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Welcome to the SEO Specialist Web Design, Redesign, Digital Marketing, and Optimization Agency for Search Engines in Cameroon. Online Our SEO Company is a top-class web design, search engine optimization, and digital marketing firm located in Cameroon. We are dedicated to developing, designing, redesigning, and hosting people, companies, and organizations to be present online.

Today is like starting a business and telling everyone to Ignore Internet Marketing.

Any company without an internet presence is an out of sight business.

Today, online business success is not about obtaining traffic on your site but about getting loyal, relevant, and focused visitors on transforming your Return on Investment into sales and makeup.

SEO is the key to every business’ online success in this complicated age of competition

Leading Cameroon web design, optimization of search engines, and digital marketing agency

Online Our SEO Company is a prominent Cameroon-based web designing and search engine optimization agency with global services. Our primary objective is quality and customer satisfaction. Well done, that is precisely what you will get from us with a unique touch. We are so dedicated to performing our work properly that our customers will eventually return to our services. For us, customer happiness is essential. We appreciate our customers’ ideas and strive to materialize them via our abilities in web design. After our past customers’ satisfaction and appreciation, we stated that we are the best, if not because it seems biased. We lead in Web Hosting, Web design, Web Redesign, Web Maintenance, Web Security, Digital Marketing, and SEO services. We host and create the finest websites for our customers while ensuring that they are available as quickly as possible in the search engine results pages of major search engines such as Google. We also provide a complete online training curriculum on how to earn money in Cameroon and beyond. We also offer SEO, site design, and digital marketing training.

We ask ‘what’ instead of ‘what’ since our work begins with you – to grasp your vision and materialize it via our web-based abilities. We can already shape your idea and bring your business or company to an international level. We are dedicated to helping you contact more prospective clients worldwide and make more profit. We provide site hosting, web design, web redesign, optimization of search engines, digital marketing, consulting, and web training programs. We can offer the essential consulting services in this digital era to become a successful ENTREPRENEUR.

  • Hosting Web
  • Design and development of the website
  • Redesign of the website
  • Web administration
  • Digital commercialization (Social Media, Online Lead Generation, Email, Affiliate, Video & Search Engine)
  • Marketing Influencer
  • Consultation of Webmasters
  • Optimization of the online search engine (SEO)
  • Creation of Content
  • Writing a copy
  • Proofreading
  • Development of the app
  • Development & Management Online Brand
  • Creating & Managing Video
  • ROI evaluations
  • Campaigns Mobile
  • Flash animation and design of cards
  • Programming of the Web
  • Protection of copyright
  • Design logo
  • Security strengthening and malware removal website
  • Development of Online Store

Online Our SEO Company provides one of Cameroon’s and the world’s finest reseller hosting services. If you are serious about a profitable website, you have to invest in the best web hosting. Failure to do so will end up with a hosting that enables downtimes. Such hosting is more an abuser that frustrates your loyal business clients and drives them away. Six (6) reasons why the Online Our SEO Company should host:

  • Friendly customer support should something go wrong.
  • Less likely to have downtimes
  • Boosted speed of loading webpage
  • Better safety (HTTPS)
  • Search Engine Optimization Boosted
  • Frequent backups should something go wrong.

In Cameroon, Africa, and worldwide, Online Our SEO Company provides bespoke web design and development services to small companies. As a web designing and development business, we have acquired many years of expertise working in the industry to know our clients’ wants. We have created and produced many blog websites to collaborate with websites and e-commerce solutions in recent years. To fulfill ambition best practice standards and to satisfy our customers, we make the website:

  • User-friendly
  • Friendly mobile
  • Responsive
  • Design eye-catching
  • Very secure
  • Friendly SEO
  • Highly sales converting
  • Load quickly

Online Our SEO Company, we revamp your website to make it seem more attractive and attractive. Our team of specialists will conduct a review of your website code and presentation. What we do is tear down an old home to construct a new one that will be more beautiful.

At Online Our SEO Company, we provide site management services to our customers who wish to avoid the difficulties of self-web administration. Our web management services include website updates, analysis, promotion, and development. It’s an error to assume that the job has ended after a website has been created and published on the Internet. A website needs gradual quantitative and quality upkeep.

Traditional marketing days are gone. The winning game is the contemporary marketing technique known as Internet Marketing (Digital Marketing). This current marketing method is to promote your talents, goods, services, organization, or company, using digital knowledge and modern technology to reach as many prospective customers as possible via the convenience of your home or workplace. It is essential to realize that a company or organization that is not present online is not in sight. Such a company or organization will probably collapse alone from the market. Today the Internet is now at the front door; why don’t you take advantage of your company and increase its profitability nationally and internationally. Online Our SEO Company can host, build, set up, and even maintain your website to reach people across the world. Take advantage of this chance to create your company’s website so that you may advertise your company online via social media, search engines, and affiliate marketing.

Influencer marketing involves working with leaders, celebrities, and specialists with an established public that may target your company or organization’s development as prospective customers. When your goods or services are promoted to their people through physical and online platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or Snap Chat, your devoted followers are more inclined to buy from you since your marketing makes you more reputable. At Online Our SEO Company, we utilize our links to connect you to these influential individuals.

We provide consulting services for bloggers, web admins, company owners, and business owners at Online Our SEO Company. These services can assist you better understand how you may create and manage your company or organization’s internet presence. At Online Our SEO Company, we are dedicated to discovering and answering all your queries on the web.

Today, a company website that is not highly listed in the search engine results pages is not worthwhile (SERPs). Our search engine optimization specialists at Online Our SEO Company promise to make the website of your company or organization easy to find on the web. Our objective is to take your website from never discovered. We also make your website more relevant to search engines via website-based ethical SEO services while enhancing your capacity to reach your target audience. The more prominent your website is, the more prospective customers you get and therefore benefit.

The creation of excellent site content at Online Our SEO Company is our field of expertise. Although our group of content marketers is time-consuming, they are always available and eager to promote your company or organization via their written solid abilities. Our primary duty is to provide excellent, helpful, and entertaining content. We are dedicated to identifying trend-related subjects for your company, for which we produce extremely user-friendly content and optimize search engines. Our editors have reviewed these gems before submitting them.

In Online Our SEO Company, we rearrange phrases to ensure the best selling of goods and services. We provide the most acceptable kind of text sales. Our agency is dedicated to helping prospective customers desire to work with our customers’ companies and organizations.

At Online Our SEO Company, we provide our customers unparalleled proofreading abilities. Proofreading is the process of revising the final draft of a text to make grammar, punctuation, orthodoxy, and formatting consistent and accurate.

Our experts at Online, Our SEO Company, are highly prepared to create mobile apps and PCs for your company or organization. We are dedicated to making your idea a reality.

Online Our SEO Company is the perfect brand booster for your company or company. We strive to build and maintain a high awareness of our customers’ brands. We dedicate ourselves to providing good signals about our customers’ brands to prospective consumers. A well-developed and maintained brand will probably generate loyal consumers and convert them.

Online Our SEO Company provides its customer’s video production and management services. In today’s business world, videos play significant and leading roles. Video production cannot be overlooked by a company or organization that takes the competition seriously and wins the game.

At Online Our SEO Company, we do a Return on Investment (ROI) evaluation for our customers’ companies and organizations. Our financial specialists perform this evaluation to evaluate the efficiency of an investment. We also provide financial advice to increase your ROI.

At Online Our SEO Company, we provide our customers with mobile campaign services to increase consumer loyalty. This campaign is typically linked to publicity, marketing, or public relations by which companies contact their audiences through SMS (texting). This kind of campaigning creates more customized and unique connections with your audience.

We at Our SEO Company create flash animations and design cards of all kinds – wedding, birthday, funeral, daytime, business, and business.

Our site programmers at Online Our SEO Company are comfy to perform what they know best. We give your company website the usability it requires via excellent coding abilities.

Online Our SEO Company guarantees the right to replicate your website. On each page of your website, including the year, we post a reasonable copy notice.

The effective creation of a brand begins with an informative, appealing, and precise logo. Our team of logo designers at Online Our SEO Company understands the logo’s importance to your company or business success. We are dedicated to finding the most outstanding image of your company.

At Online Our SEO Company, we are more dedicated than ever to combating cybercrime. It is in this light that we provide our customer’s security enhancement services and malware eradication. With the increasing number of assaults on websites across the globe, you will need a fully protected website for your company or organization. We are also dedicated to the restoration and clean-up of websites damaged by viruses.

With everyone moving to the Internet, it is time for you to establish an online shop or expand your physical shop to fit the online audience. We provide the finest online shop design services at Online Our SEO Company. Grow your company or group with an online presence beyond national borders.

We write to show the types of SEO techniques in the industry. We have often seen how many kinds of SEO techniques exist in the digital world? This is a big issue nowadays since the digital world is increasingly gaining control. Another point of this kind is what kinds of SEO strategies you can use? We will address all these issues in writing to provide you with the most proper SEO techniques to effectively compete in the digital market. In recent years, the rivalry has been intense among the owners of digital platforms who want to be ranked high in major search engines such as Google. High ranking is the key to a successful online presence and the acceptance of more consumers.

More sellers want to rank their digital business platforms high in key search engines. This is just to get greater exposure that will lead to more consumers in turn. And you’ve undoubtedly been told that “every client represents a dollar piece.” In other words, we attempt to imply that more consumers will lead to more significant sales and profits. Therefore, it is worth your time to grasp the various kinds of SEO methods and how they operate. You need SEO abilities, regardless of whether you are a company owner, an online marketer, a webmaster, or a blogger. They are essential to the digital world’s success. Increasing rivalry in the digital realm creates around a thousand websites every day. In current days, SEO has become more challenging than in the previous.

SEO Practices Types

There are two major groups or categories of SEO strategies that marketers across the globe have typically embraced. They’re SEO White hat and SEO Black hat. These are the two major areas we will concentrate on most of our work. But let’s grasp the foundation of SEO before continuing.

What is SEO? 

Search Engine Optimization essentially means improving the quality and amount of visitors from organic search engine results to your website. A website is worthless if people do not visit it for information or the purpose it was designed for. Traffic-free websites typically keep their owners concerned all day. It’s not a worth living experience since it maintains your peace of mind. Those who have established and run websites may comprehend this better. But if your website doesn’t get visitors, simply remember that you don’t do the correct thing yet. In such situations, you begin by studying and understanding how SEO works, and you will get a perfect amount of visits each day before you know that.

A person may wonder why SEO is important? For so many reasons, it is essential. To begin with, we’ll claim it increases your website rating, traffic, and internet visibility. Fifty-two percent of B2B marketers have stated that Hubspot generates more lead than any other marketing approach. SEO also comes with two sides: its kinds or classifications like a coin with two sides. Let’s learn about these two significant kinds of SEOs, which enhance marketers’ success.

Just because of its name, you may conclude that it is the most respectable technique of marketers to obtain better ranks on various results pages of search engines (SERPs). All SEO techniques of White Hat fully comply with the Google SEO Guidelines. The White SEO strategy follows Google’s ranking algorithms. This technique does not help to identify flaws or loopholes in the Google ranking algorithm. Bear in mind that White hat SEO techniques may be sluggish to produce results but generally have long-lasting effects. The most frequently used SEO strategies for white hats are:

Website quality publishing, website restructuring, HTML optimization, and quality content link acquisition. Link acquisition. Black’s got SEO

It can only be inferred from his name that Black hat SEO has all techniques to discover loopholes and vulnerabilities in Google’s algorithm to use them and rank high in search engine results pages (SERPs). Note that these imprecise tactics are contrary to Google’s SEO rules and their overall ranking algorithm. Thus, any techniques marked Black Hat SEO are deemed unlawful. The organic traffic produced from such methods does not endure long, nor does its ranking end on the search engine’s result pages. We may infer in this respect that the rankings obtained by these methods are short-lived. You will not profit long and may have Google and other search engines sanctioned your website. Below are the most popular ways for Black hat SEO:

Keyword stuffing; spam links; cloaking; and hidden links. Hidden links.

Gray’s got SEO

Besides SEO white hat and SEO black hat, we also have SEO grey hat. SEO’s gray hat contains both SEO’s white hat and SEO’s parts. It was created because of the demand from customers who expected the outcomes they had paid for.

Types of SEO techniques that dominate the market

Worldwide, marketers have used several SEO methods to maximize their internet visibility. There are nevertheless two principal SEO techniques that may be used to categorize all other strategies. These two are SEO on-page and SEO off-page. Let us examine each kind and learn how it works individually.

SEO on-page

What is SEO on-page? That’s the question that we’re going to address. On-Page SEO refers to the work performed on the publishing page. These actions are designed to assist search engines incorrectly explore and comprehend the page’s contents to classify it. Simply put, we can state that on-page SEO relates to methods to optimize the appearance of a page high in search engine results pages.

On-page SEO methods types

Make keywords a priority 1. 1.

Keywords are a well-known phrase among digital marketers. It’s all about putting essential terms in your text. But what do we mean by stating binding terms in order of priority? It has to deal with correctly allocating critical words in both primary and secondary. The main keyword for writing should occur 8-15 times in an article from 1,500 words to 2,500 words. All secondary vital terms that are not out of context should be written at least once. Using both kinds of key phrases, Google spiders can quickly scan your material and comprehend what it is about. As the Google algorithm suggests, these key phrases should assist his crawling spiders in understanding and classifying the material.


Backlinks are incredibly essential when it comes to increasing website authority and trustworthiness. The more backlinks a website has, the more credit Google gives to its ranks. It’s not only about backlinks, though, but also about quality backlinks. Backlinks to quality are those acquired from websites with high domain authority. These backlinks are like signals that indicate a location where the content is high. This encourages the hustle and bustle of Google to pass through and rank high content. You may get backlinks via guest articles to your website. Another approach is to write high-quality material that will draw people to connect to your website. You may also relate to authoritative websites and perhaps ask for a link to your website in the future.

Use meta tags, meta and alt attributes.

We cannot speak about on-page SEO without specifying meta tags, meta descriptions, and alt attributes. They are increasing significance to any seller wishing to place its website high on the search engine’s results pages. The meta tags include primarily the secondary keywords utilized in the text. It helps Google to read and comprehend the information uploaded on the web correctly. On the other hand, the meta description refers to the text shown along with the content on the search engine results pages. The meta description is fundamental in SEO since it affects whether a search engine will or will not click on a link. For those using WordPress, their main keyword is to be included in the alt text of the pictures.

Internal connection.

Internal links are an effort to keep visitors longer on your site by referring them to previously published messages via links. Users are routed from one page to another on the same website via internal links. Internal links assist in decreasing the rebound rate, which may adversely impact the rankings of your website. Moreover, the inner connection is a technique that enables spider crawlers in Google to scan your site and comprehend its structure quickly. Internal links assist in increasing the trust and authority of the site. Wikipedia.com provides the highest domain authority of 100 in the digital world as an example for a website with the most significant internal connections.

WordPress SEO Yoast

Yoast is an SEO plug-in suggested for WordPress users who want to optimize their search engine content to rank higher. After creating each blog, always refer to this SEO tool to optimize it for the analysis of human audience and search engines. This tool will let you produce material that is very searching engine-friendly.

SEO image

Images are essential components of a website that need to be correctly optimized to appear on the search engine’s results pages. You optimize a picture for a keyword by adding an alt text in the keyword. With an optimized view of your blog, the results of the Google image search page will appear. And every time a visitor clicks on the picture, the content of the photo is sent to your website.

Using the heading tags, all headers in your content are seen by Google. This will assist the Google search engine to comprehend your content and structure better. It is also recommended that you utilize your critical terms in the primary and secondary subheadings.

Structure of URLs

Learn how to adapt your URL to the main keyword. This technique increases your blog’s exposure in search engine results. And when a person searches using his main keyword, Google and other search engines are much higher.

SEO off-page

We cannot afford to ignore Off-Page SEO when speaking about kinds of SEO techniques widely utilized worldwide. Off-Page SEO refers to all the actions carried out on a page once it is on the Internet live. These actions are often designed to increase traffic to the website. In other words, Off-Page SEO may be seen as promoting or distributing material.

Off-page types of SEO techniques

You lose a lot of social media traffic by just creating and posting content without marketing it. Many individuals make this error and forget about posting content. You have to inform people via social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In, and Instagram about your presence. You may attract a lot of visitors to your website through these networks. It helps you build your brand and improve your domain authority as people continually share and communicate with your content.


A comment may accomplish more than you believe. You have indeed seen what occurs on Facebook postings that get many words, and these posts show immediately in the News Feed. The same is true with search engines. Comments and participation on a post will lead you to the News Feed.

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You are the greatest asset of your business. There’s no business without you. It would be best if you grasped the significance of SEO and other techniques in Internet marketing. We can make your company more visible to search engines with your assistance. Our SEO services will enable you to increase traffic and customer ranks on Google. We follow all the best practices in the business and are glad to share with you our expertise to succeed!

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SEO,PPC,SEM for International Business
SEO, PPC, SEM for International Business

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Search engine optimization, Marketing, SEO in Dubai, UAE, Pland, Singapore and
Search engine optimization, Marketing, SEO in Dubai, UAE

International SEO – Yahoo, Google and Bing and Facebook positioning!

Are you looking for search engines? If yes, then organic traffic is necessary. What is organic traffic, however? Organic refers to the manner an audience gets. Digital marketing has two types: internet marketing and offline marketing. Online marketing is a type of digital advertising that makes traffic on your Website by using search engines, social media, emails, and other Websites. This kind of publicity has proved to work. Offline marketing is a type of digital advertising using conventional print or radio advertising. Everything is online in today’s world; therefore, if you want your business to thrive online, you may utilize SEO services to highlight your company name and logo on search engines.

Website optimization - Positioning in Google and Bing
Website optimization – Positioning in Google and Bing

You may acquire plenty of traffic from Google and Facebook through a well-written website. It is important to optimize your site for both search engines so that many people view your site as far as feasible. Even if you target 5 billion monthly active Facebook users, your website will only be visible compared to the other millions on Facebook. You must thus maintain your website updated with the newest information and features to take note of them and force them to visit your website. If you need help updating your website, we can help you with Usability and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Marketing and SEO Company for International Businesses | Top-Rated SEO Company Internationally Please get in touch with us.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Specialist – At Marketing SEO, we provide various services to assist you in improving your search engine ranking position. In all areas of internet marketing, from producing high-quality content to building visually appealing website pages, our team of professionals can assist you. Search engine optimization (SEO) consultants to employ in Singapore, Dubai, London, or New York Is a marketing strategy for companies that may assist you in growing your company via search engine optimization.

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