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Acquiring valuable content for content marketing activities

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Specialized, valuable, and deep content is the basis of content marketing activities. Publication of this type of content is a serious problem in many industries.

Specialized, valuable, and deep content is the basis of content marketing activities. In many industries, however, the publication of this type of content is a serious problem resulting mainly from the difficult access to specialists who, apart from substantive knowledge in the selected field, also have an appropriate copywriting workshop. There are several options for solving this problem.

Cooperation with an expert with a copywriting workshop

This is undoubtedly the most convenient form of cooperation for companies ordering professional content and then using it for their own content marketing activities. Cooperation with external experts gives credibility to the company and does not generate the illusion that the main activity of the aforementioned company is content creation.

A large amount of content is created in this way in SEO / SEM / Marketing Agency – in our Knowledge department (more and more often called the Academy), in addition to a huge amount of our own content, we also publish articles by external experts – often from competing e-marketing agencies. The list of all authors contributing to our extensive knowledge base can be viewed on the subpage of our websites.

When considering this approach to acquiring valuable content, it is necessary to allocate time to manage this process – in many cases, and it may be necessary to hire a leading editor. They must have extensive knowledge of the field in question.

Cooperation with an expert without copywriting workshop

It is impossible to recruit an expert on a given topic with additional copywriting skills in many industries. If so, consider a three-step process:

  1. Acquiring content from an expert (external or internal) by a copywriter
  2. Copywriting of the obtained materials
  3. Consultation with an expert and introduction of final touches and corrections

As indicated in the first point – it does not differ whether the content is obtained from an internal company expert or an external person. In the case of external experts, it will only be necessary to conclude a cooperation agreement (b2b) or a specific work/commission (private person).

Delegating content creation to your own experts

If we have specialists who can prepare professional content, nothing prevents (if they agree) from extending the scope of their corporate responsibilities with regular content delivery. Usually, however, the additional scope of duties may not be compatible with the existing requirements of a given position. The main duties or the new content ones will suffer. It is worth considering “voluntary” enabling “action” (or even one-time) preparation of something for a company blog or even a video – there is a good chance that such a single project will be an interesting diversification of the work.

It also seems beneficial to create a special form (e.g., in Google) where employees could submit ideas for content.

Of course, it could also be that the copywriter is part of the company’s marketing or advertising team. However, it is rarely the case that he has in-depth expert knowledge of the details of the company’s operations and, in fa. In often, it comes down to the fact that he creates simpler (without technicalities) content. He cooperates with an internal expert on technical materials. It isn’t easy to write on a topic where you are not an expert. You can spend many days conducting research, but even after that, you are never entirely convinced of the substantive correctness of the newly created material. It’s much better to rely on real subject matter experts from across the company to share their thoughts and ideas.

The best person to explain a technical issue to the audience is the one who works with the technology daily.

Cooperation with an e-marketing agency

This is one of the most convenient ways to obtain quality content used for your own content marketing activities. The agency is responsible for the preparation of appropriate content – the client is not interested in whether the whole was developed by an expert (model 1: cooperation with an expert with a copywriting workshop) or whether the expert provided input and the agency copywriter adjusted it accordingly (model 2: cooperation with an expert without copywriting workshop).

In this model, it is the agency that searches for experts and makes settlements with them. The agency also takes care of stylistic processing and preparation of the content appropriately (e.g., article, infographic, e-book). Settlement is based on a cooperation agreement with an agency and invoices (b2b).

When implementing this model, you should make sure that the agent transfers the copyright in full. It is also worth ensuring that the cooperation agreement includes a provision that the agency has the rights to the final materials sold (whether it obtains them legally from experts).

Use of external tools

It is also possible to use an external tool, which usually acts as an intermediary (exchange) for advertisements and specialists. One of such tools is WhitePress – it has the option of commissioning simpler texts, which in fact does not apply to us, and substantively advanced texts – the so-called premium content.

The order for the creation of a specialist article with high substantive quality and attractive content includes:

  • a unique article with a high substantive level, using expert language,
  • the text is fully orthographically and stylistically correct,
  • lead – introduction in bold under the title, approx. 500 characters with spaces,
  • subheadings in the text in the format of headings H2, or H3 (hierarchically),
  • possible insertion in the content: listing, bullet points, expert quote,
  • the text contains information and / or link (s) according to the guidelines of the client.

As for the database of authors registered on the platform, it must be admitted that it is

Ordering specialized content in Content Premium minimizes paperwork and saves time. The client does not have to settle accounts with each author separately, sign contracts and watch deadlines. Many copywriters also have a signed copyright agreement, which protects the client against claims.


Most companies recognize the need to create new, fresh content for their websites and content marketing in general. Your content strategy comes down to figuring out what content will help your target audience and inspire them to take action that will strengthen your business. To achieve this, it is necessary to set goals, define the needs of your recipients, create a content distribution plan and determine the sources of obtaining this content. Poorly prepared content can cruelly harm the brand, have a double effect on your reputation, and sometimes funeral a promising business. Let’s not forget that the internet is ruthless, mocking, and cruel.

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Search engine optimization, Marketing, SEO in Dubai, Singapore, and Hong Kong.
Search engine optimization, Marketing, SEO in Dubai, Singapore, and Hong Kong.
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