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Website Intelligence Increases Revenue.
Our new web intelligence app will give you the edge to sky rocket your conversions 
Gain an advantage:
Learn What Your Visitors Do On Your Site.
Identify where your visitors click and what they don't.
Watch your users on Video as they interact with your site.
Identify the weaknesses that prevent conversions.
See how your visitors engage with you.
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Why Are So Many Marketers Using Web Intelligence App?
The answer is simple, they want to find out how they can increase their conversions and earn more money. The only way is to find out how your visitors interact with your site and your content.

Content Marketing Intelligence

Find out if the content you publish on your site gets the engagement you hope for.

Watch Recorded Video of Your Visitors

Watch your visitors and see how they engage on your site. What keeps them Interested?

Identify What Content Is Working and What's Not

Are your visitors following through and clicking on your Call to actions or your banners, if not - find out why?.

Increase website Conversions And Earn More

Make the changes to your site and to your content and watch your conversions sky rocket.
Content Intelligence with Powerful Features!
Have a look at what our intelligence app can show you. Sky rocket those conversions by finding out what works and what does not. Work on any platform at any time of the day or night.
Measure the time and engagement on your site!
What if you could have that competitive advantage by spying on your visitors to find out what drives them to follow through and convert from your site. Go beyond google analytics and watch videos of your website visitors on your site. See how they engage on your site and where they click.

  • Where are your visitors coming from
  • What Browsers are they using
  • Is there any dead links on your site
Content Intelligence
Think about how you could triple the effectiveness of your website by knowing what content your visitors like and what they don't. See your most effective content and make changes to your least effective content to increase your chances of conversions.
Use in Any Content Management System!
content intelligence
Content Marketing
Track Your Visitors Scrolling Behavior!
Generate a heatmap and see how your visitors are scrolling on your site. Split test ads on your site and see what is working and what is not. Check the design and effectiveness of everything above the fold.
Analytics Stored In The Cloud!
No need to worry about slowing down your site or not having enough space for all the data. Eeverything is stored conveniently in the cloud so you can access it any time.
These Companies Use Web Intelligence Applications - Paying Thousands Per Year!
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Low Cost Plans Helping You To Convert!
Choose Your Plan And Get Access Now! Prices Will Double After Launch.


Try Web Intelligence for 7-Days Risk Free

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Content Intelligence

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Can I Try It Before Buying?
We are so confident in our new service that we give you 7 days to try it out and to work with the system. If after 7 days you do not want to continue, then just cancel and we will ask no questions.

I can't add the script, will you help?
We understand that not everyone can work with coded script, with this being the case, we can help you at no cost to you to install the script on your site. Just contact our support desk.

How will this increase my conversions?
That's the easy thing because the information that you will glean from your web intelligence will help you to optimize your site by seeing what works and what is not working. You will be able to identify the right content.

Can I use it for my clients?
Yes you can. Depending on the package that you choose, you will be able to gain the web intelligence for all the sites you have and if these are client sites, then you will be able to optimize your client sites for max conversions.
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