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Google Ads for local businesses

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Promote your business locally with the help of Google Ads

Google Ads local campaigns help promote your products and services on Google Search, Google Maps, and the YouTube channel. In the case of the search engine, Google Ads ads have an advantage over organic search because they are highlighted and located at the very top of the query results page. In our guide, we have already walked you through the basic process of creating advertising campaigns on Google. Now is the time to optimize your settings for local promotion.

Local campaigns in Google Ads generate user traffic and drive sales. However, not all small and medium-sized companies use this marketing channel. If you want to promote your business, find out what an ad for a local business should look like on Google. This is a good time to stay ahead of the competition. In this article, we provide some practical tips for those looking to start or update local campaigns .

There is a misconception in the minds of small business owners that online search marketing is only effective for companies with large budgets that are expected to attract a community from around the world. In fact, advertising for a local business on Google offers a good chance of growth as location-targeted searches increase by 130% every year! Local traffic can therefore prove to be more valuable to your business than global audiences.

Google Ads for Local Businesses – These Numbers Will Surprise You!

Why Invest in Google Ads for Local Businesses?

Do you run a shop or restaurant? Do you offer hairdressing services, or have you set up a business with roadside assistance? Google Ads local campaigns can help you reach your immediate surroundings. When a potential customer searches for a product or service, they usually start by turning on the Google search engine. Google Ads shows him the relevant ad and influences his decision. If you start promoting your business with the help of the tools below, you can quickly gain customers from your city and surroundings.

An example of a Google Ads text and product ad in search results

Drive business to Google Ads location

How to use Google Ads locally? Select an option to target your ad to the selected neighborhood. You can choose a specific city or town and its surroundings within a selected radius of kilometers. Thanks to optimizing the advertisement for the location, you will not waste your budget on customers who are not from your region. You will gain the interest of those who are actually looking for your service. It’s also a good idea to target your Google Ads campaigns by user revenue, but you need to consider the targeting criterion.

There are several possibilities, and the way they are used will be different for each client because each client is a separate, unique project. We can narrow the ad display area to, e.g., the largest cities (or a selected list of cities) by using location extensions. We will focus on displaying ads in areas with high average earnings. We can also benefit from narrowing down your targeting for demographics, specifically household income. However, this option is still underdeveloped in International SEO Company / SEM & marketing expert, and most of the collected income data will fall into the “unknown” category. Another way of targeting ads to the most affluent is by selecting keywords and exclusions for the campaign. “

If you want to reach a foreign market, in Google Ads, you can target your ad to cities and specific countries. Thanks to an export campaign targeting Brazil, Estonia, Romania, and other countries, Protan Elmark’s sales increased by 78%. The success story of Protan Elmark shows that the Google Ads campaign carried out on the foreign market translates into strengthening the position and attracting new distributors.

Choose less general phrases for your ads in Google Ads

To enhance the effectiveness of your campaign, target your keywords in detail. Common mistake business owners make is targeting general keyword phrases that are designed to attract more traffic. By the way, it’s worth knowing that such a selection of words generates high rates – you will definitely pay a lot more for the most frequently typed phrases than in the case of keywords that narrow the audience. However, in the latter situation, you have a better chance of promoting your business locally. Why? A high number of searches does not mean increased traffic and sales at all.

For a local campaign in Google Ads to run effectively, the most important thing is the relevance of the ad and the phrases targeted at it. Specify your recipient and research the activity of the competition to use your budget as accurately as possible. The sample term “Monstera shop in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London or USA” may have fewer monthly searches than the term “Monstera” alone. However, users who enter the phrase “Monstera” may, for example, only obtain information about the cultivation. Those who enter “Monstera shop in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London or USA” are people who are clearly interested in purchasing the plant.

If you don’t know what keywords and phrases have the greatest potential for your local business, use Google Ads keyword planner suggestions. In addition to popular phrases, you will probably also come across some that will surprise you. Do you intuitively know that it is worth paying for the phrase “CBD oil”? The Google Ads planner can also suggest other valuable phrases, for example: “CBD oil for a good sleep” or “healthy products from Dubai

Use Google Ads ad extensions

In the extensions tab of the Google Ads panel, you can provide additional information that will encourage users to choose your property. The increase in interest and sales will not affect how much you add but by what specific extensions you choose. First, think about:

  • location – users who click on a location will be redirected to a Google map, which will make it easier for them to find your company,
  • telephone number – the provided telephone number will encourage quick communication in case of user doubts – this option should be chosen by companies that can answer incoming calls,
  • dynamic links to subpages – thanks to them, users will go directly from the advertisement to the page with the desired goods.

In the case of site links, make sure that the content on your website is as intended by the user. When users click on an ad, they want to find exactly what they expected when typing keywords. Any errors in this regard will lead to an unnecessary increase in the bounce rate.

Enable an ad on Google Maps

You may want to link an enabled location extension in your Google Ads account to the setting (or update) of your Google My Business listing. If you add the above-mentioned location targeting these activities by using the right keywords, you will strengthen your position in the local market. A local Google Ads campaign conducted in this way is displayed to interested users and leads customers almost to the door of your company’s office or service premises. Note that the ad can only be displayed on the Google map after being created in the search engine.

Invest in retargeting in Google Ads

Most users know the situations in which, after visiting the website of a given company, the advertisement of that company (or even individual products) is displayed on the screen. This happens when users receive a cookie from a code placed on the backend of a website. This is an additional paid service called retargeting – if you invest in it, you will effectively remind your potential customers about the offer. The experiences of companies show that frequent contact of users with the view of the logo or even the brand name itself translates into increased sales.

Customize your Google Ads ad for mobile devices

Google Ads advertising will work locally if you also consider mobile devices. When potential customers decide to choose a service or product, they may be in your area. The choice of a cafe or spontaneous planning of entering the store is made, for example, during walks. Smartphone users search for nearby places. They also look for information on opening hours, availability of goods or a telephone number to contact employees with one click. In Google Ads, you can easily optimize your ad for mobile devices, regardless of whether you want to offer text or image ads to the user.

Google Ads allows you to measure the effects and control the budget

Want to create and control Ads campaigns for local businesses? Google Ads offers various options for tracking and measuring results – with very high accuracy. You can control the ad in Google Analytics and the Google Ads panel for, for example:

  • number of conversions,
  • user locations,
  • sales increase,
  • telephone calls,
  • developing brand awareness,
  • return on investment (ROI), which is the ad revenue compared to the ad spend
  • the effectiveness of the selected keywords,
  • Headline click-through rate (CTR).

How to use this data? For example, if you see locations generating poor conversions, you can remove them from your targeting list. This way, you won’t waste your money on areas that don’t make any profit. The same goes for changing key phrases. By analyzing the reach and CTR ratio, you will find out how many users saw your ad and thus measure brand awareness. Monitor the collected data against the goals you want to achieve.

Remember that in Google Ads, you can change your campaigns on the fly. The average time, after which the results give the real picture of the situation, is about 2-3 months. An additional advantage of the Google Ads marketing channel is the ability to run different advertising campaigns simultaneously so that you can achieve multiple goals.


A well-thought-out local business advertisement on Google will help you reach interested customers. When setting up a campaign in Google Ads, you need to make decisions about choosing keywords and extensions, launching a GMF business card, or investing in retargeting. Each of these options, optimized according to the above guidelines, translates into local profits. You do not need to have extensive knowledge of Google Ads to implement them in your administration panel..”

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