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A positioner, or who is an SEO specialist?

Seo Specialist

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Stay ahead of the competition on Google with SEO!

In International SEO Company / SEM & marketing expert, more and more companies decide to promote their goods and services on the Internet, so more and more professional SEO agencies appear on the market. Nowadays, to be successful “on the web,” you need not only a decent website but also high positions in the Google search engine. It is in this task that a website positioner can help us.

EO specialist. It positions stores and helps to gain traffic for customers. Known for his good contacts in the industry. He believes that every company should hire at least one good marketing specialist. Good design is good business.

Positioner – what is it?

Posycjoner  (SEO Specialist) – an SEO specialist whose daily task is to position websites in search engines. From a practical point of view, the positioner makes sure that the positioned page is high in Google search results.

Where to start to become an SEO specialist?

In my opinion, a positioner at the beginning of his adventure with Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Should work in an SEO agency. In such a company, you can acquire invaluable experience, establish contacts in the industry, broaden your knowledge, learn how to use SEO tools fluently, and see how the agency works from the inside out.

Reliable work and development pay off because you can open the door to an SEO career that earns decent money in good conditions. Website Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. It can be done in the company’s office and remotely at home with Internet access.

An experienced positioner with several years of experience has 2 good variants:

  • He gets promoted in the agency, develops and earns more money.
  • He starts his own SEO company and earns even more money.

However, to become a positioner in an SEO agency and start your adventure with Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency., you need to know the basic SEO techniques and analytical tools at the beginning. The more you understand the SEO basics, the more likely you are to be hired.

What SEO Basics to Get an Agency Job?

People who want to start their adventure with Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Shortly should learn a bit more about SEO competencies.

When recruiting at agencies, at least 2 years of experience in the SEO industry is welcome.

But what are new graduates or people who would like to change the industry to say?

The best way is to set up your own website and position it yourself to show off the results during the interview. It really helps you get a job!

6 Essential Technical Skills To Become An SEO Junior?

  • Basics of HTML, CSS and PHP is welcome (emphasize the first two).
  • Basics of Google Analytics and Google Search Console.
  • The basics of using at least one keyword search tool, e.g. Keyword Planner.
  • The basics of WordPress and content management.
  • Basics of server operation.
  • The basics of hosting.

The work of SEO WCA is a constant development. You will need to be up-to-date with the latest search engine trends and know the basics of marketing. Few people realize that many SEOs are also copywriting or have worked in this profession in the past.

In this profession, analytical thinking and higher education in IT or marketing are also welcome. I know many SEO professionals who are excellent SEO specialists who started as self-taught people.

Today, it is much simpler than it used to be … There are many paid training and free Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Courses on the market, perfect for future positioners, thanks to which everyone can acquire basic knowledge and constantly develop their current skills.

What does a positioner work like? 6 most important tasks

A few years ago, the positioner mainly worked with optimizing websites and online stores and obtaining links. The SEO industry is changing very quickly, which is why the responsibilities of Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Specialists are constantly changing.

The scope of responsibilities of SEO specialists really depends on their skills and the chosen Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. The strategy of a given website. Search engine optimization is an interesting job because different steps are performed to improve the page rankings on Google with each page.

1. Strategy and business goals

The first task of an SEO specialist is, of course, to establish a website Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Strategy on Google. In many cases, the main goal is to improve the position on selected keywords or promote the most profitable products, offers, or services.

2. SEO audit

The second essential task of an SEO specialist is to prepare a comprehensive SEO audit. This is of great importance, especially when the website has been previously positioned. Unfortunately, not all SEO agencies use safe Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Techniques, so thanks to the audit, you can quickly determine which links need to be removed and which elements on the page need improvement. Many reliable companies on the market specialize mainly in SEO audits.

3. Good keywords

Another vital task of the SEO engineer is determining the best keywords for SEO campaigns and Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. that will generate traffic to the website, customers and achieve the business goals of the positioned website if the company’s main goal is Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. On “long tail” phrases, the positioner must, of course, identify the most attractive long-tail key phrases. The selection of keywords is supported by special SEO tools and a thorough analysis of the competition.

4. Optimizing the website for SEO

The fourth most important task of an SEO engineer is comprehensive optimization of the website in terms of SEO. Unfortunately, it is challenging to jump to high positions without good optimization, even on local keywords. Knowledge of HTML / CSS code, server support, and basic CMS systems is advantageous. Nowadays, it is crucial, above all, that the website or online store is displayed very well and quickly on all mobile devices. In addition to optimizing the website code itself, the optimization of the content plays a huge role in Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. The website. Of course, I am talking about preparing high-quality content that will lure potential customers, be robot-friendly, and build Google’s trust in the website.

5. Strong SEO links

When describing the most important tasks of positioners, one must not forget about link building, i.e., acquiring strong SEO links. A few years ago, it was possible to get many links using special “machines.” Nowadays, such techniques are hazardous, which is why positioners have to gain strong links manually. It should be remembered that a high-quality link can cost from USD 100 to even several thousand. High-quality links from decent websites can improve your position in the Google search engine and generate traffic on the website, which is why it is one of those investments that should pay off.

6. SEO analysis and position monitoring

The positioner is also responsible for SEO analysis and position monitoring. As is well known, Google algorithms are constantly changing, so you need to change Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Strategies regularly to get high positions and stay on them.

What additional work does SEO do?

As mentioned above, positioners are responsible for many different tasks. For example, building and linking your own SEO backend plays an important role in large SEO agencies. Tasks of this type, in a nutshell, are associated with the need to create high-quality thematic pages and place valuable content on them along with links to positioned pages. Companies can build SEO facilities for their business clients as well.

In some agencies, positioners nowadays also deal with content marketing or word-of-mouth marketing, which has recently been very popular. New forms of promoting companies on the Internet appear almost every year, which is why the tasks of positioners are constantly changing.

To stay on the market, a good SEO should, of course, follow all the novelties and technological changes. To this end, he must constantly expand his knowledge through training. Internet marketing is constantly evolving, and so is the entire SEO industry.

How much does a website SEO engineer earn?

SEO specialists’ salaries largely depend on their skills, experience, and place of residence when it comes to their salaries.

We will try to write an approximate salary.

Obviously, a younger SEO specialist is starting his adventure with Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. Earns the least. People in this position earn around the National Minimum Wage and are engaged in website optimization, auditing, and link building. With the passage of months of work of a positioner, gaining experience and generating results for the clients of a given agency – the salary should increase significantly.

An ambitious positioner willing to work and experience of about 2-4 years in the SEO industry can earn in the range of USD 3,000 – 6,000 net/month.

The owner of the agency can earn around USD 10,000 net/month or more.

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Online tools to increase your efficiency

Efficiency is understood as the ability to act in such a way that, with little effort, brings satisfactory results. Our level of effectiveness is constantly verified, and we pass the biggest exam in it every time we deal with many projects with deadlines. Everyone has a different style of work, and efficiency is a very individual feature. However, this does not mean that it cannot be strengthened and help in everyday work duties. 

What Hampers Productivity?

Certainly, it is overwork, a high pace of work, and a multitude of tasks. We cannot rest; we work on holidays and sick leave if we take the latter. To meet the requirements, we work in times of deteriorated health, frustration, and stress. Already in 2016. HR Magazine communicated this – 90% of employees show up at work despite being ill and ill. How can we talk about productivity when our body does not have the strength to work and focus? Increasing demands on employees are responsible for this unhealthy habit. So how to maintain efficiency in the era of high standards and fast work pace? These few tools will help you strengthen your competencies and daily work management.

1. Project management software

Asana or Trello is one of the most popular solutions. Through these programs, you will better manage projects and daily work; assigned tasks to specific people; leave notes that are better than exchanging e-mails; commented; added needed design documents; and keep the scheduled clean. The ability to set the appearance of the project card to your own preferences greatly facilitates the presentation of the tasks described in it. It will help you determine where you are in the project. 

2. Communicators

Facilitate communication with yourself and other team members using the available messengers. Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Hangouts. In the era where team members work mainly remotely, it is better than exchanging dozens of e-mails around a topic. You will also avoid communication mistakes related to it. Remote work does not mean an absolute lack of contact and conversation – all the more, we need it! The above-mentioned tools have become a substitute for live meetings. Video conferencing software has the ability to share documents, conduct presentations and meetings, and have built-in chat rooms for a quick discussion of the topic. 

3. Online documents

Such as Google Drive with the ability to create and store templates and documents that can be shared with specific people and edited together. This great tool is useful when members of different teams or departments draw information from the same data. Access to a document is defined by adding permissions; you can edit it, change it, correct it for your own needs. It’s easier to share it further than a regular document on your laptop, and you won’t have to keep sending updates to it. 

4. Blocking access to websites

We spend the most time browsing the internet, and we all know its incredibly addictive power. Losing yourself in this activity is effectively counteracted by programs such as StayFocusd. The user can manage which sites he wants to block, at what time of the day, and for what time. Each of us needs a break and relaxation, for example, while browsing the Internet, worse if this activity takes up space intended for work. If you find it hard to give up and cannot control the time you spend reading a few news or friends’ posts on Facebook, use this type of solution.

5. Check the efficiency in the app

Sounds weird? Well, that’s not something that can’t be done right now. Rescue Time is a work organization application that will tell you the truth! After installation, the application collects data about which programs we use while working and which pages we enter, counting the time spent in a given space. It can be installed on a computer, laptop, and smartphone, and the fact that it synchronizes between devices means that you will not escape from its watchful eye. The paid version of the tool allows you to generate more detailed reports. The application’s configuration depends on you; you can, for example, define specific hours in which it is to collect data. But for this measurement of productivity to make sense, you must first introduce goals to which all monitoring of your activity will relate. You set two kinds of goals in it: positive and negative. Positive measures area selected number of hours of work on the project, and negative is the amount of time spent browsing social media channels or gossip portals. The daily report will show you what distracts your attention, where and what you spend the most time on. I wonder if the results will shock you. Maybe they will also have a positive effect on your approach to work and change your habits?

6. One password

In the course of your work, you are sure to log in to many different programs. You can make this task easier for yourself and not waste time staring at the window looking for in memory what sequence of numbers and letters you need to enter in this particular login window. RoboForm will help you remember! You enter one password in it, and the system remembers all the others you have assigned to different profiles in the programs you work on. What a relief!

We hope you will find our tips attractive enough to implement at least some of them to improve your effectiveness. To work!

7 tips to increase traffic on your website

Your brand’s visibility on the web is crucial for its development, sales, and entry into the awareness of potential recipients. Surely you are familiar with the saying about the other side of Google, where the wind is blowing, and only a handful of stray Internet users venture there. If you want to be visible on the web, your website must appear on the first page of search results and as close to its top as possible. What actions to take to position the website and gain visibility successfully?

The actions that will help you with this are not complicated, but they require attention and accuracy. The website’s high position in the search engine is influenced by its content: its attractiveness and additional graphic elements, functionality, and design. The key to success will be mastering and understanding SEO assumptions that will help you literally exist on the web. Check out our tips and see what else you need to make up for.

1. Take care of the appearance and functionality of the website

The duration of a visitor’s stay on your website depends on several factors. The most important issues are displaying content and navigation on the site because further interaction and exploration of its additional resources depend on it. The speed of exit from the website can be related to positive as well as a negative experiences. If the user quickly found what he was looking for, it works in your favor, but you can convince him to stay on the site longer and continue browsing with interest. The time spent on the website also raises its ranking, so act so that you do not want part too quickly. Worse, if he ran away frustrated because navigation on the site is illogical and difficult. Navigating the website should be intuitive and easy to use, and the content should be shared interestingly. To improve the quality of the website, including appropriate content presentation and good visibility of CTA messages, cooperate with UX architects. Using special tools, they will be able to examine the behavior of users on your website and provide you with knowledge about when they encounter difficulties in exploring the site.  

2. Optimize the website for mobile devices

It seems obvious, but it’s worth mentioning. An increasing number of users browse the Internet on smartphones, so you must ensure that your website displays and functions properly on these devices if you want to remain available and visible. Remember that you need to adjust your settings to the two popular operating systems, Android and iOS. Take care of how the content and photos are displayed, whether the buttons fulfill their function, i.e., they direct them exactly where they should be, whether the purchasing process is properly configured for the needs of smartphones. Remember about the size of the graphics and videos on the mobile version of the site. Their too much weight will affect the page’s loading time, and no one likes the data loading wheel spinning a second too long. Google gives priority to these websites, which are optimized for display on mobile devices. Now you see how important it is?

3. Take care of meta descriptions

This is a short text located at the URL of the page in Google search results and indicates whether they will find the content they are looking for. When creating it, make sure to describe the content of your website as accurately as possible and remember to add at least 2 keywords to it

4. Describe the graphic elements

Google bots “browse” each page and check its content, considering the embedded content, photo, and video links. Of course, they do it based on the website code to gain better Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. in search results, help them indicate what visual components are on your website. In the alternative text of the photo, add text displayed when the image is not loaded, but the user will still know what should be in this indicated place. Use 8-10 words for your naming and use descriptions of the graphics that best describe what’s on them. You can only profit because properly described visual elements can be highlighted in Google image search results.

5. Define the keywords

These are phrases that users enter into the search engine and define for your website. Short two-word phrases are often entered into the search engine, but they do not fully reflect what the user is looking for because the query is too general. Although they have the most results, they have a low conversion. There are also phrases from the so-called “Longtail” among the keywords, commonly called the long tail. In these cases, you create strings of related words intended to represent a more accurate search result. They are definitely more important for your business because they define the user’s query more precisely.

6. Create longer texts

The more text you have on your website, the more likely it will be better positioned in search engines due to the greater likelihood that the user will find the information they are looking for. It is estimated that texts with a range of 2,100 to 2,400 words will work best. Also, take care of order in the text; add titles, subtitles, paragraphs, and distinctions. The material prepared in this way is easier to analyze by Google bots and the addressees of your texts. 

7. Add links

You can use links on the page in two ways. The first is to use external links when referring to another source, and if you do, it’s best to make it credible. The second way is using L Inca internal, which refers you to other parts of your site, exploring it more deeply and reaching for the next content. This action can positively affect your website’s Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency because it indicates the ease of navigating and determines its structure. The simpler and more consistent it is, the better it is visible in the search engine. There are also backlinks, and you can gain them by creating valuable content that will be widely shared on the Internet, bringing new traffic to your site. 

Cross border e-commerce, or how to sell abroad?

2020 was a turning point for the global e-commerce industry. Despite the difficulties resulting from the global crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, it recorded an increase in shares and gained new customers. Due to the high interest in online shopping, the companies experienced accelerated development and introduced some improvements immediately to meet the demands of consumers. Such situations hardly happen, so those who did not use it probably lost a lot. Especially for medium and large enterprises, new opportunities related to entering foreign markets have opened. The prospects for reaching further and gaining new customers in Europe or the world are extremely tempting. How to successfully build an e-commerce cross-border, i.e., expand your business with cross-border sales?

The client buys abroad because it pays off.

And he does it willingly and really often, using popular sales platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and Aliexpress. What is behind the decision to buy in a foreign-language online store if similar products are available on the domestic market? From the report of Poczta UAE under the patronage of the Chamber of Electronic Economy of 2017. Fri ” Cross Border eCommerce. Opportunity or threat ”, we learn that the following is behind the decision to purchase on a foreign purchasing platform: lower price – 44.8%; previous positive shopping experience – 44.1%; low delivery costs – 32.6%, positive opinion of others about the site – 26.4%; a convenient form of delivery – 21.7 % and clear information about the product – 24%. It is the price of the product and cheap shipping that affect the consumer the most. It is estimated that about 63% of people buying via the Internet make transactions abroad once a month. 

The data shows an image of a mature and conscious consumer with an average age of 34, who the first better offer will not tempt. He knows how and where to look in order not to overpay. To this end, he will use all the possibilities, from seeking the opinion of friends to checking offers on price comparison websites, ending with independent searches on the Internet. And at an attractive price, it can go really far. Let’s focus on the European market and look at what attracts consumers’ attention and what tools they use when shopping online. 24.2% of purchases made abroad are clothing and footwear; 18.4% books and music; 17%electronics. Most transactions are still carried out from the laptop, as much as 60%. 

How to enter international markets with your business?

However, before you enter a new region, start selling and become visible enough to be considered interesting alternatives, you need to prepare an entire strategy for entering the e-commerce segment in another country. “ What is the absolute basis for success, a solid foundation on which to build a business abroad, is an in-depth market analysis. Looking at the competition, availability of required services and logistics resources, verification of customer segments and understanding their purchasing behavior, analysis of the employment potential of the required specialists . ” – says Adam Chudzik, Co-founder, and Head of Growth at Digital. Pl. 

Not everyone starts at the same level, so before you take the first step, it is worth starting with verifying your own resources. You can be a corporation with a full background ready to expand a new market or a small company looking to try your hand at cross-border trading. 

Having your own online store brings you closer to your goal. It is worth looking at the website’s infrastructure and structure and considering its development for the next market or creating another one dedicated to it. Regardless of choice, the absolute priority is the availability of goods and the speed of order fulfillment, which is why modernization or improvement of IT systems responsible for sales processes and inventory register is something that you need to do in the first place. The next step will be to make it easier for consumers to buy by properly preparing product descriptions

Incorrect translations and linguistic errors can only scare customers away and cause distrust in your business. Approach cross-border trading wisely and see where you have a better chance of becoming more popular with your customers. In the beginning, it is better to focus on the region where you are less saturated with competition, thanks to which you can gain the visibility of your product catalog. ” Using local distribution centers and establishing commercial partnerships can be a good solution for expanding the channels of reaching the offer and securing its faster implementation on a foreign market .” 

However, this does not mean that you should only use one path of building a business abroad. You can test solutions by combining them into multi-channel methods of reaching. If you want to test the market potential, you can start selling from existing purchasing platforms (otherwise: marketplace), such as Amazon, and only sell through them for a while. The powerful infrastructures guaranteed by them will secure your orders from the logistics and presentation side, reducing entry costs. There is a method in this operation because popular sales platforms with their reach help your products reach really wide. Based on Statista.com data from 2019. shows that 25% of foreign purchases were made through the Amazon sales platform,20% via Aliexpress, and 14% via eBay. 

Employment in cross-border business

After determining the strategy and recognizing the demand, we recruit specialists who will take care of the development of e-commerce abroad. “The search for professional employees is a highly complex and time-consuming task. For someone who does not know the realities of employment in the region, recruiting may prove to be a challenge. In this case, it is worth using recruitment agencies that strictly focus on specific business sectors and are responsible for the entire recruitment process. Their approach, resulting from specialization in a specific industry, with contacts and properly profiled recruitment paths, significantly accelerates the process. Currently, acquiring specialists is easier for us, as most of the activities have moved to the online sphere, which is an additional convenience for each of the parties.”- adds Adam Chudzik, Digital. Pl. Recognizing the needs is crucial because the lack of a significant figure in the employment structure when building a new branch of the company abroad may only make it difficult to start a business. What do you need? E-commerce Manager, specialists in digital marketing, communication, and marketing automation who will improve many processes resulting from the repeatability of the sales path and the presentation of the offer. Customer service with multilingual skills is highly recommended. Remember that the fact that customers buy cross-border does not mean that they have high linguistic competence. A huge problem arises when you try to contact us, whether it is the need to obtain additional information about the product or when filing a complaint. If you take care of it in the customer service department, 

International user Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London or USA successes in cross border e-commerce

Few International user Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London or USA companies decide to enter the cross-border trade sector. It is estimated that they constitute 7%, and about 39% of entrepreneurs do not consider such a solution at all (data from the report ” Cross Border eCommerce. Opportunity or Threat “). And some are doing sensational in the international arena, and it is worth mentioning them. 

Robbie. Pl has proven that going beyond the beaten path and focusing on technology and innovation helps capture new markets and successfully acquire new groups of satisfied customers. For several years, the company has proudly maintained a leader in Central and Eastern Europe in its sector. Today it can be proud of its presence in 16 markets, and 2020 was a record year for it, which is indicated by the increase in sales by USD 2.2 billion.  

LPP, the owner of popular clothing brands as Reserved, Cropp, and House, operates in 30 countries, not only Europe. Clothing is also sold in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. The brand’s expansion strategy assumed parallel entering the Middle East market in the online and offline spheres, and as you can see, such a solution paid off. 

CCC is present in 29 countries. In 2019. the company recorded an increase in sales by 40% USD 460 million of revenue) and is not slowing down because it has very ambitious development plans in the future.  

For the needs of cross-border trade, it has created a European online store and a mobile application, which adds to its attractiveness. 

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