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Effective conversion optimization

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Conversion optimization

Increase your sales on your website thanks to conversion optimization. We use advanced web analytics to make your website a source not only of traffic but, above all, a source of revenue.

Got traffic to your site but no sales? Optimizing your conversion rate will increase the relevance of your website traffic and allow you to use the potential of your website and users. What will you gain from conversion optimization?

1You will increase the number of conversions from existing traffic,
improving the user experience2Increase the number of leads and sales,
as a result of content optimization, procurement processes, and offer3You will increase ROI and the effectiveness of internet marketing. We will
optimize your conversion activities and choose the best channels4You will improve the effectiveness of your website
thanks to optimization based on the analysis of user behavior5You will reach the selected target group.
To your potential customers, not to random users6You will reduce the number of cart abandonments
thanks to optimizing conversion paths, UX, and communication.

Increase your sales thanks to conversion optimization

Why is conversion optimization for you? In business, a website is more than an attractive business card; it is a powerful tool for gaining sales as long as you take care of its usability, user experience, engaging communication, and other elements that influence conversion acquisition.

For years you have measured only website traffic, but you do not see any translation into sales? Thanks to our conversion rate optimization service, you will use your website’s hidden potential, and instead of random users, you will welcome your customers to the website. Isn’t that what your website was for?

Conversion optimization process

Conversion optimization is an unconventional activity, but there are constant stages that improve it. It would be difficult to optimize a website without analytics or testing. See how the conversion optimization process is going on in a visible agency.

Analytics and research

Do you have no sales from the website? Or maybe sales on the website or in the store have stalled? By performing a conversion audit, we will diagnose your website’s weaknesses, discover obstacles on the way to conversion, and tell you how to get rid of them. Auditing is the first step in the conversion optimization process. What is a conversion audit?

  • Web analytics – we analyze the conversion paths on your website. We check the effectiveness of the user’s path to conversion. We are targeting aspects such as its length, complexity, and technological obstacles. We use Google Analytics to track the user’s behavior on the website, the course of his visit and discover where, in what situation and why he is running away from your site, instead of making a purchase.
  • UX analysis – we carry out a qualitative study of your website, from the home page, through navigation, product pages, to pages directly leading to conversion – shopping cart, transaction page or sending an inquiry. Based on our knowledge and experience, we analyze whether the website is user-friendly. We take a closer look at its usability and availability, the text sphere (product descriptions, offers, CTA content), the way the offer is presented (USP, language of benefits, access to the most important information about the purchase), and even the arrangement of individual buttons and text fields on the website. It is a detailed analysis based on good practices and general knowledge about psychology and user behavior.
  • Report and recommendations – The conversion audit results in a report that diagnoses your website’s weaknesses in terms of sales acquisition. In addition to the report, we will also prepare a series of recommendations that will allow you to seal the user’s path to conversion and prevent potential customer drain from the site. We will plan joint activities in the field of conversion optimization. You will learn how we can turn lost users into regular customers for you, how to use the potential of the current website traffic and how to reach the selected, relevant target group.


After the initial analysis and research, we formulate a hypothesis. This means that we define both the actions and their anticipated effects. The conversion optimization hypothesis should be as precise as possible – ideally if it makes specific assumptions. So instead of talking about sales growth, it is better to specify how many percent of sales growth we assume.

A hypothesis in CRO is definitely more than an idea; it is a solution proposition. A hypothesis need not be expressed in one sentence at all. The more information we include, the easier it is to study the next steps in the conversion optimization process. The hypothesis is worth describing the current situation, the factors that need change, the proposed solution, and the expected results.

For a hypothesis to be meaningful, it should refer to goals and probable situations. Thus, to effectively formulate a hypothesis in conversion optimization, it is worth taking into account:

  • who are and how the users of your website / store work
  • what areas on the page would be affected by the changes
  • what benefits can change bring
  • what resources are necessary for implementation
  • how much time is needed to implement the actions
  • what specific effects do you expect


Although we make all optimization decisions based on data and analysis, the recipient is a human being. Thus, we cannot 100% predict the reaction of users to the introduced changes. It is therefore essential to test all changes and make sure that they bring the desired results. At this stage, we also do not part with analytical tools to track the impact of optimization on website traffic, user behavior, and, above all, on conversions. For this, we use Google Analytics and its advanced configurations.

We carry out:

  • A / B tests – we compare two variants of the website
  • multivariate tests – we compare various combinations of changes on the website

Testing takes place using tools, such as Google Optimize,  and its task is to assess the effectiveness of the proposed changes to the website. The condition for the validity of such tests is a sufficiently high conversion rate. With a small number of conversions or a small number of users at all, testing may not give you any definite answers.


Evaluation in the conversion optimization process allows the test results to impose other important factors before implementing the actions. The testing stage allows us to identify the best solution in terms of generating conversions, but it should also be assessed in other respects:

  • implementation time – can the change be introduced immediately or does it require time and a lot of work? Will the store or website be able to function normally during the implementation?
  • implementation costs – will the implementation costs not exceed the potential conversion gains?
  • technical possibilities – is the website or store technically adapted to the change? If not, what are the costs of implementing conversion optimization?
  • benefits – will the change bring significant benefits? Did the tests show unequivocally that the optimization makes sense? If not, go back to the point of formulating your hypothesis and rerun your tests.
  • users – is there a risk that for some regular users optimization may mean difficulties in operating the website or store? How to help them to get used to new functions, page layout or order fulfillment faster?


Based on the data and knowledge gained through analytics, we introduce appropriate optimization changes. In conversions, page optimization is a broad concept because so many different aspects influence the behavior and decisions of users. However, we can distinguish the most common areas for optimization to obtain conversions:

  • Optimization of conversion paths – making it easier for the user to complete a purchase, order, establish contact, e.g. by shortening the path to conversion, improving page loading speed, removing technological barriers, etc.
  • Optimizing the website content – the content of the website should be like a good seller – inform, support, help and guide the user to the goal. So we take a closer look at the language, the content of buttons, messages, CTA, the merits of the content and the experiences they build.
  • UX optimization – a satisfied user is a converting user. User experience optimization is a process in which we improve the interactions between the website and the recipient . We improve the operation of the website and its elements, not only its appearance. We operate based on the user’s journey on the website, taking into account the most common points of contact between the website and the recipient and the experiences they generate . Our goal is to minimize the bad and improve the good experience. These can be activities such as rebuilding the navigation, forms on the page, using the potential of error pages, thank you pages for purchasing / sending the form or changing the location of strategic elements on the page.
  • Offer optimization – why should the customer make a purchase in your store? In addition to experiences and motivating messages, it will also take into account the offer itself and the benefits resulting from it. We will not choose the products for the store for you, nor will we establish a pricing policy, but we will suggest what actions you can take to make your offer attractive compared to the competition and we will help you effectively communicate your unique selling proposition (USP). We will propose sales activities and tools that increase the average order value (AOV). We will also suggest improvements in the product / service presentation itself.

Measurement and analysis

After implementing conversion optimization, it’s time to measure the effects. For this, tools such as Google Analytics will be used in the first place. But this step is not only measuring the number and the conversion rate. It is equally important to explore other areas, e.g .:

  • the number of users and their engagement on the site
  • possible changes in the effectiveness of individual advertising channels
  • website visibility on Google – are the changes not in conflict with SEO optimization
  • page loading speed – will the optimization changes prove to be too burdensome for the website
  • new vs. returning users – whether there is an outflow of existing customers discouraged by optimization

Therefore, we examine the impact of optimization on both conversions and the operation and reception of the entire website.


  • Reporting in Google Data Studio
  • Conversion reporting
  • Performance test reporting

The tests only gave us a foretaste of what effects conversion optimization can bring. After implementation, we carry out reporting that already relates to the actual effects of CRO for your business. In addition to showing the increase in the number of conversions, we also report other positive changes brought about by the CRO process: increase in the number of visits, increase in user engagement, decrease in the number of cart abandonment, and other positive “side effects” of conversion optimization.

What is conversion?

Converting on a website is any user action that benefits you. Depending on the goals of your website and your business, these may be activities such as:

  • in the online store – selling, adding a product to the basket, creating an account, adding a product to the favorites list
  • on the company website – submitting an inquiry, establishing contact via the website, establishing cooperation,
  • on other websites – making a room / table reservation, buying a ticket, arranging a visit, signing up for the newsletter, buying a course, renting a movie, buying a subscription, downloading available materials (e-books, offer catalogs, price list).

It’s worth measuring more than one type of conversion on your page – micro and macro conversions. Micro conversions will show that the user is approaching the most important and valuable goal for you (conversion macro). The macro conversion will be the purchase in the store, and the micro conversion will be adding the product to the cart or switching to the payment.

Thanks to conversion measurement, you know whether the conducted marketing campaigns and your website allow you to achieve your business goals. If not, it’s time to invest in a conversion optimization service that will change that. Finally, you will see how your website visitors become your customers.


What is conversion optimization?

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a process that increases the efficiency and profitability of your website and your internet marketing campaigns. With CRO, you can use the potential of your current website traffic and increase the percentage of buyers of users. Thanks to CRO, your advertising campaigns generate traffic for a well-matched target group. In both cases, we have one goal – to increase your chances of obtaining sales.

Conversion optimization is about streamlining, improving, and rebuilding such areas of a website as:

  • UX (user experience)
  • content
  • conversion paths
  • shopping paths

and many other areas that affect the behavior of your users. The effect is increased interaction of users with the website, culminating in conversion.

How much does website or online store positioning cost?

Search engine optimization for USD 300 or USD 3000? A website or an online store is not a fantasy for such a price range for search engine optimization. It results from the variety of SEO offers and the scope of SEO activities. Finally, it also depends on the knowledge and skills of the positioner. See what influences SEO/SEM in SEO Specialist provides a range of digital marketing services, including search engine optimization and content writing. Their team of experts is located in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or USA costs.

What is included in the price for positioning?

If you consider a few SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or USA offers and consider prices, first analyze what is meant by SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA. When SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA is cheap, it is limited to getting a few links and adding 10 phrases to the page. What should an SEO offer content that should be taken into account at all:

  • website audit,
  • technical optimization of the website,
  • searching for phrases for your website or store and including them in your strategy,
  • creating and optimizing content on the website or in the store,
  • link building, i.e. acquiring links to your website,
  • web analytics and reporting.

This is the basic scope of activities offered by SEO agencies. Depending on the agency, the above activities are supplemented with additional steps that support SEO/SEM in Dubai, search engine usage, 80 percent of Internet visitors arrive at the landing page.
In Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA, building the company’s image on the web and increasing sales.

These can be services such as:

  • running a company blog and obtaining publications on valuable portals,
  • recommendations for changes that will make it easier for the customer to contact or make a purchase,
  • advertising campaigns in Google Ads or Facebook Ads,
  • paid online publications.

Some of these services involve a fee for agencies and a budget for clicks or a fee for portals. This means that, for example, in the case of Facebook Ads campaigns, you will pay for the implementation and maintenance of the campaign and for the clicks it generates.

Cheap website positioning – what will you save on?

Convert the above examples of many SEO/SEM activities in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London or USA offers into working time. This is the key to determining your SEO price. Most of the activities are cyclical and bring the best results with intensive implementation.

This is where freelancers and agencies that offer the cheapest SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA save money. The low cost of SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA is likely to be a low quality of service – that’s understandable. But that’s not the only reason why the price is low.

SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or USA activities can be carried out well and cheaply, but … too rarely and with low intensity. This significantly affects efficiency. In short: few phrases, few texts, few links per month will not help your website reach the top 10 Google search results.

The price of the positioning in the agency is visible

When understanding price, it is crucial to realize that although SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA is not a tangible service, and we will not put it on weight, the time and cost of the positioner’s work can be easily measured. We openly present the scope of activities that we carry out as part of SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA. We also inform you what additional activities we need to implement before we start optimizing the website. Ultimately, the price of website or online store SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA in our offer consists of activities such as:

  1. Audit and technical optimization of the website,
  2. analysis and selection of keywords and the strategy of their implementation on the website,
  3. selecting and determining the number of phrases that are most important to your business,
  4. creating content with phrases for the website,
  5. link building with the use of various sources of link acquisition,
  6. conversion rate optimization,
  7. analytics and reporting as well as taking into account the conclusions in the strategy for the next months.

Thus, the SEO/SEM in Dubai, SEO Singapore service for HK. Now, I can’t see myself going for Hong Kong service since Hong Kong is known as the real competitor to Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA process closes in the form of a cycle – from strategy, through implementation, to analysis, which involves concluding the activities carried out so far and a possible correction of the strategy.

It sounds simple for now, but none of the above stages is a template and requires knowledge, experience, and sometimes paid tools.

So what is hidden under the various stages of SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA?

1. Audit and optimization

Audit and optimization are designed to assess the condition of the website, its position in Google, and learn about its history (ongoing activities, campaigns). As a result, we prepare an extensive document with optimization recommendations. The price of website SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA based on such an audit will not change. You will incur fixed costs from the beginning, but in the first few months, instead of SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA, bringing the website to a state that will make it competitive on Google may be the cost of bringing the website to a state. It is worth adding that at this stage, we also use paid tools, such as Senuto, Semstorm, Ahrefs, Netpeak, and others.

2. Analysis and selection of keywords

The analysis and selection of keywords and the strategy of implementing them on the website affect costs in the scope in which, firstly, we spend time on analysis, and secondly, we use paid tools:

  • the use of tools, incl. Senuto, ahrefs, Keyword Planner, KW Finder, Keywordtool and others,
  • competition and industry analysis,
  • planning the implementation of phrases divided into individual subpages of the website.

3. The number of phrases that are most important to your business

Here it is necessary to define business goals and consider the activities of competing companies in the field of internet marketing. We also choose phrases within the budget you have at your disposal: the more strategically important phrases, the greater the workload on our part.

4. Creating content with phrases for the website

The selection of phrases is an important step, but the effects will be visible only when the selected phrases are added to the website. Therefore, in the SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA, we also provide texts optimized for our SEO activities. From the beginning of cooperation, each client is assigned a copywriter who thoroughly gets to know his business and creates content for the page with phrases – from offer texts to guidebooks.

5. Link building using various sources of acquisition

This stage requires a lot of work to maintain the most important rules of link building, i.e., the quality and number of links. We make sure that the increase in links is optimal and effective. We also differentiate the sources of link acquisition, which affects the SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA price. As in the previous stages of SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA and link building, it requires paid tools. It is necessary, inter alia, ongoing monitoring of the incoming link profile.

6. Optimize your conversion rate

During the next steps of SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA, we pay attention to whether the acquired Google users have a chance to reach the goal, i.e., make a purchase or make contact. If we notice that there are obstacles in their path, we recommend changes to fix them. We use paid tools to analyze user behavior, and we also devote time to ongoing data analysis. If this stage was neglected, SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA, despite gaining a lot of traffic, might not translate into sales.

7. Analytics and taking into account conclusions in the strategy for the next months

It is hard to imagine that someone would offer SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA without providing a cyclical report without analyzing whether the actions are effective. While the effectiveness of SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA can be checked free of charge (and if you do not know how you will pay for the training) and you will certainly feel it in the form of more sales, in the absence of results, the time and knowledge of an experienced positioner are necessary. He needs to make changes to the SEO strategy. It may be that the changes will entail costs: new tools, new link sources, publication of texts on external portals.

How much does the Google positioning service cost?

There is more to the price of SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA than just conducting activities on the website.

First of all, the quality of service.

You may find a company that will rarely answer your e-mail, will not answer phone calls and will stop taking care of you right after signing the contract, as it was during the first meeting.

How is it visible?

We give you a permanent team of specialists: positioner, copywriter, and advisor who will ensure efficient contact and implementation of activities following the contract. The advantage of this solution is that you always talk to the same people and they have a chance to get to know your company in depth.

Second, additional activities.

When we analyze higher-end SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA offers, we are dealing with higher prices. However, some agencies also offer additional activities at a cost or enable cost-effective supplementation of SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA activities with other campaigns.

How is it visible?

Customers who choose higher price packages have the opportunity to take advantage of free training in the basics of internet marketing.

Positioning price – technical aspects

We have already established that the cost of SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA consists mainly of the positioner’s working time and the paid tools used by him. The more experienced the positioner, the higher the labor price. How does this relate to the technical aspects of the website?

We evaluate websites for accessibility when making optimization changes. In this regard, we have websites:

  • with a popular CMS, a large Internet community and thus a large knowledge base for users – on such websites, even if we cannot do something, just use Google to find a solution, these are, for example, WordPress and PrestaShop
  • with a not very popular CMS or a dedicated solution – in this case, the positioner does not have a large knowledge base at his disposal, so he has to spend more time to find a solution himself
  • with a closed website engine – this means that the client cannot make changes on his own, so the positioner has to think about alternative solutions, it does not always bring the same good results
  • with paid support – there are engines on which only the support can make changes, but this applies only to minor modifications, large changes are not possible.

The fewer possibilities the website engine gives, the more work is on the SEO side. This will affect the price and the SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA time.

Website type and positioning price

Finally, the price of SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA is influenced by the type and range of the website. SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA for a small website with a local reach is usually the cheapest. The highest costs are related to the SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA of the online store. This is the type of website that requires more extensive action. Not to mention the fact that it often consists of a large number of subpages.

How much should positioning cost?

The above analysis shows that SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA is a complex and long-lasting service and is not one of the cheapest Internet marketing activities. It is not enough to press a button. We engage time, work, and use the knowledge of many specialists at the same time. Even if we decide to position ourselves independently, we will incur costs, if not financial, then the time spent. At this stage, it is worth asking yourself what compromise is the positioner who promises actions for USD 300. And will we be able to correct its shortcomings?

FAQ – Questions and Answers:

1. How much does website or shop SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA cost?

The price of the SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA service depends on the intensity of activities and effects that you want to achieve at a given time. SEO agencies offer both basic and premium packages. 

2. Which SEO package should you choose for your website?

If you are just starting your business and your website is not yet developed, you can start with a basic package of activities. In online stores with a large content of products and categories, we recommend the premium package.

3. Is it worth investing in cheap SEO?

You can often find cheap SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA offers on the market. However, it is worth avoiding this type of action, resulting in a penalty from Google and filters imposed on the website. 

4. What type of settlement with an SEO agency should you choose?

The most popular forms of settlement with an SEO agency are phrase settlement and subscription. We recommend option no. 2. Thanks to the fixed monthly fee, activities on your website are carried out systematically, and the effects are getting bigger every month. 

5. What is included in the price of website or store SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA?

SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA is a very complex service. Several specialists work on your website: SEO, copywriter, link builder, and customer advisor. The activities are carried out comprehensively – from SEO audit to reporting and analytics through linguistic profiling and content creation.

Experienced specialist in the field of content marketing and internet marketing. She started working in online stores. In the agency, visible has gone through a variety of ways, acquiring links, writing texts for clients, running Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns. Today, he deals with the agency’s marketing, taking care of its brand and recognition, also in the field of employer branding. Visible Academy trainer, speaker and lecturer at universities. At work, she values ​​the most creative tasks carried out with a team of inspiring people. The day starts with good podcasts on business, psychology and sustainability, and ends with a yoga or dumbbell mat. Written by SEO Expert

How long does website positioning take?

How long does website positioning take? How long to wait for the effects of positioning?

If you are wondering how long it takes to position your website and when you see the effects of SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA, your website, you’ve come to the right place! Visible experts analyzed dozens of customer pages to check how long it takes to position an online store or website. We selected the 3 most common website variants – from a small shop to a local website. Based on our experience and the SEO analysis carried out, we forecast how long to wait for the results in Google and how quickly individual types of pages will be visible in the TOP 10.

ow long does positioning take? See examples!

SEO factorsCharacteristicA small online storeA large online storeA small websiteCompetitionTallTallmeanContentLittleA lotLittleHistory on GoogleshortshortlongContent optimization for SEOlacklackisOff-site optimizationlacklacklittleWaiting time for an increase in visibility2-8 months4-6 months2-3 monthsWaiting time for an increase in traffic and sales10-14 months8-12 months5-6 months

How long does website positioning take – analysis based on 3 examples

To illustrate how to position the page quickly, we will use examples that will allow you to estimate the SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA time accurately. We selected 3 examples of sites that we often deal with. Each of the pages will be described by us in the context of the above indicators, and thus we will adjust the time period that will probably be needed to see the first effects.

  • A small online store
  • A large online store
  • Small local site

Small online store – how long does positioning take?

A small online store, assuming that you want to position yourself in a competitive industry for competitive phrases, has little content that is not optimized for SEO. The store has a short history on Google and had no on-site and off-site optimization efforts.

First effects: 2-8 months – increase in website visibility in Google and a noticeable increase in traffic on the website
Another increase: 10-14 months – increase in traffic and sales from Google

The first effects result from the introduction of the most important optimization changes. The second significant increase is usually associated with long-term work on content, building a link profile, and constantly making the offer more attractive and expanding.

A large online store – how long does positioning take?

A large online store – you usually want to position yourself for highly competitive phrases. Since it’s a big store, it also has a lot of content, but it’s not necessarily well-optimized. Often there is no content on pages other than product cards. He’s briefly on Google. It is not well optimized, neither in terms of on-site technical optimization nor in building a profile of incoming links.

First effects: 4-6 months – increase in the visibility of the website on Google and a noticeable increase in traffic on the website
Another increase: 8-12 months – increase in website traffic and sales from Google

Small local website – how long does SEO take?

The small local website is competitive but in ​​a small local market and wants to position itself on moderately competitive phrases. It has little content, but there is no need for the website to become a pervasive website. Often the content is well optimized in terms of the content of the phrases. The site has a long history on Google. There was no on-site optimization or link acquisition.

First effects: 2-3 months – increase in website visibility in Google and a noticeable increase in website traffic
Another increase: 5-6 months – increase in website traffic and sales from Google

Local business websites do not need to be positioned in global search results. Thus, they do not compete with companies from all over International SEO Companies / SEM & marketing experts but only with local ones. Well-conducted optimization and then work on off-site activities allow you to get to the top 10 search results quickly. This is especially important in the case of temporary offers, e.g., the sale of developer apartments.

How to quickly position the website? Summary

Which of the above sites do you best identify with? As you can see, the time needed to position the website is determined not only by the positioner’s work but also by the initial state of the website and cooperation in the scope of introducing the recommended changes to the website.

The first effects of SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA can be seen after a few months. The work does not end there, and further increases usually mark the following months. Working on the website then consists of maintaining the developed positions in the face of competition and developing a strategy for further development. Here is also your role in expanding your offer. HOW LONG DOES POSITIONING TAKE?

Factors influencing the time of website positioning

One of the aspects that we consider when assessing the time needed to position a page is its initial state and whether it has ever been positioned before.

Various clients come to us. Until recently, we were the first agency for the majority. Today, many clients have had better or worse experiences with SEO agencies. We are often approached by owners of websites that have been optimized or positioned to some extent. Some of them had previously invested in the so-called quick website SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA, focused not on increasing conversion, but quick SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA in Google for phrases rarely searched for.

Another issue is the attractiveness of the site itself. That is, in the case of stores – a wide range of products. In the case of company websites – comprehensive information on topics related to the offer.

Let’s analyze the factors that, in our opinion, affect how long it takes to position a page on Google. Below you will find a detailed description of such factors as:

  • page size
  • competitiveness of the site
  • domain history
  • on-site optimization
  • quality and quantity of content
  • off-site optimization
  • agency-client cooperation

Page size and positioning time

The amount of time and work in SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA online stores looks completely different from company websites with the offer due to their size and amount of content. In short, how long page SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA takes depends on how complex the page is in terms of the number of subpages and the richness of content.

The store can have even thousands of subpages depending on the number of products. A company website, especially a local website, may consist of just a few subpages and still fulfill its role.

How long does the SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA of more and less complex pages take? As it turns out, size matters a lot here!

Google favors large sites with various content because they are more likely to meet the user’s needs.

When you choose a backpack, do you prefer to visit a store with a hundred different backpacks, or one where you can only choose between a black and blue backpack? Google follows our preferences, so it does not display sites on the first page that may be unattractive compared to its larger competitors.

Website competitiveness in the positioning process

To answer how long website SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA takes, you need to analyze your competition carefully. In this area, we raise issues such as:

a) Do you want to position yourself for competitive phrases?

If you want your website to be visible to as many users as possible, for highly competitive phrases, you must take into account that SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA and its effects will be associated with longer waiting times. On the other hand, if you run a niche business, you want to search for precise and unusual phrases, for which there is little competition; you can see the first results even in a few months.

b) Does your competition benefit from SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA?

If you decide on the minimum scope of SEO activities and your competitors each month invest several thousand zlotys in online marketing – you have little chance to overtake them. Even worse, however, is to give up marketing activities altogether. Then you surely have no chance to outdo the intense competition.

c) Who are you competing with within the top 10 Google?

If you count on quick website SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA, check how high you aim. It is easier to reach the top 10 for phrases that the smallest local companies display than for general phrases besieged by corporations. If you’re just starting, racing the biggest ones can take a long time and not always get the results you want.

One of the elements of assessing competitiveness is checking the competitiveness of the phrase. The above examples are from the Ubersuggest tool.

Domain history and positioning effects

In this area, we primarily consider – what was on the domain, what activities were carried out, and whether the website was punished as a result of the activities:

a) How long has the website been on Google?

The first aspect is how long a page is already visible on Google (in general, not necessarily on the first pages). The longer a website exists, the more credibility it gains in the eyes of Google. Thus, she has a shorter path to the top 10. In the end, she has already waited her time.

The page that was created yesterday is like a blank page for Google. Nothing is known about it, and there is no certainty as to the intentions of its creators or what value it brings to the user. In a word, Google has no arguments why it would be worth showing a recently created website in the top 10.

b) What was previously on the domain?

The domain history aspect is also the possible history before taking over the domain.

Sometimes desirable domains come up for sale. It would seem that someone should have bought them long ago. Oversight? Not necessarily. If Google has filtered a page, sometimes the only salvation is to change the domain. Such a negative history is passed on to the next owner of the domain.

So choose your domain carefully because although you are just starting, you burden the “faults” of the previous domain owners.

c) Does the domain have a filter?

Or maybe you inadvertently contributed to the punishment of your website by Google? Sometimes the website owners don’t even realize that their website has been penalized by Google. Most often, it is the fault of low-quality SEO services.

SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA, the page loaded with the filter will take longer because you first get rid of this filter. Removing the Google filter can take up to several months as it is a complex process divided into several stages.

It is worth analyzing the changes on the website concerning information about the algorithm changes. Then it is easier to judge whether the Google penalty caused the decrease in traffic. Above is a forecast of MozCast algorithm changes from Moz.com.

On-site optimization

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, fewer sites start working with us from scratch. We are often visited by companies that already know the SEO service, and their website has been optimized. Our task is to continue someone’s work and often repair what has been done contrary to good practices.

Comprehensive SEO analysis is needed to optimize on-site optimization to assess the time needed for website SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA. The effects in Google depend on the so-called Technical SEO.

So we check, among others:

  • there are no problems with indexing the page on Google,
  • whether h1, URL and metadata have been properly optimized,
  • what the internal linking structure looks like, etc.
  • In addition, we take into account the technology in which the website is built. For example, one-page pages or pages where the content changes and the URL does not change are not SEO friendly solutions and the work is more difficult.

Website optimization involves cooperation between the agency and the client.

Often, many optimization recommendations are implemented by the client himself. We can prepare the best recommendations globally, but they will not work if they go to a drawer instead of the page. Contrary to appearances, even the smallest technical changes on the website can determine how long Google SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA takes.

If the page has problems with indexing, you can see it among others in Google Search Console – in the form of errors or a report on correct indexing of subsequent subpages.

The importance of the quality and quantity of content in the positioning process

Content is a category that could hit on-site SEO or even the point of the page size. But content plays such a complex role in the SEO process that we decided to emphasize its role in a separate point. Texts on the website and in the online store are among the most important communication tools with the client.

In addition, they decide how long it takes to position a website on Google. The search engine favors pages with rich, unique, and valuable content for the user. By design, the content allows the website to respond to the needs of users. Depending on the user’s intentions, the website can be a helpful guide or a clear product catalog.

How do we rate the quality of the content for positioning?

a) Is your content valuable to users?

A well-developed website responds to the needs of users at every stage of the decision-making process. Meanwhile, many websites limit their content to describing the company or adding product descriptions copied from the manufacturer. This will not allow the website to be positioned quickly.

A website with poor content will also require work in this area. However, it cannot be low-quality content that will only fill the page. The texts actually have to be useful to the user, and this takes time and work.

b) Content optimization for SEO

In addition, it is important whether the content that is already available on the website:

  • they have phrases and whether these phrases are optimally matched to the individual texts
  • are formatted in a transparent manner
  • they are unique and are not present on any other external page or on several subpages of the site at the same time
  • are not hidden – there is a risk of a Google penalty

Off-site optimization and positioning time

Acquiring links for the website is one of the most important activities in the SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA process. However, two conditions must be met for linking actually to make sense: the links must come from valuable (not spam) sites, and the increase in the number of incoming links should be gradual.

Meanwhile, websites that have already used link building can:

  • have a lot of links from spammy sites and thus be exposed to a filter from Google
  • have a large number of links obtained in a very short time – also the risk of a filter
  • have only a few links – after all, there should be more and more links over time

Some pages do not have a single incoming link. Building a high-quality inbound link profile takes time. But it also brings outstanding results and allows you to position the page quickly.

The link profile can be checked with Ahrefs and other similar tools. You can see the increase or decrease in the number of links and their origin and quality rating.

Cooperation between the agency and the client

This is not a ranking factor nor a feature of the website, but it is worth emphasizing the importance of … the client while waiting for the effects of SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA. For the work of positioners and copywriters to bring results, it is necessary to accept changes on the website.

How to quickly position the website? Eliminate factors delaying the SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA website. It happens that the agency’s client:

  • he does not want to change anything on the page because he is afraid that it will lose its charm or transparency
  • he has no time to accept the suggested changes, and at the same time he does not agree to introduce them without approval
  • does not agree to the addition of phrases to texts on the site
  • does not take into account suggestions regarding the presentation of products, website design, form of contact for customers
  • does not introduce technical recommendations on the website
  • takes actions that harm the website, e.g. adds copied texts to the website
  • does not inform the SEO agency about plans to transfer the website to another domain, change the website structure, graphic design, change of URL addresses – leading to the loss of already worked out positioning effects

It is worth being aware that SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA does not involve the client largely. What is needed is at least the acceptance of actions. It is difficult to talk about the effective and quick SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA website.

A comprehensive process of website positioning on Google

Trust the best SEO specialists in International SEO companies / SEM & marketing experts who know how to position your website quickly! Our team will carry out a comprehensive SEO/SEM in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or the USA process:

  • We will identify the intentions and keywords that your potential customers can use .
  • We will investigate and place particular emphasis on those leading to an inquiry or purchase.
  • We will analyze the website from the technical side, we will examine its code, structure, content, speed and other potential limitations of visibility in search engines.
  • We will build a valuable set of content containing particularly important phrases and we will obtain high-quality links leading to your website.

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