is required, but also appropriate SEO programs and tools. You can indeed use free tools (Google Analytics and Google Search Console), but of course, paid applications such as Ahrefs, Senuto, Surfer SEO have the most to offer. Unfortunately, their purchase is associated with a fairly large expense, so it is not always a profitable investment with one website. Of course, SEO agencies have access to the best tools on the market, thanks to which they can conduct a complete technical audit, effective analysis of the visibility of the competition, or obtain valuable SEO links.

3. Huge investment of time

For Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. To bring satisfactory results, you should spend valuable time gaining industry knowledge and the SEO activities themselves. Some tasks can indeed be outsourced to external companies (e.g., SEO copywriting and writing texts), but many time-consuming tasks still have to be done yourself. A lot of people believe that once you have achieved the top positions, you can quit SEO. From a practical point of view, this is just the beginning of work. The key to success is maintaining high positions and expanding the website’s visibility to new user inquiries related to your industry. And the competition never sleeps, so you have to be one step ahead all the time.

4. Building your own SEO base

With more difficult keywords, the necessary action may be to build your own Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Base. Creating a decent SEO base, as well as its maintenance, is associated with a considerable expense. Of course, professional SEO agencies have their own facilities, thanks to which they can promote our website quite efficiently. It should be remembered that it takes a long time for our facilities to gain “power.” SEO agencies can boast domains with an uninterrupted, several-year history, thanks to which links from such backgrounds can really give a good “kick” in raising your position. You should also not forget that programming knowledge and knowledge about backend linking can also be useful so that Google does not detect predictable linking patterns.

5. Comprehensive website optimization

Nowadays, not only Google algorithms are evolving, but also websites. Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Requires systematic action by an SEO specialist. Agencies employ experienced computer graphic designers and programmers, thanks to which they can make our websites perfect. Unfortunately, if our website is badly coded, there may be smaller or bigger problems with its optimization and Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. For the website to be positioned well, it must not only contain valuable content, but above all, it must be responsive and load quickly on all mobile devices. Website optimization requires comprehensive programming and analytical knowledge.

6. High-quality content

As mentioned above, when Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Websites, a huge role is played by the preparation of valuable content that will contain key phrases. Unique content should be written not only for Google robots but most of all for people. Nowadays, original and inventive content is the best magnet for attracting potential customers. Unfortunately, many people may have a big problem preparing valuable content on their own, even when they know their industry very well. In the prepared expert texts, SEO specialists make the final touches by saturating the keywords selected for Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency., defining the title, meta description, H1, H2, H3 headings, ALT graphics settings, or text formatting following the art.

7. Choosing optimal keywords

In addition to the website audit, the selection of appropriate keywords plays a significant role. Search engine optimization companies have their own SEO methods and tools, thanks to which they can choose the best keywords that can generate high-quality traffic on the website that brings new customers. Unfortunately, if you choose the wrong key phrases at the beginning of the SEO campaign, the website’s Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency will not bring the intended goal. It is worth focusing on general phrases and brand, guide, and long-tail phrases in many industries. When selecting keywords, the positioner should also be guided by the current visibility of the website or the age of the domain. The young domain will not position itself quickly for general words. This cardinal error in searching for key phrases will make Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. ineffective even in the case of

8. Getting valuable links

Getting high-quality external links without the support of an SEO specialist can be an arduous task. You need to invest in a solid link analysis tool like Ahrefs or Majestic and learn how to use them at least at a basic level. Nowadays, there are many effective methods by which you can get strong links. However, it is worth noting that it is here that “independent positioners” make the most mistakes. Poor-quality SPAM links, worthless SEO directories, links obtained in large numbers and in a short time may, unfortunately, contribute to the imposition of a filter or a Google ban. Even strong links obtained to a new website too quickly can lead to the imposition of a sandbox, i.e., a quarantine for a period of about 3-6-12 months. Experienced SEO agencies can track the strong SEO links of the competition and use the option of relinking these sites. It should also be remembered that self-linking can really cost a lot – literally and figuratively. Literally – links cost a lot. Figuratively – it would be a shame to lose so much money due to inept link-building activities.

9. Google filters and bans

People who position their pages on their own may not know that; unfortunately, they have filters or bans. And as a result of inadvertent actions, they can contribute to the imposition of these penalties, which always result in a partial or complete reduction of organic visibility. Getting out of manual or algorithmic filters is not a simple task, so it is worth using the help of positioners. Thanks to the help of experienced SEO specialists, it will be possible to save even old domains that, at first glance, only seem to be abandoned. Good SEO-so also reacts to deposition activities so that the competition cannot harm us.

10. Support with social media

Recently, social networking sites have played an increasingly important role in online marketing, so it is worth taking advantage of their enormous potential. People who want to use social media traffic but unfortunately have no idea how to go about it should use the help of an experienced agency. Nowadays, SEO agencies offer not only search engine Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. But often many other services, thanks to which you can effectively promote your websites. For example, creating and configuring professional advertising campaigns on Google or Facebook is very popular. In International SEO Company / SEM & marketing expert, e-mail marketing also brings very satisfactory results, so it is worth looking for a reliable company to promote our brand from A to Z.

11. Positioning on foreign markets

One of the biggest advantages of website Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. is that it has no regional barriers. From a practical point of view, this means that you can promote your services and goods not only in International SEO Company / SEM & marketing expert but also abroad. Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. in Germany or the USA is a new challenge for International user Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London or USA SEO agencies but usually requiring even greater financial outlays than in our home backyard. Each country has slightly different SEO rules, so it is worth looking for a company specializing in Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. in a given region. The help of an external company is a great solution, especially for those people who are not very good at foreign languages. An attempt to independently build a website’s position on foreign markets is very likely to fail.

12. Seeming SEO savings

A lot of people think that thanks to self-positioning, you can save a lot of cash. Unfortunately, it does not always have to be this way in many situations, independent Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. It will involve the need to spend more money, buy SEO tools billed in a monthly subscription and devote your free time. Even after spending more money, there is no guarantee that our site will jump to high positions. After spending significant sums of money and acting inadvertently, many people start looking for SEO agencies for help anyway. In such a situation, the costs of Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. May increase even more than in the case of a “fresh” domain. Removing any bugs (filters, bans) can cost and take extra time. People who do not feel strong enough to position their pages on their own,

13. You Think White SEO and You Do Black SEO

When optimizing a website, hiring an agency that does not violate Google’s policy is essential. Relatively safe Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. is based on building a friendly website, expanding and optimizing content, and linking the website, preceded by a detailed analysis of the competition. It is never worth saving on Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency., which is why it pays off to establish cooperation only with experienced agencies that can boast a good reputation and many satisfied customers. On the other hand, you should avoid little-known companies that promise high positions in a short time and at a suspiciously low price before starting cooperation. Unfortunately, many pseudo positioners on the market can do more harm than good by their actions. Effective SEO requires reliable cooperation between the website owner and the agency.

When can you position your website yourself?

Self-positioning of the page can mainly bring benefits in the case of simple keywords. If there is not much competition for selected phrases, you can achieve high positions with a smaller budget. However, it is worth using a professional SEO consultant or ordering a comprehensive audit in such a situation. A good positioner will tell us what needs to be improved on the website and how to position yourself to get high positions in the search engine without exposing any Google penalties.

Sometimes, in consultation with an SEO specialist, you may find out that outsourcing to external companies will require some SEO activities. Then these activities should be verified by an SEO specialist.

If you are a fan of learning about new solutions and technologies, it is worth learning Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. On small websites or blogs. Learning page Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. is the knowledge that takes time to assimilate. Experience comes with time, and we rarely have enough of this. Part of the knowledge can be obtained for free on the Internet, and a large part can be obtained from foreign sites. However, it’s best to find a positioner who will lead you by the hand to get higher positions on Google through SEO consultations. Feel free to contact me.

Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. is an area that, like any other, you can learn, only you need to have time and will.

What determines the position of the page on Google?

It is impossible to count all the factors that raise the website’s position in the search results. The Google algorithm is closely guarded by the giant’s employees, who do not specify how strongly it affects Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency.

Google is convenient because of amateur Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. May end up with a penalty or a ban from Google, resulting in which the website’s position will drop in the depths of the search results. This is likely to induce the website owner to invest in paid AdWords ads from which Google earns the most money.

A professional SEO expert constantly educates himself and monitors the position of the website to efficiently react to changes in the position in the search results.

You are fighting for TOP10, TOP3 and TOP1, but remember about the competition

Do you search pages from the first Google search result? Research shows that the first result in a search engine is the most clicked. If you do not find the information you need, you return to the search engine and select another link describing the query. You surf, browse through the pages until you find the information you need. This is standard Internet user behavior.

As the website owner or store, you want to achieve the highest position in the search engine. Most people only search the first pages of the search results where there are 10 competing pages.

For example, for the phrase page Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. –  ranking in Google displays the 10 best companies recognized by the search engine that on November 22, 2019, the best answer a given query:

  • Sunrise System
  • WhitePress
  • Sempire
  • Bauer SEO
  • Tense Group
  • Tense Group (price list)
  • Visible
  • Szymon Słowik
  • Icommedia
  • Wildmoose

According to the Google ranking, most of the above pages are SEO agencies or specialists representing given SEO companies. The exception is WhitePress – a content marketing platform.

The trick of SEO is to position the converting key phrases to TOP10, jump the competition closer to TOP3, and finally achieve the first position in Google.

Does this mean that companies from the first page on Google can rest on their laurels for generic queries? Not. Google’s algorithm is changing, and the competition is investing more and more budgets in marketing, content, and links.

This means that Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. is a process that never ends and requires cyclical activities of the positioner. Therefore, the website Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. in SEO agencies is billed in a monthly subscription.

The position of my website and the Google algorithm

Today, the Google algorithm is based on artificial intelligence, so a professional website positioner has an even more difficult task to earn higher and higher positions.

This is because Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. in each industry requires completely different activities of the positioner. A thorough analysis of the competition should be performed to identify the factors that should greatly impact the website’s position in a given industry.

Other SEO techniques will be crucial to your credit Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency., other ranking factors will be more important to the courier industry. Still, other keys will be needed to promote your blog about cleaning machines.

The position of my website and the SEO specialist

There is no golden mean on how to raise your page’s rank on Google. SEO specialists, however, know what the position of a given page depends on, and they know the most important factors that allow you to improve Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. With a very high probability.

Positioners use tools to monitor the position of key phrases. Thanks to this, it is possible to control on an ongoing basis whether SEO techniques combined with other Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Activities are effective and contribute to improving the website’s position on Google.

If the page climbs up in the search results, the positioner can confirm that they are doing a good job. In a downturn in position, it can react quickly enough and take appropriate action to reverse this negative trend.

The key aspects of SEO on your way to the top of Google results

I have already said that the ranking factors are different for each industry. However, there is an SEO checklist, i.e., a list of actions analyzes and steps to be taken to make your website search engine friendly and understandable for web robots. Thanks to this, effective Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. It can only become a fact.

In the listing below, we present the key SEO factors, thanks to which you can effectively compete with the competition in the fight for TOP10, i.e., 1 page in Google search results.

Website construction

Already at the stage of building a website, it is possible to make Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency due to ignorance. Difficult and completely discourage Google robots from systematically visiting your website … And this should be your concern. Unfortunately, things are often different than you think… And you make some serious SEO mistakes unknowingly.

I mean here:

  • Newly established online stores based on dropshipping, where content duplication dominates .
  • Company pages with badly structured information architecture and orphan pages deeply embedded in the page structure.
  • Blogs with thousands of twin-like tags that waste crawl budget.

Good information layout architecture is the basic element of the SEO puzzle.

Each subpage should be analyzed in terms of whether it should appear in the Google index. Well, not all pages should go to Google results, e.g., test pages, regulations, cookies, registration forms, login, or shopping cart – they waste the SEO power flowing on the page that is transferred to subpages unnecessary from the SEO point of view.

In turn, each category, offer, product page, or other valuable pages important for a web robot should have its appropriate place on the website, easily accessible to the user.

The whole art of a well-built website is that both the Internet user and the robot can navigate around your site without any hassle. SEO and UX (usability) should always go hand in hand.

Page content

Google is a text search engine. What about the graphics? For the web crawler to know the content of the graphic, the ALT attribute added to the HTML image tag, which is also a text attribute, is used.

Search engines rely on content to rank a page. 

The most important information for you is that it is impossible to position empty subpages without content. Google needs a lot of content on your site to satisfy search engine users and present them with the content they need from your site.

Only high-quality content (content marketing) that reliably responds to a given query and exhausts a given topic in a detailed way can trigger engagement on the website, ultimately acquiring the first customer from Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency.

Google also uses its algorithm to analyze user behavior and evaluate the usefulness of the published content. It measures the average user’s stay on the website, how many pages they browse during a single visit to the website, analyzes whether the user remembers the brand name, which he then enters directly into the Google search field …

All this, combined with hundreds of other signals, is important in the final analysis of the quality of content and usefulness for subsequent users of the search engine.

If Google looks favorably at your content, you are well on your way to maintaining high positions in Google and getting more customers from the search engine for many months or even years. Investment in SEO becomes very profitable, and you do not have to invest in Google ADS paid advertising every month.

Finally, authentic and up-to-date information:

Did you know that you can become the leader of your industry in search results? Provide answers to the questions of search engine users (answer more questions than your competitors do on their pages). This requires large investments in content production and SEO copywriters. Still, in the long run, it generates the cheapest possible traffic to your website and the cheapest source of acquiring new customers regularly flowing to your company via Google.

Technical SEO and structured data

Technical activities on a positioned page can significantly improve the position of the page on Google. Technical corrections may concern the HTML code, the aforementioned ALT attributes for graphics, implementation of breadcrumbs, image compression, or actions improving the page loading speed.

Many technical changes can be made directly on the server, where the positioned page files are located. For example, I mean the implementation of the SSL certificate and 301 redirections from HTTP to https.

Well-done page loads faster, scan faster by web crawlers, and positions itself faster in Google results.

Almost every industry will need to implement microformats (microdata), determined by structured data. Thanks to them, you will help Google better understand your website’s content and distinguish it in search results, where there are already 10 strong competitors on the first page. Such details determine the positions, and it is your website can leapfrog the competition, which may use proprietary and undeveloped CMS.

You can also embed an address with the company’s location, data about the product, or offer in the microformats. Finally, Google rating stars embedded in microformats on the page effectively distinguish the company from competitive results.

Trusting Google in the site and increasing authority

The goal of the Google search engine is to provide users with the best quality content and answers to their questions that will satisfy them completely. A layperson would think to be high in Google; you need to create valuable content defined by content marketing. It is a path to your destination and a good lead, but not a shortcut. Google needs proof that your website is worth trusting without limits.

Trust in the website – this is the level of quality and usefulness of this website for users in the eyes of the Google search engine.

The problem of the lack of trust in Google affects every newly established Internet domain. Even if it regularly publishes valuable content, a young website will probably not appear high in Google for the most difficult, single-word (general) key phrases in this industry in the first year of its existence.

Here we come to the heart of the problem …

Why would Google promote a new domain for difficult keywords if it doesn’t trust it? In the search results, Google presents links to competitors’ websites on the first page, which enjoy the already established authority of the search engine.

So how to build Google’s trust in the website?

A website may position itself well in Google’s results for more difficult phrases, but it needs authority. In many industries, some pages are high on Google for huge amounts of keywords. Wikipedia is a well-known and authoritative source.

Why does Wikipedia have so much authority over Google?

  • Wikipedia is an old domain – it was established on January 15, 2001 and is one of the oldest domains in the world. The age of the domain is very important in positioning, so you have to wait patiently for high positions for the most competitive phrases when starting a new website. For a young domain, a good strategy for START is wide positioning , referred to as long tail or long tail – that is, promoting keywords of at least 3 words, which are easier and more effective to position.
  • Wikipedia has a large amount of expert content – it is undeniable that the content published there is of the highest quality and will be used by search engine users for years to come. Google trusts such content. It is therefore necessary to launch a company blog within the website, where you will publish only expert content, not SEO texts with key phrases crammed into it. If you fill your industry with content like Wikipedia, then you have a unique opportunity to become a leader in your industry or be one of the biggest players on the market who deal cards. Thanks to such content, in the eyes of Google, you will become an authority, which will translate into better SEO results, higher page positions and more customers.
  • Wikipedia has many linking sites – other authoritative sites link to Wikipedia as reliable sources of information. Since its inception, Google has relied on links when determining its position. Today, strong SEO links are one of the strongest ranking factors.

Based on Wikipedia’s analysis, you should know that, first of all, you need:

  • expert content
  • corporate blog
  • links from domains with high authority

In terms of links, the Google algorithm has evolved significantly over the past years. This algorithm evolution is also associated with increasing Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency price. Services for websites and stores on Google. What mattered was the number of links obtained on a massive scale from various domains in the past. In short … cheap spam was getting high positions, and today in the SERP, you can find domains that have gained top thanks to such practices.

With regret for the SEO industry, I confirm that low-cost spam Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. It will no longer have any effect but will harm your website in the form of penalties from Google, invisible flags, and possible bans.

Today, only links from domains with a good reputation are important in Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. How to position your website in organic search results? You should get links from sites that Google considers to be of high authority. Of course, the best will be linked to blogs, thematic portals, and recognized internet forums.

The positioner uses SEO tools to find authoritative websites, such as Ahrefs, Surfer, or Majestic. Links from reputable sites are the most expensive. The prices of one strong start from USD 100 and end up at several thousand. USD. This should give you a lot to think about, why cheap website Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. On the Internet for USD 500 will not be as fast and effective.


By entering a keyword into Google, you can see the search results shuffle across devices. The position of a given page in Google will probably not be the same on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Does this mean that the Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. of websites for computers looks different than mobile SEO? Not necessarily!

Google has already introduced mobile first-index for some time. This means, in a nutshell, that the content on the website should be displayed in the same way on every device. Otherwise, Google may reduce the visibility of your website if you hide content on smartphones and show it only on desktops.

Factors influencing Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Depend on the industry but also vary with the device being viewed.

This means that a stronger factor influencing Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency for mobile devices. Will be the implementation of a responsive website (RWD) version that displays well on any device. Also, a stronger SEO ranking factor for mobile devices will be the page loading speed, which can be improved with simple actions related to comprehensive page optimization and image compression.

Note that the activities described above also serve the users of the Google search engine, who expect from it not only the highest quality content but also search results for websites that will provide speed and comfort of viewing the content on any device. This is modern UX-related SEO.


The positions of key phrases, especially local ones, will change depending on the user’s location. When running a local business, you can quickly see how location influences the position on the Google map.


When looking for an offer for Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Websites from the vicinity of Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London or USA, in Google Maps, you will see SEO agencies from Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London or USA, and even near the street (district) where you entered the query – website Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London or USA.

It is very logical for Google to show local results near your current location. If you entered a business inquiry for any service from Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London or USA, and the result of the Lublin city company was presented in a Google map, you would certainly not be satisfied with the search engine result.

So how does Google know my and your location?

  • Mobile devices – after the phone’s GPS signal (even if you turn it off, Google will know where you are).
  • Computers and tablets – by IP address, but not only.

This means that when you are in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London or USA and looking for an SEO company in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London or USA, you do not have to add the phrase Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London or USA to your query. The phrase website Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Alone is enough, and Google will display SEO agencies from the capital of International SEO Company / SEM & marketing expert, and even a specific district of Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London or USA. This is vital information for local (regional) Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency…

Local-Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. is not only about Google Maps but also about organic search results.

Cheap SEO

Cheap cooperation with an SEO agency often takes place in a sick relationship:

  • Client: Pretends to invest in SEO.
  • SEO Agency: Pretends to position …

It often ends very tragically. Contact with the agency is getting weaker, a monthly subscription has to be paid, and there are no customers. You conclude that Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. is not working. Your opinion is not entirely true because you did not achieve the results due to the cheap Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Service.

See the video tutorial.

ULTRA cheap SEO in a Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Company up to USD 500. Business on your knees!

Why is cheap SEO a worthless service?

Over the phone, I often hear these types of statements from potential customers and my comment:

1. Sir, I just got started with the business and a new website. I am looking for the cheapest possible Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Offer in search results!

Comment: A new website in Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. requires the greatest financial resources, because in most cases, there is no content, no optimization, no links, and most importantly… Google lacks trust in the new website.

2. Let’s position the website cheaply for the first year, and if the results are, we will increase the funds for marketing.

Comment: If it is cheap, there will be no effects. A new furniture store with a net budget of USD 700 per month will not achieve virtually any results.

3. Should I pay 1500 USD / month for Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency.? What’s so much for ?!

Comment: For the work of the positioner and the scope of work that will be performed monthly on the website.

Will website positioning be cheaper on your own?

Searching for a website by yourself can be cheaper but not free.

It turns out that many people even enter passwords into Google, such as:

  • free search engine optimization
  • free SEO programs
  • free website positioning course
  • effective website positioning for free

These are probably people looking for SEO knowledge in courses and programs to position their website on Google by themselves. And rightly so!

You will also need money for an SEO copywriter, paid SEO tools, strong Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Links, and in the event of strong competition, you may need to build your own SEO backend. For all this, you need specialist knowledge of website Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency., time and search results observation, and the ability to use free and paid SEO tools. You will find many paid SEO courses, free SEO tutorials, and Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency videos. OnlineI encourage you to subscribe to our Projekt Marketing channel to stay up to date.

You can learn everything, but SEO also requires experience and learning from your mistakes.

If you are a beginner and would like to position your company website or online store from scratch, find out how to do it best?

Using SEO consultations in Projekt Marketing, we will learn how to position the website ourselves. If you do not have time for independent Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency., you will be able to verify and supervise the work of an external SEO agency. In this way, you will be able to observe increases in search results on your own and without agency reports and efficiently react in the event of website declines.

Conclusion: Independent website Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. is also not free, but it can be cheaper than working with an SEO agency, which will charge a margin on the services provided. Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. You yourself, and reaching TOP3 search results takes time, knowledge, and invaluable experience. 

Cheap black SEO – risks and threats

Low-quality SEO is followed by low-quality, no-effects, and harmful actions, the negative consequences of which can be felt for many years. Lack of knowledge about the correct search engines and the emphasis on quick Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Based on cheap actions can also lead to a penalty and a ban on Google.

Also, Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Companies that offer very cheap SEO often use unethical practices that ultimately cause more damage than Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency benefits.

As a result, Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. It will cost you dearly later because removing penalties from Google does not guarantee restoration of the previous visibility in search results. In some cases, it is necessary to set up a website on a new domain and build search engine marketing from scratch.

High positioning prices only seemingly high

It is impossible to clearly define a fixed Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. The price for each page depends on many factors. Each company website, store, or blog has different business goals defined during individual SEO audits and client conversations.

Thus, not all pages will require identical actions to be performed by an SEO specialist.

Some, especially newly created websites, will require more person-hours of the positioner to optimize the website’s source code. Optimization is the basis of effective Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Without website optimization, it is impossible to maximize profits from SEO.

If the page is empty and based mainly on graphics, you will need an SEO copywriter to create texts with saturated key phrases. The copywriter prices the text writing service based on the number of characters, the type of text topic, and the level of difficulty of the text. The price for 1 text is approximately USD 100 or more.

Strong SEO links are needed for some pages. Then you need to prepare a link-building strategy and obtain incoming links to the website that will improve visibility in search engines. When it comes to links, there is a wide range of prices. There are external sites where you can get a link for free. However, if you want to advertise a page on a thematic portal with traffic over 100,000 UUU/month, you will pay even several thousand zlotys for a link in the article.

A professional linking offer may mean building SEO facilities, e.g., creating 5 websites to generate traffic, links to a positioned page, and customers. SEO resources can include blogs, advertising portals, industry portals, website catalogs, product catalogs, forums, or small online stores.

Building 1 website for SEO facilities requires purchasing a domain, server, graphics, template, content, optimization, and incoming links. The cost of building one backend site is over USD 1000.

Positioning can be cheaper than ADS based on the SEO backend

This company directory cost a total of over USD 10,000 (domain, server, template, directory software, blog entries, optimization, links)

SEO analysis shows that after one year of existence on the web, the SEO base generates:

  • TOP3 phrases in the amount of 66 queries.
  • TOP10 phrases in the amount of 332 queries.
  • TOP50 phrases in the amount of over 2k inquiries.
  • AdWords equivalent: PLN 1100

The estimated amount that would have to be spent monthly in the Google Ads system to generate traffic analogous to the traffic generated from SEO activities is about USD 1,100. Assuming that the Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Traffic will be stable, and the catalog construction will pay off in less than 12 months.

The seemingly high costs of building SEO facilities and Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. For USD 10,000 may be frightening. Still, they turn out to be very low in the long term, as indicated by the AdWords equivalent in Senuto.

Google pays money every month in Ads while the developed high positions of key phrases can last for months or even years with weak competition. SEO can be the cheapest source of website traffic in the long run, provided you work with professionals.

What does cheap website and store positioning mean?

By choosing a subscription to SEO services tailored to your needs, you receive invaluable tips that will significantly improve the visibility of the website and the regular work that the positioner will perform on and off the page.

Seemingly SEO seems to be an expensive service, but when converting to ADS or other forms of marketing, it turns out that Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. is cheap. Thanks to this, you get more cheap traffic to your website, customers and meet your business goals.

Too low price of website Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Means the low price of the service. Here we come to the heart of the article: the client pretends to invest in Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. … an SEO agency pretends to be Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. This is exactly doing SEO at cost, for next to nothing.

The 6 most important activities of an SEO specialist in website positioning

Does free SEO exist? Is Cheap SEO Still Possible? I answer this question, it is necessary to consider what activities must be carried out on the positioned (on-site) and off-site (off-site) websites.

And will you find a positioner who will position your website for free? I would like to point out right away that in my opinion, the average salary of a positioner is at least USD 100 – USD 200 net / 1 hour of work.

In the list below, I would like to present the scope of work that an SEO specialist performs when Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. A small company website.

# 1 – Business goals and strategy

Before starting Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency., a reliable SEO agency should first develop business goals and a Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Strategy tailored to the age, domain authority, and current store visibility.

Example 1: An online antique store gets the most profit from the sale of retro desks—the purpose of Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. The beginning of cooperation may be Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. one category in the online store will increase sales.

Example 2: An owner of a new company website offering services for importing cars and motorcycles from the USA can obtain the greatest profit from importing luxury cars from the USA. The purpose of Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. At the beginning of cooperation may be Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. The subpage of the import of luxury cars from the USA for the long tail.

Example 3: A sailing school owner with good organic visibility needs more camps and sailing cruises booking forms to start. The goal of SEO may be to simultaneously broadly position all sailing events to increase organic visibility and reach even more potential customers.

The positioner can still develop the SEO strategy at a cost if you decide to work long-term with a given SEO agency.

# 2 – SEO audit

SEO audit is a document that analyzes the current visibility of the website and possibly all Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Activities that have been performed so far on the website and outside the website. The purpose of the audit is to analyze the current website optimization, link analysis, detect possible penalties from Google and reduce as many optimization errors as possible to improve the website’s visibility in search engines. A good audit also analyzes the activities of the largest competition, which will turn out to be a signpost for achieving business goals via the website.

The development of an SEO audit costs about USD 1,500 or more, depending on the size and topic of the website.

# 3 – Keywords

With the help of keyword search tools, the positioner selects the appropriate keywords for Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. These are not random phrases but inquiries that generate customers and are realistic at a given moment.

Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. These phrases to TOP3 will allow you to increase the traffic on the website significantly and with a high probability to achieve the assumed goal at the beginning of cooperation.

Developing a reliable list of at least 200 key phrases for Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Takes at least 4 hours of SEO work.

Monthly keyword analysis allows you to extend the website Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Strategy with new phrases, so there are more SEO hours each month.

# 4 – Optimization and development of the website for SEO

The positioner makes changes directly on the positioned website. There are modifications to the page’s source code (e.g., meta tags, headers, ALT attributes for images). Site loading speed accelerations and enhancements are made to make the website display well on any desktop, tablet, and mobile device.

SEO copywriter prepares Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Text with the saturation of key phrases selected for the SEO campaign. Thanks to SEO texts, the positioner can expand the page of offers, services, store categories, expand product descriptions, or run a specialized company blog, increasing the website’s overall visibility for long-tail phrases.

The implementation of optimization costs about USD 1,000 or more. In the first or second month of cooperation with an SEO agency, general optimization should be implemented.

In the following months of cooperation, there is a cyclical optimization of the content and the next working hours of the positioner.

# 5 – Positioning your website with strong links

Link building activities outside the positioned page, consisting in acquiring strong SEO links to the page. Focused mainly on links from thematic portals, blogs, local websites, advertising pages, and SEO facilities. The purpose of linking is to increase the position of key phrases.

Prices for 1 strong SEO link start from USD 100 or more. A positioner, the pace of obtained links by the competition, and the client’s budget capabilities develop a website linking strategy based on the competition analysis. Linking the website is performed cyclically every month, so more hours of the positioner’s work are needed.

# 6 – SEO analysis

Monitoring the position of key phrases and analysis of SEO activities. The purpose of SEO analysis is to reliably assess visibility after implementing SEO optimization measures and providing strong links to the page.

Position monitoring and other SEO tools also cost money.

Most of the Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Activities are performed cyclically every month.

Positioning for the patient and persistent

People who are serious about SEO should remember that SEO is for the patient. Companies that expect instant results should rather bet on AdWords sponsored links.

As mentioned earlier, the Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. of phrases can take up to several months, so if we offer seasonal products, it is worth thinking about Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. A bit earlier. It is also worth mentioning that you should contribute to the development of the website yourself and not just count on the SEO agency.

Larger companies can also seriously consider employing their own full-time SEO who will be entirely devoted to Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. The company website or store. Above all, it is an ideal choice for those companies that want to build a strong SEO background and quick brand recognition in the market.

Why is it worth using the services of an SEO agency?

Websites and SEO depend heavily on website builders, developers, and SEO specialists.

A good SEO agency deals with the analysis and operation of the client’s website and uses appropriate Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Tools. Before starting optimization and Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency., a thorough analysis of the website is performed, the so-called audit, research on the strengths and weaknesses of the website.

Only in the next stage, the website is modified from the technical side. Then, finding the right key phrases is the beginning of success. See a tutorial on how to choose a good SEO agency?

Even if you have to spend USD 1500 monthly subscription for SEO services … You still often pay less than investing in Google AdWords ads.

In addition, advertising the website has a one-time effect (you pay for each click), while long-term Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Multiplies the company’s successes over the next months or even years.

In many cases, choosing the right SEO agency is the key to success. However, the market is very spoiled, including cheap search engine optimization on Google.

On the other hand, choosing the most expensive offer does not mean choosing the best SEO agency. The safest solution is to acquire the knowledge in the guide below and decide after viewing the material from beginning to end.

How much does website positioning cost?

Do you want White HAT SEO Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. To be safe with the penalty imposed by Google to a minimum? An SEO company has to spend a certain amount of resources and costs.

The price of website Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Requires investment in:

  • SEO specialists for positioning.
  • Accounts contacting the owner of a positioned website.
  • Preparation of an SEO audit – a recommendation presenting the strengths and weaknesses of the website.
  • Paid and Expensive SEO Tools – Popular among them are Majestic, Ahrefs, Senuto, Semstorm, Screaming Frog, Surfer SEO.
  • Website optimization for SEO.
  • Writing texts by a copywriter – on average, writing texts costs about PLN 10-20 for 1000 characters with spaces.
  • Acquiring links to the website – one thematic link from a strong domain costs about PLN 100 or more.

The Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. of the above-mentioned websites, in addition to increasing competition, demands technical matters related to optimizing the website for the Google search engine. More and more important in Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. is the valuable content on the website, the so-called content marketing. This is the best way to get natural links that are the most valuable in the SEO process. Google’s guidelines force us to constantly analyze websites’ position and improve websites to be friendly to all internet users.

The prices of website Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. The Projekt Marketing Agency starts from USD 1500 monthly subscription, including an unlimited number of keywords for marketing in the Google search engine. SEO contract for 1 year with one month’s notice. A year is a sufficient period to generate effects for a positioned website.

When are the first page positioning results?

In an industry characterized by high competition, you must wait about 6 months for the first results.

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