Keyword Ranking

I have been asked this time and time again and I have also been told, “it won’t take long to rank at all,” and this statement coming from a non-professional or someone who knows nothing about Seo – hoping you will tell them what they want you to hear. It kinda annoys me as you know the person has no knowledge, and yet they think they do and if that were the case, why hire a seo team. Go do it and tell me you have achieved the ranks and stayed there for at least a few months, depending of course on the competition.

Keyword Ranking Depends on Some Variables

There is no one size fits all when it comes to ranking for a particular keyword and many factors must be taken into consideration – especially with the clients own expectations being so unbalanced and unrealistic. Another point to take into consideration is the keywords that are chosen. I have lost count of how many times I have taken on a problem from a client who claims they are not getting anywhere and you find on doing an audit, the keywords they are targeting are so generic, it’s almost laughable.

Website structure

Your site will not rank, and certainly not for any length of time if you have not gotten the structure right, and this means taking the search engine requirements and the user experience into account. For this article, we will assume the website is well structured and has good content. If not, do that before moving any further forward.

Ranking Factors

So what ranking factors are we talking about in 2015. Well, according to Seo Weekly, one of those factors will still be the Google Pigeon flapping its wings over your content in 2015. However, other factors of note could just as well be as devastating than Google’s pigeon.

  1. Social Media Influence
  2. Backlink Factors
  3. Content
  4. Local Search Optimization
  5. Page Titles and Description
  6. Keyword Structure
  7. Image Optimization
  8. Online Visual Content
  9. Timely Content
  10. Thinning Out
  11. Mobile Friendly Optimization
  12. Transcription
  13. Page Speed
  14. Security of Information
  15. Brand Recognition

These are my 15 ranking factors that I feel will make a dramatic impact to all of your Seo campaigns this year and probably the next.


Some clients really have no idea what their competition is, now notice that I said what rather than who, and there is a good reason for this. Most clients know who they are up against, after all if they did not, they most probably should not be in business within the niche they operate in. The reason I said what? is because of the breakdown of the competition online and offline and how strong they are or how influential they are. This will knowledge will give you the intelligence you need to plan your SEO strategies.

Your Audience

Again, In my experience, I have seen many clients who have not even targeted the right audience. They are so far out there with the targetting that to bring them back to the right demographic is a great deal of work on its own. Lets say you are a photographer and you are looking to hire yourself out as a freelancer or indeed win lucrative contracts in your local area, why oh why would you target that same keyword or pictures or camera. For goodness sake, you are not even targeting the right audience and the ones who do land on your site will not convert to buyers. So you have all that to take into consideration.


What verticals are you targeting? If you think that writing some content on your site and publishing it is enough to bring the visitors, then you are very much mistaken. The days of ‘Build it and they will come’ is gone, its build it, optimize it, promote it and target it, and they will come. So you have to consider the other verticals that you should be targeting such as documents, video, images, and try to rank for them too.

Longevity faces fast ranking

You want to live a long healthy life and achieve everything that you have set out to do! well so does your ranks and the site, which is your digital home on the web, so why would you want to rank fast with Black Hat techniques, only to be imprisoned by the Google zoo keeper. Surely you would want to gain long term ranks and stay there in the search results for a long period of time than be there for a while then be booted off. This takes time because when you get there, you will become a target. So when you are there, think like an Onion and create concentric rings of protection around you.

Search Marketing Is continual

Your search marketing or content marketing campaign is not something you should enter into for a short period and expect miracles, it is a continual investment into your business and inevitably, your future. Your SEO campaigns are the maintenance you do on your home to keep it in shape and long lasting. You carry out seo continually because you can’t just gain a little success and then expect to not work at it anymore. Sooner or later, you will lose those ranks and your client base will dry up. It’s a continual battle, so better be prepared.

The Client Is Blind

The client is blind, they can’t see any of what is hidden and time and time again I hear from them, “I don’t understand all this, I am only interested in the bottom line.” STOP, you better learn a little, because you would not go out and buy a new car if you did not know how to drive, or anything about that car and you know how much it will take to maintain. The client is blind because they don’t know the difference in a good link and bad link or from what verticals are that you should target. So this is also about education and teaching the client the realities of working online.

Here’s the Skinny!

“Its going to take a while and it will be continual if you want success”

This is what’s in the ballpark for ranking time!

  • Low to Moderate Industry Difficulty – with a good consistent strategy and no other major site issues, it is reasonable to expect a 3-6 month window to move up to the first 10 results.
  • Difficult Industries – due to the high amount of competition, you would have to reasonably expect a year or more with a consistent strategy and search advertising.
  • Extremely Difficult Industries – it is possible you never reach the first page on Google. And, it could be that the cost associated with reaching the first page is not economically viable for a small business. For larger companies, it will likely require a multi-year, multi-faceted approach depending on where the current rankings are.