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Give gas and increase traffic to your store! E-mail retargeting and Audience Mailing as a driving force in e-commerce

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Give gas and increase traffic to your store! E-mail retargeting and Audience Mailing as a driving force in e-commerce

What can you do to increase the number of customers in your online store?

Unfortunately, many users who visit your store do not shop there. Their visit ends on the home page, on one of the subpages, or on the cart page. Now imagine that you are able to recover some of this lost traffic. E-mail retargeting comes in handy. Check when and how to use e-mail retargeting to increase sales and how to acquire completely new customers.

How many baskets do your customers abandon?

Did you know that almost 7 out of 10 * customers in your store decide to leave the shopping cart and not complete the transaction? This information can be depressing for any owner, be it large or small e-commerce. Losing a customer, especially at the sales stage, when the user is really only one click away from making a purchase – PAY, hurts the most. According to a study by the Baymard Institute, the 5 main reasons for leaving the basket are:

  • Long and too complicated purchase process.
  • Return policy unfavorable for the customer.
  • No different payment options.
  • Obligation to create an account on the website to complete purchases.
  • Higher than expected delivery costs (e.g. additional customs duty).

However, your relationship with a potential customer should not end with an abandoned cart. The user has already taken the first step, and now it’s time to make your move! Contact him and remind him of the purchases he left in your store.

Recover Lost Traffic – Email Retargeting

The easiest way to translate e-mail retargeting is to use information about users who have visited your store in order to personalize the messages you send to them via e-mail.

You will get information on anonymous users – i.e., those who have not signed up to your database – via Revhunter. Revhunter is a tool for conducting effective email retargeting campaigns. By means of cookies, the system legally acquires information about users who have visited your online store. You, on the other hand, can send these people an e-mail displaying specific products that they viewed on the store’s website or added to the cart.

With e-mail retargeting, you can:

  • Provide customers with an offer tailored to the history of their previous purchases.
  • Send an e-mail to people who have already shown some interest in specific products on the store’s website, e.g. browsed white women’s sneakers.
  • Display in the e-mail the products that the given user has placed in the cart.

When should you use email retargeting?

In fact, there are several situations where retargeting efforts are recommended to online store owners. A personalized e-mail, sent in a timely manner, can influence the recipient’s purchasing intentions and encourage them to return to the store’s website and complete their purchases. When should you use email retargeting?

  1. When you have a high cart abandonment rate in your online store.
  2. When you want to attract the attention of anonymous users who have visited your site and have not viewed any products on it or added anything to the cart.
  3. When you intend to match the appropriate rebate code to a person who has already been interested in a specific product category on your website.

How to increase traffic in your online store?

If you want to conduct effective email retargeting activities, you need to have adequate traffic on your website. When you have, e.g., 1 client a day – this action will not bring the expected results. With Revhunter, however, you can increase traffic and attract new customers interested in your offer. How?

Using Audience Mailing.

Audience shipping is about reaching new users who have never made a purchase from your store. Revhunter, having access to external databases of its Partners, reaches with your offer people who have similar interests and shopping preferences to current customers. This means that your website will not be visited by random people but by those who are most likely to buy.

Increase traffic to your website to increase sales in your online store. Create a free Revhunteer account and test these two solutions: e-mail retargeting and Audience Mailing.

Why intelligent campaigns need specialist care? Find out about the top 8 reasons

Smart campaigns are one of the effective ways to attract new customers and reach them at various stages of the purchasing path. Although they are considered an ideal form of advertising for busy business owners, they require the work of an SEM specialist to achieve results. Let’s check why this is so and what is the role of a Google Ads specialist in running intelligent campaigns .

What are Smart Campaigns?

Smart campaigns are one of the types of Google Ads campaigns that stands out because of their optimization. With traditional campaigns, you perform every action – from keyword selection to targeting to campaign creation – manually. In intelligent campaigns, some activities are automated thanks to the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Algorithms automatically adjust certain elements of the campaign in such a way as to achieve the set goals and the best results. Automation in intelligent campaigns concerns the selection of the strategy itself, and above all:

  • setting rates,
  • targeting ads,
  • how to create an advertisement.

Below we will discuss automation in Smart campaigns in each of the three areas above.

Automatic bidding for Smart campaigns

With a traditional campaign, you set both your monthly budget and the maximum cost per click (or conversion cost, etc.) you want to pay. In the case of intelligent campaigns, you only manually set a monthly budget and develop a strategy that takes into account the client’s goals.

The algorithms themselves set rates for specific actions (displaying an ad, clicking, acquiring a customer / lead, etc.) in such a way as to obtain the best results, e.g., the lowest conversion cost or the highest possible revenue. Bids will be adjusted appropriately for those times of the day and those devices that generate the highest likelihood of conversion.

Automatic ad targeting for Smart campaigns

The algorithms also automatically select where your ads will appear. This means that your ads are shown more often in those places where they are effective, generate the most clicks and conversions.

Automatic ad creation for Smart campaigns

In a Smart Campaign, you don’t prepare the ads yourself. You only make a set of a few different:

  • headers
  • ad content,
  • images.

Based on the sent elements, the intelligent algorithm independently combines them into an advertisement in such a way that:

  • get the best results (as many conversions as possible, the highest possible revenues, etc.),
  • adjust the appearance of the advertisement to the place in which it is located.

With Smart campaigns, you can create ads:

  • in the advertising network (including remarketing ads, also in dynamic remarketing),
  • in Google maps,
  • on Google partner sites (e.g. YouTube)
  • products in search results.

Why is it worth investing in intelligent campaigns?

Smart campaigns may not always perform better than other manual campaign types, but they do have many advantages.

  • In a short time, they collect and analyze a large amount of data that a human would not be able to collect (in such amount) or analyze on their own.
  • They work well for companies that want to reach customers at different stages of the purchasing process and increase advertising traffic.
  • They save time on setting up campaigns and eliminate the need to perform many tedious, repetitive tasks.
  • They enable the creation of an effective campaign in a short time .
  • They give more space for creative work .

Why do smart campaigns need a specialist’s job?

The effectiveness of Smart Campaigns is beyond dispute. This does not mean, however, that they do not require the support and knowledge of a Google Ads specialist. Why is it worth investing in cooperation with the Google Ads agency by choosing an intelligent campaign?

1. Artificial intelligence cannot replace the knowledge of a specialist

Although the algorithm is able to perform some actions on its own based on the collected data and thus improve ad performance, it is not perfect. Therefore, an intelligent campaign, like any other, requires the work of a specialist who:

  • selects a strategy for a specific intelligent campaign,
  • will analyze whether the intelligent campaign will really be effective and whether something can be improved to fully use its potential.

2. Manual settings are still present in Smart campaigns

Optimizing a Smart campaign doesn’t end after launching it. Although much of the repetitive actions are automatic, some manual settings still need to be made . They concern, among others:

  • selecting the subject of keywords you want to advertise on;
  • removing keywords for which you do not want to advertise and which are causing your ad to appear;
  • setting a monthly budget – without specialist knowledge about the Google Ads system and budgets in a specific industry, you may have a problem with this. Different budgets will be effective in the financial industry, others in the children’s goods store, and others in a niche industry that is just gaining popularity in the market,
  • determining the location – ads should be displayed only to those users who are in a specific location and are able to use the service. This is especially true for companies with a stationary headquarters or point of sale that advertise on the Internet.

Without specialist knowledge, you may have a problem with matching the above-mentioned elements to your business goals. It is worth entrusting this task to a Google Ads specialist because only on their basis, Google’s automatic algorithms prepare the content and appearance of the campaign and select the bids. If the monthly budget is too low for a given industry and the keywords are not fully matched, the algorithm will not be able to make up for these deficiencies , which means that the effects of a Smart campaign may not be 100% satisfactory.

3. The Google Ads specialist knows what data to take into account in the Smart Campaign

The Google Ads system in smart campaigns, like in other types, collects a lot of different data about the campaign. If the campaign was created by a person with no experience, he might have problems with their analysis and interpretation. Only a specialist knows if a 1.5% conversion rate is low, medium, or high in a given industry and can judge if corrective action is needed and what can be done better. Moreover, the initial assumptions about the effectiveness of the campaign may be wrong and require analysis or additional action. You may need to:

  • increase the monthly budget,
  • check the campaign strategy and basic settings (location targeting, keyword themes),
  • Choose a different campaign type (e.g. a Smart Shopping campaign instead of a Smart Display campaign on the Search Network).

4. The SEM specialist has additional data that could influence the campaign

Smart campaigns need time to work effectively – a minimum of 2 weeks, in which they collect data and learn rates, ad content, and effective targeting. Moreover, if the account is new, the data collection time may be extended to a month or even two . That is why we run manual campaigns on new accounts for about 2 months. Only later do we implement intelligent campaigns. If we take over an account that already has a history of activities, we will introduce a smart campaign after approx. 2 weeks, based on previously collected data.

It is worth noting that in the case of new Google Ads accounts, the algorithms are not able to identify that there are holidays in a specific period, e.g., Christmas, Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, and probably will not adjust the settings to the market situation. Only a Google Ads specialist can properly optimize a new Smart campaign for seasonality and develop an effective strategy. In addition, Google’s algorithms determine automatic solutions based on the data they have, such as the conversion rate, ROAS, etc. They do not have information about which products have the highest margin, which is important for the customer for image reasons. It is the guardian who will optimize the intelligent campaign to promote the products that generate the highest profit and those that the client cares about.

5. The SEM specialist is up to date with changes and novelties in the internet marketing industry

Self-optimization of an intelligent campaign, although theoretically simple, can, in practice, cause a lot of problems. Google is constantly improving and changing its advertising system to create advertising messages tailored to the needs and expectations of recipients. There are many changes and only a specialist in the internet marketing industry follows them on a regular basis . From time to time, new types of ads appear, strategies and market conditions change, new possibilities of targeting ads appear, or changes in the account structure. If you decide to optimize a Smart, Product, Display Network or other campaign yourself, you may not take full advantage of it due to the lack of up-to-date and reliable knowledge. You are a specialist in your industry, not in the field of online advertising.

6. Only a Google Ads specialist will assess whether an intelligent campaign is really needed

Smart campaigns may not always be the most effective – one account will typically run both Smart campaigns and manual campaigns. It may happen that other types of campaigns will bring better results, but only a specialist with experience and reliable knowledge is able to assess it, because he is able to analyze the data and campaign results and draw conclusions from them. There are cases where an intelligence campaign does not work better than other types. The SEM specialist can check this through analysis and A / B testing. Without it, you probably won’t be able to judge the effectiveness of your actions and make changes.

7. The SEM specialist is able to make optimal use of the possibilities of intelligent campaigns

While an intelligent campaign is theoretically easier to set up, there are some pitfalls in the optimization process. If you do not have the knowledge and skills, you can quickly waste your budget and spend it inefficiently , even if you use algorithmic support. Remember that there are algorithms that aim to maximize spending. Example? We are introducing a campaign aimed at maximizing the number of conversions or conversion value. Indirectly, it also aims to maximize expenses. Moreover, it may happen that, in practice, the expenses are high and that the conversions or their value do not increase or increase slightly. In such a situation, a Google Ads specialist is able to control the campaign and react at the right momentand thus you will avoid blowing your budget. 

Check out other popular errors in running and optimizing Google Ads campaigns.

8. In smart campaigns, a specialist can spend time developing your account

In intelligent campaigns, many tedious and repetitive activities are performed by automatic algorithms. This gives the Google Ads specialist more room to show off. He gains time that he can spend on creative activities – improving your campaign, advertising or Google Ads account. He may consider how to improve existing campaigns or what new activities to invest in. An experienced specialist in the field of Google advertising and internet marketing will be able to indicate development directions also in other branches , e.g. positioning or advertising in social media. This will make you much more than just Google ad revenue.


Just a few years ago, a SEM specialist performed many repetitive activities. Currently, the Google Ads system is changing and Smart campaigns give much more space for creative work. A Google Ads specialist and campaign supervisor should be the pilot of promoting your online business. A broad look at various aspects of internet marketing will allow you to spread your wings, reach your audience and provide them with the message they are looking for.

How to achieve the best results in Google Ads? Combine intelligent campaigns and algorithm resources with the knowledge, experience and creativity of a SEM specialist . Thanks to intelligent campaigns, a SEM specialist can spend more time on data analysis and development, which will bring a number of benefits to your business.

How to keep users on the site? 21 tricks you must try

Users go to your website but leave it without browsing other pages? Or maybe they don’t convert? This is a problem that many website and online store owners struggle with. Check what you can do to attract the user’s attention on the website – learn about 21 effective ways and stop losing valuable customers!

Take care of User Experience

Users leave your website without browsing product or service subpages? One of the problems may be bad User Experience, i.e. negative user experience as a result of interaction with the website. Do you want to improve them? Work on the items below.

1. Work on page speed

One Google analysis showed that low page speed can affect user reactions and discourage them from browsing the site. Therefore, you should make sure that the loading and operating time of the website is as good as possible. Deficiencies and deficiencies in this regard can be found in the free PageSpeed ​​Insights and GTmetrix tools. They will let you know how your website works and what you can improve. To increase website speed and keep users’ attention, you should:

  • compress images, i.e. reduce the size of graphic files,
  • change your hosting provider,
  • remove unused plugins, extensions and resources that may slow down your website and you do not need them,
  • remove unused HTML and Javascript code.

GTmetrix report with suggestions for changes to improve page speed

PageSpeed ​​Insights report on page speed

2. Take care of implementing an internal search engine

If you want to keep a customer’s interest on your site, you need to make it easier for them to find what they’re looking for. For this purpose, make sure to implement an internal search engine and filtering . In this way, the user will be able to find the product he needs, e.g. by its name, brand or model. Also add the option of filtering on the product category pages – this way, the customer will see only those products on the page that meet his expectations. You may also consider adding hints to the user’s query in the internal search engine.

3. Take care of intuitive navigation

A website that maintains the user’s interest and attention is a site with user-friendly navigation. It means that:

  • the menu is legible and informs the user what can be found under a specific link,
  • buttons are located in places where the user expects them,
  • the menu includes all important product categories and services,
  • the user knows how to finalize specific actions (e.g. make a purchase).

4. Prepare a website design tailored to the user

The design of the website also influences the user experience and focus. Make the website modern, functional and aesthetic at the same time . A good website design is one that is easy to navigate around the page, is clear and visually appealing on any device.

5. Adapt the website to display on mobile devices

How do I keep a mobile user on the site? Prepare a responsive website that looks good on any device, regardless of screen size. Take care of:

  • visibility and accessibility of buttons,
  • the possibility of making payments via a smartphone,
  • ease of filling in contact forms on a smartphone and tablet,
  • adjusting the font size to mobile devices.

If you want to check if your website is adapted to mobile, use the Mobile Test Friendly tool from Google.

6. Limit the number of ads

Nothing discourages your browsing more than pop-up ads in various places. If you want to encourage users to stay on the site:

  • limit the number of ads to the necessary minimum,
  • define the size of the ads in advance,
  • place ads in places that will not affect the user’s experience (e.g. in the sidebar, not the main one).

7. Opt out of pop-up windows

Pop-ups can discourage the user and make him exit the page without further browsing it. Do you want to keep the attention and focus of the potential customer on your website? Avoid or limit the number of pop-ups . You can leave the pop-up windows that appear when the user wants to leave the page. However, remember that their content should be really appealing (e.g. offer a discount, free tutorial, etc.).

8. Create a clear, visible and persuasive CTA

If you want to get the attention of users on your website, add a clear CTA, or call to action , to your pages . This way, you will tell the user what to do and make it easier for them to achieve their goal. What CTAs Should I Include on Your Site?

  • on the home page of the CTA encouraging contact – e.g. filling out a form
  • the ‘add to cart’ button on the product page,
  • on the product category page “Meet our products”,
  • on the “pay” payment page.

You can place the CTA in the text or on the button. Thanks to it, the user may find it easier to reach the top of the sales funnel.

9. Redirect or optimize the 404 page

A large number of 404 pages on a site is a problem that can affect not only search engine rankings, but also the perception and experience of users. If a visitor lands on a page with no content, they are likely to leave your site . What can you do to keep his attention? You have two options:

  • take care of implementing 301 redirects (permanent redirects) to another subpage, e.g. a similar product page, a product category page or a product page in a different color variant,
  • optimize the 404 page , e.g. by adding an internal search engine, presenting the most important product categories, bestsellers or links to offer subpages.

Take care of the content

Content affects not only SEO , but also the user experience when interacting with the website. If you want to encourage the user to read the offer and increase the conversion rate, you should take care of the quality of the content. Below are some tips on how to do this.

10. Create clear and readable content

A user enters your website and sees a “wall of text”? This is a mistake! Content that attracts attention is properly optimized and guarantees readability. What can you do to get it?

  • Break your content into paragraphs that you separate with subheadings.
  • Use boldface to highlight the most important parts of interest to the user.
  • Use bullets.
  • Add graphics, photos and videos to the website (embed YouTube videos directly on your website so that the user can watch them without going to YouTube).

11. Take care of attractive content in the area above the fold

The area above the fold is the part of the web page that is visible without scrolling. At this point, you need to focus the user’s attention. Therefore, at the top of the page:

  • post information that will encourage the user to continue browsing the website,
  • encourage conversion, e.g. by adding information about discounts or promotions,
  • add a call to action on the offer page and the “Add to cart” button on the product page,
  • create an attractive and attention-grabbing blog lead to encourage further reading,
  • include a table of contents and / or a brief summary of the information contained in the content.

12. Create tables of contents with links

The table of contents is one of those page elements that can be eye-catching and increase user engagement on the page. If you include internal links to specific sections of your article, you will make it easier for the user to find the information they are looking for . He will not have to read the entire content. You will have a similar effect if you put a short summary of information from a blog or news article under the table of contents.

13. Use different types of content

How do I keep a user on the page? Create different types of content to please different users. Some prefer written content, others prefer graphic or video materials, and still others recordings in the form of podcasts. To catch the attention of every visitor, you should include different types of content on your website:

  • blog articles, expert articles, statements, reviews,
  • product reviews in the form of videos (with transcription),
  • graphics and infographics.

14. Update the content

Content is king not only in positioning – thanks to it you can also encourage the user to buy or use the service, as well as build the image of an expert. Remember, however, that the content must be up-to-date – nothing will discourage the user more than outdated content , especially in industries that are subject to dynamic changes. A lawyer who finds a 2013 article on your website will certainly leave your site and look for current information from competitors. You can find more about content updating and recycling in the article Fresh content and positioning .

15. Match the content to the user’s query

A user who enters a phrase into a Google search engine is likely to search for it on your site as well, which it will come to from organic results. Therefore, place keywords in various forms on the website. In this way, you will increase the relevance of the content in relation to the query, perhaps you will improve the conversion rate and customer satisfaction with contact with your website. Also answer popular user questions – you can find them in ‘similar queries’ on Google or in SEO tools such as Senuto, Semstorm or Ahrefs. Check which SEO tools you can choose from in our comprehensive list!

16. Focus on the target audience you want to reach

Do you create content for your website to increase conversion and keep users’ attention? Take care of the content and website structure. The content on the page should be exactly what the user is looking for . Therefore, remember to:

  • create a separate basis for each product and service,
  • create the narrowest possible product categories,
  • create URLs containing only products of a specific brand / manufacturer.

Use language tailored to the target group – otherwise you will create content for an online store with phone accessories, and differently content for a legal blog.

17. Use “empty” space that does not attract attention

There are spaces on the website that do not attract the user’s attention. You can find them with the help of the Hotjar tool, which presents heat maps, i.e. regions where users often click and move the mouse. You can use empty spaces to focus the attention of potential customers. Replace them with an attractive phrase, such as “Note”, “Take a look at this”, “Solution”. This may make the user focus on a hitherto not very popular place.

Take care of internal links

Internal links can help you hold your attention and increase the time you spend on the site, provided you follow the steps below.

18. Check that all links are working

Broken links may cause the user to opt out of browsing the site. To avoid this, check that all links work and lead to existing pages on your site. You can do this in Google Search Console, Ahrefs, or Majestic SEO.

19. Build a structure of internal links that will hold the user’s attention

A proper internal link structure can make more people stay on the site for a longer period of time. How to plan it?

  • On your blog subpages, add links to other thematically related content that may be of interest to users and extend the time spent on the site.
  • Place as few links as possible on product subpages – they can distract the user and prevent him from returning to the product page. However, you can link to other, similar or related products.
  • On the home page, place links to subpages so that the user can get acquainted with your services.

Remember that each link should open in a new tab . This will make it easier for the user to stay on the site. If the link would open in the same tab, the user may not return to the original page they visited, such as the product page.

Other activities that will encourage users to stay on the site

What else can help you keep the user’s attention and encourage them to see your offer? Invest in the activities below.

20. Build trust on the site

The website is your business card. You can use it to build trust with potential customers. For this purpose:

  • use the opinions of your current and former customers about products and services – perhaps they will encourage users to continue browsing the site and arouse their interest,
  • share any information that may be relevant to the user (e.g. shipping costs, delivery time, attractions included in the price),
  • put contact details on the website – it increases your credibility; their lack may discourage the user from both converting and browsing subpages.

Learn how to build trust in e-commerce and increase sales.

Opinion section available on the agency’s website visible

21. Analyze the effectiveness of the website

In order to keep visitors focused on your website, you need to know what you are doing well and which parts of the website need improvement. For this purpose, use the tools and the data obtained from them regarding:

  • traffic throughout the site as well as on individual subpages,
  • time spent by users on the website,
  • conversion factor,
  • exit pages, which are the pages from which visitors leave your site.

Analyze the collected data. If the time spent on the site is short, think about what you can do to improve it. Perhaps you should improve the content or change the call to action? Or maybe the navigation on a specific subpage needs improvement? Or maybe the page is loading too long? Each of these elements can affect the effectiveness of your website and the level of user engagement. Check how to analyze the effectiveness of internet marketing and the effectiveness of the content on the website.


The trick is not to build visibility in search results, but to get traffic and turn it into conversions. To achieve this goal, you need to build a website that attracts users’ attention and encourages them to interact and convert. Use our tips and create a site that will delight not only robots, but most of all users.

SEO copywriting 2021, or how to write texts supporting SEO in 2021 and 2022

SEO copywriting 2021, or how to write texts supporting SEO in 2021

Most of us, when we hear SEO copywriting, think only of blogging and sponsored articles saturated with key phrases … Nothing could be further from the truth! This concept covers many more activities that contribute to improving the position of a website in the search engine. And which of them are particularly important in 2021? How to write texts that support positioning and hit Google’s “tastes”?

How to write SEO texts in 2021?

The times when it was enough to choose key phrases well and saturate the text with them to support website SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA  are gone forever. Today you need to make a lot more effort, and also demonstrate creativity and knowledge (or at least good research). Today, Google focuses primarily on quality. The content that appears on the website should not only be rich in key phrases, but also linguistically correct, substantive, and also original, unique; therefore all kinds of differentiators play an extremely important role. The usefulness of the content is also very important.

However, before we move on to discussing a few important elements that make up SEO copywriting 2021, let’s mention the most important ones:

  • properly selected key phrases,
  • meta title and meta description
  • headings h1-h6,
  • numbered and unnumbered lists,
  • ALT attributes in pictures.
  • What key phrases to use in 2021?

Work on each SEO text should start with the analysis and selection of appropriate keywords related to its subject. And which of them are worth paying special attention to in 2021?

The popularity of voice search gives a huge field for long tail phrases, i.e. phrases from the so-called long tail. When using a voice search engine, users speak more naturally, using a full sentence. So it’s a good idea to focus on phrases in the form of questions like “what”, “what is it”, “how much”.

It is also worth remembering that the times of force-stuffing one key phrase are gone. Google’s algorithms are getting better at dealing with synonyms and word variation by chance. So let’s use thesaurus and involve keywords in sentences as naturally as possible.

Meta title and meta description

Meta title and meta description are still an extremely important element of seo copywriting. Meta title is a tag placed in the <head> section of a page that informs Google robots (but also the user) about what is on it. On the other hand, meta description (a short description under the meta title) is directed more at the user. In the search results.

And what to remember when writing meta title and meta description in 2021?

  • Meta title should primarily contain key phrases that will allow robots to quickly verify the subpage. It is good if they are placed at the beginning of this tag and are not too general. The meta title should clearly indicate the content of the subpage. This title should also be extended with the name of your e-shop, pages, separated from phrases with a separator. However, remember about consistency in action, if you decide to use such a meta title scheme, repeat it also on other subpages.
  • Meta description is an element that also supports copywriting on the website. And although it is not as important for positioning as the meta title, a well-written one significantly translates into the number of clicks. It should encourage the user to visit your site, so consider using Action Oriented Language (CTA), benefit language, and visual differentiators such as emoji.

When positioning a website in 2021, it is worth showing particular creativity when creating a meta description. It is this element of your website that the user will see at the level of search results and it depends on him whether he decides to go to your website. When creating meta tags, also focus on usability, think about what information about a given product would be wanted by a person entering your keyword phrase in the search engine.

H1-h6 headings – how to use them?

For Google robots, clarity and readability of the page are extremely important , so in 2021 you should still pay attention to the appropriate structure of the text. Headings organize the content, but also influence positioning. However, in order to help you rank properly in the search results, you should use them properly.

The most important is the h1 heading, which should appear once throughout the text. It’s also a good idea to use the lower-level headings – h2 and h3, but they’re not arbitrary. For example, if you used h1, h2 should appear next, not h3 or h4. Otherwise, the content will be chaotic, which may negatively affect the SEO result.

It is very important to use keywords in such subheadings. However, it’s a good idea to weave them in naturally. Such skilful use of headers will not only improve the readability of the page, but also make it easier for the search engine to index it and evaluate the content.

Numbered and unnumbered lists

When writing SEO texts in 2021, pay attention to the visual distinguishing marks that will attract the reader’s attention and also help organize the content. Such distinguishing features certainly include numbered lists <ol> and unnumbered <ul> , i.e. blocks based on embedded html tags. Thanks to them, the text will not only be more unique and user-friendly, but also make it easier for robots to read the text and quickly find answers to questions asked by Internet users.

Other distinguishing features that are worth using are tables and quotations.

The ALT attribute, i.e. image optimization in 2021

As we mentioned, SEO texts in 2021 should be unique and user-friendly. The element that will be effective are the images placed inside the text. However, in order for them to have a positive impact on positioning, they must be understandable to Google’s robots. To do this, always fill in the ALT attribute, i.e. alternative text that tells you what is in the image . It is also extremely important when a given phrase is searched for by a blind person. If the ALTs on our site are not filled in, most likely such a person will never come across them.

Of course, apart from this attribute, the image’s color value, resolution or its surroundings, and many other elements are also important.

What else to remember when writing SEO texts in 2021?

The structure of the article is still important – a good text written for SEO should start with a lead and end with a short summary , have h1-h6 headings, bolds and be written in a universal, legible font. What is in the code has become less important, as seen “through the user’s eye” . The signs <b>, <strong>, <em> have lost their meaning, because for the user each of them is simply a distinguishing feature of a certain fragment of the text.

In addition, the new algorithms put, among others to adapt the website to mobile devices and its safe browsing. They check, for example, whether the website contains erroneous and dangerous content for the user. Therefore, SEO copywriters should start their work with even more thorough and reliable research. It is also a good idea to reach beyond the competition’s articles – it is also worth looking for information on blog articles on social media.

When writing articles to support positioning in 2021, it is worth spending a bit more time editing and proofreading the text. Not only the usability, but also the quality of the published content has become more and more important. Google pays more and more attention to a clear and easy-to-understand message so that a user looking for answers to their questions on the Internet can find them as soon as possible.


International user Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London or USA champion in website positioning already in 2008. We position well-known brands, large websites, and traditional local businesses every month, providing our clients with their future customers.

Search engine optimization on Google is actually a science and an art today. First of all, it is one of the actions in the fight for customers by the Google search engine . Positioning of websites carried out in a thoughtful and responsible manner gives our clients satisfactory results in the form of high-quality traffic from search engines – this is the real goal ! High positions in search results are just the way to it.

In the work of website positioning, we use proven methods and techniques that bring our customers , above all, potential buyers in the long term .

We makeanalytical work even before starting positioning without an SEO contract , which helps to make the most of the marketing budget provided for positioning. How do you rate this approach to cooperation?4.5 95 votes )

Positioning in the Google search engine is also the optimization of pages in the area of code and content , so that they are attractive both for users and search engines. We also carry out audits of websites, indicating places where the website should be improved and its substantive content in order to obtain one of the effects:

phrase positioning - Google search engine sugester

→ better results with the same budget
→ same results with a lower budget .

Our clients, in the course of cooperation with us, stop treating the budget for website positioning, companies as an expense … they treat it as a profitable investment .

Do you have questions about website SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA?
Are you determined to position your website but you want to talk?
Or maybe just get started?

What is SEO?

Positioning is a concept that is used in various industries . These are primarily marketing strategies aimed at shaping the offer and image, and distinguishing products from the competition . Currently, the most attention in positioning is paid to visibility (SEM = SEO + PPC) in search engines . So what is positioning in traditional marketing and what is worth knowing about positioning websites as part of positioning in marketing? let’s continue:

What is positioning in marketing?

Positioning is considered to be a series of marketing activities aimed at increasing consumer awareness of a given product or brand. Positioning is used to shape the company’s offer and image. The point is for the “promoted” services or products to be better visible and to stand out from the competition, and it is the reference to the activities of others that is crucial in the case of positioning. Positioning in marketing results in the sale of a given product or using the services of a specific company. It is helpful in this to build positive associations related to, for example, a brand and presenting its outstanding, positive attributes.

In the case of product positioning, it is important to examine the preferences of potential customers, check the competition’s position on the perception map, identify the advantages and disadvantages of the product, as well as extract those features that will make it stand out from the competition.

There are many positioning strategies with traditional marketing . Positioning is mentioned among them due to:

  • competition (direct comparisons may be used),
  • features (attributes that are missing from competing products or services),
  • functional benefits (the profit resulting from the use of a given product is unique),
  • the origin of the product (positive associations with the country of origin),
  • method of use and purpose (suggesting in what circumstances the products will work),
  • the category of the user (the product is intended for example only for women),
  • product category (actions to ensure that the brand is strongly associated with the product),
  • quality and price (emphasizing the relationship between price and quality, e.g. that you can have a high-quality product for a low price).

In the case of brand positioning , the following are distinguished:

  • leader strategy (a given company is presented as a market leader),
  • diversified offer strategy (customers have more choices),
  • imitation strategy (based on the use of similar products already recognized on the market)
  • blue ocean strategy (launching a product that is not yet on the market).

When positioning a brand, special attention should be paid to the target audience it is intended to reach. In this case, it is not only about age or location, but also about attributes that may affect the decision to buy a given product. This, in turn, is influenced by the broadly understood lifestyle, consumer behavior, needs, shopping motives, preferences, etc. It is also important how to distinguish yourself from the competition. In this case, it is useful to know the strengths and weaknesses of a given brand in order to know what to convince the consumer with.

What is website positioning (SEO)?

Website positioning refers to some extent to the activities found in traditional marketing. The purpose of web positioning is to increase the visibility of a website in search results . The point is for a given website to achieve the highest possible position for selected phrases and keywords in organic results, the so-called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Who decides where a page will be placed? Mainly search engine algorithm. Its exact guidelines are not widely known, but it is known what could improve your position in the search engine.

There are two types of factors that influence your position in Google:

  • content and operation of the website (including unique content, frequency of adding content, page loading speed, code optimization, the presence of keywords in the content, headers and URLs, mobile version),
  • popularity on the Internet (e.g. number of pages linking to the site, quality of linked pages, presence in social media).

If you have a lot of photos or videos on your site, you should also take care of Image SEO and Video SEO (vSEO). Files must be optimized for search engines, it is mainly about the use of key phrases in titles and descriptions. The size of the files is also important, as it affects the speed of loading the website.

In Poland, the concept of positioning differs from website optimization . Positioning is considered to be off-site activities, ie “off-site” (link acquisition tactics), while optimization is “on-site” activities (website construction and structure, content). In other countries, there is no such distinction. We are simply talking about SEO, which includes both search engine optimization and link building. SEO, in turn, is part of SEM, or Search Engine Marketing.

It is worth mentioning that website SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA may be related to a local service or offer, then we are talking about local SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA of the website, i.e. phrases that the Google search engine considers local (under which local businesses can be identified), for example when looking for results for website SEO/SEM in Dubai, SEO Singapore service for HK. Now, I can’t see myself going for Hong Kong service since Hong Kong is known as the real competitor to Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA.

While in Katowice (Google locates the device quite accurately) we will get a list of SEO agencies from Katowice, which list of results will be similar to a phrase that already includes the city, for example, website SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA Wrocław or website SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA Katowice or website SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London or USA, i.e. a clear indication of the city from which we expect results.

Search engine marketing (SEM)

SEM, or Search Engine Marketing, is marketing in search engines . It focuses on the online promotional activities by which a website is to achieve the best possible results. These activities include positioning and optimization of pages, as well as sponsored link campaigns, i.e. popular ads on Google .

The mechanism of SEM operation is best illustrated by the formula: SEM = SEO + PPC. SEO consists of organic results, while PPC consists of paid results.

PPC (Pay Per Click) is a form of paid internet advertising. The key here is the form of payment, which takes place only after clicking on the ad . The customer does not bear the costs for the mere display of the advertisement. PPC campaigns are typically used to achieve immediate results related to search visibility. Paid results almost immediately appear above organic results and are visible for as long as the client decides. This is mainly about Google Ads advertising in the search network (Search) and customer sites (Display).

SERM, i.e. Search Engine Reputation Management, is also of great importance in the context of internet marketing. It’s about managing your reputation in search engines . With this action, you can improve or build a positive image of a given product or brand on the web. Currently, taking care of the image on the Internet is of particular importance. Any negative information found about a given company, services or products can effectively dissuade the customer from establishing cooperation or purchases.

Every day thousands of customers look for an offer like yours on the Internet, we will make your website more visible by:

organic results

valuable content and its proper preparation by a seo specialist, analysis and appropriate use of phrases, linking phrases in the content is the key to better organic results in search engines.

seo on the site

names, content, text structure, navigation, html attributes … are some of the many on-page SEO technical factors that significantly affect the understanding and trust of search engines to your website.

link building

it is said that content is queen, but links leading to your website are still king, it’s hard to disagree with that, because as in life, your reputation grows when someone points to you, links you!our clients have experienced with us:


increase in organic traffic


bounce rate


increase in visit time


increase in the number of subpages / visit

phrase analysis, name strategy

to be successful, you need to be well-defined and know how to present yourself to the search engine, the users. These two points are realized by the phrase analysis and the strategy of names, titles, headings … of your website

active reporting, tracking

what is an active report? is a monitoring and tracking report, BUT with response and change management, if indicated by its data. Such a report is not only for the client, but also for quick response, e.g. after Google Update.

our experienced team of SEO specialists is probably a good partner when looking for more organic traffic for your website.

Polish Champion in website SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA already in 2008 (and awards and distinctions). Our 12 years of experience in the SEO / SEM industry and a team of over a dozen professionals have resulted in successes in the positioning of websites of e-commerce industry leaders. Such good results are achieved by our innovative solutions in the field of SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA, continuous cooperation with large e-commerce, well-known brands, but also smaller online stores – positioning, hundreds of website audits, Google Ads advertising, CPC Adwords campaigns, SEO optimization, consultations, optimization reports SEO and network marketing expenses.

Content marketing, content that sells

show the client that you know your stuff, that you have good knowledge and service, that you are passionate about what you sell, give him valuable information and then you increase the chances that he will buy from you!

imagine … Your potential customers pass on your offer to other customers, is it possible? YES, if you give them something valuable , good content, an article , a guide , a solution that will make their life, work, task easier … then they will even want to share the content with their friends!

Your potential customer, satisfied with the content read, will want to see more , will follow the links in the content, to your website or directly to the offer on your website. They’ll want to know more, buy … that’s the content marketing they’re selling!

what are customers looking for?

information – reliable, valuable, helpful, e.g. in solving a problem or helpful in the decision to buy a product or service.

what are they talking about?

useful, useful content, carried “on the lips” of Internet users, seen by an increasing number of people interested in the subject of your article or guide.

is it working?

It’s amazing what information people are looking for on the web – Use it, share your knowledge and experience in terms of your offer.

Content marketing – what is it?

Content marketing, or content marketing, is one of the most sought-after marketing strategies today. And what exactly does this concept mean and how to best define content marketing?

CM is very often described as an effective form of promotion that attracts the attention of a selected group of recipients; marketing that engages audiences. What does it mean? Simply put, content marketing is the production of valuable, reliable content that is not only to attract the attention of the recipient, but also to provide them with some knowledge and practical advice on a given topic. Content marketing is not a one-sided message, it builds a long-term relationship with the client, engaging both content creators and recipients.

The most popular forms of content marketing

seo copywriter

Content marketing is usually done by experienced copywriters who know how to write in order to interest the recipient and provide him with practical information. Such content can take various forms, the most popular of which are:

  • guides,
  • sponsored articles,
  • expert articles,
  • webinars,
  • blissful,
  • e-books,
  • company magazines,
  • podcasts or videocasts,

While creating content for blogs may seem quite simple (an informal style of expression that builds a relationship with the recipient is allowed), writing a reliable expert article can be much more problematic. Therefore, copywriting in professional interactive agencies is commissioned to experienced and effective copywriters who care not only about interesting and substantive content, but also the correct form of such texts and the appropriate number of key phrases.

It is important not only to create interesting content, but also to distribute it properly. Regardless of whether you decide to post on social media , mailing or newsletters, you will always have to match the distribution channel to the type of content and your target group.

It is also worth remembering that although each form of content marketing has a different character, style and text length, it is something that connects them – a common goal. All content is to interest the recipient, provide him with practical knowledge and create an expert image of the company.

How does content marketing work?

Nowadays, consumers are more and more demanding, they do not buy just anything and from just anyone . They want the best products from people who are experts in their field. That is why you should choose marketing strategies that will prove to your potential clients that you are a specialist in your profession. Content marketing is all about building an expert position; is creating content that answers customer questions, advises and builds a bond with your brand.

The real success of the company is not to attract customers, but to keep them with your brand. It is loyal customers that are most desired by entrepreneurs, and thanks to content marketing you have a chance to win them. CM works just like viral marketingwhose effectiveness is very high thanks to recommendations and recommendations. Content marketing is the creation of such content that encourages readers to submit information about your products and services on their own. It is a strategy of building long-term relationships with a client who, interested in useful content, will return to your website and recommend it to his friends, and as you know, word of mouth has been the best form of advertising for years. You also need to remember that the more interesting and valuable your content is, the better your chances are for it to be naturally distributed. Therefore, it is very important to take care of the quality of published texts.

Content marketing and traditional marketing

The concept of content marketing is not new – it has been operating on the market for several years. It is implemented not only on the Internet, but also outside it (in the form of trade press, leaflets or folders). However, it is in the Internet that it is most effective, why?

CM is marketing on a completely different level – while traditional forms of advertising only say that your company is the best, content marketing not only says it, but also shows it. Thanks to valuable content, customers get answers to their questions, expand their knowledge and find solutions to problems, and thus not only recognize your brand, but also consider it the best source of information in a given industry.

E-commerce has its own rules. Consumers rarely make spontaneous purchasing decisions here. Most often, before a customer decides to buy a product, he or she will use at least ten sources to obtain information about it. It is up to you to decide whether these sources also include your content (e.g. a sponsored article), which will convince the reader to finalize their purchases in your store.

The impact of content marketing on positioning

It is also worth remembering that content marketing effectively helps in SEO / SEM activities, i.e. it also strongly supports website positioning as well as SEM activities, advertising on Googleis a good example that also needs support and cooperation with the content department. The Panda and Penguin updates, introduced a few years ago, meant that a very important factor that affects the visibility of the page in the search engine is the high quality of content (as well as the quality of links that lead to the landing page). In particular, Google values ​​texts that exactly match the intentions of the user when entering a given query into the search engine. In addition, content marketing uses natural linking, which has a significant impact on the position of the website in search results. All this means that by using the content marketing strategy in your SEO campaign, you have a chance to get high positions in the top10, even for very difficult phrases. However, you must remember that content marketing as a support for your SEO strategy works in the long term, so don’t expect immediate results. You have to be patient – it is a long process, but it will ensure excellent results.

As we have already mentioned, content marketing is the creation of various types of content. And how can they be divided and which content is particularly worth using for positioning pages?

  • Written forms, the so-called SEO copywriting , which we will talk about later in the text. These are i.a. all sponsored articles, product and service descriptions, texts on company websites and blog entries.
  • Graphic content , i.e. infographics, graphics, charts, tables, animations and videos, which should be properly optimized. To do this, the files are given a name that includes key phrases and an alternative description. You must also determine the appropriate size of such graphics. A well-done optimization will make your website load faster, which will also affect Google positioning.
  • Interactive content , i.e. everything that distinguishes your website from the competition, draws the user’s attention and builds the brand image. These can be multidimensional photos and videos, virtual polls, live chats, calculators (e.g. financial) or short quizzes. Such interactive content also improves the user experience and supports off page SEO activities.

SEO copywriting – what is it?

SEO copywriting is one of the most important components of content marketing, which also significantly translates into the position of your website in the search engine. It would seem that writing advertising texts is seemingly a very simple task, after all, each of us learns to write various types of texts from an early age. However, in reality it looks a bit different … SEO copywriting is not writing ordinary texts, but those that will interest the recipient, and at the same time will contain keywords placed in an appropriate and natural way. It is also important to exercise moderation in the use of key phrases, saturation of the article with such words may have the opposite effect to the intended one.

A good copywriter writes texts that are, above all, legible and understandable for every user. Such texts must also be linguistically correct, without grammatical or punctuation errors. The times when SEO texts resembled a badly translated text from a foreign language are long gone. Now, according to the operation of Google algorithms, the greatest attention is paid to the quality of content posted on the web. The so-called SEO-friendly text should be interesting for the reader, and above all, it must meet their needs. It is also worth taking care of the technical side, i.e. a properly separated title, headings and bullets, as well as appropriate linking to the content related to the article.

So how to write texts for a website in terms of SEO? What to remember when creating different content and what mistakes should be avoided?

How to write SEO texts?

Write content for people- the most important rule that every SEO copywriter should remember is creating texts for people. When writing advertising content, articles or product descriptions, you must remember that your recipient is human. Use keywords in a natural way, remember that content marketing focuses primarily on the quality of content, which is to be understandable and interesting for the reader. If you use stiff phrases, unnaturally inserted into the rest of the text, you will only scare your recipient and you will definitely not encourage him to visit your site again. An SEO friendly article should first of all be understandable and substantive, it should also answer questions asked in the title or lead. Remember that good content marketing is not only about delivering advertising content, but most of all building brand awareness and authority.

Don’t duplicate content – Google algorithms perceive unique content best. Therefore, you should create original texts and under no circumstances copy someone else’s articles. This is especially bad for product descriptions, as Google then lowers the position of the store – but we’ll talk about that later.

Start with detailed research – gathering relevant knowledge before writing any text is essential. Even if you are an expert on a topic and you think you already know everything about it, you should do research. Without it, it is possible that you will omit some important information for the reader and your text will then become unusable. In addition, when looking for information on a topic, you should always be mindful of your target group. You need to consider who your potential client is and how you will best reach them.

Choose your keywords appropriately – the SEO article must contain key phrases, but you shouldn’t overdo them. Text packed with keywords will not only reject the reader, but also lower your search results. Google robots may consider such content as spam and thus stop indexing it. Therefore, you should choose key phrases that will be relevant to the content of your article and use each of them 2-3 times in the text. When choosing phrases, remember that the more complicated the phrases are, the harder it will be for you to get high positions in the search engine.

Remember the title and headings – many people forget about it, and the title not only attracts the attention of the recipient, but also greatly influences the visibility of your text on the web. This is an extremely important element of articles, especially since most readers only read the titles, headings or bold fragments. So how do you formulate the perfect headline? First of all, using the right key phrases. The title should also be interesting, understandable and encouraging to read the rest of the text.

These are the most important points every SEO copywriter should keep in mind. However, as we have already mentioned, content marketing covers various types of content, so the rules for writing, for example, sponsored articles and product descriptions are slightly different. So check how the creation of descriptions in an online store should look like and what do you have to remember when running an online store?

Creating descriptions in the online store

product descriptions

Content marketing also works well in an online store, where, in addition to product photos, information on technical parameters or the intended use of the products sold also plays a key role. The customer visiting your website will not have the opportunity to touch the item before buying, therefore he needs photos and content that will describe the product in detail and encourage him to buy. In addition, product descriptions help in the positioning of your store page and generate search traffic, and thus increase sales.  

However, creating product descriptions also has its own rules and you should remember about them at the stage of designing an online store. When creating a product card, you need to include a place for the name of the item being sold and a photo, as well as the main description of the product, i.e. price, availability and e.g. composition.

From the positioning point of view, it is good to create extensive texts on your website. Therefore, when designing a product card , think about creating a main description (up to 1000 zzs) and an additional one with more extensive content. The former should contain basic information about the product as well as keywords. In turn, the additional text should present the most important features and benefits of the product and include technical parameters (written in a way that is understandable to an average reader). This part of the description should also include the so-called long taile, or phrases from the long tail.

If we’re already on the topic of keywords , remember that they should be related to your industry and the products you sell. In addition to standard phrases, you can also use branded phrases. For example, if you distribute cosmetics of different brands , use Dove shower gel in addition to the phrase shower gel . Remember that detailed descriptions also increase your credibility in the eyes of the customer.

Internal linking is also very important in online stores . It can direct you to a blog on your website or to other categories and products. Such linking will not only increase your sales, but also make it easier for Google’s robots to navigate your site.

When designing a product sheet, you should also pay attention to its URL . Instead of a string of numbers and characters, use abbreviated product names or other phrases that will tell the recipient what page he will go to after clicking the link. Such markings will also seem more attractive to search engine robots.

What else should you remember to make product descriptions effective? First of all, when describing a given product, pay attention to its characteristics . Do not use generalities (e.g. fashionable or solid), instead refer to specific features (e.g. made of steel or waterproof). Focus on features that will be important to your prospect, such as the intended use, material, and the degree of depreciation of the shoes. Also remember that creating descriptions in an online store is intended to encourage the customer to buy, so your content should show the benefits of the product and convince the reader that it is worth taking advantage of your store’s offer.

The product descriptions should also meet all the other requirements previously mentioned. They should be legible and understandable, and the language in your texts should be appropriately suited to the target group. Write only unique descriptions that will help you get as high as possible in the top 10 and use key phrases with caution. Remember that content marketing is about the quality of the content, not the number of phrases.

Why is it worth investing in content marketing?

Numerous studies carried out in recent years clearly show that network users even run away from classic (invasive) advertising messages. Some of them use AdBlock, others treat advertising like air. Therefore, it is much more beneficial to use content marketing, which creates content that attracts the attention of recipients, and not content that repels. Such activities also help build customer engagement and loyalty. Once you provide the recipient with content that meets their needs and helps them solve a problem, they will be much more likely to return to the same, trusted source of knowledge. Such a client will recognize your brand as an expert brand and will start recommending it to his friends, popularizing it.

Content marketing is also about building a certain bond and community. If you convince your audience to subscribe to valuable content in your texts, you will be in constant contact with them. You will create a community for which your brand will become an authority, and this, of course, will translate into the number of customers in your online store.

Content marketing also accelerates customer purchasing decisions . Consumers very often look for some products online, not necessarily having any idea about them, they are lost and cannot find a solution to their problems. This is where content marketing comes in. It meets the recipient’s needs at every stage of their decision-making. The valuable content of the guides not only provides a ready-made solution to the problem, but also provides the most important information about the product you are looking for, its types, application and benefits that result from the purchase. Thus, they convince the recipient that it is worth choosing such a product and accelerate the purchase decision.

Content marketing is currently one of the most effective strategies that brings benefits not only to entrepreneurs but also to consumers. Content marketing also generates more leads and has a positive effect on SEO activities.

each offer has something that distinguishes it , e.g. price, quality, good service, service, fast shipping, distance to the store, consulting, seller experience, etc.,

and the goal is to create content for your client that will highlight what distinguishes the offer!

do you want to attract a client?

show him what you can do, what is your knowledge in the subject, what are you passionate about what you do and what you sell! Build trust and your credibility in the minds of your customers.

People love to buy from specialists and enthusiasts, experts in their fields, and are ready to pay more than the competition, which cannot boast of being proficient in a given subject.

copywriting, content marketing, website descriptions

How to achieve this effect?

→ we analyze what customers are asking about your offer online → we write an article with the optimal title and content to meet the search, questions or interests of your client → we publish the text on your or external website → we position and talk about your article on the web → client finds content useful for him more easily and makes it available on his profiles more often → expected increase in sales!

UX / UI design

The website should not only attract attention, the role of the website is to attract and engage the user, as well as communicate the brand and raise awareness of the product or service.

Your customers will not give you a second chance for a first impression

In a digital world, first impressions are key and a great website design is key to success. Users like to visit pages that are aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate. Let our team help your site make a first impression with speed and accessibility.

Branding and logo design

Graphic and UI design

Mobile applications design

Our agency will see your business in the digital world, using design ingenuity to create a brand personality with long-lasting impact. We provide various customizable design kits and focus on creating a website that fits your brand while engaging your visitors. Our team presents, reviews and works with you until we finalize the perfect design for your needs.

We believe close cooperation is the basis of an excellent result. Starting with content audits, when we assess your needs and requirements for competitive analysis, we cooperate at every stage of the process.

Each project presents its own goals, audience, and opportunities. Our approach to great projects starts with a proven process that uncovers and resolves the unexpected.

Tell us about your project

Let us help your website and develop your online business with passion

get the best, unbeatable interactive experience based on intelligent design and innovative technology. Ready to get started?

Audits, optimization and website development

Audit, optimization and the creation of a website are related activities, so it is worth considering them together, looking for additional profit in the area of ​​the website itself.

We approach the creation and optimization of websites comprehensively, after defining the goals and specificity of your company, we choose technology , CMS solutions and further based on the expected substantive content and recipient profile , we focus on graphics , navigation and presentation of the offer on the website. Finally, we put together what the user’s eye cannot see but the search engines can see .

The wide range of our technical capabilities and experience builds a large offer for you: simple small websites , larger information and blog sites as well as online stores , e-commerce, mobile applications … but the most important thing is to go in the right direction, the Internet offers many opportunities but it is worth choosing only the right ones – not widely, but on point and professionally .

site audit

we perform SEO audits of websites in terms of code and content correctness, experienced coders and programmers, advanced technologies and diagnostic tools

website optimization

website optimization can work wonders if it is done professionally with a practical approach, which is possible only with extensive experience in performing web audits.

creating pages

what is important in creating a website? communication with the client, understanding the purpose and recipients for which we create the website and optimization for search engines, so that everything is “tightened”

responsive and optimized websites

we have made over 200 websites with a strong emphasis on responsiveness and optimization

A well-made and substantively rich website is the best promoter of your business, who works for you 365 days a year, 24 hours a day!

we create effective websites whose main task is to promote and support the sale of your products and services, our websites are:

  • useful – easy to use and user-friendly,
  • substantively rich – content that sells , promotes, encourages contact and persuades to recommend,
  • optimized for SEO – we optimize the website code for more effective positioning ,
  • support business goals – we design the website so that customers, for example, contact us by phone,
  • modern – to be used in the next few years without changes in the structure of the website and graphic design,
  • responsive – i.e. adapted to display on laptops, tablets and smartphones,
  • social – easy to promote on Facebook or Google+, i.e. where your potential customers spend their time,

SEO audit and website optimization

you spend money on SEO, but you can’t see the results ?
you have results, but with your budget they should be better ?

An SEO audit will check WHAT TO IMPROVE on your website in order to use the invested funds more effectively in online marketing.

we will screen your website in search of areas that can be improved in terms of positioning . We will consider about 50 factors that influence SEO. We will indicate those parts of your website that require correction so that the money invested in the Web does not leak through your fingers. Your money should work hard for the highest return possible!

do you know that is enougha minor error in the website code, an oversight or negligence to constantly waste funds on internet marketing? That is why we receive opinions that positioning does not work .

instead of expecting too long a rise after investing in positioning, ORDER an SEO AUDIT and see if your website is ready to use the full power of external SEO work.

sometimes, it would seem, a small correction of the page code or content optimization can work wonders. Websites that have been positioned unchanged for a long time, despite positioning, suddenly begin to climb up in the search results, and their owners acquire new customers.

a slight change in the approach to using the full potential of the website provided by graphics, attachments or other elements can also make a difference. Disabling some mechanisms that are already ineffective today may bring good results.

Have you ever wondered why, at first glance, smaller companies rank better in search results ? It is almost certain that they have a more modest budget for online promotional activities. The budget is one thing, the quality of the website is another. Both factors are decisive. However, it is the quality of your website that will determine whether you will be spending or investing money online .

take care of your website – its optimal SEO preparation to achieve your marketing goals. Use your budget effectively and never overpay in positioning with bad website code.

seo audit, optimization of online stores

The number of websites on the web is growing rapidly. New businesses, online stores and companies offering their services via the Internet are established. Thus, it is associated with an increase in competition in almost every industry. Among other things, for this reason, every website owner should ensure that it is of the best quality and stands out from others. In this, it will be helpful, among others SEO audit or optimization . What are these activities and why should they be implemented?

What is a website SEO audit?

An SEO audit is an in-depth analysis of a website. During this activity, the website is assessed and verified in many aspects – cross-sections, taking into account the search engine ranking factors . In an SEO audit, the correctness of the website’s implementation in terms of code or structure is important , as well as the quality of its content , link profile and visibility in the search engine for specific phrases. The SEO audit shows the strengths and weaknesses of the website and points to what needs to be improved in them. It is assumed that this activity should precede optimization activities andwebsite positioning .

What is a website SEO audit?

Website audit is a time-consuming task that requires access to specialized tools. In addition, its results still have to be properly interpreted , so it should be performed by experts who have many years of experience in conducting SEO audits. This type of analysis involves many issues. The following are taken into account:

internal SEO factors , e.g .:

  • website code optimization,
  • content, names, meta-data
  • building urls,
  • structured data,
  • functionality and usability of the website

SEO external factors , e.g .:

  • incoming links,
  • visibility in search results,
  • Google Analytics and Google Search Console statistics

Much of the SEO audit is devoted to technical issues . They are related, inter alia, with redirects, critical errors on the website (related to indexation), navigation on the website, support on smartphones or tablets, but also headers, meta-tags or low-quality content . A common mistake on websites is the use of redundant h1 headers, the use of random meta-tags without keywords, shallow content, including duplicate pages , no uniqueness of content , a large number of tag subpages. Such websites are not valuable not only for search engines, but also for Internet users, they are not useful and do not fulfill their function, so they will not be high in Google’s results.

An important role in the audit is to analyze the link profile and the visibility of the website. This is important for any website, because any unnatural links will hinder positioning and may even lead to a penalty imposed on the website by Google. The result may also be removal from the search results or at least a position far from the top in the search engine. How to check if a website has received a penalty? First in Google Search Console, and then in cooperation with a specialist. However, you should be aware that the penalty may be imposed not only for the link profile. Nevertheless, you should proceed with the action that will result in removing the filter , penalties from Google.

Specialists analyzing the website will also check the number and quality of links that refer to the website. Additional tools such as Google Search Console, Ahrefs or Majestic will also be helpful in this. The link anchors, quality and subject matter of domains linking to the website will also be assessed.

SEO audit also focuses on the analysis and selection of keywords . It happens that some pages are positioned for phrases that cannot break through strong competition, so there are no noticeable effects. When verifying keywords, it is also worth looking at the activities of other companies in a given industry and check what they focus on. The selected phrases cannot be too competitive, otherwise getting a better position in the search engine may be much more difficult.

A website audit can also reveal what is missing and what is worth adding. This mainly concerns additional elements, e.g. guides, forms, multimedia, i.e. what will improve the usability of the website and make internet users more willing to use it, because they will find the desired information there.

When is it worth doing a website audit?

First of all, the audit should be ordered immediately after the website is completed . Then it will be possible to check what should be improved in it, how to strengthen some SEO / SEM elements, or to focus more on User Experience, so that the website is more user-friendly, and thus sends better signals to Google for Social SEO factors . It is also worth performing an audit if positioning is not effective. Many issues can be responsible for this, e.g. a weak link profile or bad url management when removing or changing addresses. Even if you’ve been doing business online for a long time, it pays to have your website analyzed once in a while, because Google’s guidelines are constantly updated and you may find that some things need to be changed.

SEO audit of the online store

Audit is of particular importance in the context of running an online store. Most often, the owners of such businesses decide to analyze the online store to find out what actions need to be implemented, e.g. to increase product sales . The purpose of such an audit is to show what solutions will be helpful in improving SEO visibility and usability of the store.

Auditing an online store is not much different from analyzing other websites. Specialists focus on issues that may lower the interest in the offer, hinder navigation or cause the shopping cart to be abandoned. In the case of stores, page loading time is of great importance . The longer it is, the more likely it is that Internet users will decide to interrupt the visit and continue to look for competitors. Specialists also focus on meta-tag evaluation, product descriptions , internal linking, and keyword analysis. The implementation of the suggested changes may positively affect the visibility of the online store. For e-commerce audits You cannot forget to analyze the competition and check what are its strengths and weaknesses to be able to use it to your advantage.

Website optimization – what is it?

Having already performed an SEO audit, knowing what errors, inaccuracies, etc. your website have, you should start optimization. The website analysis itself will not contribute to a better position in Google, it is necessary to implement the changes suggested in the audit.

The optimization of websites and online stores is largely focused on technical issues. In this case, the page code and any errors , unnecessary tags or scripts in it are very important . Poorly optimized code may have a negative impact on the website, slow down its loading, reduce efficiency, which is poorly viewed primarily in the context of User Experience. The multimedia content on the page also affects the page loading speed. So it’s a good idea to optimize your images, mainly to reduce their size. The quality and speed of the server also affect the load rate.

Another important issue in optimization is managing redirects and 404 errors. Organizing them is a positive signal and instructions, not only for Google robots, but also for users.

It is also important to ensure the responsiveness of the website and adapt it to mobile devices . Today, fewer and fewer people use computers, often even when shopping, users reach for smartphones or tablets. People responsible for the Google search engine also pointed it out. Currently, the lack of a mobile version of the website or online store may lower the position of the website, lead to a real lack of interest in it, which in turn will translate into e.g. lower sales.

Improving the internal linking structure is also important in the optimization process . The point is for search engine robots and users to be directed to the best content on the website, which has a positive effect on the number of page views during a visit and a better flow of the page in the morning inside the website.

The next step is to improve the structure of subpage addresses . This is important for SEO as well as for the users themselves. The ordering of the names of subpages is to reflect the structure of the website, indicate what is on it and favor usability.

When optimizing a page, it is also worth taking a look at its structural data . With their help, you can improve the way the page is displayed in the search engine. These tags can also affect the position of the page, and they are certainly important in the context of Internet users’ behavior, e.g. increase the click-through rate (CTR) even from further positions in the search results. This information is intended to help search bots understand the content available on the website. Thanks to them, robots will be able to “catalog” this data more precisely, refresh it and adjust it to the inquiries of Internet users. Structured data strongly influences extended search results (Google Rich Snippets), i.e. more attractive and more visiblefor the seeking eye. This is especially important in the case of e-commerce and local businesses.

Optimizing the content for SEO is also of great importance for the website . In this case, there may be many changes to implement. They are most often part of an SEO strategy and must be well thought out. In addition to the appropriate meta-tags, which have already been mentioned, other content on the website should also be taken care of. It’s a good idea to start with optimizing your headlines. They organize the page content and increase User Experience names. There is a certain hierarchy in them. The headline in h1 should appear on a subpage only once (although, for example, HTML5 theoretically allows more in the context of SEO). H2 can be used more frequently, usually they are subheadings in longer text, descriptions of subpages or categories. It is also advisable to use h3 and h4 headers for less important threads. It is also worth using the table of contents, preferably right under the foreword. It would be good if it was “clickable”, that is, it would move to the indicated paragraph after clicking.

Content optimization also applies to images . They should not only be compressed to make the website less burdening, but also signed properly. The name of the photo should indicate what is in the photo. You also need to fill in the alt text of the image IMG tag (image alt) as a text description of its content.

Staying on the topic of content, having a website or store, it pays to also run a blog . Search engines rank better on pages that are updated regularly . Adding guides and articles related to a specific industry is therefore welcome, not only from the SEO perspective, but also from the perspective of added value for Internet users. In addition, such content can be saturated with key phrases, which is another benefit that contributes to increasing traffic on the site. However, it is worth remembering that these items should be valuable and unique .

It is also good to include descriptions of products and categories on the websites of online stores . They are to be specific, meaningful to the given subject and practical for users.

Website optimization is, like SEO audits, also a task for specialists. On your own, you can make many mistakes, often resulting from ignorance or the desire for quick results. The most frequently used bad practices include the wrong selection of keywords, the use of (unknowingly) spamming techniques, wrong choice of the domain name, inappropriate structure of the website, duplicate content, complicated URLs (e.g. containing a sequence of random numbers or letters) or the lack of website availability for Google robots.

Website development – what to consider?

Building a website is a complicated process. It should definitely be planned step by step, it is also necessary to include in the design the purpose of creating the page. The website should be primarily useful for Internet users. Bad structure, non-functional menu, excess of photos that do not relate to the nature of the site do not convince users to use it. The website is supposed to be practical first of all, it should allow you to quickly get information on a given topic, get acquainted with the offer, contact the company, etc. For this reason, landing pages are more and more popular, where Internet users have all the information provided on a such search subpages to find what they’re looking for. A landing page (LP) is often compared to a “one-sided store” or “smallest store” because it includes a sales story, an offer, a call action, contact, and often the option to purchase or redirect to payment. Coming back to creating the website: minimalism and functionalityare the most important aspects of creating a website.

Creating a website should start with a project . At this stage, it is worth considering what the website will be used for, whether it should present an offer, services, products, or maybe provide information on a specific topic. By thinking about the project, you can prepare a user profile of the page, which will make it easier to plan a useful website, both in terms of structure and content. When preparing the initial diagram, you should carefully consider the space on the page, the practical menu, the symmetry of the desired elements and, of course, the footer. You cannot forget about the responsiveness. Most of the traffic on the Internet now takes place via mobile devices , i.e. smartphones and tablets, which is why Google’s priority is whether the website is available inmobile version .

Where to start creating a website?

Creating a website should start with choosing an address (domain). The domain name should be remembered so that Internet users have no problem with the next visit. In the case of businesses, it is usually the name of the company, although it is not always the case. A domain may also refer to what is on the website, to the industry in which the business operates, to the location. Often, for SEO / SEM reasons, a key phrase is included in the domain name .

When choosing a name, you have to take into account that it may already be taken. It’s also a good idea to review used domains that have been abandoned and can be seized. This is a tempting proposition, especially if the domain name is attractive, but you should consider this solution. Why? Some sites may have a “difficult” history. This can mean poor search engine results, negative reviewsetc. Then, after buying a domain, it can be difficult to build a good position. What else to pay attention to when choosing a name? It is not recommended to use hyphens, Internet users often forget about them when entering a given address. Numbers and Polish characters are also inadvisable, not to mention names with spelling mistakes. The popular “e” or “i” prefixes are not necessarily well seen. In this case, the point is also that Internet users can simply skip them, enter another domain, which can be used by the competition . After purchasing a domain, you should start choosing hosting – it is worth reading the opinions available on the web. Some hosting plans may have a lot of downtime reports, problems with fast service, long loading, etc. It is better to avoid such hosting plans from a distance.

People who are new to website development can choose hosting with CMS installed. It is a website content management system. Wordpress is among the most popular CMSs. You can build a website on it, this project also provides many ready-made templates, and also offers a lot of plugins with which you can increase the functionality of the website. Using such a system is very intuitive. You can easily add more subpages, fill your website with content, add photos, etc. and you can look for help from the large WordPress community on the Internet.

When creating a website, it is worth taking care of good practices that will affect the positioning of the website, increase its usability for Internet users and enable its further development and expansion. There are many features of a good website that you should pay attention to. The most distinguished among them are the appropriate graphic design, transparency, key information, functionality, responsiveness, page loading speed, intuitive navigation and security.

As for the graphic design, this one should not be too “flashy”. It cannot be overly conspicuous, it will rather reject some internet users. The colors of the website should be subdued, it is better not to distract users. It is recommended that when creating a graphic design, choose a maximum of 4 colors that will dominate the page. It is also important to choose the right font and its size. The Internet user should not have difficulty reading the text. It is also common to use headers of various sizes, listings and boldings. When it comes to page clarity, it’s better to avoid excessive amounts of photos and additions. The site should be minimalistic and as useful as possiblefor Internet users. An interesting principle is the “three-click method”. This means that the user should find the information he or she is interested in in 3 clicks, then it can be said that the website is clearly navigable (intuitive navigation) and functional . When creating a website, you need to use clear messages, name subpages specifically, e.g. “offer”, “contact”, “gallery”, etc.

The speed of the page loading is important both from the point of view of search engines and User Experience. The faster the page loads, the better – this has a positive effect on the position in organic results, because the search engine knows that Internet users do not like to wait long for the page to appear in the browser. Just a few seconds of waiting is important if the user has to wait, closes the page and looks for the necessary information from the competition that took care of the page loading speed.

When creating a website, you should also take care of the security of the website , but also of the Internet users. In this case, it is necessary to choose a good hosting that will not be a fallback and an SSL certificate (https) that will ensure data security and confidentiality of transactions . It is also necessary to prepare the regulations and privacy policy, this applies to both online stores and other websites.

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