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How to use social media in the wedding industry

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Promoting your brand on social media is one of the basic things that every person who runs a business should think about. After all, it is said that if you are not on Facebook, you do not exist.

Promoting your brand on social media is one of the basic things that every person who runs a business should think about. After all, it is said that if you are not on Facebook, you do not exist. This principle also applies to your company. Moreover, Facebook is not enough, especially in the wedding industry! When directing your messages to the audience planning a wedding, you need to reach them through other channels. Why? Because your competition is already doing it!

How to do it, and what social media should you choose? Why focus on social media and invest in its development? If you still have this type of doubt in your head, be sure to read this article.

Table of Contents:

  1. The wedding industry in the age of digital revolution
  2. Why is it worth it?
  3. Facebook – how to use it in the wedding industry?
  4. Wedding group on Facebook
  5. Instagram – stories, live, shop
  6. Tiktok – your target group is here too!
  7. The style and language of the wedding industry’s messages on social media
  8. Ways of getting involved – post examples
  9. Regularity and regularity are essential
  10. Customer service on social media
  11. Is it worth having Facebook reviews turned on?
  12. Influencer marketing in the wedding industry
  13. summary
  14. Summary 

The wedding industry in the age of digital revolution

The times when you searched for wedding service providers using word of mouth are long gone, and your online image has a great influence on your customers’ purchasing decisions.

Thanks to social media, the wedding industry has many opportunities to promote, build an image, and connect with customers.

Since the Internet took over the world completely, the wedding industry is rapidly growing online and runs wedding catalogs, portals, blogs, and, of course, its corporate websites. Thanks to this, you can easily present your offer and portfolio, and the customer can contact a given service provider without leaving home. On the one hand, it has a big plus because it reduces the time of making decisions to a minimum, and on the other hand, it gives you less time to convince the client. What you do online becomes the way to impress. Therefore, your image is significant.

Many companies that recently underestimated the power of internet marketing began to actively operate on the Internet in the era of the coronavirus.

Why is it worth it?

The wedding industry is actually an extensive specialization. It includes photographers, teams, wedding halls, wedding dress salons, and, for example, companies with wedding invitations. As you can see, there are individuals here, such as photographers, but also large companies, consisting of many structures. When investing in the company’s development, social media is not something that naturally comes to mind.

The marketing strategy cannot be based solely on social media, but it should be an integral part of promotional activities.

Social media is a free place where you can appear.

If it is possible to have another page for free to introduce yourself and your services, it would be a sin not to use it! Social media is an area where you can connect with potential customers, post an offer, information about promotions, and much, much more. Of course, social networks also offer paid options, such as advertising or post promotions, but it is not something mandatory, and you can successfully use the free opportunities.

There are your customers on social media, and your competitors know it.

Social networks are a place where you can successfully reach your customers in many different ways, engage them and keep in touch. And that’s a lot! You can be sure that your competition has certainly settled on popular social networks to reach your customers. So if you are not here, unfortunately, customers will not even have the opportunity to get to know your brand and what it offers. The first contact with your company and your products or services is the first step to getting potential customers interested in your offer.

Are you not on social media? You don’t exist!

These are the rules that govern the current world of marketing. In fact, it would be enough to say only “world.” If there is no one on Facebook, that’s suspect, to say the least. What if there is no company? Perhaps it does not exist or has been closed? Such dilemmas will appear in the minds of customers who enter the name of your company in the search engine. Before someone decides to inquire about a service or product, they will probably first want to check what’s going on in social media. Are there any promotions, or is there something new? What comments are made by customers on your posts? The moment it does not find you at all, it will seem strange and disturbing.

Facebook – how to use it in the wedding industry?

Facebook is the staple when it comes to wedding social media. It is the most popular social networking site. It grows stronger in the 18-24 and 25-34 age range when it comes to users. When running a company in the wedding industry, it is worth considering setting up a company website here, the so-called fanpage.

What is the best way to use Facebook and maintain a profile to attract new customers and translate your activities into profit? Social networks are perfect for many roles, and your action strategy should be selected depending on your main goal. So what can you mainly use Facebook for?

  • Keeping in touch with customers and fans of our brand – Facebook is designed for two-way communication, thanks to which the recipients of your content and people interested in your company can comment on your posts and send messages with inquiries. If you manage the content on your profile appropriately and encouragingly, it will additionally make it shared by others.
  • Distribution of content from our website / blog – often running a wedding business involves running a wedding website or blog. In addition to relying on typical SEO, it is worth supporting these activities by promoting your content on social media.
  • Informing about new products, promotions and any changes – most often such information will reach the recipients faster thanks to placing them on the company’s fanpage.
  • Engaging the community – thanks to posts, you have the opportunity to engage your audience, thanks to which the reach of your posts increases.
  • Marking other companies – it’s worth marking other companies and establishing cooperation. There is a rule of reciprocity here – one day you will mark someone, and another day someone will mark your brand.
  • Creating themed events – Events on Facebook engage and reach a large group of users.
  • Placing the offer and products in the Facebook shop – Facebook offers the possibility of placing your products in the store for free, which will be published on the company’s fanpage. Clicking on the product takes the user to the store’s website.

Wedding group on Facebook

When mentioning Facebook, one cannot forget what other possibilities it offers: thematic groups. If you operate in the industry, it is worth thinking about setting up a group that will include, for example, people who are planning a wedding. What are the benefits of this?

  • Bringing people from the target group in one place – by setting up a group, e.g. for brides-to-be, you will be sure that you have the group you want to reach in one place.
  • Collecting leads – in the group settings, you can enable questions to which people who want to join the group will have to answer. Thanks to this you can get, for example, their wedding date and email.
  • A place for word of mouth marketing – by leading a group, you have control over the content and you can successfully promote your brand.
  • Possibility of market analysis (consumer demand) – ask questions, prepare surveys, read carefully – your potential customers are the best source of knowledge about what is currently in demand.

Instagram – stories, live, shop

Another top-rated social networking site is Instagram, which is now almost on par with Facebook. Therefore, it cannot be neglected because it also gives us a lot of possibilities. What kind?

  • Ephemeral content is the most tempting, i.e. stories – what’s right, this option is also available on Facebook, but it is mainly on Instagram that people use and appreciate the so-called “Stories”, or Instastory. They consist of posting content that disappears after 24 hours (unless we save it on our profile). This content appears at the top of everyone who follows us. This makes it easier to reach your audience and your content is more visible than regular posts. Of course, you can save the most interesting things in your “Saved Stories” so that customers can come back to them over and over again when needed.
  • Live – a great option that is highly effective when it comes to reach and commitment is organizing live. You can present a new product or service, organize a competition, show the company’s work from the inside, and do a talk. Everyone who participates in our live can comment and send reactions on an ongoing basis.
  • Instagram Shop – Instagram shop can bring many benefits to your business. It works in a similar way to the one on Facebook, what’s more – you can connect it to Facebook and tag products in photos. Since you are already conducting marketing activities on this portal, configuring the Store should be a natural development of your brand profile.

Tiktok – your target group is here too!

It may seem that TikTok is for a younger audience, or at least until recently, many people had such beliefs.

However, for some time now, this application has not only been used by children, and you can find the entire age range here! Especially since many people have switched to remote work, and the world has been in a great quarantine, TikTok has gained immense popularity among people 20-35 years old.

You can use a fun form with expert advice, and there are tons of topics in the wedding industry that you can bring up.

The style and language of the wedding industry’s messages on social media

Properly selected messages can work wonders. What works best for future newlyweds? Emotions. When writing to and for them, use vocabulary saturated with emotions, sensitivity, and appropriate aesthetics. Future newlyweds are a specific type of client: they are non-returning clients, and they are very excited and stressed. His choice concerns one of the most important days of life, so he weighs every purchase associated with it.

That is why the right approach is so important, and to bear in mind how important the day you are preparing is. Therefore, it is worth emphasizing how important their wedding is and making the right choice because such a day will not happen again.

Ways of getting involved – post examples

If you want to reach a growing group of recipients and want your followers to remember you, you need to plan an appropriate communication strategy. What posts best engage your audience?

  • Posts in the form of questions, preferably using infographics – you can ask, for example, what is the wedding date, what age will they be on the wedding day, etc. Simple and short questions that do not require too long an answer. The less effort it takes to answer, the better.
  • Choosing between products / services – the idea is to create a graphic on which we will place 2 or more things / products, between which to choose. You can ask which product your recipients would choose or which they think is more eye-catching and give answer options, e.g. 1 or 2? And the only task of users is to enter the product number in the comment. Thanks to this, you generate organic traffic, the post is constantly beaten, and you can mark the products in the photo and assign them to the store.
  • Label the person with whom… – a simple and effective way to involve a certain part of the community.
  • Love Quotes – Easy to prepare and encourage you to leave a reaction and share.
  • Wedding memes – memes are one of the most viral posts on social media. It is worth using humor and a pinch of distance to amuse, relax and show your positive image. Of course, the danger in creating memes is not to exceed certain limits and to create them “with taste”.

It is important not to require too long and extensive statements from users because there is less chance for great involvement.

Entering a number, a few words and a marking are only fractions of a second, and many people may stop for a moment while scrolling and add a comment.

Regularity and regularity are essential

Post once a month? Unfortunately, not nowadays. If you really want to get into social media, you need to remember that you need to maintain regular and systematic contact with your followers.

Posts should be in such a frequency that people who like our website do not feel too overwhelmed by our activity and do not recognize it as SPAM, and on the other hand, they should not forget about us.

Regularity pays off, and social networks also appreciate it.

It is also worth remembering to plan posts at appropriate times – in those when our target group is the most active on the Internet. You can easily find such information in the statistics of your website.

Customer service on social media

Did you know that more and more customers, instead of calling the helpline or writing an e-mail, prefer to write on the messenger? They expect simple, quick contact and quick response. If you already have company profiles on social networks, you cannot forget that customers will often contact you via messenger or DM on Instagram.

It would be best if you thought about setting up your accounts with the customer service system. If you are going to serve your customers yourself, be sure to check your social media inboxes regularly so that the people who sent the inquiry do not wait too long.

The longer potential customers wait, the more likely they are to use competitors’ services.

It is worth preparing ready-made questions and answers on the messenger – do it based on the most frequently asked questions from customers. If they appear very often, you will not have to rewrite the answers every time, and the client will be able to click on the question he is interested in and get the answer immediately. It will save a lot of time for both you and the client.

Is it worth having Facebook reviews turned on?

Many entrepreneurs probably face this dilemma, and there is nothing strange in it. On the one hand, it sounds tempting to let our clients post their opinion. On the other hand, we are not sure whether the opinions will be reliable and, for example, unfair competition will not use the opinions against us.

You have certainly heard about the principle that a satisfied customer will not leave any opinion and a dissatisfied customer will leave 5. Unfortunately, this rule often translates into reality, and it is worth considering if we want to include an opinion. Unfortunately, from a business point of view, it does not pay off to have opinions turned on because one wrong opinion is enough, which may not even be true. It may affect other people’s purchasing decisions.

Influencer marketing in the wedding industry

When dealing with social media and their power, one cannot forget about such an option as cooperation with influencers. Currently, thanks to such people, you can get a huge promotion.

Cooperation with them can take place in two ways:

  • barter cooperation – that is, we give our service or product in exchange for entries and relationships in the social media of a given influencer.
  • paid cooperation – a typical cooperation for which we set a rate.

We want to establish cooperation with influencers depending on us and the resources we want to allocate for this purpose. We must remember that the greater the reach and fame a person has, the less chance of barter. We can individually agree with each person on payment and the type and number of posts, marks, and memories about our company. It is often the influencer who takes photos of our product and then prepares a copy for the posts.

Of course, it’s best to ask for your post-approval in advance before it goes into publication.

When looking for influencers, we consider the number of followers, because unfortunately, they are not real fans, and the actual reach of posts is much lower than we thought. The most important factor is the amount of engagement the given posts generate, i.e., how many people actually like and comment on the given posts. 


  • The first thing you should think about is setting up a company page on Facebook, then on Instagram. TikTok is another place that, contrary to appearances, may turn out to be a very good place where you can reach potential customers in an unusual way. In order to collect leads and easy market research, use the potential of Facebook groups.
  • Keeping the same style and language of expression consistent with all social media. When it comes to wedding clients, it is very important to use a lot of emotional terms and emphasize the importance of the event their wedding will be.
  • When planning social media posts, you need to remember about regularity and that the most important content for us should appear on the days and times when our target group is the most active on the web.
  • Customer service is now moving more and more to social media as customers expect quick contact, so keep this in mind when doing business online. On the other hand, the function of opinions and their validity must also be considered.


Social media are influencers, and there is no shortage of wedding influencers. Thanks to that, we can easily find those with whom we will settle accounts conveniently for us.

Whatever we decide, remember that it will certainly be appreciated if we do something out of true passion and show it on our social media.

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