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Free website SEO audit

During a 45-minute teleconference, we will conduct a free online SEO audit by remotely sharing our desktop and analyzing your position against the competition.

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Order a FREE online SEO audit + consultations in the form of a teleconference if:1You want to verify the campaigns already in progress to increase your sales. You want to be more visible on Google.

Google SEO audit – what will you learn?

While you won’t pay anything, you’ll gain a valuable source of information about your website. We designed website SEO audits to cover various aspects of the website. Most importantly, we don’t just send you incomprehensible charts. We make a clear diagnosis. It’s up to you to decide if you want to take action and improve your website so that it finally works. What will you learn from a free online website audit (SEO analysis)?

The visibility of the page on Google

When conducting an SEO audit of a website, we use professional SEO tools. Using SEMSTORM and Senuto, we check the number of keywords on which your website is visible and how the traffic to the website is shaped over time. We also compare your website visibility with your competitors. Thanks to this SEO analysis, you know if the website requires work to increase visibility and whether the activities so far have contributed to the drops and penalties from Google.

Profile of links leading to the page

For search engine optimization, it is best when a large number of links lead to your website, which at the same time come from high-quality websites. During the SEO analysis of the website, we will conduct a link audit and check how it looks for you, and by any chance, the current link profile is not associated with the risk of a penalty from Google. The risk is, for example, too quickly obtained a large number of links or links from low-quality websites. If we find low-quality links, we’ll show you specific examples.

Site speed

Page loading speed is another aspect that we analyze in the website SEO audit. It is important not only for search engine optimization but most of all for your user. With the help of the tool, we will make sure that your website loads at the optimal time.

Selected page optimization shortcomings

Optimizing metadata or selecting the optimal URLs are basic optimization measures, but still, many sites neglect them. During the free SEO audit, we will analyze your website in this regard and indicate which elements may adversely affect its visibility on Google.

How to order a free SEO audit?

To receive a free online SEO audit (SEO analysis), write us a message using the contact form. Be sure to include the address of the page you are investigating. A ready-made free SEO audit of the website with the interpretation of selected results will be sent to you by e-mail in the form of a pdf document.

What is the SEO analysis of a website for?

If you have doubts about whether your website needs search engine optimization, you will find the free website SEO audit answer.

Poor visibility on Google, an unfavorable profile of incoming links, and a long loading time of the page can manifest themselves in an obvious way – in the form of low sales on the Internet. A page that is not visible in Google does not reach as many recipients as a well-optimized page displayed in the top 10 search results.

Is it worth doing an SEO audit of a website?

Our free website SEO audit is limited to aspects related to website visibility on Google. Its elements are closely related to the areas influenced by website search engine optimization and internet marketing in general.

It is worth being aware that other types of website audits are also available on the market. They are offered by companies that specialize in website research in many respects. The price of a professional website SEO analysis can reach even tens of thousands of USD.

Audit for online stores

SEO audits of online stores are a separate category. They can consist of all types of audits that allow you to improve your store to attract sales. Therefore, the online store’s SEO analyzes are SEO, UX, and CRO audits at the same time. Conducting an online SEO audit for e-commerce is, above all, an important step in the development of an online store if it has not provided satisfactory results so far. Such a free SEO audit (SEO analysis) allows you to prepare a store development strategy based on reliable knowledge about users, their behavior, and the store’s quality in terms of SEO.

Our free SEO audit (SEO analysis) is also useful for online stores. Try it out!


Paid or free SEO website audit?

Our online site audit costs nothing as it covers the basic scope of information. However, it is sufficient to know how a page can be rated by Google and if it requires significant changes to reach the first page of search results.

On the other hand, paid website audits are great when you have been running a website for years, but despite high user traffic, it does not bring any sales results. Then, a paid SEO analysis helps to diagnose the cause – it may be the website’s functionality, an unattractive offer compared to the competition, difficult to read and uninteresting content, or even the proposed form of contact with the company.

What website SEO audits can you find in the offer?1 Website usability audit

Also known as UX audit, it allows you to expose the weaknesses in building a website from the point of view of the average user. The result of the audit should be recommendations for changes to the website, which may relate to the menu structure, shopping path, contact form, graphic layout on the website, etc.2Conversion rate audits

A report allows you to check whether there are significant difficulties on the customer’s journey from entering the website to converting; Thanks to the report, you can assess the need for conversion rate optimization activities.3Advanced SEO audits

We can also do that, but our clients receive reports from us on an ongoing basis, which provide knowledge at the level of a professional and free online website audit.

By working with the agency, you can also receive smaller but highly specialized SEO audits, technical website audit, content audits, competition audits, link profile audits, and many more.


How to do an SEO website audit?

Free SEO audit is usually a simple but necessary analysis for the initial website evaluation. Did you know that you can do a website audit on your own? All you need is a little knowledge and tools. Thanks to the SEO audit described here, and you will learn many concepts, understand the mechanisms of internet marketing and assess what your website may need for further development. See how to do a website audit quickly.

Backlink audit

Auditing the backlink profile allows you to check:

  • the number of links obtained so far
  • quality of links
  • link growth rate
  • the effectiveness or harmfulness of links for a positioned page

Links are one of the most common causes of penalties by Google. So before we start link-building activities, we want to make sure that the links to the website do not pose a threat to it. If they lose, we’ll start to remove them. The result of a backlink audit will be a strategy for acquiring links from diverse and valuable sources.

The analysis of incoming links is carried out using tools, in our case: Ahrefs, and if the customer has an account on Google Search Console, we can also use it. When we audit the link profile in Ahrefs, we pay attention to inter alia, the graph of the increase in links, and the DR of the domain from which the links come. Interestingly, we can carry out such a backlink audit for each domain, and we do not need access to your website. We can also prepare an analysis of external links on your competition’s website and use it to create a link-building strategy.

How to read a backlink audit?

The quality of the link profile 

It’s good to know how to read the link audit results. First of all, it is worth paying attention to the quality of the links. The domain rating indicator just mentioned speaks about quality. This is an assessment that tells us if Google can consider a domain worthwhile and trustworthy. It is worth taking care of links from websites with high DR – these are large portals, well-positioned websites, valuable.

Number of links

However, in practice, as a result of link building in your link audit, you will see links from both valuable sites and sites with a lower DR. To obtain results for search engine optimization, the number of incoming links also matters.

Growth rate

Finally, we pay attention to how quickly the links were acquired. It is best to keep a steady, regular increase and not add many links in a short period of time. The graph in the link analysis should rise gently to the top. It should not be vertical.

Technical audit

During the audit, we will check if your website contains all the technical aspects that make it SEO-friendly. As a result, it may turn out that some elements are missing, and then we recommend adding them. It may also turn out that the page has too much of some types of content, such as h1 headers, etc. We also recommend that you fix these errors as soon as possible, as they lower the chances of the page reaching Google’s top 10.

Check the indexing status

This article is aimed at beginners, not internet marketing professionals. Therefore, I will not omit here such an obvious matter as checking whether a page is indexed and how it is indexed in Google.

  1. Manual indexing check

    You can do it manually by using the “site:” command along with your website address. Let’s see what it looks like on our site. We get the number of subpages that are visible on Google. We are not talking about top 10 visibility, but about presence in Google in general, even on very distant subpages of search results.
  2. Checking indexing in Google Search ConsoleYou can also use Google Search Console. In the Status tab you will see the indexing status of your page, that is:
  • crawl errors – here you will get a hint as to what could be the cause, so you can plan appropriate actions to fix the errors. The errors may be related to the server malfunctioning or too slow the server, which prevents the robot from entering the website. They can also result from your manual actions, i.e. excluding the page from indexing. Errors also appear when the website no longer exists, so it is difficult to talk about the situation, especially in online stores, when these errors will not exist at all. If you change a lot on the page, delete old subpages, errors will occur.
  • valid with warnings – these are pages that are indexed but excluded by you in the robots.txt file. Google gives you a warning to let you know that the page is still visible in search results despite being excluded. You can change this by giving the page the noindex, follow attribute.
  • correct – you do not need to take any action here, but only answer the question whether most of the sales pages that are important to you are already indexed. You may receive a message that there is no sitemap, but it is not necessary for the page to index properly. You can make up for it at any time and see if the map will significantly increase the number of indexed URLs.
  • excluded – Here you will find a list of URLs that will not be indexed by Google. This is due to either your exclusion or the type and content of a page that Google thinks should not be indexed, such as duplicate content, product filtering pages, and of course any error pages. Especially in large websites and online stores, the list of excluded websites will be long. Don’t worry about this, unless you discover that the exclusion also covers high-value pages. Then take action, e.g. fixing bugs.

At this stage, you already know if your page is on Google at all, not necessarily on the first page. Sometimes beginners with a niche business try to find their pages on Google by entering the company name or their first and last name and cannot find it. Thanks to the indexing check, you quickly find out if the page is actually not on Google or hidden on the 748 search results page.

What does the technical SEO audit of the website include?

What other activities, apart from checking to index, can be performed as part of the technical audit of the website? From the technical side, the SEO audit includes verification of such aspects as:

  • Page loading time – it is worth using several tools and not limited to Google PageSpeed Insights; you can reach for Pingdom, GTMetrix
  • Adapting the website to mobile devices – Google provides a tool for this purpose, which shows any errors or version problems on mobile devices: https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly
  • Keyword cannibalization – more analytical work is needed here to detect on which phrases more than one subpage is displayed in Google. It is worth checking that irrelevant subpages of the website do not compete with e.g. the home page. Data from Google Search Console, from the performance report, can be used for this analysis.
  • Correctness of redirects – e.g. from http to https, but not only; it is also worth checking if the website has implemented automatic redirects in the event of a change in the URL address
  • XML map – sitemap speeds up indexing and makes it easier for robots to navigate the site, it is worth checking if it is implemented, correctly and if it does not require updating
  • Robots.txt file – entries in the robots.txt file may result in non-indexing of pages; it happens that the website owner is not aware of the content of such a file. On the other hand, there are subpages on websites that should be excluded from positioning with disallow, as Google writes about: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/6062598?hl=pl
  • Duplication and content length in metadata – you can use tools such as Screaming Frog
  • Duplication of content on the site – this applies to both duplication between subpages, as well as duplication between different pages on Google, to track duplicate content, among others, tools such as Copyscape, Screaming Frog, Site Bulb, SEMrush
  • Broken links – Links that lead to errors include wasting your crawl budget, bad user experience, and negative SEO impact. Tools that help detect such links: https://ahrefs.com/pl/broken-link-checker – free, but with a link limit

Audit of website visibility on Google

How to check the visibility of a page on Google? Once you know that your page is somewhere on Google, you probably want to know how many phrases and in what positions it is visible. In this case, there is no question of manually checking the page’s visibility unless you have time to click through all the pages of Google search results. However, I recommend using the tools – some of them are paid, but you will also find free alternatives. You may notice slight discrepancies between the results of each tool because each tool may collect data differently. Especially you can observe the differences between International users and foreign tools. If you create for the International user market, it is better to rely on International user tools.We use Senuto, SEMSTORM and Surfer SEO.

What do we check in such tools? As you can see in the screenshots above from Senuto and SEMSTORM tools, we have a website visibility monitoring on Google for phrases in the top 10, top 3, and top 50. This is how we understand the improvement of website visibility – it is visible in Google for an increasing number of phrases. For you, the most important thing is that the website should ultimately be visible in Google for an increasing number of phrases in the top 10. You can observe promotions on the chart. Or maybe there is a visible decline on your chart? In such a situation, it is worth asking yourself what caused the decline – too little intense action against the competition, discontinuation of activities, or maybe a penalty from Google?

It may also happen that your visibility chart remains constant. How to understand such a position in the website SEO audit? If this consistent level is very high, counting in hundreds of thousands of top 10 phrases, there is hardly anything to worry about. However, if we’re talking about visibility on a dozen or so phrases over the years, you’ve got a lot of work to do.

How to check what phrases I am on Google for?

Another question you need to ask yourself in SEO tools is what specific phrases your website is visible on.

Visibility on brand phrases

The easiest way is to build visibility into phrases with your company or brand name, which does not mean, of course, that it happens automatically. Check in the tool or manually on Google that your website will be displayed in the first position with your company’s name. Alternatively, check the visibility in your name if your customers recognize you. You will know immediately if your brand is not only displayed by the competition, and it happens so.

Visibility on sales phrases

Pay attention to whether, among the many phrases your website is visible on, there are phrases related to the offer. After all, it is the users looking for your offer that you should care about the most. Let’s take the example of the page visible – we are visible, e.g., on the phrase “best podcasts.” This is important for us in SEO, but in the context of sales – it is hard to believe that a user whose goal is to find the best podcasts suddenly wants to send us a query for a search engine optimization offer.

Therefore, visibility for a large number of phrases is not enough. It would help if you had visibility for a large number of phrases related to your offer. Are you already using the services of an agency? Check if in the phrase report you mainly find phrases describing your products and services. If not, it’s time to think about the purposefulness of the activities of such an agency.

Visibility on guide phrases

Before it is time to sell, you need to build awareness with the customer. You are doing this? Check if you are reaching people who are looking for solutions and advice. The easiest way to do this is by blogging with valuable advice. These phrases do not generate sales directly but allow the brand to be saved in the customer’s mind, create an opportunity for the first contact with the brand and finally have the potential to build community and trust.

This is a sketchy analysis, but you should have a picture of who your site is reaching on Google at this stage. In the absence of phrases, the conclusion is simple – the website reaches few Google users, and the traffic owes to other channels. On the other hand, if there are many irrelevant phrases, it’s time to go back to the beginning and revise your phrase strategy.

Guaranteed SEO specializes in SEO services for small businesses. We’ve been helping customers from various sectors who want to learn more about how SEO may help them grow their company. Our comprehensive approach to each client’s campaign guarantees that your online presence is constantly increasing, and we believe in accountability and trackable development.


Our company headquarters are located in downtown Los Angeles, only a few blocks from some of the world’s most famous hot places and attractions. Downtown Los Angeles is undergoing a cultural and architectural renaissance that transforms the region into a walkable, Metro-friendly destination brimming with museums and stunning structures. Our staff is continuously motivated by the creativity of our surroundings since we are situated in a cutting-edge part of the city. It motivates us to strive to be industry leaders and assist our customers in staying one step ahead of their competitors.


We can help your company grow by improving your website and using organic SEO services to drive traffic to it.

Our executive team has worked with small companies all the way up to enterprise-level clients, with over 30 years of combined expertise in the SEO sector. In contrast to other digital marketing agency services, our methodology has been perfected, and our ability to adapt and iterate depending on each client is unrivaled. All kinds of companies, including the medical and legal sectors, benefit from our planned and honest approach to online success via SEO. This implies that your SEO approach will be tailored to your specific industry.

We can help you discover the ideal option to guarantee your company receives the attention it deserves, whether it’s website design, copywriting services, or link building. Our extensive technical expertise enables us to offer each customer research, analysis, and suggestions to help them achieve online success at a reasonable cost and with outstanding outcomes. You can undoubtedly see by now that we aren’t simply in the business of providing SEO services; we are deeply invested in learning about our customers’ companies and caring about their requirements. We aim to assist your company in reaching its maximum potential by offering a dependable and honest service that will increase sales.

Audit of content on the website

Search engine optimization is also associated with the optimization of the website content. It is worth conducting a content audit regularly. At the beginning of cooperation with the agency, the SEO content audit assesses how it has optimized search engine optimization so far. Before we start acting, we conduct an SEO audit of the content, which will allow us to evaluate:

  • content on the most important subpages of the website
  • the quality of the content in terms of the content of phrases
  • content quality with users in mind

The result of an SEO content audit is a strategy for expanding texts and enriching them with phrases. We can also recommend creating additional subpages and adding text boxes on pages that do not contain them, e.g., on product category pages.

What is a website content SEO audit in a cyclical form, and why do it? During the implementation of the website search engine optimization campaign, we create new texts for the website or work on the optimization and expansion of the existing content. This task cannot be performed without making sure that it produces the expected results. As part of a content audit, we analyze the content itself and its impact on the position of the entire website. What and how do we check in addition to visibility for phrases in Google?

1. The most popular content on the site

Using Google Analytics, we examine which content on the website has the most hits from Google or is frequently viewed by website users. For this purpose, we refer to Google Analytics reports:

  • landing page report – we sort data based on the number of visits
  • exit page report – we check which pages are most often the last pages viewed by the user
  • all pages report – we check which subpages have the most users, sessions and page views

As a result, we can check the effectiveness of the content in terms of user acquisition and conversion over time.

We cannot forget about Google Search Console, which shows us the CTR for pages and indicates the most effective content.

2. The most effective content

We are using Google Analytics reports again. Our goal is to recognize which content leads directly to conversion or is on the user’s path to conversion from the first visit to purchase. We check:

  • reverse paths report – we check what content brings users closer to converting
  • funnel visualization – shows from which sides users enter the conversion path most often
  • place of goal implementation – shows on which subpages the conversion goal was achieved

3. Content audit compared to the competition

An SEO audit for content is also an audit of what works for the competition, what topics it raises, and what we lack compared to competing websites. Ahrefs is great for this analysis:

  • Content Explorer – is a module in which we can reach popular content in various ways. We can search for content with a specific phrase, with different words, marking their location, e.g. in the content or in the title. There are many possibilities. We can finally take a specific competitor onto the wallpaper and check what worked for him. Indicators that we will use for an SEO audit include: organic entries, domain rating, traffic value or shares on Facebook.
  • Content difference – this is a function that can also be found in the competition audit in the Polish Senuto tool. It shows us what keywords we have in common with the competition, but also what keywords we have different – we are better or worse than the competition.

Comprehensive SEO audit in the agency visible

The above steps of an SEO audit are beyond your capabilities?

Do not worry. When you start working with us, you get an SEO audit for your store or website, including the above steps and much more. Experienced positioners prepare it based on tools and our specialists’ own knowledge.

The effect of SEO audits is a document of optimization recommendations for your online store or website.

What should a comprehensive SEO audit of an online store include?

Online stores face specific optimization challenges. Some technical errors are typical of e-commerce platforms. What is worth paying attention to as a result of an online store SEO audit? The most important elements:

SEO audit of the online store – technical optimization

An online store search engine optimization audit carried out by an SEO agency is mainly aimed at assessing its quality and condition before starting further optimization activities. It can also be a way of finding an answer to why search engine optimization didn’t work. As part of the technical audit for the store, we check:

  • The correctness of the store on mobile devices – it is not only about the appearance, but most of all about the functionality of the store – whether you can use the store and make purchases on a mobile device. Optimizing the mobile store is one of the ranking factors in positioning
  • Correctness of structured data – recently, structured data has also been widely used for SEO purposes. Thanks to additional information about the store and its assortment, Google better understands the entire website. It is worth checking if the added structured data is displayed correctly and there are no errors related to the Schema code in Google Search Console.
  • Indexing status – before a page is positioned, it must first be added to Google, i.e. indexed. It is worth making sure that all subpages of our website are properly indexed. If there are errors, find out what is causing the problem and eliminate it.
  • Store visibility  – as a result of correct website optimization, visibility for phrases in the top 10 should systematically increase. It is worth paying attention to the phrases related to the offer.
  • Orphaned pages – as a result of incorrect page construction, robots may not reach all the content and thus some of the subpages will never be indexed. It is worth making sure that there is no so-called orphans, that is, pages to which no internal links lead.
  • Pages excluded from indexing – it happens that we do not want to promote all pages on Google, then we use various methods to prevent their indexing. An online store audit may, however, show that pages that should be visible on Google have been marked in this way.
  • Meta data – a common mistake in the context of meta data is duplication or complete lack of title and description, it is worth checking it in the online store audit and planning improvement.
  • Correctness of the implementation of https – now the SSL certificate is a standard, in addition, we have many free certificates at our disposal. The problem may be the implementation that requires a correct redirection from http to https. Presence under two variants will duplicate the entire page.
  • Duplicate content – just don’t copy descriptions, right? Well, duplication in online stores is a much wider topic, and many store owners are not aware that content is duplicated. Duplication in this case is due to technical issues.
  • Internal linking structure of the store – it is worth analyzing both the menu structure and other internal linking methods. Pay attention to whether linking builds the hierarchy of pages correctly, whether it covers all pages and is not too deep (too many subcategories).
  • The breadcrumb menu is an element that is worth implementing for the sake of positioning, but also because of the user. Breadcrumbs makes it easy to return to a higher page in the hierarchy and recognize where you are.
  • Page loading time – this is an element that is of great importance to the user, less for positioning. However, it is worth making sure that the loading time of the store is within the standards adopted by tools such as Pingdom. The consequence may be planning actions to improve the speed, e.g. optimization of the size of photos or code minification.

On-page optimization

Optimized content is the pillar of SEO, but it also has a big impact on getting sales. What should be considered in the SEO audit of the store in the context of content?

  • Phrase saturation – how many phrases important for positioning are in the text and what does saturation look like compared to saturation in competitors with higher positions
  • The volume of texts – the content for SEO should have the appropriate volume. It may turn out that it will be necessary to expand the descriptions.
  • Meta title and description – a slightly different aspect in the context of content is the wording of the meta data – do they contain phrases, are they motivating to visit the page, are they of the right length?
  • Quality of the content – your text must be unique and useful. Phrases alone are not enough for a store to be positioned. It is worth making sure that each page has unique texts written specifically for your store. The content should also add value to users in the form of – comprehensive product information or advice before buying / contacting.

Offsite optimization

Before starting cooperation with stores, we always check the profile of incoming links as part of the link audit and store search engine optimization. A good profile is an advantage, while low-quality links are a straightforward way to filter from Google. What do we pay attention to?

  • quality of links – do they come from domains with high authority in Google, or the pages on which the links were found are thematically related to your store
  • number of links – usually online stores that were not positioned do not have links at all; we always check how many incoming links there are.
  • pace of growth – the number of links is not everything. It is not recommended to get a very large number of links in a short time. Such activities must be staggered over time to minimize the risk of the filter.
  • external expert publications – this is also an element of obtaining links, but in a completely different dimension. Publications with a link to the store on recognized portals, enjoying the great authority of Google, are a great asset in the off-page optimization process. By the way, they build your image.

UX and CRO

In the context of the online store, User Experience and conversion optimization are particularly important. It is also worth commissioning a usability audit and the SEO audit, which will help detect barriers to the customer’s path to purchase.

Online SEO audit in questions and answers

What is an SEO site audit?

A website SEO audit analyzes the website in terms of factors influencing search engine optimization, such as incoming links, phrase content, or technical optimization of the website. SEO audit of stores and websites also includes the analysis of their visibility and other SEO effects.

How much does an SEO audit cost? The price of the service 

In our seo agency, online auditing is free of charge. It is received by people who send their inquiries via the contact form on the website. After submitting the form, our experts carry out SEO analysis of the website within two days and then present its results during the interview. It must be remembered that not every agency offers a free SEO audit. The price list of this service from other companies is probably placed on the website.

When is it worth ordering SEO audits?

A website audit (or SEO analysis) is carried out at the beginning of cooperation with an agency/specialist and during cooperation to assess the effectiveness of actions. If you have been using search engine optimization for a long time and are not sure of the results, order a search engine optimization audit.

How to do a web SEO audit yourself?

To carry out an SEO website audit, knowledge in website optimization and access to tools is necessary. Most people can conduct an online SEO audit on their own only to a limited extent, and they use free Google tools.

What tools will be useful for website SEO analysis?

The basic tools for website audit are Google Search Console and Google Analytics. Of the paid tools, it is worth including Senuto, Surfer, SEMSTORM, Ahrefs, Searchmetrics, and other professional SEO tools.

What does a free online SEO audit include? 

SEO audits (SEO analysis) for a store or website may concern various areas. Still, most often, it deals with the analysis of links, technical operation of the website, content, and visibility of phrases on Google. A good complement to an online SEO audit is a UX audit.

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SEO Dubai

SEO Dubai – Are you looking for a United Arab Emirates SEO firm and consultant that can provide a complete package of SEO services? Our company provides SEM/ SEO in Dubai offers everything you need.

SEO Hong Kong

SEO Hong KongHong Kong’s Top SEO Agency that we created. Find out which Seo professionals in Hong Kong are ideal. We created the rankings depending on several metrics, including the firm’s on-page, off-page, and technical SEO knowledge.

SEO Singapore

SEO Singapore – Allow the top SEO services in Singapore to assist your corporate website in actively responding to the first page of The search results. For the highest Effective seo services in Singapore, could you email us?

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