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How was e-commerce communication shaped in 2022?

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The pandemic has changed global and local shopping habits. The growing interest in online shopping resulting from restrictions in stationary trade has accelerated the industry’s evolution.

Salespeople noticed that the old, well-worn patterns stopped bringing the expected results. First of all, customers began to demand transparency and a one-off approach from sellers. Comparing both views allows you to develop a new approach to communication in e-commerce.

The increase in competition in the network forced the optimization of sales processes. On the one hand, this led to an improvement in the situation of customers, and on the other, it turned out to be a test for store owners. How quickly sellers adjust to the new reality will determine their position, profits, brand image, and even sales volume.

One of the most important issues affecting sales effectiveness is broadly understood communication with the store’s customer. However, to correctly set the direction of changes aimed at repairing and optimizing processes, a broader view of the market is necessary. Such a perspective is provided by the latest SMS API Communication of online stores, developed in cooperation with the Shopper platform.

Communication of online stores

According to data provided by Shopper, 37% more online stores were established on their platform in the last months of 2020. At the same time, increases in the number and frequency of transactions were recorded in all product categories, the largest in the case of articles related to health and beauty, clothing and footwear, books, and multimedia.

The online store operator is faced with the question: how to attract and interest a customer who was previously used to shopping in shopping malls? An answer is a thoughtful approach to communication.

Communication with customers is not only about automated SMS and e-mail messages sent by the e-commerce system. Although the fact that they are its indispensable element! It also includes all other messages, the content of the store’s websites, customer service, and how these tools are used.

By the way, it’s worth noting that you can’t skip any of the channels – they only provide the best results together. A holistic view of the relationship with the consumer allows you to plan your activities better, and at the same time, makes them more effective.

The first meeting with the brand (point of contact) can be decisive for the entire relationship. That is why personalization and correct targeting of the message is important, both at the beginning and later during the sales process itself.

Customers will be happy to share information about themselves in exchange for better-tailored content and offers. Gender, first name, email address, and shopping preferences are the most common data they provide. This set allows you to create more tailored content and propose products corresponding to the preferences of customers.

E-commerce? Or maybe m-commerce?

In most cases, a smartphone or tablet is a device on which consumers get to know the store’s offer. That is why it is so important to adapt it to mobile devices. The mobile-first approach assumes designing a responsive and user-friendly mobile website and the preparation and use of appropriate solutions. This applies to both communication and, for example, payments.

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